Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It won't be much longer

That I can shop for the child with me at the's too tricky now! This morning I knew Daniel joined me after Howie got up for when the second alarm went off I reached over for him and found a cat!! I sat up and looked around trying to figure it out...just then Howie came in to get changed to take DJ to school...he took a sick day today as he's still really suffering with a sinus infection, poor guy! But hey, that meant I could go back to sleep!! And so I did! What a nice surprise indeed! Sam waited for me to have breakfast, which was nice of soon as we were done I got right down to Avon! My last day to order on a Tuesday! They're switching me again and I order on Thursdays from now on :( I don't like it one bit! but I have no say in the matter! I'd done most of my work yesterday, so today was not nearly as stressful! In fact I got Sam in the bat about 11, submitted my order at 11:30 and then cleaned her up. I made lunch for all of us...Sam put hers in her lunch bag while I ate mine before we left. Shortly after one she and I headed to Costco to do the shopping. I was gonna wait til Thursday as my hearing aid is ready, and I'm headed that way, but Howie needs new contacts now! Miss Samantha is quite tuned in to how Costco works and started demanding sample food the moment we walked in! There wasn't much to sample, and some of it was out of our league! JalapeƱo dip for one! And Greek yogurt with honey was not her cup of wasn't really mine either, tasted too much like sour cream to me! Which is probably why my dad likes it! We then strolled around to look at the awesome playground set they have...and we found shoes...kid shoes!! Sam's favourite!!! But the sneakers we were looking at only went up to size 10 which is what she is now...and she doesn't need them for now. She pitched a pouty fit when I said "no"...then we went around the corner and found the sandals...super CUTE sandals by Laura I gave her a choice of colour and I had a happy girl!! We didn't get out of the store til 3, but Howie already went to get DJ, which was a relief!! On the way home I got an email (at a red light even) asking me to come in for a meeting, so we made a slight detour and headed to MCS. Short and kind of meeting. We got home and shoeless DJ was out playing with the boys. Sam changed out of her skirt and joined them. But not before asking me where her shoes were...I lied to her and told her I had to put them back as I ran out of money...she was sad, but understanding! After I got all the food put away, I grabbed a shower and got ready to go to an Avon meeting. I got their dinner ready before I left and headed out. On the way home Jaime and I stopped at Michael's to see what was in store (get it?) and he had more than I'd planned!! I found butterfly wings and a great wand with a fabric star on it, which I know she will love!!! I got home before 9:30 and Howie was still up watching a new show called the River....looks too scary for me thanks!! He hit record and headed to bed. Once I got my chores done, I sat down and watched Glee, which was muy bien...and then New Girl which had me actually laughing out loud!! So funny! Raising Hope was good too! Parenthood was really good!! Definitely setting it up for the next few shows story wise! Til next time...God bless!

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