Monday, February 13, 2012

Remind me next year

<p>&lt;p&gt;That i really don't NEED to watch the Grammys....don't much enjoy all the drama and drivel...and honestly...WHO put lady GaGa next to Blake and Miranda!?!?!?! There are some weird photos floating around already of that threesome!! &lt;/p&gt;<br>
&lt;p&gt;This morning we were a tad late for church but not terribly so....and the message was good!! Just wish DJ wasn't as fidgety...he did OK on the noise level....angry birds helps there. Or fruit slice napping today either! </p>
<p>After service I left them to go home while I went on my Avoning way....only took me 4 hours too....not bad really!! I got home and the fence is well under way!!!! The posts are in, the "she cant dig under the fence" boards are in...all thats left is the actual fence!! Which I'll be picking up tomorrow! So close to being done!! Howie said he had lots of help too...too much at one point and he stopped and went to take down lights so the 4 kids would go elsewhere. lol

I got home and got right into dinner mode. Afterwards, the kids and I  went to the shed to see what was what...I also picked up all the books a day  early...figured I'd just do it then instead of waiting. We got home, and it was bed time right away. I could see all the outdoor playing was hitting a wall for them. Sam gets downright silly when she's tired.  DJ just gets lazy.

Sorry this is short...I just realized I need to make Howie's lunch yet....oops!!

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