Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Far Too Emotional Today

I'm SO beyond done with this day!! As I type, I'm doing this on my Blackberry...I REALLY want to throw my pc out the window!! All freaking day I've been cursing it, nay, for about a couple months I've been cussing at it...quite the sight to see I'm and an inanimate object going at it eyeball to screen....guess who's winning!?!? Not me! I've been in tears twice today because of this stupid piece of machinery!!!! Its only 3 years old...which isn't much, but in the pc world, its a dinosaur!!

What was I trying to do?? Make a digital (FREE) scrapbook....and I want to warn NOT use Piacboo!! Their free software is just awful!!! AND whenever I've had to shut down (or been shut down) it LOSES EVERYTHING!! I kid you not!! Not only that, it took me DAYS to find all my Kodak folders with the real pix in them intead of the ones from cell phone...which are crappy quality compared to my camera!!

I've spent probably 13 hours working on this today alone...which in reality was 3 hours of actual working each page and 10 hours of waiting for pages to load, or waiting for the stupid program to stop being stuck on the move buttons...OR waiting for the program to stop "Not Repsond"ing. That I think was most horrid!!
All this wouldn't have bothered me so much if I didn't have a deadline of midnite....URGH!!!
I did send in a scathing feedback...written while in tears!!

My "time o'the month" has been extra hormonal for me this time....I cried rocking SamSam before her nap and she reached up and put her arm around my neck and patted me! She totally felt all my tension...poor girl!

I can't thank my amazing neighbour enough today for taking my son in and sparing his life...all the while totally unknowing of my mood...thank you Lara...he had fun!

Then to top it all fave girl on AI got voted off!! I was very bummed about this development!! I REALLY thought Tim was a goner!! I guess he's got the "Vote For The Worst" voters...sad really!! I'd never buy his albums!!

The only "bright side to this day that made me chuckle...our cats like banana bread!! Stupid me left it on the table which Jasper can actually climb up on and he helped himself! Generously too, I might add!

Now, I'm going to go wallow in some Ugly Betty before hading to bed! I only just discovered this show this year what with its scheduling change...and its really funny!! Too bad I'm catching its last seaon before going off the air!!

Til next time...ciao!

Justin the Nickoftime

Whew!! I made it today!!! I got the post office with 9 minutes to spare before they closed...even better....I made it IN the holding room before they closed AND locked the door! Mom, your cell phone is on its way!!! The really, truly, unbelievable only cost me $2.53 to send it!!!! Of course I could have paid 21 something to have it there in 2/3 days....but I'm not made of money! I had to fill out a customs form....what do you put as the value for a used cell phone!??!! *shrugs* You'll laugh when you see the amount!!

Today, being car seat less once again, we stuck around the house and DJ drove me bonkers!!! He was in FINE form when Howie got home and I escaped to the post office. He was in time out in his room for back talking to me for ohhh about a half hour. The back talking isn't new...but the frequency is is the volume. And today was NOT the day to start that up. I was in miserable pain and just feeling out of sorts all day.

Y'know....I think it should be a practice to allow women to decide if they no longer want their uterus after having kids. Seriously! I'm quite done with mine...and frankly, would be perfectly happy to never have another period EVER again!!! I'm done!! The tubes are tied, so I'm quite definite in my decision to have no more why can't I just have it removed?? URGH!!!! No, instead I get to go thru another 10 years (possibly 15) of this crap before menopause kicks in!

Ok, back on track....I got the package mailed (and my Avon returns done!) and totally forgot to pick up more night light bulbs...but I got smart, and turned off the one in the bathroom so it could cool and put it in DJ's room! Pretty smart eh? He thought so too!!

Samantha asked to nurse this afternoon, but since its been well over a week since she last did, I tried explaining to her that she couldn't...she didn't like my explanations! She did end up just cuddling me and then laying down right away. Bed time tho, is another story! I'm not sure where she got this from, but since putting a night light in her room, she's afraid of it! She comes in, stands by the wall of the door and points at the ceiling and says her version of "scary" I show her what shadows are all about and she thinks its fun to see her shadow on the wall, but then turns around and says her version of "monsters"....honestly, where does she get this stuff from?? Tonite we asked her if she wanted it off, she said "yah" and then when I turned if off, she started freaking out...OY! 2 and we're already starting this! Eventually she just laid down and went right to sleep.

Tonite was AI, so I purposely skipped tucking DJ in....he woke up 4 hours later to come out and tell me "You missed my door Mum!" I played it like he'd just gone to bed and tucked him in...he was so tired he could barely do his prayers....but did let me tuck him in properly. He can be so cute sometimes!

As for AI....I see Andrew, Tim and Didi in the bottom 3...with Tim finally going home! He was TERRIBLE tonite!!!! And I'll go on record right now saying that Didi is MY favourite!!!! Just love her voice and she's quite striking! Siobhan is NOT one of my faves, but neither was Adam...nor is Crystal one of my faves...those two are Howie's! In fact, he fell asleep on the couch til Crystal came on...good thing too, his snoring was driving me nuts!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First things first

I absolutely MUST apologize to my poor mother!! I couldn't possibly imagine being in her shoes right now! As sturdy as they are....

Mom, I still have your phone...when I went to the post office on Saturday in Mukilteo they were I tried using their automated machine and it wouldn't do international....

This morning as soon as breakfast was done, I got the kids dressed, and got everything ready to go and when we got out to the truck DJ opened the door and was aghast..."Where's Sam's dar seat??" Sadly....still in Howie's car from when we went delivering on Saturday. My plan then was to go when Howie got home from work...they close at 5 and he got home at 4:50...

It gets worse....he brought home a treadmill we a his car is still at work...with the car seat in it!! Which means....I can't go anywhere tomorrow either!! I will try to go when Howie gets home, if he gets home at his normal time which is 4:20...that gives me plenty of to zip down into town and post it.

You still love me right??

That was the gist of my day....attempt to do something, and find a serious road block! So I took a nap this afternoon to try and alleviate some of the rain fog we're didn't work!! And man, is it RAINY out there!!! Some parts even had hail! I read on FB on a status that we're actually not the Northwest...we're the Northwet! Perfect right about now!!

Other than the rain, it was a good day...the kids and I cleaned the downstairs toy room so that there's a place for the treadmill....which to them meant it was play time. We did go thru them and throw some out...and designate some for outdoor use, which DJ was happy about!!

Now, I'm callin it a day!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

We're a little late....ok, a lot late...but its STILL that counts!!

Since we had some weak stomachs on the real day, we celebrated today with corned beef and some green asparagus (kids had broccoli) and some butternut squash that neither child could stop eating! They both even gobbled up their meat!!!! There was only enough left over for Howie's lunch time...a bigger one!!!

Today was a most productive rainy day!!! As soon as I got up this morning I stripped the bed and put the in the wash! That right there made me feel accomplished today, if I did nothing else, I did that! lol

After breakfast I got busy in the kitchen...all my new Pampered Chef and Tupperware stuff took up room in the dishwasher and set me back a on to task we went! In fact I did 2 loads of dishes today....I made caramel corn today, so that takes up 5 pieces of equipment! Would have been four if I'd done it the right way the first time...lesson learned!

I think I got 4 or 5 loads of laundry done too....with none waiting in the wash as we speak! I'm sure tho, that if I gathered, I could make another load! And I know Howie has some towels in the garage that he wants washed...I swear, its never ending!!!

After dinner I gave Howie a hair cut as he's got staff pictures tomorrow morning for work....I guess its been a while since his last one. Hey, I wonder if we could get the old one...that'd be fun!!! hahaha

OHHHH this afternoon our wonderful neighbour loaned us The Blind Side...and some popcorn! So we took a break while Sam was napping to watch it....what a FABULOUS movie!!!! Michael Oher just gained a new fan!! Which means the Baltimore Ravens just did too!! I can totally see why Sandra Bullock won the Oscar she did!!! Truly amazing performance!!! I SOOOOOOO wanna be Leigh Anne Tuohy when I grow up!! She's got some serious cojones!!

Now, I'm dragging my butt to our fresh sheets!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

You know that spot

Right between your biggest toe and the one next to it....

Mine kinda hurts!!!

But that would be because I wore SANDALS today!!!! Sandals!!! In March!!!!! This is insane!!! And so awesome!!! :D

This morning got a slow start, but a rather enjoyable one all around. DJ joined me at some point during the nite, Howie had a rough allergy nite. Anyways, DJ woke up around 8:30 and so it wasn't too long after that I did too. Today was an Avon delivery day! And Pampered Chef!!

My goal was 10 am....then 10:30....then, sometime today!

Finally at 11 SamSam and I took off!! DJ was already outside playing which left Howie free to work around the house/yard/garage/anything he wanted to!

I had 13 stops on my list for today...most of which weren't home, so that made it a little easier time-wise...I had a date this afternoon with a little girl who's only 4 1/2 weeks old!!! I didn't get to see her tho til just before 3...having Miss Samantha with me made some of my stops a little longer than normal....she's so cute y'know! I got to hold her (oh she's so TINY!) and shush her and talk to and enjoy the little aches in my muscles that haven't been used to holding an infant in a while!! I had absolutely NO baby fever which is incredible to me!!! Foreign almost! I'm extremely happy with my two kids!!! Miss Kiri is a doll tho! Thanks for letting me hold her Tiffany!!

One of my stops was with my g/f Jackie as she ordered from Pampered Chef...and I'd ordered from we had a bag swap! I got two sandwich containers and 4 cereal bowls with lids....Samantha claimed the bowl! Had her lunch in it...wore it as a hat....beat it like a drum....put a penny in it and shook it like a was everything and went everywhere!!! Finally at bed time I reclaimed it!

We didn't get back home til just after 5:30 and I got to see all Howie's hard work! He made an outdoor toy area for DJ's toys so he doesn't have to keep going in the garage for them...and I have to say, Howie exceeded my looks AWESOME!!!!! Better than I pictured it in my head! He also mowed the lawn...first time this year! He did some other stuff in the garage, but I haven't been in there to check it out...that's HIS space (according to him...)

DJ played outside for just about 8 hours so he was a cranky mess for dinner. Samantha didn't get a nap as I kept waking her up on the ride home, we were 10 mins from home...NOT napworthy! and so she was a bit on the cranky side too! After dinner it was bath time as DJ was a dirty mess!!! Immediately after that was bed time! Where Samantha fell asleep the instant (literally) that I laid her down! She is officially weaned now too!!! Doesn't even ask for it! Tomorrow will be a test tho as nap time will be here at home instead of in a moving vehicle! DJ also fell asleep rather quickly and without much fuss! Whew!!

I've enjoyed a lazy evening watching stuff on DVR as it IS Saturday nite....nothing really to watch! But now, I'm turning in early! For me anyways!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Today I think I suffered from

ADD...I could not keep my head on straight or focus on any one task for too long!!! Today, I could have used an assistant!!! Whew!

Because it was Friday, Howie got up with the kids and I slept right til 9...SO nice!!!! He even fed the kids which was bonus! So I made him a nice breakfast to say thanks!

Samantha had a "well child" check...kinda like preventative 11:15 and my goal was to get out of the house at 10:15...that did NOT happen! Snickers went lallygagging and wouldn't come when called...I could SEE her across the street, but she ignored me...kinda how my kids were behaving too! SO frustrating!!! In hindsight, I should have put them in the truck and finished what I needed to do in peace and quiet...would have saved my voice and patience!! There's always next time...and there WILL be a next time!

So, we got on the road at 10:35....which was going to be tricky to get to Edmonds by 11:15! I didn't make it! At 11:14 I called the Dr's office to let them know I was running late....learned something new too, they'll allow me to be late by 15 minutes, but if its past that, then I lose the appt all together! So, if the Dr is running 15 minutes late....yeah, there's no

My little girl who was 20 inches, and 10 lbs 8 oz at birth is now 35 inches tall and 29.2 lbs!!! Amazing isn't it!!! She's in the 75th percentile for kids her age...which in my books, is perfect!!! DJ's always been in the this 75th stuff is nice! I can still pick her up with ease...him I don't! She got the full body work up today too! And checked out very healthy! Even showed off for the Dr all her knowledge...and then clammed up when she realized she was in a test! She did NOT like the needle by any stretch of the imagination...but at least it was only one! And it was over quick! We had a different nurse today, as our normal nurse had a family I was bummed to miss out on Jennifer!

I also showed the Dr DJ's lump on the side of his neck...and she's not worried about it at all! If it was to get to golf ball size, then she'd do something, but as it is now, kids get them when they're sick (and he has been this year!) or if they've hurt themselves (and he does on a daily basis!) so no cause for concern! Whew!

After the Dr we went to Joann's where I was in search of some tulle and ribbon to make up some Avon demo things for the new perfume coming out....Eternal Magic. It smells SO good!!! I now wear it every day its that good!

Before we went in the store we ate our lunch I packed up...better to have happy children than hungry ones!! Worked like a charm too til we had to stand around twiddling our thumbs waiting to get the tulle cut at the fabric that was a long wait!!!!

Once we were done, we hit the highway! Sam fell asleep almost instantly....and DJ followed suit shortly after! Such a nice quiet ride home!! Bliss almost!

When we got home DJ played outside and Sam and I played inside...with all the new Avon that came...and then while we were doing that, the Pampered Chef got delivered!! Sam thought it was her birthday again she was so excited to open everything! She snagged my new mesh colanders and all my bamboo utensils and had herself a little party! Kept her busy while I bagged up all the orders!

We started the evening with Kristopher spending the nite, but by 10 pm he wanted to go I walked him home and by the time I got back, DJ was half asleep already! Howie went to bed, and now its just me and the furry ones! Gonna go watch some stuff on DVR and relax! Well, not totally, I now have 3 loads of laundry to fold!!

Til next time...ciao!

Fun Fact Friday

I can't believe its Friday already!! Where did this week go!??! Time flies when you're having fun with your parents!!!

Today's fun fact could be titled Freaky Fact most people can't do what I'm about to share with you. It could also be called Freaky Talent Friday...but it doesn't have the same ring to it! :)

Ok, ok, ok...I'll get to it!

I know very few people (my sister Johna is one of them) who can do what I do with my feet.

Pretty much anything!!

No, I can't write with them, but if I really put my mind to it (or lost my arms) I'd damn well learn!

I can pretty much pick up way or another! More so with my right foot than left, as I am right handed and all.

I think this is why I wear mule shoes....and no my toes are always available to work!!!!

What's your hidden talent!?!?!

Til next time...ciao!

The rain today

Totally matched my mood this morning! I woke up on my own at 7:10....checked my phone and got caught up on dressed and was the only one awake for a while. It was kind of eerie!! I even had the thought "this is what Saturday mornings are going to feel like in a few years once both kids are in school...they'll be sleeping, but I'll be awake!" What an odd thought!

DJ didn't sleep much past me...he was up at 7:40 and very confused why I wasn't in bed! My mom and dad were up downstairs and packing the last of their stuff. They were headed home this you know why I was so blue!

Our goal was to leave at 9 to get to the airport by 10:30...we left at 9:07...not too bad really! And even better...we arrived at the airport at 10:10! No, I wasn't was pouring down rain! Just a good traffic day, that and Howie gave me different directions which were quicker! We hugged good bye and off they went!

I didn't go home straight away....instead we went to Lynnwood as I had an Avon meeting this afternoon. We had an hour to kill, so we went to the "other" Walmart (where else!??) [shush Joanna!] to see if they had the shoes I was looking for. They didn't! Plus, SamSam had pee'd her pants, so we needed a new pair for her. She got gauchos! It was funny to watch her try to pull the down to her ankles while wearing them! I also investigated bicycles for DJ as that's what he'd like for his birthday....oh the scrapes we've yet to see!

It wasn't til I pulled into the parking lot at Walmart (where else!?!?) that I noticed my mom had left her phone in the truck...she was charging it up so she could turn it on at the Vancouver airport during their layover. Not sure when she realized it, I have yet to talk to her. I'd be freaking if it was me....heck, I was freaking over losing the trackball! I can't imagine the whole phone being gone from me!!! In any case, it's all packed up ready to be taken to the post office tomorrow! That's what she'd do for me!!!

The kids and I ate the lunch I packed in the truck outside my SIL's house while we were waiting for her to come home. She was my babysitter while I was at the meeting...and she lives REALLY close to where my meetings are! So its perfect! The kids had no trouble going into her house...I gave her the bribery treats! LOL

Meeting was GOOD! I feel like I learned a lot! It was kind of a mini fragrance workshop...and way more information than I had before...which is always good! Plus, my name got drawn and I won the newest lipstick/gloss from Reese Witherspoon's collection and a new lotion that's Brazil Breeze...I smelled like summer!

Howie beat us home and we both left at the same time...within 1o minutes I had two sleeping children...damn those car naps!!! DJ was the first to go with Samantha right behind him within minutes! DJ did fine waking up and snapping out of that "I-shouldn't-have-had-that-nap" funk as Kristopher was he perked right up for that!

Sam...notsomuch! She was miserable in her "I-needed-more-of-a-nap-than-that" funk!! I even put her in her room to cry as I was tired of listening to it...she got louder! She did finally calm down enough to just sit nicely on my lap once I had the sketti sauce going.

Oh, I think I sprained my thumb this morning....I thought I broke it, but thought it would be hurting way more if that was the case! I was getting up off the floor from changing Sam's diaper this morning, and instead of USING the thumb (and the rest of my hand) to get up, it somehow folded under my hand the moment all my weight went onto that hand. OUCH!!!!!!!! Its the knuckle closest to the hand....not the one closest to the nail. Amazing how much the thumb does...its like a hidden talent!

Now, I'm done vegging for the nite...and going to bed! Got another full day tomorrow! :)

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something I thought I'd never say

Walmart (where else!?!?) failed me today!!!!!! I know, right?!?!!? How on EARTH could Walmart (where else?!?!) slip on my list of fave stores!?!?!?! price shopping we discovered that costco was cheaper on the new frying pans and blender my parents got for me!

My dad has NOT liked the frying pans I have, and said he'd be getting me a new one...he got me 3! A Tramontina set that has 3 sizes in it. And since I no longer have a Magic Bullet thanks to Howie's using it as a coffee grinder while I was away...he wanted to get me a new one...but I preferred the Oster blender...and it was cheaper! About 20.00 cheaper than Walmart (where else?!?!) even!!! I also discovered that costco is cheaper when I go to get myself a steam mop...maybe I'll put that on my birthday wish list! lol Sad eh?

Today was all about shopping for my parents as they leave us tomorrow! So soon! This week went by WAY to fast!!! We started at costco and wandered the aisles looking at whatever mom or dad wanted to look was actually nice to get to see stuff I haven't before!!

After costco we headed to Wendy's for lunch as my dad has had a bug up his butt about wanting to try their new spicy chicken nuggets...which were nothing too extraordinary!! They had a bit of a kick/after bite to them....but nothing like what spicy is in my books! In any case, we could cross it off Dad's list!

Once our tummies were full, sorta, we got back in the truck and headed to Lynnwood....I had a sneaky plan I told my mom about. Remember those pix I had done of the kids on the first of January? They gave me this coupon that was $25.00 "fun cash" which was good for any purchase over and above 25.00...which if you've been to Picture People, you know how easy that is to spend! So we did the pictures, which turned out GREAT!!, and then got the free 8x10 and then I got two 5x7 sheets....that way both mom and I could have the same ones! The 8x10 one I picked the 3 generation shot of us girls....for Sam to have up on her wall. The other two poses were the one of me and mom giving SamSam kisses on her cheek (she looks nonplussed) and then one of mom, dad, and my two kids...I just love it!!! This is a memory for a lifetime!

Once we got done there we went to a health store for my dad to get gel caps for making his own vitamins...he likes taking raw cayenne pepper pills...and makes them well as a few other things too. So he was VERY happy to have gotten them so much cheaper than back home.

Then we hit up Walmart (where else!??!) so dad could get a new watch band for his watch...and I was able to grab the few things I won't buy anywhere else as they really are the cheapest!

Once we got done there we climbed back in the truck where both kids and my dad fell asleep! So mom and I chatted all the way home...well not home yet....we still had one more stop to make for Howie...he requested some 2x4's and knew my dad would know how to pick them out.

Finally we got home about 5 and relaxed a bit before getting dinner going! We actually ate in tonite! Burgers and dogs with sweet potato fries and a yummy salad! Wonderful dinner!!!

The kids went down relatively easy considering they napped (Sam a short one in comparison to normal, and DJ an hour when he normally wouldn't!) and we watched tv....the results of AI didn't surprise me...Fiona was right! I forgot that I missed Paige's performance last nite as I was brushing kid teeth at that point...seems I didn't miss much! LOL

Now, I'm going to bed early as we've got an early rise tomorrow!

Til next time...ciao!

Tourist for a day

Today we did the touristy thing....and took a day trip over the mountains!! The destination: Leavenworth, WA....about a little over an hour from here....perfect day trip length!! Enough for Dad to get a nap in each way!! :) He IS old ya know!!!

The way up Samantha was absolutely amazed to see snow and kept saying "no, no, no" her version of seemed like every inch she saw, she pointed out! It was cute...for the first minute...after that we had to distract her!

We stopped at one of our favourite places on the way up...The Alps shop, which has all kinds of homemade sauces, dipping sauces, syrups and jams. When we arrived we noticed right away that the outside got a face lift....and the inside too once we were in....come to find out they had a fire last year, and totally used to be this quirky store with all kinds of collectible dolls, odd old toys, bird houses and clocks galore...and then downstairs they had the kitchen and all the food, its just food and bird houses....kind of disappointing.

We got back in the truck with the orange gum drop slices that DJ asked to have...he carried them ever so carefully in his tightly fisted hand too...and drove on to Leavenworth. It was about 12:30 or so when we arrived, so we did some window looking and walking thru some of the shops. Its been about 3 years since we'd been up there, so nothing much had changed shopping wise...but still fun to look! Mom got some kind of chutney and that's it.

We got back in the truck in search of a Wendy's as my dad has had a hankering for their spicy chicken nuggets since Jake mentioned them last Saturday. We headed east and found nothing. Instead, we ended up in Cashmere at this AMAZING BBQ joint! What a feast we all had!!! Absolutely delicious!!! I'm still lickin my chops! After lunch we ran the kids energy a bit and took them to a park we'd seen driving around...they LOVED it!!! Samantha absolutely adores the swing, but I think we changed her mind with the slide they had....she'd climb up it with me trailing behind her, and then she'd slide down it to Howie giggling the whole time! Then she'd rung back to me and climb up. I think she did this 20 times before we decided to leave.

After that we went in search of a place called Aplets and Cotlets....where they make an amazing confection that similar to Turkish Delight. The place wasn't operating today as its their slow season, but we still got a free tour and had everything explained to us....really neat to see too! The samples were yummy! Mom got a sampler pack and some bars to take home. I already have 4 boxes in the hall closet, so when we got home I gave her one.

I think it was about 3:30 when we got back in the truck to head which point it took Samantha 25 minutes to fall asleep (about the time she'd normally be waking up!) and DJ followed suit shortly after. Once I turned the movie off, it was nice and quiet and Dad and I fell asleep in the back seat!

We got back home at 5:30 and DJ was quite anxious to play outside with Kristopher, who was ready to greet him! The rest of us came inside to relax and decide what to do for dinner. Dad won again with Teriyaki...but I chose something different...all of us did except dad! While everyone sat around, I took off to pick it up.

After the kids were in bed, we watched American Idol and just enjoyed reclining! I think I'm done nursing SamSam...yesterday we weren't here at nap time, so she just fell asleep for my mom....and last nite she didn't ask to nurse, but rather for a sippy's nap was in the truck...and so tonite at bed time I gave her another sippy. She asked for it a couple times but I was able to distract her and get her to forget about it. Could it be...the boobs are mine again!?!?!?

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. my bottom 2 pick for AI is Andrew and Tim with Tim going home...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today was a rather

Low key day...which fit in perfectly!!!

This morning, Howie and I had a meeting in mom and dad stayed back with the kids. DJ threw a hissy fit as I was leaving, but within minutes of me leaving was perfectly fine! My dad took him for a walk to the park, and up our street to check things out...just what he needed too as I could see immediately upon returning they had found their bond again!

Since we knew the kids were in such good, capable hands....we took our sweet time coming home!!! Stopped off for Howie to spend his birthday money...and me to get a trackball transplant...or an upgrade!

Now, last year when I had trackball rim issues, I took it to Verizon and they told me it would be 50.00 for them to fix which I very quickly said NO! I found a rim on eBay for all of 2.00 including shipping! And it worked like a charm too! Til yesterday's accident that is. I wasn't sure what to expect today...but didn't feel good about it at all!

We went to Best Buy first...they had diddly in the way of repairs....and I wasn't eligible til April 9th for an upgrade with them...grrrrrrr He told us to head across the street as Verizon may be more lenient.

Off we went! Thankfully it wasn't busy, then again, it was a Monday that was in our favour I think. They call my name and I go up to the counter with a pouty face and say "I need a ball transplant please" She had NO clue what I meant, so I showed her my phone and she caught on quick. Walked 8 feet to another counter and popped a new one in...NO CHARGE!!!!! How awesome is that!??!!? She the informed me that if I upgraded in April, I'd lose out on the 100.00 guess who's waiting til Sept!!??!?! You guessed it! Moi!

Once done with our errands we went out for lunch at Claim Jumper at the mall in Lynnwood. We like the diversity of food choices there...and have not had a bad meal there ever! Howie got the French Dip and I got the Chicken Pot Pie...altho, it should have been named Chicken HOT Pie...oh it was so freakin hot!!! And sadly, it took me 10 minutes of blowing on each bite before I was smart enough to dump it all out on my plate! D'oh! Mine also came with a fruit salad, but the pot pie was so gigantic, ther was no way I had room! I even had a dessert picked out that I did NOT want! DJ enjoyed the fruit I brought home....and I actually remembered to bring home!

We got home just after 3 and took up lazy residence!!! DJ went out to play shortly after we got home and Sam was just getting up from her was nice!

Dinner was Dad's favourite...Teriyaki! He says he could eat it every nite for dinner....silly crazy old coot!! I'd get bored with it fast! lol Sketti is where it's at!

Tonite I finally had the opportunity to bathe the kids....DJ needed it with playing outside for a couple hours. Once the kids were tucked in bed we watched Dancing With The Stars (DWTS from here on out) and enjoyed the first dances of everyone. Even tho there's no elimination this week...I'm still calling Buzz Aldrin as the first victim! Sorry Buzz....but somebody's gotta be first!

After that we played cards which point Howie stomped all over all of us...but if you ask me....he was cheating...he WAS the score keeper...and as my Grandma always said, "You can never beat the score keeper!" (love you honey!)

Now, I'm heading to bed...nice and early!! Got lots planned for tomorrow!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Double Whammy

Today was my husband's birthday!!! Since yesterday was full of celebration today felt/was very low key! Which was more than fine with us! We had a wonderful breakfast feast!! The birthday boy got what he wanted....homemade egg mcmuffins made by yours truly!

Once we were settled, we talked about what to do with the day and decided to go to Country Village in Bothell...where the kids and I went for that party a couple weeks ago. We wandered around the whole place stopping in shops that interested us....passing by most of them....and scoffing at the prices they were asking!! Some of it was insane! 2400.00 for a piece of green glass that looked like a was a foot long and maybe 8 inches wide and 8 inches deep....seriously?? Or am I out of touch with modern art??

In any case, we took the kids on a train ride, of which Samantha was TERRIFIED of being on it and clung to Howie's leg and held my hand with her other was kinda funny! But at least she didn't cry! She was grateful to get off and thanked the conductor even. It was cute!

We came home and had a light lunch of cheese, salami and chips and fuss, no muss! Our plan was to go out for dinner to Red Robin (Yummm) and celebrate Howie not cooking for a change! :)

Nap was VERY late for SamSam and as a result got up at 4:30 with some prodding...she sure wasn't ready TO get up!! And let us know for about an hour after she got up! Since none of us were hungry at the normal dinner time, mom had a snack to tide her over and we lazed around.

About 7 we took off for the restaurant...and had a fabulous meal!! I love getting seated right as soon as you walk in! We let our waitress know we had to birthday celebrants and she took their names! While we were eating there were two other tables with birthday peeps!!

Dinner was scrumptious!!!! Howie cooks a mean burger, I will say that, but these were TASTY!!!! I had the Chophouse, which is new on their menu....and it has sauteed mushrooms, onions and some kind of white cheese, and some kind of horseradish sauce that was just mouthwatering!!! Definitely picked good!!! Mom and Dad had the same thing!!! Howie got fish and chips...his was free! The dessert was a small scoop of ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles...the kids liked that!! We all did actually!

DJ fell asleep while waiting for me to do the shopping with my dad at Safeway on the way home...made it easier to put him to bed...even tho he pitched a hissy for not getting to wear the pajamas HE wanted to...he got over it! Once the kids were in bed we adults played cards....which I soundly beat them all!!!! *insert evil laugh* :D

Now, everyone's in bed and I'm about to follow suit!! This is day two of no knitting!!!!!

OHHHHHH and the most horrible news of crackberry took a crap today!!! It was in my lap in the truck and fell to the all of 18 inches, and the trackball fell out....and into 9 pieces!! Absolutely insane!!!! I've tried 10 different times to put the puzzle back together...and I get it all set to go in the phone and it won't "click" it's useless!! Absolutely useless!!! I'm a mess now...imagine how I'll be tomorrow!! I can't get/send texts...can't read my emails when I get them...can't go bites!!!! Not just that...Howie talked to his dad and I can take his APRIL!!!!! And the end of April at that!!! We're going to hit up a Verizon tomorrow and see who their customer service is... I guess I know how Jake feels now....dangit! I hate eating crow!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear Samantha

What a joy you've been for the last 24 months! And even prior to that, while in the womb!!! Since the day I took that test and waited ever so patiently while freaking out, you've had a special place in my heart!!

My natural miracle from God!! No other way to describe your presence in our lives! Truly a miracle!!

The day you were born...I could not have asked for a better birthday for you! It was all planned and it went off without a hitch!! We arrived at the hospital on time...6 am! DJ was still sleeping in his crib (now yours) at home with Grandma. They got me settled in the room (we couldn't get the same corner room we had with DJ) and started the IV fluids. A half hour later, the nurse realized I wasn't getting the fluid and had to readjust the needle in my vein. By 8:15 we were ready to rock and roll! So they rolled me down to the OR where I met the anesthesiologist, who was FABULOUS and talked me thru the whole procedure of getting a spinal....wayyyyyyyyy different than getting the epidural...and much quicker acting!

At 8:43 you were born! Dr Bray pulled you out and lifted you above the curtain to show me...oh you were beautiful even then!!! And then your first cry happened (mine too!) and all was right with the world!! They cleaned you up and did the APGAR tests and wheeled over the scale for us to watch...10 pounds 8 ounces!! Once they bundled you up they passed you to Daddy who willingly held you in his arms while I admired you and kissed your face!! They were still working on me and also repairing a hernia. Once done they wheeled me back to our room and Daddy carried you....and you ate right away! like a champ!!!!

About 11 or so Grandma brought DJ to meet you...he was quite scared of me being in the bed...and of you!! Later that day after school Jake came to meet you too! That's the beauty of a planned birth...scheduling visitors!!! About 4 Grandpa came to meet you...and then Darrell and Cynthia came about 6 just as Daddy was bringing dinner to the room...and then your Aunt and Uncle Gott came with Jessica and Erica to see you!

By 8 pm, we were both visited out!! Daddy took DJ home and put him to bed and Grandma hung out with us til about 10 or so and then headed home. You and I spent our first nite together trying to figure it all out! You didn't let me get much sleep!! And finally crashed in the bed with me!!

Now, you're sleeping in your room being all 2 and everything! I wouldn't change a thing!!!

Today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!!! Beyond anything I could have hoped for weather wise!!! It got in the 70's!!! Not too shabby for the first day of Spring!!!

Remember how I told you the cake I made for Sam "fell" in the middle...well, my mom had the brilliant idea to hollow out the center and make it look like a bundt cake without the bundt! This was the perfect solution!!!!!!! So off I trudge to the kitchen to take care of business....I pulled the center out and it was still batter!!! Not even cooked!!!! URGH!!!!! SO frustrating!!! So I pitched it at the advice of my mother and off we went to Albertsons to get a cake!!!

Once home it was lunch time and thankfully Howie had already started with making hot dogs for Jake and he added a few more and we all ate together! Once lunch was done I wrapped Aliya's gift and off we headed to HER birthday party! Her actual birthday was yesterday, but Friday afternoons are tough to plan a party they made it for today! They set up a preschool carnival!! Complete with pony rides!!! Sam was all for it, while holding my hand! but DJ wanted nothing to do with that pony!! I couldn't even bribe him!!

We only stayed a half hour as Samantha NEEDS a nap in order to function for the rest of the day!!! While she napped we were all busy tidying up and setting things up for our own family party! She didn't nap well...and was up by 3:30! Rascal!

People started showing up about 4 and by 4:30 everyone was here! We decided to gifts first to help bring her out of her shell...she was a little overwhelmed with all the people talking to her. It worked like charm!!! Even better, sad to say, was that DJ was busy outside playing and wasn't trying to "help" her open the gifts...or have that ugly green jealousy monster rear up!

After presents we got dinner cooking....burgers and dogs! with some sweet potato fries and Caesar salad....easy breezy!!! And there are no left overs with a meal like that! Just lots of clean up...but with 4 adult women, it went REALLY quickly!!!! Even the dishwasher got loaded!!

After the singing and cake eating it wasn't too much longer before everyone headed home...and then it was bed time for our tired children!! Once they were in bed we watched The Hangover with mom and dad...they hadn't seen it....gotta say, the 2nd time wasn't as funny...but the tiger in the car had me in tears!!

Now, after rocking the Princess for 40 minutes after she woke up, its time for me to go to bed!!! Next up....birthday boy tomorrow....Howie's birthday!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Safe and Sound

That's my parents right now!! As they sleep downstairs in Jake's and sound!!!

The day finally arrived that they got on a plane in Toronto, had a layover in Calgary and then came to Seattle! Howie went after work and picked them up and whisked them home!

Today tho, was like any other grocery day...BUSY!!! We were all set to go at 10 this morning and Kristopher was already outside playing...hmmmm too tempting for a 3 year old? You betcha!!! He got invited to stay with them while SamSam and I went shopping...he chose YES!!! lol It was kind of a no brainer!

So I kissed him good bye and buckled Sam in and off we went! It took us an HOUR to get to Costco!!! It's normally a 25 minute ride! Turns out the one and only light on 522 was down and so it was being treated like a stop sign....NOT fun! Our direction (and opposite) were 2 lanes...and a turning lane!! The other direction was easy as it's not overly used really. Inch by inch we crept forward...I finally called Howie to see if he knew what was up...and he was the one to tell me about the light being down.

Just as I got up to it, it started working! Finally!!!! Moving at a much quicker pace we set off for an AMAZING parking Sam in the cart and headed toward the entrance...only to be told by someone walking back to his vehicle that Costco had no power! UGH!!!!!! Now it all makes sense!!! The gas station was down....the parking lot very empty....and people milling around the entrance! We (I) decided to wait it out a bit...and thankfully within 15 minutes they were up and running! Shopping when there's no one in the store is a FABULOUS idea!! We zipped thru everything and got what we needed and checked out in record time!!! I was so quick that the checkers had hardly anyone...I never lifted one thing out of my cart...there were 3 people who suddenly appeared to do it for me!!! Likin that action!

Since the store had power, so did the gas station, so we waited in line for that....insane how busy that got so quickly! It was noon by the time we got out of there and on our way back to Monroe for a stop at Fred Meyer. I was smart and grabbed something for Sam to eat before we left....and filled her sippy cup! So she ate while I shopped. Next time I go....I get to go alone!!! She will finally be able to go in the Playland area!!!!!

It was just about 2 by the time we got home!! I got everything in the house and put the frozen stuff away and put Sam down for her nap! Then putzed around til it was time to wake her up and head back out. She didn't seem to mind that one bit!!!! Any reason to put her shoes and coat on are good enough for her!

Again DJ hung at home playing outside while we were in town. I can't thank my neighbours enough for "adopting" him for the day! He had SO much fun!

We got back about 6 and I'd been smart enough to set the timer on the oven to get it pre heated for pizza! Popped it in the oven and then rounded up the kids for dinner. After dinner it was definitely bath nite! In fact, DJ turned the water gray he was so dirty!!!!

During bath I was kept apprised of the parental acquisition....and knew approximately when they'd kept the kids awake for them to see Grandma and Poppa. It was DARLING hearing Samantha say "Hi Gamma" at the top of the stairs! And it took some serious coaxing for the kids to show the coaxing even!! lol

Once the kids were in bed, we visited with mom and dad and then they hit the sack! Howie stayed up watching some show on Versus and I was a knitting fool!!! Good thing too...I got that sweater done!! Now I just need to wrap it up and call it good!

As soon as the brownies are done in the oven I'm hittin the hay....gonna be a BUSY day again tomorrow...what with a little girl turning 2 and all!!

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Fact Friday


And this Friday is extra special as my parents are flying here TODAY!!!!!!!

As you can tell, I'm a wee bit giddy!!

Which has something to do with my Fun Fact....

When I'm super excited about something...I clap my hands REALLY fast!! Or I'll let out a WHOOOOOP!!!! I can't contain it!! So I let it out in short bursts! I know...I'm corny! But hey, I can't bottle in my emotions...I'm female!

How do you show your excitement???

Til next time...ciao!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still Not "it"

Which is a good thing!! Feeling great!! No sign of anything viral in my body! I'm likin it!!

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day too!! DJ was outside playing by 11 am! YES!!! And Samantha was busy colouring and playing while he was gone! She sings now. I mean, really sings! This morning when we were in her room getting her clothes, she asked for Barney on her CD I hit play and she sang Twinkle Twinkle with Barney! I was FLOORED!!! And moved to tears!!! I had no idea she knew how to sing! Oh it was SO cute too!!! Didn't get all the words, but she was singing and keeping up! YAY!!!! DJ still won't sing along...brat!

DJ didn't bother coming in for lunch as he had two days worth of playing to make up for! He did come in at one point for a snack to take outside to eat...cheese and fruit snacks. Not sure what, if anything, he ate next he was SUPER hungry come dinner!!! He beat us all too!

While Sam was napping I had all these grand plans (even made a list!) but got sidetracked talking with my Aunt on facebook in chat. She made me laugh when she wondered how I got anything done/time to blog with my two kids under foot. And then commented how her life wouldn't be as exciting to blog about....I don't think my life is exciting by any means!! Just doing the mom thing and living to tell about it! :)

I got the birthday cake made...and quite annoyed the middle "fell" on it....haven't figured out yet what to do with it...grrr
I also got the granola made...right this time! And OH it smells YUMMY!!!!!
I did get the grocery list made up for tomorrow's escapade!!

And as I'm typing this, Howie's steam cleaning the carpets! With all the puking from SamSam over the last couple months, we were due!! Not to mention the Jasper (cat) puking everywhere and anywhere! At least the dog pukes in the kitchen...easy to clean up! Or outside for that matter!

As soon as he's done, I'm claiming a spot on the couch (he moved our chairs into the kitchen) to watch tv and knit....on the first sleeve of the sweater and want to get it done by tonite! I'm on a bit of a time crunch for this one! It's a gift!

Til next time...ciao!

Swing and a miss

I seem to have sidestepped the virus that has plagued my family all week!! For this, I'm truly grateful! I absolutely ABHOR vomiting!! I'd never be a good bulimic for that reason! I hate when its so violent it comes out your nose....and burns your throat....ugh, there's just nothing good about it!

And today, DJ seems none too worse for the wear!! He woke up twice last nite to dry heave, and each time I put him back to bed he'd ask me "When Daddy goes to work, can I come sleep with you?" awwwwwwwww and of course I told him yes!

The last time he woke up was about 12:30 and I went to bed at one....I'd told him that if he woke up in the middle of the nite to go straight to the bathroom and turn on the light. I propped our door open so the light would wake one of us to attend him....Howie said my slippers never moved when he got up for work. So that's awesome!

Today, I kept waiting for the Poohnami to hit him....but nothing!! Granted he hasn't done any business since yesterday, so we'll see! Samantha did some business she's back to normal 100%!!!

Poor DJ know how dogs are tortured by squirrels outside that they can't get at....or how cats are tortured thru windows by birds?? DJ was tortured today by Kristopher outside having a fun time while he was stuck inside. But I didn't have to be the "bad guy" on that one! I'd called Lara to see if she was okay with DJ playing outside and she preferred not to...which I totally understand!! And I'm sure she totally understands the inquisition DJ put me thru about why he couldn't! It was funny! Eventually tho he gave up on the idea and opening the window to chat with Kristopher...til I started feeling the chill of it being open!

Once Howie came home tho, they had a good wrastling session and cured DJ of some of his angst! He also got to "help" Howie put Jake's room back which point we found the new wheels for DJ's closet door that I'd bought last Saturday and DJ hid...

Dinner was another "light" on the tummy fare....DJ did well with no breakfast and a lunch of toast and dinner was waffles and eggs. Easy breezy!!! And I got to pull out my waffle doesn't get much counter time! I should have pulled out a timer too!!! They were getting better by the end of my making them!

Now, after knitting for a couple hours, I'm relaxed and ready for bed! Got caught up on some stuff in DVR and of course watched the results of American Idol (AI from now on!) and was a little shocked to see Lacey got voted off....I thought for SURE it was going to be Paige! I'm very sure I don't care for Orinanthi (?) or Kesha....yuck!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strike Three

And he's outta here!!!!!!

DJ has now fallen prey to the virus we're hosting this poor little guy!!! At least he knows to run to the toilet....and makes it!! He didn't eat much lunch today, which, looking back, should have been a clue.

Then he fell asleep on the couch at which point I woke his butt up with the promise of a blue Popsicle....when I got it out of the wrapper he started whining....and he didn't get the Popsicle after all.

He slept while we ate dinner, which was probably for the best! He kept saying he was thirsty and so we gave him a sippy of water...he couldn't keep it down. So he asked for juice...uhhhh no!

Samantha finally had and AWESOME going to bed nite....she hardly nursed tho....won't give up the afternoon nap boob, but I think she's done with bed time...she just wanted to lay her head on my chest and rock...which is kool! 2 years of nursing is good in my books!

This morning it was rather nice out, so the kids and I took a walk to hand out Avon brochures....mostly just leave them on the door as people aren't home during the day. We did have one lady home and it scared the crap out of DJ who was trying to hang it on her door handle...he dropped it and ran! I laughed!

Samantha also learned that "little" dogs aren't so little when they don't want to be! We had this little thing jumping and nipping at us for 3 houses! She wanted "uppy" then! lol Other than that she did REALLY good holding my hand and walking.

Tonite, once the kids were settled (after DJ asked me to turn the TV down...) we watched American Idol (I miss you too Fifi!) and I have to say there is some solid talent there!!! More so this week than last for some reason. My bottom two pick...Lacey and Andrew with Andrew going home....just my .02

Now, I've got the last of 4 batches of caramel corn (for you Dad!) in the oven...figured I'd get it done tonite as by my calculations, I should start throwing up sometime tomorrow nite....aren't I lucky?? Moms shouldn't be allowed to get sick!

Til next time...ciao!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Its gone viral

'Round these here parts!!!

My poor husband spent the whole nite awake running to the bathroom every half hour....needless to say, he didn't go to work today! And instead spent the day in bed running to the bathroom every half hour. By about 8pm he'd calmed down a bit. Even attempted to eat some chicken noodle soup....but that was the first thing he ate since last nite's dinner...which made a reappearance at some point during the nite.

Most men when they're sick are miserable....Howie's not! He doesn't want to be seen or touched or helped in any way! Trust me, I try! Its in my nature to be a nursemaid even tho I could never be a real nurse! And he doesn't want anything but to be left in peace. So we did!

This morning was hair cut day....for both me and DJ! Off we went to Anneke's house to get trussed up! DJ went first and oh he looks SO handsome with his fresh hair cut!!! If I could afford to do that for him every 4 weeks, he'd just be THE cutest!!! But every 8 weeks it is! lol
And then it was my turn! I think we've finally cut ALL the dead perm out! Finally!!!!! I wanna say its about an inch past my the downward upward! I can still tuck it behind my ears, but it'll be a while before I can pony tail it again...which is wonderful!! I'd started getting ponytail headaches! Plus, now that all the perm is cut off, it should start feeling and looking healthy again!

I even got my eyebrows waxed in preparation for my parents arrival!!! Nah, I just needed them done and Anneke is the best!!! I'm gonna try and get them done every time DJ does...I can do maintenance for the in between weeks! Sometimes its the little things that keep a mom happy!!

When we got back DJ wanted to play outside, but we did lunch first....then after Howie got up and came out to the living room, I sent him out to helped that Kristopher knocked on the door as he was getting his shoes on! He's rediscovered his crocs and wears them ALL the time now!! They're easy for him to do and he doesn't have to fight with the velcro...cheater! lol

While he was out, I put Sam down for her nap! The poor girl was pooping obviously she and Howie have the same ailment...and they can keep it! I don't want it! Neither does DJ!!! 2 sick in a family of 4 is plenty!

The loss of the hour yesterday had me all out of sorts, so I grabbed a nap and slept for 2 hours! I needed it!!! This past weekend was non-stop, so it was nice to stop! When I woke up shortly after 4 I was quite confuzzled....didn't know what day it was or why I was on the couch...even wondered what happened to my hair!! It was comical!

About 4:30 Howie requested (for the second time) I left him with Sam while DJ was still outside playing and went to town for him. Aren't I a good wife!??!? :) I also took advantage of this alone time and purchased some wrapping paper for the birthday people this coming weekend! Before I left I popped in on Lara and found out she's also suffering from the same ailment and that's why all her kids were outside...staying healthy!

DJ stayed out til 6:30 when I called him in for dinner....which was super light tonite in light of the tummy troubles...Howie had the aforementioned soup and the kids and I had cereal and toast....they didn't seem to mind one bit!

Bath time was a chore today....DJ was FILTHY!!!!! Oh what a mess! The water was gray when he was done! lol This is just a taste of what is to come in the summer I'm sure! He had fun tho! And it sure made bed time a bit easier...he only came out of his room once....he was after a few chugs of water from a sippy cup he stayed put. Even Samantha didn't put up much of a fight...that's her new thing now....throwing a hissy fit as soon as she's put in her crib...and then 10 mins later she's silent!

Howie went to bed shortly after they did, and I haven't heard from him, so I'm hoping he's done with his trips to the bathroom! I sat and knit for a good 2+ hours on another sweater...this is number 3 in case anyone's keeping track. The very first one was given as a gift for Miss Izzy as they were HER colours!!! I hope to get a picture of her wearing it soon! (hint hint Wyndi!)

Til next time...ciao!

I think I much prefer

25 hours in the day than 23!! 24 is also acceptable!! But man, losing that hour today had me all loopy! Still does! My body think's its only 12:30...not 1:30! Losing an hour is not a night owl's favourite thing!!!!!

Speaking of you think they even notice the hour thing?? I wanna know when they're going to do away with this changing the clocks business!

This morning I didn't get to sleep in either...the clock was lying to said 9 but oh I knew it was 8!! And it didn't help matters that as I'm in the bathroom takingcareofbusiness that DJ comes running in saying "Daddy needs your help, Sam's choking!" After a bit of clarification she was puking, not choking. Lovely way to start the day!

Thankfully there wasn't anything in her tummy TO throw up! After sitting with me for a half hour we tried her half 'n half (water and apple juice) and I tried telling her to take it easy but she guzzled....and threw it up 20 minutes later. Thankfully she's getting better at notifying me and asking for the bowl. YAY!! We finally had a successful puke!!!

It was her last one too!! She ate 8 squares of Albertsons brand Oat Squares and finished off her half 'n half....and kept it all down! For lunch offered her some buttered go! She wanted cheese! So instead of giving her the real dairy cheese, I gave her a slice of Kraft cheese...and she gobbled it...said she was done and got down.

We kept pumping the fluids tho! No sense in her getting dehydrated on top of it all!

While all this is going on....Howie was downstairs painting...and quickly too!! It was a beautiful day today and he had the windows open downstairs which created a good cross breeze to dry the paint. He even got Jake's green wall painted!!! Such a beautiful shade of green too!!! Love it!!

Once SamSam was down for her nap, DJ and I took off for Lowes to get more paint edging supplies for Howie (he discovered the edger Tiffany was talking about back in October and LOVES it!) and also some lattice for the front of the house. Plus, conveniently, I had two more Avon deliveries and Kody was willing to meet me in town! Two stone! Perfect!

I stopped at the consignment store I've been wanting to go into for a while now and today was their first Sunday that was good! I got Sam a brand new pair of Gymboree shoes for 7.00...they retail for 32!! SCORE!!! And I found a cute summer had for her and a pr of pj's that were on for a 1.00! Not too shabby! Also got their policy for consigning stuff and will probably gather up soon to see if we can declutter the closets a bit! As we were in the store, DJ asked to be done with his gum...and I told him to wait til we got out to the when I got done with my last delivery at the salon, I remembered about his gum and asked if he wanted to get rid of it. He told me he already the "play store" (they had a play area) and so we headed back to the store so he could show me where it was. They were closed but the gal that rang me up was still there and let us in once I explained what he did. We found it and threw it out. She also chastised him a bit for it, which was good! Hopefully he learned the lesson!

When we got home the neighbours were outside enjoying the sunshine and so DJ got to play outside! Sweet! Sam was still sleeping so I woke her butt up as it was 4:30!! Yikes! She wasn't too bad going down for bed time tho.

Dinner was light...we did breakfast...eggs, hashbrowns, sausage and yogurt! That's all Sam that's all she had! She ate about 4 oz of the 6 so not too bad. I wish she could talk more and tell me what's going on inside her body! This guessing game is awful!

Now, I'm done watching the dvr'd Celebrity Apprentice...its going to be a banner season for that one!! Whoo!! And as I'm typing this up, my poor husband now has the stomach bug and is in the bathroom....poor guy!! So it is obviously a bug and here's hoping it passes SOON!!! If we start from Wednesday nite, Sam had if for almost 4 days! This does not bode well for the birthday weekend coming up! I hope DJ and I are in the clear!! Please God!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

People Watching

I'm so glad I can put this day to bed....literally!!! Its been a super long one!! So much so, I'm kinda rummy and spinning...but that could be because I just took my hair down and the blood is coming back....

Today was an Avon delivery day...and a birthday party day....and GNO (Girls Night Out) on top of it all!

So, DJ came with me for the deliveries...and it's a good thing he's so cute...he hardly spoke to ANYONE!!!! So incredibly shy...not sure where gets this from....both Howie and I are who knows!! If he hated stupid people, I'd know where he got that from...but shyness....hmmmm

We got all our deliveries done by 2 and headed to Toys R Us to get Miss Samantha her birthday gifts...which thankfully DJ has forgotten about already or he would've wanted her to have it now!! Then we headed to Shoreline for Miss Izzy's birthday party! She turned 4 on the 7th, but they were in Chicago for a family wedding, so the party was today. DJ had FUN!! For how shy he was all day, he did fabulous being around all new kids...the only one he knew there was Izzy!

She's a big fan of The Three Musketeers (Barbie style) so everyone made masks...DJ put a guitar sticker on his and called it done! It was so funny!! After a while tho he added more musical things...all the other stuff was girly!

Once the presents were opened we skedaddled as I did still have one more Avon delivery and one Pampered Chef delivery (from my neighbour's party) and then home! Neither of us were hungry as we'd snacked well at the party, so Howie fed Samantha and had dinner himself. Since GNO was at a bar/grill I waited to eat.

Just as I was eating my delicious Soy Ginger Chicken Wrap I got a text from Howie that Sam was throwing up again...she did it twice and went to sleep. Still no fever...but clearly she's fighting something! He told me he had it all under control and to stop texting him and enjoy myself!!

Oh, I did!! The people watching in a small town is just phenomenal! There were 3 woman (dressed as a cat! I kid you not!) who was celebrating 50....a young man turning 21 (not gracefully either!!) and some other dude that the age wasn't mentioned. The reason we picked this place is a) it was in the middle between Lynnwood and here and b) Howie knew the band playing. The lead singer is a gal who works at the club. It was fun....all 80's music but without the hair! Or the spandex!!! Or the stirrup pants!!!! Ok, I'll stop now!

Now, it's time to crawl into bed!! Hope you didn't forget to Spring ahead for daylight savings! Does that mean the kids will look like they're getting up at 8:30 instead of 7:30?? hmmm

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Diary of a Mad Cleaning Woman

8:45 wake up blissfully Howie...just me and the furry ones!

8:46 check email and facebook

9:00 get up and wash face

9:15 make breakfast for me and Howie

10:00 kiss hubby good bye

10:01 sit down and play on facebook

10:30 realize I really should get the cleaning started as I AM having people over for a Pampered Chef party.

11:00 realize that I'm cleaning the JUNK DRAWER instead of something substantial like the bathroom! Who's gonna look in my junk drawer?!?!?!! Honestly!?!?!

11:45 finish the junk drawer and bathe the kids

12:36 get lunch going

1:17 sit down and facebook, cuz that's more important! *eye roll*

1:48 realize Samantha needs her nap as the screaming intensifies!!

2:05 want desperately to lay on the couch and nap, but must persevere in cleaning.

2:06 tackle the bathroom, clean all the kiss prints off the mirror, wipe down the counter and toilet

2:15 get the laundry going

2:20 get the dishwasher going

2:22 clean the counters up, and by that I mean get rid of the junk from the junk drawer that really is junk and I put it on the counter as I was cleaning it...

2:30 clean slider windows, kitchen windows, living room windows, glass shelves,

3:00 send DJ outside to play as all he's doing is making a mess in my wake...fingerprints and toys....

4:00 get Sam up from her nap

4:05 vacuum with SamSam's help...goes SO much quicker that way (note the hint of sarcasm)

4:48 pop out to get the mail and bring DJ in the house

5:00 realize I've got one hour before the consultant arrives, quickly do hair and change clothes

5:26 put DJ's pizza in the oven for dinner

5:45 put dinner on the table

6:05 let Michelle (consultant) and help the kids eat their dinner that they're no longer interested people do that to them!

6:43 let my guests in

7:20 let more guests in

7:25 let last guest in

8:00 eat some pizza!!!! and sit back and enjoy the company!!!!


I had a great time visiting today...and DJ had fun playing....Sam must have fun screaming, she does it a lot....and Howie made it home in time to visit with our friends from Lynnwood that came out.

All in all...a good day!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Fun Fact Friday

YES!!! It's Friday!!!!!! Can you just smell the weekend now?!?!?! *sniff*

With it comes Fun Fact Friday!! I start thinking about what the fun fact will be on Wednesdays....and sometimes it comes right to me....and other times I struggle to pick one fact that might interest you and get you (HELEN) to respond....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! lol

My favourite ice cream....who doesn't like ice cream!??!? Seriously?? I've never heard of anyone not liking ice cream...have you? fave is Pralines & Cream. I just LOVE those brown sugar bits and pecans mixed up in the ice cream....and Baskin Robins has THE best Pralines & Cream ever!!!! But I'm not an ice cream snob....truthfully! lol

What's your fave??

Til next time...ciao!

Survivor Thoughts

I'm watching this season and I'm just rapt with all the dynamics of the game this time 'round. I think its mostly because the players have all "been there done that" before....some of them twice! I'm fascinated by the power people think they have in the game! Because what it all comes down to is that it IS just a game!!!

And this season has seen more injuries in 4 weeks than any other season...they're just vicious when it comes to challenges that are physical. Its wicked! OY!

But, it's a good show to knit to!! The don'thavetothinkaboutit kind of favourite kind!!! And today I completed the body of sweater number 2! And the collar! Even got the sleeve started on one side...just moving along! I'm toying with the idea of making a short sleeved one...I think it would look cute! Just not sure what kind of cuff to do as the rolled rim that this pattern calls for won't look the same mid bicep...hmmmm I'll have to think on this some more!

Today we ventured out of the house for the first time in days....we went to get some painting supplies that Howie needs to finish up the painting....and then get some food supplies for the Pampered Chef party tomorrow nite. We're making this awesome pizza that I had over at Lara's at her last party. If you want to order something, let me know and I'll shoot you the link for the website! (thanks Fifi and Jackie!)

It was POURING down rain today....cold yucky and wet! I'm thankful we didn't have much to do today...and we were really only gone for an hour...which isn't too bad when you think about the fact that a half hour of that was driving back and fact, that was pretty darn quick come to think of it!! lol

Samantha is doing just fine, in case you were wondering. She slept right thru the nite, and woke up her happy normal self! She didn't eat much breakfast (I don't think she likes honey toast...) and lunch was light and at dinner we let her decide when she was which point there wasn't really much left on her plate! So, I'm beginning to wonder if she's got some aversion to tomatoes....I put a can of stewed tomatoes in the sauce (usually every time...) and maybe the acidity of the tomatoes is not sitting well with her. I'm at a loss really!! She even asked for Sketti for lunch...does she think I'm crazy!?!?!? LOL Don't answer that!

DJ fell asleep this afternoon on the couch with me....and I managed to get up without waking him...and THOROUGHLY enjoyed the half hour of absolute was heaven!!! Got the laundry started and then stalled...haven't been down there since....but should before I go to bed as SamSam is in mismatched pj's....a Dora pj top and regular stretch pants for bottoms....she did go thru 4 pairs of pajamas in one nite....I'm not prepared for that usually! What mom is?!?!

Now that I've had 3 hours of uninterrupted knitting, I think its time for bed!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Really really????

I've had several "really?" moments today!

The first being from a friend request on Facebook from a gal that I went to junior high school with waybackwhen!! As a matter of fact, I can NOT believe it's been 25 year since I was in junior high...that's just wrong!! Especially considering I'm only 29!!! :D (hush mother!)

Anyways, this gal, Jodi, gave me a bookmark in the 8th grade as part of a going away gift as we were moving to Hawaii at the time...1986 to be exact....and I still have that bookmark! It's a Garfield one that says "Whodonit" on the front. And today, she found me on Facebook!

So we hit up each other's blogs and got caught up somewhat on the last couple years of our lives! How wild is that?!?!!? I'm just blown away!

After all that excitement of the morning the rest of the day was boring in comparison!!! I started the cleaning for a) my Pampered Chef party on Friday and b) my mom's arrival next week! I got the kitchen floors done, the bathroom floors done and Howie got Jake's room all put together...there are no more boxes in his room...there are things on the walls...curtains in the window....shelves on the wall with all his knicknacks that I'm sure he could care less about now that he's just looks GOOD in there now!

While we were in there admiring Howie's work and hanging a picture, Sam came downstairs whimpering...kinda like the fake cry, but not as loud...she had some drool on her chin so I used her shirt to wipe her up. I came upstairs to get the kids ready for bed and that's when I noticed it....she'd puked in the hallway. Tonite's dinner: sketty! We now have a tomato coloured stain in the hall.

Howie wanted to deal with her instead of the pukey mess, so I got the spatula out and some paper towel and the shaving cream (it doesn't work on tomato stains, drats!) and got to work cleaning up. While I was doing that, Howie got the kids in their pajamas....with a bit of fight from both of them!

Sam didn't want to nurse, but rather play when Howie was done with reading to DJ, she gave him kisses and raced me down the hall to her room. She fought going to bed and didn't want to lay down. So, I kissed her, turned out the light and left. She has a habit of sitting in her crib with her legs dangling holding on to the bars....which I'm assuming she was doing when she puked the second time!!

Her screaming intensified to horror which made me go check on her....and discover the mess. Even she was saying "mess, mess!" Howie grabbed her, and I grabbed the spatula again. Got it cleaned up, stripped the bed (no stuffed animals were harmed in the puking of this episode!) and re-made it with clean everything. She meanwhile was sitting with Daddy naked as she didn't want HIM to put her pj's on. Once I got the smell off my hands I dressed her and sat with her.

Howie decided to go to bed, and as he was getting ready she puked ALL OVER ME!!! Did I mention what we had for dinner!?!?!? I couldn't grab the bowl fast enough and in fact, ended up knocking it off the table onto the she puked in my hand for the most part as well as all over my pants and shirt...and her 2nd set of pj's!

Stripped her down again, and Howie dealt with the mess this time while I went and got completely changed and washed up. Grabbed her last pair of pj's and came back to dress her. Howie went back to the bedroom to go to bed...shutting the door! lol

All was calm and quiet with her, and she asked to I let her....bad idea!! She sat up, and puked all over me again!!! At least time there was no more sketti was mostly bile...which in itself is pretty vile smelling!! And slimy! OY!

Get her stripped down and cleaned up....and go get another shirt for me....and some pj's that are more summerish in nature, but its all we have right now! Get her dressed back up and we sit. And we wait. And we rock in the chair. She asked to nurse and I said no. She snuggled up in the crook of my neck and promptly fell asleep!


Put her in bed and haven't heard a peep since!

I still smell puke! BLECH!

We actually talked about how the past few times she's thrown up its been sketti nite...this is not good! And its her FAVOURITE meal! *sigh*

Now, I'm going to go knit for a bit and try to get the memories of puking out of my consciousness! Oh and sniff some coffee to rid it of my nose too!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The internet has done it again!

Truly amazing too!!

I got an email this evening from my Aunt in Ontario about my cousin in Australia who's wife had their baby, a girl, on the 10th of March while its still very clearly the 9th for us...and then I turn around and ask my mom if she's heard the news and she's in Ontario....did ya follow that path!?! I'm just amazed at how small the world can get when the Internet is involved!!

In any case, I'm VERY happy for my cousin and his wife!!! This is Princess number 3 for them! And she's got my name as a middle name!!! Ok, not MY name, but our Grandmother's name...who I was named's a technicality! lol I'm willing to overlook that! ha!

Speaking of was my dad's mom's birthday...let's see she would have been 115 today...but she passed 14 years ago now...yup, she almost made it to 101!!! Can you imagine!??! Even the fact that I have that kind of lineage is pretty impressive! I thought a lot about her today...any time I looked at the calendar, which was a lot as it was an Avon order day!

And that made it another stay at home day....I didn't mind!! This week is a lay low week as the next couple are going to be whirlwinds! I can't wait for my parents to get here!! Did I mention that yet?? Its been 7 months!! After living with them for 10 months, 7 months seems a long time to go without seeing them! Besides, I love them and love spending time with them! Hurry up!!! lol

The kids and I got the play room picked started with tidying the living room for real, so I could vacuum, and then I worked my way down the stairs, got something caught in the vacuum, Howie came to my rescue, and while he was cleaning the filters, I got busy with the kids picking up ALL the toys...and Howie finished the vacuuming...isn't he a sweetheart!?!?! For a few minutes the house looked good!! *sigh*

After all that cleaning I grabbed a shower and then we put the kids to bed. Once they were settled I got down to business knitting....and fighting with a skein of yarn...I won 2 rounds and the skein won 1....stupid yarn!! It all started because I thought the yarn was too thin for what I want to use it for, so me and my brilliant brain decided to double the yarn up from the get go...which if I'd really thought this through I would have unwound the skein first....I didn't...and ended up with such a mess of yarn that was SOOOO tangled up the only remedy was scissors! Which is how its now in 2 balls, and one tangled mess in the garbage....grrrrrrrrr Last nite it was needles, and tonite it was the yarn itself! Feels like a conspiracy to me!!! :)

Til next time...ciao!

Nope, no snow here!!!


They say its coming!!!!

And its cold enough to do it.....

Oh I have mixed emotions about this!

While it would be great for the kids to see and play in it....the trees and flowers are in mid-spring mode!! Even my blueberry bushes have new leaves on them already!! So, the snow may hurt them...I don't want that!

See....mixed emotions.

I can tell you about another emotion I experienced today...grief!

I seem to have lost a circular knitting needle that I last used on Tuesday or Wednesday....SO frustrating!! Howie and I searched EVERYWHERE for it after the kids went to bed....and nada! No sign of it! He told me to go out and buy a new one, but I just used a smaller sized needle and the sweater seems to be knitting up just fine. But, its still frustrating!!!! Next time, remind me to take it off my neck when I'm done with it and put it away....grrrrrrrrrrrr I hate when its my own fault too!!!

Today was a stay home and go no where kind of day! Perfect! The morning was spent inside cleaning up, which to DJ means just moving the toys somewhere else to play with'd hardly know he tidied! And looking at the kitchen counters, you'd hardly know I had them clean earlier today too...he must get it from me! lol

After lunch DJ was literally begging to go outside (which reminds me of a funny story from this morning...I got up hearing some kind of lawn mower noise, and look outside the back deck and see this machine doing something to my ditch. So I call Howie and he says "get out there and find out what's going on and call me back!!!" So, I grab my coat and head outside. The guy turns everything off and steps out of his unit, and asks "Uh oh, am I doing something wrong?" To which I reply "That depends...what ARE you doing??" and he told me he was "reclaiming the ditch" and clearing out all the sticker bushes and whatnot. It was all good!) so when I got SamSam down for her nap he got dressed and headed out. And thankfully they were home and he was able to stay out and play...which freed me up to work on my Avon orders. Whew!

I also got a great chat in with my mom as she was home for the day! I'm getting VERY excited for their arrival on the 19th! So I'll warn you now...if I don't post, don't call the bounty hunter on me! LOL

Once Sam got up from her nap I took her outside to play a bit too...but man was it cold!! The sun was shining, so it was deceiving to look outside and want to be in it after the past few weeks. The boys decided to come in and play which was fine with long as they kept the toys downstairs! Kristopher even stayed for dinner which was scrumptious! Howie bbq'd a London Broil and oh it was tasty!!!! I did alfredo noodles and asparagus (green beans for the kids) but the asparagus I didn't care for tonite...I tried something new, and won't be doing that again! Live and learn!

Once the kids were in bed I got down to fact, I got just finished a good 2 hour sitting/knitting session!! Got the entire yoke done on another sweater and workin on the body now. I just LOVE how easy this pattern is!!

Til next time...ciao!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the Oscar goes to....

Some amazing talent!!!!! Had I been in a pool for winners, I would have done very well!!! :)

Today was buszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!! Whew!

DJ woke us up just before 7 and we sent him out to watch TV...I got up to pee, he needed to pee and back out he went. I crawled back in bed with Howie (who tried to tell me last nite that I was getting up with the kids...ha!) and we both dozed in and out til 8:40 when Miss Samantha set off her alarm! "Daddy!!!!" love it!

Our goal today was to be out of the house for 10:30...didn't quite happen that was 11 when we pulled out of the driveway. It didn't help that Snickers took off roaming and wouldn't come when called! Rascal!

We had plans to do lunch and cake with our twin nieces...Jessica and, since we were going to be in town we hit up Best Buy to get Howie's birthday gift (you'll have to wait to hear about it ON his day, since he's already playing with it!) and check out what's new computer wise. Can I just say that our 3 year old (which in reality is NOT old) computer is OLD!!! It's ancient in the world of technology!!! It sure is fun to look tho! If it ain't

After that we stopped at Walmart...I'm such a good mom that I ALWAYS pack diapers for Samantha....*eye roll* and I'm ALWAYS prepared with birthday cards....*eye roll* I popped in super quick and was outta there in less than 5 minutes! It would have been 4 minutes if the guy ahead of me had not been on his phone talking while taking care of his transaction....*eye roll*

We made to SIL and BIL's house a few minutes late, but turns out we were still good time-wise...SIL was still out getting pizza for lunch. Both DJ and Samantha were playing their shy card with everyone...even Jake! Which also meant I had to barnacles attached to me...*eye roll*

After lunch the girls opened their presents...they're 14 now, so the gifts are getting smaller and smaller....and more green....just how they like it! We then indulged in overly chocolate cake and ice cream....and then visited for a while.

About 3:30 we took off knowing Samantha needed some semblance of a nap...which it didn't take her long to accomplish! DJ too for that matter!!! So with both of them sleeping we stopped and got Howie something else for his birthday (again, you have to wait!) and then headed home.

Just in time to watch the Oscars!! DJ got to play outside with Kristopher and when it started raining headed indoors to their basement. Dinner wasn't really....we were all still full from Sam and I ate light, and Howie ate later and DJ had chocolate cake (thanks Mike!) over at the neighbours house...and he came home at 8. Had a quick bowl of cereal and off to bed they both went.

Now, they're all in bed, I'm done blogging and I'm off to finish the last 3 inches of that sweater...I. MUST. FINISH. IT. TONITE!!! That was the goal remember?? Whew! Might not get the next one on the needles, but I will finish the other!

Til next time...ciao!

Off with his head

I think everyone knows where that line comes from!!

Today was a day of firsts....and when you have an almost 4 year old and an even closer to two year old, firsts are few and far between. This morning, Samantha had her first sliver extracted! DJ had his removed a couple days ago...but there were more today! The other day was his hands, and today was his feet. Sam thought she'd be cute and show DJ how easy it was to lay on the floor and put her feet up for extraction....and that's when I noticed she also had a couple we dug 'em out and sent her on her way. She put up minimal fuss...DJ on the other the theatrics!!!! Hopefully he learned not to go barefoot tho! And I think he got them on our own back deck...Howie pressure washed it, but its far from done!

Once the slivers were removed, and socks put on, followed by shoes, DJ was off to play outside with his neighbours...perfect thing to do at 10 am on a Saturday morning!! Sam and I were off to do some grocery shopping...and Howie was left at home alone to paint!

We came home with the costco load and had lunch...I put SamSam down for her nap against all protests until she actually got in her bed, and immediately laid her head down! Sometimes....

I then took off for the rest of the shopping...unfortunately time didn't allow me to wander off and explore, so I stuck to my list and did pretty good time-wise! Howie called me about 4 to say both of them were awake and he wasn't done! So I hurried home to guard the stairs!

After dinner I bathed the kids and got them ready for bed...which went smoothly...that happens when he's been playing outside for umpteen hours!! And Samantha only bellowed for me once tonite...and was quiet soon after.

Howie and I then had another was date nite...and we went to the movies ALONE!!!! In all our years together (8 1/2) we've never gone to the movies just us! We've gone with Jake...with Jake and DJ...with friends...but never each other! Odd no?

In case you hadn't figured it out (or don't follow me on Facebook) we went and saw Alice in Wonderland! In 3D!!! Oh it was good!!! I wish tho that I'd had closed captioning for the Mad Hatter...Johnny Depp is phenomenal, but I could hardly understand him...even watching his mouth!! The whole movie was fantastic! The 3D was incredible and not inyourface like the old time 3D movies from when I was a kid. And the animation was wild!!!!!

I don't recall ever reading Alice in Wonderland as a kid...or maybe not in its entirety....nor have I watched other movie versions of this was really my first time...and WOW!!! I'm blown away!!

And what a great date I had! He bought me popcorn too...which in itself is love as he HATES popcorn!!!! With a passion!! lol Isn't he sweet?!?!

Now, I'm off to bed!!! To dream of mad hatters, Cheshire cats, rabbits and large headed queen yelling "Off with his head!"

Til next time...ciao!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I don't like the jail Mum

Was what my son said to me in his uber sleepy voice!!!!! I'm glad that's what stuck with him from today's field trip!!

We visited the Monroe Police of the moms in the Mommy & Me group works as a dispatcher, so she got us our "in" to have a tour.

Kristopher was there, so he and DJ were pretty much glued together checking things out...which worked out perfectly for me as Samantha was on a tear today! It was like she cloned herself and was everywhere all at once!! I didn't get one picture taken thanks to her shenanigans! Thankfully, other moms told me she got one of DJ in the back of the squad car...not my ideal photo!! And then my neighbour piped up and said she got one of him and Kristopher in the front of the car...thanks Lara!!!

We got a tour of the inside of the building...the holding jail cells (4 of them) and the kids got to check out the finger print machine...and then they got a little car seat safety lesson and play with a shield, helmet and vest...and then the squad car outside. We had a great police officer who let the kids play with the lights, sirens and spot light...and climb all over the car. My only complaint (if you can call it that) was that the car was running! What if one of them had knocked the car in gear...accidentally, but knowing that's "How mommy does it"...Y'know?

All in all, it was a great tour!!! So to have DJ remember it and tell me about the jail many hours later...without prompting...tells me he enjoyed it too!!

At the end, they gave the kids those litter bags from long ago that we used to get at parades and such when I was a kid...filled with a wood air plane, crayons, colouring books/pages, a balloon, a pencil and a whistle.

WHY ON EARTH would they give toddlers whistles!?!?!?!? Not only did it drive me nuts, but apparently Snickers doesn't like it either and was wigging out whenever DJ blew his. Samantha totally enjoyed blowing hers while we were shopping at Freddy's today and telling who ever would look at her to "BOP!"...her version of STOP! It was cute...the first time! After the 10th time, it wasn't so cute anymore!!

DJ was extremely busy playing when I was ready to go shopping, so he stayed back with the neighbours (Thank you!) and even ended up having dinner there with them....pop and all! He told me the pop, and how he had a cup and cute! Sam and I had breakfast for dinner instead! Worked out perfectly if you ask me!!

Now, I've got my first batch of homemade granola in the oven...smells heavenly!!!! And I'm on the last sleeve of the sweater!!! I really will make my goal of having it done by fact, I think I'll have another one on the needles by then!!! Sweet!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Fun Fact Friday

YES!!!!!!! Its Friday again!! Which means I got to sleep in a wee bit today!!

But it's also time for *said in an announcer voice* Fun Fact Friday *echo day day day*

Here's a fun fact....not too many people know this one....

Growing up, while my mom thought (and tried her damnest!!) I'd become a hygienist...but what I really wanted to do...become a writer. Like novels and stuff, not so much in the reporter sense of the word.

And yet here I own reporter for my own News press....funny how things happen!

What did you want to do when you were younger!?!?! Come on, (HELEN) join in the fun of Fun Fact Friday!!!! You know you want to!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Short and Sweet

Tonite's post is gonna be just that!

I'm exhausted!!!

DJ woke up at 3:30 to crawl into bed with me....and got up for the day at 7:15.

Howie came home from his last graveyard shift just as Sam was getting I got up too.

Took the kids to Albertsons for a "Healthy Eating" tour of the store.

Kids did great...they got bread, fruit, touch a crab and oyster, try some chocolate soy milk (it was alright) and got a sticker

They also got a lunch bag that had a healthy lunch in it...they were both excited to eat it.

After lunch Sam went down for her nap.

DJ went outside to play.

Howie went outside to play with his boat.

The boys went and put gas in the boat.

I grabbed shower while all was calm.

Once the kids were in bed time mode with Howie reading them stories,

I ducked out to go "grocery shopping" but really I went to a pub to watch an up and coming country music artist, Chance McKinney.

He did mostly covers and one original song, but he's got a great voice!! Very funny too!

It was a short and sweet concert as it was for minors as well. He's a science teacher at a local high school in Mukilteo, where we used to live.

I did actually stop at Freddy's on the way home for milk.

Now, I'm home and frozen!!! Gonna go crawl in bed next to my warm husband and let him know I'm home with my cold feet. hee hee hee

Oh and I got chastised today by HELEN, my matron of honour, who I should have mentioned by name, but didn't...I wasn't aware she was a loyal reader until follow people!!! lol love you!

Til next time...ciao!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seven years ago

I married the man I love!!!

SEVEN years!!!! This is the most I've ever been married...but not the least! Not by far!!! We have SO much fun together, this is for life!! Go ahead, puke if you want to...but damn, it's good to have the real thing!

Seven years ago we were waking up in Las Vegas...our wedding was at 5 pm so that viewers on the east coast could watch it at home...that's right...we were in on the then cutting edge technology and had our wedding broadcast online!!! That way if they couldn't make it to Vegas, they could at least still be a part of our special day! It worked wonderfully too!! So much so that when I was pregnant with DJ, my cousin asked if I was going to broadcast his birth online...ha! no!

Back to my wedding day....We had a leisurely breakfast, and then me and my Matron of Honour went and got our hair done...I was STUNNED when my hair do cost more than my dress!!! Floored! It did look good tho! So did she! She wore red...I let her pick whatever colour she wanted as she was my only attendant! Worked perfectly!

After we were married, we went back to our hotel so I could change, and then dined in our hotel's dining room which was AMAZING!! My first time ever having Creme Brulee and I loved it!!

Today...Seven years later....I woke up with DJ in my bed....and Howie still at work. He came home about 8:20 and crawled into bed at 8:45...and slept all day! LOL

We were gone to story time (again!) and then off to a birthday party for a boy in the Mommy & Me a place in Bothell called Country Village...if it's nice when my parents are here, I want to take them there...its quite quaint! Plus, I didn't get to explore it by any means! We were in the park area where they have mini golf and train rides...which weren't operating today...and a playground and picnic tables. Who knew you could have a picnic in MARCH!! The weather wasn't great...but it wasn't bad either!!

The kids enjoyed themselves! Samantha almost fell asleep on me in the truck, which in hindsight, I should've just let her do it...she got NO nap today! I did stop on the way home to get one more skein of the yarn I'm using on the sweater....I need it for the sleeves...which I got started on the first one tonite...this thing is just knitting up FAST!!!!

Dinner was wonderful!!! We had no plans for going out tonite, as Howie has to work, and our sitter was otherwise we bbq'd some steaks, and I baked some yams, and steamed some asparagus. DELISH!! We'll be going out Sat nite for our dinner date!

The kids were SO exhausted they were both sound asleep by 8:09! Sam even fell asleep nursing which she hasn't done for a year now!! Poor thing! She also just woke up a half hour ago with a bad dream I think...she just sat up, said "nose", I asked if she wanted a tissue, she said "yeah" and I wiped her nose, she laid back down and went right back to sleep. Love when it's that easy!

Now, I'm going to go back to knitting...I want half this sleeve done...I'm predicting I'll have the sweater done by Sunday nite...might be pushing it...but it's a goal!

Til next time...ciao!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I do NOT like

Waking up with a headache!! Right behind my left eye....just pounding away!

Howie got home just as I was getting he got me some Advil and I went on...hoping the pain would dispel SOON!

It didn't!

This morning we were going to a new story time (to us) at the Snohomish library...about a half hour from here. I'd heard he's really awesome and he plays guitar for all his songs.

He IS really good!!!!! I just wish my kids were!!!

The door to the OUTSIDE was propped open with a garbage pail...and a see thru screen was dropped down....not nearly enough to keep Samantha away! She was my most belligerent child today!! DJ was sitting nicely, listening, watching and then he'd get sidetracked by Sam off doing something she shouldn't! OY! It was a challenge!

After that we came home and had lunch....head still pounding....I got Sam down for her nap, and DJ and I watched TV...his first time watching Spongebob Squarepants...and he fell asleep! Thank you Lord!! Howie got up about 2:10 and I went and crawled into bed.... All the while thinking to myself, "I can't sleep past, 3:30....I have to make the sauce for dinner..."

Next thing I knew, it was 4:15!!!!!!! GAH!!!! I was floored I slept so long!! Must've needed it tho! My headache wasn't gone fact, I turned the light on in the bathroom and thought I was blinded!!! Took some more Advil and got about the business of making dinner. Howie went and took a nap, opting to eat when he got up instead of with us...which was fine as we were going to another story time...Pajama Story time! This time we took Kristopher with we did last time...the kids had fun! Each boy got a new book checked out...about frogs....and they both made a "book" about the cycle of was fun!

We got home and Howie was up and ready to help with the bedtime chaos! Then he got ready for work and left....and I got down to colouring my hair. Oh, and the headache was gone!! Finally!

So, now I'm blonde again...and going to sit and knit! And just so I don't get yelled at...check out this amazing deal that Tightwad Mama mentioned on her blog!!!!

Til next time...ciao!