Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its tougher than I thought

To call my son by his given name....but he keeps reminding me and correcting me. We've had many discussions throughout the day about how/why he was named and that even while he was in my belly he was DJ to us. And that because there's already a boy named Daniel in first grade and they do a lot of stuff with them, it will be confusing. I even tried suggesting he wait til the beginning of the school year next year to change to Daniel, but he's adamant it should be now! He even corrected Sam when she called him DJ...but for the most part, she's been good at calling him Daniel...until he does something and she's upset with him lol

After breakfast I got busy with some Auction stuff...emails and whatnot...and Sam took FOREVER to get dressed, so it wasn't til after 12 that I could go do the books at the shed. The kids stayed behind to play with the boys next door, so I was on my own! Not that it made much of a difference as the kids do well when we go. Thankfully there was half the book load as last week!! I got home and made us all lunch. I got busy on auction stuff again and before I knew it, it was 3 and I wanted to get on the treadmill before then! Oops!! DJ was still outside playing, but Sam was inside with me as she'd had enough testosterone for one day!

I did a good jaunt on the treadmill too...3.25 miles!! Most I've ever done! Just when I thought I couldn't go anymore, a great song comes on Pandora and I'm bootin along! I don't hurt as much today as I did last week...so I'm likin it! My hips are a bit tender when I sit for too long, but not too terribly. Today I did 70 minutes worth....and actually am considering a 5k....but then I shake my head! LOL I couldn't run the whole thing, so what would be the point? Plus, I want to get this hernia fixed....which would set back any training I'd be doing. Maybe I'll wait til I'm 40...er, 29 again! lol Its a thought.

Dinner was in part, thanks to Pinterest....I'd found a recipe for homemade chicken nuggets and tried them out. They were super easy!!! But I should have lowered the heat to begin with as the first half of them were kinda crispy and darker than I'd want them to be. But I did try one...OH MY WORD they were good!!!! At this rate, we won't need the frozen crap ever again!!! Then because I'd had such luck, I tried out another recipe I'd seen on Pinterest for crustless mini quiche type things done in my muffin pan. I changed it up a bit and used smoked steelhead, spinach and olives in with the eggs. Can't wait to try one tomorrow for breakfast!!

I took off before the kids were done eating as I had an Avon meeting to go to....just a small one with some other unit leaders. It was done just before 9 and I was home by 9:30...not too bad! Once I got some more auction stuff done on email, and lunches squared away, I sat and watched the Bachelor...my, oh my...that Courtney is a skank!!! I don't like her one bit!! Not at all surprised Elyse wasn't given the rose....even I could tell there was nothing there!! I think I'm rooting for Kacie B the most! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, January 30, 2012

I knew this day would come

I just didn't think it would happen so soon!! Today we were actually early for church!! It helped that I had nursery duty...for real this time. Between me and a youth girl, who's also one of Sam's Awana leaders we had 6 kids. I think they all had fun! Only two criers, one because she had a toy taken from her and she screamed, I told her screaming wasn't necessary and she cried. The other was being a diva when she didn't win at musical chairs, I just let her cry that one out. After church we parted ways and I went on to do Avoning. None of my regulars were home which made it tough to find somewhere to eat at...and pee!!! I did get done in record time tho! I was home before 5:30! And that was with a stop at the shed on the way home too!! I came home and Howie had installed the new gate we bought yesterday at Lowes...a metal one that swings!! No more climbing over the gate to get downstairs...unless of course you want to. I'm so pleased it was installed so quickly!! The kids will need some practice to open it, but they'll figure it out eventually! They have everything else that's been proofed in this house! I sent the kids downstairs after dinner to clean up the play room....I go down there a half hour later and am pleasantly surprised to see how clean the floor was...and then I turned around...they'd piled EVERYTHING into one big pile...oy! I then helped them put it all away. And we sorted thru it all too! Keepers, giveaways, and garbage! We went a bit late, and bedtime was upon us! Samantha chose the book, or more specifically the story from our childrens bible...Daniel and the lions den...and before I could get started DJ piped up and said he wanted to be called Daniel from now on. Say what??!?! Remembering all my name changes, I feel I must humour him...so I suggest we call him Daniel John instead of just Daniel...not good enough, he wants just Daniel. Hmmm. I ask him why, and he tells me about the boy in grade one who's also a Daniel. We talked about how Mrs Hughes would have to change everything that has his name on it. I got a suggestion from the Facebook village to make him wait til he's done school for the year before changing...plus it's less confusing. I know I'm gonna have a hard time switching...lol When we picked his name, it was always with the intention of him being a DJ... Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

She's the man

Boy, was today busy!!! Howie got my sleep in...I made a meeting for 8:30 not even realizing that i was cutting my nose off...so I got both kids up and dressed and out the door. I'd realized last nite that I'd overbooked myself so breakfast was already done. We got out of the house on time, but hit all 3 lights on the way there and poor DJ had to get a tardy slip! I then headed to the library for my meeting with one of the long timers of previous auctions to brainstorm with her and pick her brain...I think it worked. Sam and I left there and headed to Snohomish to the Imagine Inn for their Winter Wonderfuls puppet show. My g/f Kody and her two girls met us there and we watched together. Sam was mesmerized and even got up and danced the first song and did freestyle clogging...it was awesome!!!! But then she wouldn't go up to save her life!! I kept suggesting it, but no go! It was a 45 min performance and from there I headed to drop off an Avon order to a new customer who lived 5 mins away from the theater. Nice lady too...my age...2 kids that are ten years older than mine...and she used to be an Avon rep....I like those customers as they KNOW the product well!!! While we were on the way home I started doing the math to figure out if we had time to head home for lunch...we didn't. I'm not sure if Sam was reading my mind or not, but she suggested Red Robin and I had JUST been thinking of doing that. So, we did!! She got Mac n cheese with apples and I had a chicken avocobbo salad...it was tasty and quite filling! Then we went to 9 places to hand out procurement forms for the auction before heading to the school for recess duty. The sun was shining but it was still chilly....and those are good conditions for recess!! Sam is finally willing to play with some of the girls in 3rd grade, but mostly likes to play soccer by herself. After recess I checked with DJ's teacher to see if she needed me...she did!! I got to test the kids on their reading skills. DJ chose to be first and he aced it!!! Just as I knew he would!! But after hearing all the kids, I see he's smack dab in the middle! Good place for him really. I'm pleased! It's beyond awesome to see him learning to read! I can't wait til hes reading a real book to me!! We waited for school to be over and got DJ and finaly headed home! Sam tried falling asleep on me less than a mile from home...nipped that in the bud and kept her awake! We got home and they played outside a bit. It's always fun til someone (Sam) gets poked in the eye. Got her calmed down and on her way out the door she caught her thumb in the sliding door...so I made her stay in...of course at that point all she wanted to do was snuggle!! Which we did!! After dinner we watched Over the Hedge...the second half as they'd already seen the first a couple nites ago. They stalled bedtime just enough that Howie got home from work. And he'd stopped by the Apple store to get an iPad2...his turn for a new toy....which I'm currently using to type on....I kinda like it. Tabbi's charging now or I be on it....but I do like this one!! It's familiar since we've both been using the iPhones. Since there was nothing on tv I chose a movie from the dvr...She's the Man...I liked it!! It was cute. Now I'm ready for a conversation with my pillows...we've missed each other!! Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

When does the pain end???

This week the treadmill and I have renewed our relationship and I gotta say, I'm definitely in an abusive relationship!!! My hips have never hurt this much EVER!!! Dang!!! Makes me feel older than my 29 years!!! More like 79!! So, seriously, when does the pain end!?!?

This morning was a tough one like most Thursdays are....Awana makes the kids extra tough to wake the next morning!! SamSam stayed in her jammies and didn't take her diaper off...which is unusual but I wasn't gonna fight it! After we got DJ to school, on time I might add, Sam and I went to Freddy's to get salad and a new backpack as his zipper broke right off this morning. I swear we have some serious zipper karma!!! 3 jackets and now the backpack!! We didn't find a backpack but I did find a pair of cute black pumps that were on sale....I can't remember the last pair of heels I bought....or wore for that matter!! These are what I'd call kitten heels...maybe 2 inches....but there have been a few times and outfits that have called for heels and I don't own any. Now, I do!! Sam loves that they make noise! Such a girl!

We came home and finally got breakfast and started our day. Sam took a nice long bath before watching Bob the Builder.  About noon I did my hour on the treadmill and then made us lunch before heading to school to pick up DJ. Sam fell asleep on the way which made it tough to decide whether to wake her as we'd gone early for her to swing...I gave her 10 mins and did wake her to swing before DJ came out.

We got home and just chilled til Howie came home. The kids picked burgers for dinner, so I got those ready to wait it in the fridge. After dinner I grabbed a shower while the kids played with the r/c helicopter and put jammies on. Their stall tactics were classic tonite!! Both of them too! Rather unusual for both. Finally they settled and Howie went to bed. I watched BBT and it was OK...Raj and the iphone 4s was quite funny...still don't think I'm missing out on Siri...

I've found a great new show called The Finder....quite funny yet different for a drama. Caught it by accident last week and enjoyed it. Makes me think of Human Target...but its different from that even. Then there was nothing else on!! So I made breakfasts, lunches, emptied the dishwasher and filled it right back up. Now, I'm off to la la land!!

Til next time, God bless!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What 'bout the beach mama!?!?!

We had a sunny day on Monday....and as we were headed to the shed to get 19 boxes of books,  jokingly asked the kids if they wanted to go to the beach! Both of them instantly agreed! So when we got done with the books and headed home, I took the "hill" way and when I turned right on Old Pipeline, Sam popped up and said "What bout the beach mama?!?" and all I could do was laugh! So I explained how it wasn't summer just cuz the sun was shining (again!!) and that the water would be freezing cold! AND that the sand would be snow...I think she got it, but it was still funny!

The rest of the afternoon, after lunch, was amazing!! The kids played outside with K and C next door and I actually got some work done!!! Even walked on the treadmill...for an hour!!!! Yeah, I'm still feelin it in my hips! Just got a groove on with Pandora and kept going! Need more days like that where I can spare an hour!

Today was tough...getting up at 7 was nasty but at the same time...I had complete uninterrupted sleep!!!! I woke up alone and DJ was still in his bed! I had to wake him! That never happens!!! Sam woke up while I was waking DJ and she decided to go to school in her jammies, so all I had to worry about was DJ gettin dressed. We got there with plenty of time to spare...yay me!! Sam and I stayed and chatted with Marty's mom a bit and then had a meeting in the office about the auction. By the time we got home I was famished!!!! And poor Belle had shit the crate with the extra time I was gone. NOT fun!!!

My morning literally flew by!! Between Avon, Sam bathing, giving Belle a bath and cleaning the crate, it was already 1 and we needed to leave at 1:15!! Yikes! Sam had her lunch while I got ready to go and I took my salad with us. We dropped the neighbours off at their school and headed to the post office (after dropping all the books off too!) and I worked with one of my reps to get more/new customers...we each got 4 names in the 40 mins we were there! Not bad! From there we picked DJ up and then headed back to SVEC to get the neighbours...ended up we only took K home with us as he wanted to ride with us instead of his parents. We stopped twice to drop Avon books and then came home.

The kids played in the house and even played Sorry together....which was really me playing all 4 hands for them...they bore so easy! But I don't let them quit....no quitters allowed! After dinner we played finockio (Sam's way of saying Yahtzee) and she kicked our butts! She's a 6 magnet!! Even got a yahtzee in them!!! It was hilarious when she shouted FINOCKIO instead of YAHTZEE!!!!! We laughed ourselves silly!!  They went to bed while I hopped in the shower and were both awake for me to tuck them in...I was hoping they'd be sleeping...but I enjoy the kisses and hugs!

After Howie went to bed, there was NOTHING on tv thanks to the SOTU address...so I watched Seven Pounds from the dvr....it was a 2 and a half hour movie...and it took  me 2 plus hours to figure out the gist of it!! I was **This close to shuttin it down...but in the end, I'm glad I stuck it out! Now I can say I've see it....lol

Til next time...God bless!

The Aftermath

Is so evident everywhere!!! The trees on Old Pipeline have been snapped in half like they were toothpicks! Its quite sad! But becuase it's winter and all the leaves are gone, you can see the half trees sticking up in the air. The evergreens got shook up pretty good too! The cemetary on the way to town is just littered with branches and debris from the incredibly tall trees. On my way into to town yesterday, I saw a pick up truck FULL with branches from one property, and they weren't done! We weren't hit that hard...the neighbours however, lost their rope swing branch! And that sucker was THICK too!!! All the kids are sad about it! Me too for that matter...hours of entertainment that rope swing gave!

Most of our snow is melted...and whatever is left is a muddy shade of brown! I miss the pretty whiteness..but that's about it! We are the evergreen state for a reason! The power however is not done showing its "power" (for a lack of better words!) as this morning as I'm getting Sam's hair done for church, the lights flickered, and then went out. Thankfully I was done my shower as we lost water pressure too...but that meant I coudn't make my breakfast and I sucked down the last shake in the house. And as I was getting my make up on, the propane guy showed up! What timing!!! So that made us late for church as the drive and the path to the tanks needed to be cleared and the driver wasn't gonna do it! But at least we have propane again (at a massive cost too...remind me not to let it get THAT low again!! OUCH!!!) and proper heat! I was told we may have to wait til Tuesday, so I'm very glad they fit us in today!

I was supposed to do Sam's class at church today, but they didn't need me...so DJ and I went and sat down to wait for Howie...he wanted to clean up after the propane guy left. Pastor Dan had gall bladder surgery last Wednesday, and so he wasn't preaching today...one of the elders did....I found it hard to concentrate on him as he was a monotonous speaker...but I did enjoy the old school hymns we sang! DJ took a cat nap for the last 10 mins of service...crazy kid! The kids went home with Howie and I carried on to Bothell for an Avon leadership meeting. I brought my lunch with me as I knew a coffe joint wasn't gonna have salad! lol

The meeting lasted way longer than I anticipated, and I didn't get out of there til after 3...and I still had to hit up Costco! I've decided, if you can find a parking spot rather quickly, it's not that bad inside!! And I found one with in 3 minutes of pulling in! Not too shabby!! Plus, it helped that the football playoffs were happening at the same time!! That was the real trick!! I found some Vitamin D to start taking....and a pretty good dose too...I'm excited to add it to my daily routine as I know that's something I seriously lacked last year in winter!

I got home and we started dinner right away....lovely pork chops, broccoli and cauliflower...delish! DJ added salad to his and gobbled it right up! After dinner they had fruit for dessert and still wanted more! Their hollow legs are showing again! Of course, they didn't get anything more! They went to bed well as they'd been outside with Howie earlier this afternoon and were tired! Howie too for that matter! As soon as he was done his fudgesicle, he went to bed!! I watched Once Upon a Time and Desperate Housewives....both in top form tonite! I also finished my first ever fair isle (knit with two colours) hat! LOVE it! Here's hoping DJ does! :)

Looks like I forgot to post this...oops!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Goin Stir CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

No, really, I am!!!! I'm so anxious inside it's not funny! I'm ready to bust out in tears and then laugh hysterically!!! I don't much like these feelings!! They get in the way! *sigh*

Last nite just as I was getting ready to shut everything down for the nite, the power went out! I'd been waiting up for Snickers to get home (sounds odd, but yes, I was waiting on the DOG to come home!) She had come home, settled on the mat outside the sliding door and the minute I stood up to let her in, she took off down the stairs again...I watched her trot across the yard to the road and that was the last I saw of her....I flicked the light off on the back porch and the entire house went dark. I thought I'd blown a fuse or something...it came back on briefly, like a camera flash, and then off again. I'd already shut the tv down...and most of the lights...so I locked up and headed to bed. The heaters had been running all nite, so the house was warm but knowing it was going to chill considerably, I actually put a nightgown on! Left the doors to both kids' rooms open so they'd not have to bang into it trying to find it. DJ didn't take long to come screaming into our room cuz it was so pitch black!! I pray one day he'll enjoy darkness for sleeping...as it was, he snuggled in with us and we went to sleep.

I woke up the next time and Sam was in Howie's spot...mvfm vfi


The above gobbledygook is from one of my children...proof of their stir craziness too!! lol

Today, Saturday, and all is right with the world!!! Slept until 10:30 or so...lovely!! Chilly, but lovely!! Had breakfast and was out the door by noon to head to town for groceries. Did the dollar store, my boyfriend Ben, Freddy's and the co-op before heading home! My hips actually hurt from all the walking!

To make it even better...Howie suggests teriyaki for dinner...how could I refuse?!?! The kids got a glow bath before dinner and once they were settled in bed, Howie and I played cards where he promptly handed me my arse!! Yowch! I also made some sugar-free jello shots with the vanilla vodka left in the pantry...they were yummo!! Definitely do that again!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Daze

We have been buried like no body's business!!!!! So far we've had an accumulation of 13.5 inches!!! And it's snowing again! Well, raining ice....which is much different than hail! Nope, back to snow!!

I literally can only see WHITE in any given direction!!! If I ever wondered what it was like to live in a snow globe, this week has given me my answer!!!! I can't see past the trees across the road as its foggy and WHITE!! And the shit keeps falling!!!! We're at teeny tiny flakes, which means its uber cold out there!!! Supposedly, we're supposed to get rain on Friday to melt it all away....at which point we'll be on flood watch!! I don't see the thaw happening quite that fast myself, but I'm no meteorologist!!

I think we're on day 5 now of being stuck in the house...sure we can go outside, but we haven't been in town since Sunday! Howie's been using the truck which has 4wd to get to and from work...and last nite stayed there to be safer. He was prepared tho and has been living out of his shaving kit all week just to keep it packed and with him. School's been cancelled every day too....if it's open tomorrow, I doubt we'll get there anyways....our hills are all ice now....and I don't like our chances.

We're running low on foods, but thankfully we have LOTS of meats in the freezer...and canned goods!! Just not on the phase one approved list....the fresh foods are getting low. Haven't seen the fridge this empty in I don't know how long!! The biggest thing we're running low on is paper products...like paper towel, tissues, napkins....we're good on toilet paper as I bought THE biggest package last time!

The main thing that scares me is how low we are on propane!! I really need to set a task on my phone to check the tanks more often than when its at ZERO!!! I checked last nite when the kids and I went for a walk and was shocked (but not really) that it was at zero! So now I have the space heaters going to conserve the gas...and we won't be doing laundry or bathing til Saturday when we're scheduled for a fill. No one to blame but myself really! If the power goes out tho, we're screwed!! I did have Howie light the pilot on the fireplace the last nite he was here just in case...I just checked, and it's still lit! Whew!

Now I'm off to entertain the children yet again....movies, games, painting....and refereeing!! We'll also head outside at some point today to wear off some energy! If I don't post again the power's out...or it's been out and just haven't started the computer back up...I've lost count of how many times I've reset the clocks....

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, January 16, 2012

For the first time ever

Dj is actually sleeping over at a friends house tonite!!!!

But not until we did a full day of Avoning!! As a family too cuz Howie didn't want me driving in our snow....he hasn't seen an Ontario winter....but hey, I'll take the passenger seat no problem!! 

Our day started with DJ waking up at 6:45 freaking out because it was SO dark...and I'll be honest, it took me a good 3 minutes to realize we have no power...in mh defense I was half asleep!! It lasted til just after 7 but who knows how long it was out for. Howie said the clock ws flashing when he got up. Then when I was bathing the kids it went out again!! Sam was done but DJ hadn't even started. That was fun!! Howie woke then and couldn't eat the eggs us made as he had no way to heat them! As I was packing  up our lunches it came back on.

We left about 12:30 and the our street was the worst...from there each road got better. The kids did fabulous!!! Howie complained more than they did...but the kids have done it enough they know what to expect!! We got done at 4 and dropped DJ off about 4:30 at Marty's house. This sleep over is SO different than any others....he can't just come running home at the first weakness...we're  too far away!!

We came home and made dinner...Sam thoroughly enjoyed helping...even made her own pudding for dessert!! She asked a few times where he was...like she forgot...lol. she went to bed easily and didn't come out once!

DJ on the other hand called sat 8:45 Ind a freaking out...missing me, daddy, Sam, Snickers, Belle and the cats....made me laugh!!! He also wanted me to bring his music him hahaha! Oh and more stuffies...anything he could do to stall!! We hung up and he called back within 5 mins....this time to see when he was coming home. Oh its funny!! But that was the last call and I'm assuming he's doing well!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The snow has arrived!!

In full force too!!

This morning out had a sleeping DJ next to me til he woke up at 8:45...not too bad for a Saturday if you ask me!! I'd left them both a sippy, so they were happy....til DJ managed to change the channel and put it on Sonic...which apparently scared Sam and she came running to me. I loved the snuggles and giggles!!! We got up and had breakfast while waiting for Howie to get home from fishing. Meanwhile Kung Fu panda was on....don't much like that show a had two jumping and kicking children!!

Howie got home about 10:30 and I was off to get ready to head out Avoning...just as I was about to out makeup on Howie came in to tell me it was snowing ...and hard!!! He wasn't kidding. It was pouring snow!! Just dumping down!! I sent Howie to have a nap and helped the kids get dressed for snow. I did DJ first as he's quicker and knows the process of getting geared up. There was only an inch at this point but that was enough for them. Sam was longer get dressed what with her independent streak of wanting to get dressed herself!! I was smart tho and made her put a pull up on....getting out of all these layers to pee in a hurry is tricky.

She was off and the first thing she did after getting down the stairs was make a REAL snow angel!!! So cute to watch her admire her work too. While they were out I got busy cleaning the kitchen. I even did a Norwex test for a girlfriend of mine who's daughter wrote on her countertops with a Sharpie...so I took a marker, wrote Norwex on my counter and then got it right off with cleaning paste.

I woke Howie after two hours and he was shocked at how much snow there was. I'd already had a nice quiet lunch and so did he before the kids trickled in to eat and warm up. Theory both asked for some hot cocoa and I obliged with a sugar free recipe I'd found on Pinterest. They didn't like it :(  DJ got redressed and headed back out. Howie cleaned the truck off and I got SamSam redressed too. She didn't want to play but rather go inside their house. With the snowfall I'd volunteered to go unload a run for the shed...Howie volunteered to drive me. The kids stayed behind and we got done pretty quickly. Boy was it COLD out!!! We got home safely and decided we weren't going anywhere!! Our street can be tricky with the hill, but if he was to get called to work, then off he'd have to go!!

Since the kids were still busy playing, I grabbed a shower while Howie watched football. Then we got dinner going. Sam was the first to come home...with DJ not far behind her. They chose waffles and bananas for their dinner while we had steak, mushrooms, artichoke and xauludlower ....very yummy!!! After dinner I skipped their baths as they were both clearly worn out!!! DJ was asleep before I got to hug him good nite!! He was the crankiest!! Once football was over Howie and I played crib. We've both got it on our phones and haven't played for years!! We each win a game before he headed to bed. He's gotta go in for 5 to melt ice before people come work out. I watched Miss America but not wholeheartedly, just nothing else on and none of the movies I have in dvr interested me. Now I've gotten caught up in Golden Girls and loving it!! Betty White will be 90 on the 17th of this month....she's the only one still alive too!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Some turned the heat off

OUTSIDE!!!!!! Brrr it was cold!! The truck said 29 when I got in it this morning....NOT a fan of that! Hey honey, can we move to California!??!! Or Hawaii?!? I'd be good with that! I was also good with DJ not getting another tardy slip today!! I really, truly don't know how I pulled it off, as he was a bit of a pill to wake up, but we got him there for 8:25 and then Sam and I came home for breakfast....which I burnt!!!! Burnt eggs are a NASTY smell!!! Howie could still smell it when he came home! blech!

After breakfast we snuggled in the chair a bit with the blanket just enjoying our body heat...and some Dora of course! By noon we were both hungry, so I made us our lunch and we enjoyed it together. Once I'd gotten the dishes done, I loaded her up in the bath for a quick wash. She chose a quick wash over a play bath so she could get some swing time at DJ's school before picking him up. And she would have gotten longer except that she made a big mistake in not listening to me. I'd asked her more than 3 times to put her coat on, she already got her shoes on, but stopped to play on the leapfrog game...and even while I was down there getting myself ready I asked her again and she ignored me. So, I left the house, got in the truck and started it...even pretended to drive away...she was NOT happy with me then!! But I think (hope) it will have taught her a lesson! I also told her she lost her swing time....which made her really sad (read: POUTY) and so when we got to the school, we discussed her attitude and how she needs to do a much better job at listening to what I say as there's consequences to her actions.

As she was swinging away, DJ came and startled me from behind...and off we went! Before we left the parking lot tho, he informed me that Marty had invited him to spend the nite...and I found THE cutest handwritten note asking him to come for a sleep over. When we got home the kids went next door to play and before I got in the shower, I called Marty's mom and chatted with her to let her know the invitation was put out there. He'll be having a sleep over on Sunday nite....I'll keep ya posted!!! This is one he can't just run home from at 11 pm! Should be interesting!

Dinner was DELICIOUS!!!!! BUT I found out that the kids don't like frozen green beans...I liked them, but they didn't...and I have 4 more bags in the freezer...lol I left as they were battling as I had a meeting to attend at school for the auction. I'd sent out a few emails, got no response, and the school sent out a second email this afternoon that was  reminder...so I wasn't sure what to expect...I was over zealous....I see that now in hindsight! Ugh!! I had 6 people show up, and one of them was the principal. I did learn a lot from the people there and got some stuff cleared up, so that was good....and I got a few names to contact who did stuff last year. The fun begins!!!!

I got home about 8:30 and the kids were already in bed....and Howie was waiting to have a fudgesicle with me before heading to bed himself. My chores were already done, so it was nice to sit and not worry about that....altho, I did get up a couple times to switch out laundry...the kids now make a whole load each!!! I feared this day would come!

I watched BBT which was hilarious with the reaction to the tiara...what woman wouldn't freak out at getting one!?!?!? lol And then Grey's was just tense with the separation of those twins!!! And I don't like how they're portraying Dr Webber these days!  PP was wild!! Pete was on his A game!! And I love how Addison is going to continue on her journey! I also watched Revenge from last nite...WOW was that heavy!!! Dang!! Such a good show!

Now I'm gonna go watch the scene behind my eyelids....
Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who's dragging their butt now

 ha ha, very funny

This is the latest quote from Rio that Sam's spouting off every five seconds!! The first time I heard her say it tho, I was in stitches!!!!

This morning went well until DJ lost his sippy cup I'd JUST poured him two seconds  before...and we spent probably 5 minutes looking for it before I decided enough was enough and we headed to school....LATE! I knew from the moment we got in the truck he'd need a tardy slip...and informed him of that too! The kids had their breakfast in the truck and I had mine in my purse...I don't like eating the moment I get up...I need to clear the cobwebs! After we dropped DJ off, Sam and I went to SVEC to drop books...and we sat and chatted with our neighbours, who were also eating breakfast...so I joined them and Sam played with play doh with K and C. We left just before 10 and headed to her dance center. It was SO cold out, that the heat in the truck was quite welcome.

After dance we had one stop to make...getting the pizza and dropping it off. Easy breezy, lemon squeezy!! We got home and I made myself a lunch as Sam had already partaken in pizza...she got some cucumber with me and was quite happy. After lunch we got some laundry going and then snuggled under great grandma Thelma's blanket together....it was SOOOOOOO cold in the house it was ridiculous!! My nose was ice cold!! At 3 we started moving around, but cuz it was still SO cold, I put the oven on for an hour and enjoyed the warmth in the kitchen as I cleaned and prepped dinner.

Dinner was early as it was an Awana nite....and we were taking K with us for the first time...DJ was SO excited to bring him as a friend....he got a little wired from that and was doing stupid stuff to show off all nite! They separated them in game time, on the same team, but with 4 kids between them lol...they learned quick! He said he had fun! As we were loading up in the truck, I heard the choo of a train and thought "good timing, we'll miss it!" and then as we pull up to the tracks, the bars are down and flashing and there's a second train that was FAR longer than the first one! grrrr To top it off, I had a day 3 headache that would NOT stop!! The lights and noise were threatening to turn migraine on me....got home and took 4 advil right away! Within the hour, it was gone and I'm SO thankful!

Howie went to bed immediately after the kids did...so I came out and watched Whitney, which had me rolling...and then a new show Are You There, Chelsea...which I'm not too sure about...it's quite irreverent, and while I'm a fan of Chelsea Handler, not sure I'll be able to watch this one, we'll see. Modern Family was perfectly funny!!! Such a good show! And Happy Endings was the funniest!! I'm saving Revenge and heading to bed early...I liked being in bed at 12:30 last nite...the morning wasn't too tough...waking up at least...

Ha ha very funny!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Hurtin Puppy

This morning was painful! I've decided that Tuesdays are the new Monday around here!! I know I should keep the kids on the same schedule EVERY day, but really, who does that!?!?! Not this sleep loving mom! As per DJ's request, I laid his clothes out for him and I have to say, other than the fact that I chose the wrong t-shirt (he wanted his Angry Birds one) it went pretty darn smoothly! I'll be doing that again!!! No more "help me pick my clothes out" battles!! Uniforms really can be a good thing! If only...lol

Since Sam and I had no plans for the day, we came right home from dropping him off...the earliest EVER too!!!!...and had our breakfast right away. Scratchy eggs for her, and an omelet for me! YUM! I've been having scratchy eggs for so long now, I'd forgotten! I kinda did it frittata style too...makin me drool just typing this out!! lol After we were done, I got to work on Avon...I'd done most of it yesterday, so that was helpful. In fact, I even managed to sit with Sam for a half hour til I got a phone call with a new order.

After lunch I bathed Sam as I knew I wouldn't be here tonite to do it...and I'd found a new hair style on Pinterest to try...and she LOVED it!!!! It was super easy too! I'd watched a video on twisty braids, but when I actually did it, I found a MUCH easier way to do it! The end result was just darling!!! Truly! And she oohed and ahh'd over it perfectly! Cracks me up! 

By the time we were done, it was time to get DJ from school...and since we got there just as he getting out, we didn't have time to play like I thought we would...so when we got home, I got busy straight away making chili for dinner and then we took the dogs to the park for a romp. Both dogs were WORN out when we got home...and Belle's usually pristine white coat, was a muddy shade of brown! Got her cleaned up and then hopped in the shower. Ate a quick dinner with Howie and then headed to Everett for an Avon meeting. Good one too...small group of 8 of us and 2 leaders, so lots of ideas were bouncing around! Got home a bit later than normal, but Howie was still up and heading to bed. I got my chores done and sat down a spell to watch Fear Factor (I'll admit, I totally fast forwarded the eating section) and then Parenthood...wasn't much else on! Now I'm heading to bed early. Miss Belle has a strain in her front paw and I need to get her to bed so she will quit moving around...not that she's been moving much, but when she gets up she winces...I can hear it! Poor thing! Can you give puppies Advil??

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the grind

What a busy weekend!!!!

Friday we didn't do anything spectacular...or at least, I can't remember right now...

Saturday I made the horrid mistake of going to Costco....Howie got home from fishing and I went out after lunch...kidless!!! I swear, I'll never do that again!! I'll gladly wait til Monday and take BOTH kids with me if I have to! It was SO not worth it to go by myself! WOW!!

Then Saturday nite, after dinner and baths, we played Uno Attack with both kids....found out DJ learned how to play regular Uno next door....so we played the four of us, and it was FUN!!! Oh I'm so excited that we can play real games with the kids now! I won the first game and we had to pause the second game as I had to leave and get to Panera and do the pick up. From there I went to the bingo hall to play with my g/f Jackie and her crew. I made the mistake of doubling one of my strips, and it cost me more in the end...but on the VERY LAST game, I got to yell BINGO with an O 74 call....I'd been waiting for it and waiting for it!! I'd gotten close on a couple other games, but this one finally made me a winner!!! Sadly, I wasn't the only one to yell Bingo....2 others shared my victory and I got a whopping 34.00!  But hey, it was 22 dollars more than I spent!!!! So a win for me!!!

Sunday we went to church and after that came home for lunch...I then left and finished the grocery shopping...kidless again, but this time at Freddy's...MUCH  more tolerable!!! We've started phase one of South Beach again, so I took my time shopping and picking things out. Did good! I also got some potty pads for Belle to try....for behind the chairs, her fave place to poop....my goal is to move them once a week, or so, and get them closer and closer to outside so she'll learn to go outside instead of inside. Here's hoping!!!

Today we've done not much of anything really....well, the kids have played their hearts out!! We've had K and C here for the better part of the afternoon too. I got some Avon stuff done and we've picked up the books from the shed for sharing out on Wednesday. Howie's back at work, and it's been weird without him home....granted it was weird with him home those first couple days when vacation started....lol

Howie got home from work and managed to grab an hour's nap...lucky ducky!!! I'd found a really cool app for my phone that has a 3D pop up story of Rapunzel...both kids enjoyed that for over an hour!!! Score one for mom!!! I did LOTS of searching today for free eBooks for the Kindle app...I found about 15 or 20 kids books and grabbed them all!! Even the Pollyanna ones for Sam in a few years! Who knows, by then she could have her own Kindle and maybe I can "loan" it to her. As we're fiddling around with Rapunzel and I'm getting dinner started the doorbell rings sending everyone into a tizzy....it was Michaela with a plate of homemade cream puffs! Talk about torture!!!!! I was SO ready to chuck today as day 1 and start tomorrow!!!!! But, I only took 4 for the kids and DJ was more than happy with that. They sure smelled heavenly!!! Never had 'em homemade before! *sigh*

After dinner I bathed DJ and got he kids in bed....with promises of sippy cups awaiting them in the fridge even tho it's a school day! DJ even told me to pick out his clothes and leave them on his bed so he can get dressed "just like that" and go! SO cute! I will tho, just to see if he does it well...might be the start of a new trend! Once they were in bed, Howie and I totally indulged in a Weight Watchers fudge bar!!!!! Oh I'm SO glad those things are allowed in phase one!!!! Seriously needed it!!! Night time is my toughest time!! I don't snack all day long, but come nite time, even if I'm knitting, I get snacky!!! I did okay tonite tho...whew! Day one is always the hardest!! 'Course I may say day 3 is the hardest...we'll see! At least I didn't all the bad habits I had to break last time, this time!!

There was some really big college football game on tonite, of which I could have cared less who won, really...but that ended just before 9, and then Howie went to bed...so I put on the Bachelor and within 20 minutes was sobbing! I swear, that's a first for this show!!!! Making me cry!?!?!? lol Yeah, I'm a sap tho! And I'm hormonal...so I really was screwed from the get go! I may have cried more than the girls in the show tonite!!!! Oh the drama!!! Blakely needs to go HOME!!!! She's just awful!! So is that other chick who got the one on one...oh, I can't remember her name...Courtney! that's it! She's just spiteful!! ugh! Castle was good tonite, but I didn't follow it near as well as I normally do...Pinterest sucked me in!!! oops!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Two ships that pass in the day

That's how it was for us today!!! (I had this whole post done and somehow lost it on Tabbi...and it's far too late for me to just pick up where I left off :( so irritating!!!)

Needless to day...dentist today...two new cavities, and I still need the crown...Howie the baby also had an appointment and no cavities (he sux!) and with all that running around we finally were all home together at 4 and enjoyed a nice evening together! Hair cut and all! :)

Grey's must have a mission to make its viewers cry every time!!! Damn them!!! It was heart wrenching tonite!! And PP was a lil on the weird side mixed with some really real emotions about adoption.

Sorry for the crappy post...

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sad but not heartbroken

This morning we waved good bye and blew kisses to Grams and Pops (as DJ calls them) as they headed off to the airport with Howie driving and DJ beside Poppa....Sam and I got to stay behind and have a nice breakfast which was already heated up, and take our time getting ready for dance class. Howie got home and we turned round and headed for town for Sam's class....he finally got to attend one and just giggled his way thru it watching her dance her heart out!!! SO fun!!!

Then we ran some errands and headed for home and had a pizza I'd just picked up on the run...then we declared it nap time, but Sam wouldn't have anything of it! So Howie got the bed, and I got the couch to be with her. Then I got up and made the sketti sauce while Sam was in the bath enjoying the bubbles. DJ came home from school, and I wrangled him into the bath after doing Sam's hair all pretty. Then I grabbed a shower and we ate an early dinner as tonite was an Awana nite. Our first one without the secretary who's done it for years!!! They left the church in December, so we are head secretary-less...kinda scary, but we all managed!

We got home and the kids went right to bed...no fighting either like we talked about...I like that! Sam accidentally went to bed last nite without a diaper on (she ate dinner in jammies) and so she soaked her bed :( so tonite we made SURE she put one on as her sheets are in the wash...along with her pillow! Howie went to bed about 9:30 and I sat and watched some tv while perusing the Auction book I'd been given to read and learn from. Modern Family was funny as usual...Phil's panic was hilarious and true to form for most people. Happy Endings kinda lost me...but that might have been due to the book in my lap...it was more like an inside joke they weren't sharing well...I don't know, but it felt off. Revenge tho...man, that was GOOD!! I put it on pause and spent a half hour doing the Auction thing as I knew I'd get engrossed in it...good call on my part! Got some knitting done too once my hands warmed up! Losing two heat producing bodies changed the temp in the house for sure!!! Altho, I swear I can still smell garlic!!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dinner by candlelight

So romantic but when you add your kids and parents to the mix, its not so romantic!! Oh add to that the fact that you don't have power and its right before dinner was actually done cooking!! Quite the challenge!! So what do we do? Play cards by candlelight!! And when the pwer did come back on...we leapt to the kitchen  kept on playing cards instead of making the rest of the dinner we intended on making at which point the power went out again!!!!! So we really did get to eat by candlelight!

When we were done eating I was more than shocked to see it was already after 8! and since its a school nite for Mr DJ, they went to bed....not without some ordeal tho...we still didnt have power....BUT I had the genius idea to give the kids some glow sticks to help ease their night light anxieties. I'd gotten the idea from a friend of mine that uses them when she bathes her kids!!! Not sure if I'll get that brave or not, but it sure worked tonite!! Just as I was about to read by the flashlight app on my phone when I noticed Sam's night light was glowing!!! We didn't have the bedroom lights on since they didn't work to begin with....so we quick put them on and read our books and tucked them in. They were both concerned that the glow stick fairy was going to come and take them away...clearly they remember halloween! lol I reassured them (DJ more so than Sam) that she would NOT come...and DJ asked if I had her phone number to call her and tell her...cracked me UP! He fell asleep holding them and she had them on her bed!

I then had the task of cleaning the kitchen from dinner and getting DJ's lunch ready for school tomorrow...YAY!! I'm SO ready for that routine to get back in place!!! Howie went to bed and I finished up and got to sit a spell....watched Mike & Molly and then 2 Broke Girls....2.5 Men was on and i wasn't that impressed....Then we watched the news a bit before mom and dad went down to bed...

I'm currently sitting here with the tablet on my lap learning how to use the keyboard in a typing fashion as its incredibly sensitive!!! I'll be typing and all of a sudden I'm typing somewhere else cuz a part of my thumb hit the mouse pad area thingy....This has definitely taken longer than I anticipated!!! But it sure is nice to sit here and type while watching the Bachelor! Who has some pretty amazingly stupid women to pick from!!! This Jenna chick is off her rocker!!! I was FLOORED when he picked her as the last one!!!! DANG! Let the drama begin! Oh wait, it already has!!! Sheesh! The girl who just walked in and didn't stop to meet him, yeah, that backfired!!! The Monica chick is there to find her own chick....she's not there for Ben! Just sayin...

Now, I'm gonna hit the hay....that 7 am alarm is gonna hurt after having 2.5 weeks off!! Reminds me, gotta set it up!
Til Next time...God bless!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!!

2012 is upon us!!!

If one was to judge the year based on how the first day was, I'm sittin pretty for the most part.

I woke up to a flashing clock, so I know the power was out at some point during the nite. Thankfully it came on 2 hours before I got up so I could shower and get ready for church properly! Not to mention have breakfast! Which was waiting for me in the oven.

Church was different as our pastor is on holidays and we had a piano playing singer do the whole service. It was okay....but I really do think new years eve and daylight savings need to marry as today would have been TZhE perfect day for an extra hour of sleep!

After church we went to Red Robin fit lunch which was delicious!!! Tired of burgers I opted for their clam chowder and salad lunch. Even the kids didn't order their normal stuff! We got home from church and I went to get changed, I come out of the bathroom and Howie's under the covers!! We both managed to get an hour's worth of a nap before kids found us!! Sweet!! He got up then and I got another hour! Til Belle found me courtesy of DJ! When I woke the second time, we had no power again. And it had been out for an hour already...since it was already 4, I started lighting candles just in case it didn't come back on before dark. Well it got dark fast!!! The kids enjoyed the candles but wouldn't leave our sides as it was too dark! We were just about to play cards when it came back on!! We played anyways and dad finally learned how to cheat the game! He threw it do I wouldn't win! Not nice at all and kinda pissed me off greatly!! After that we got dinner going and enjoyed some Mexican appetizers and sides. Topped off with a Krispy Kreme and it was all good!!

Once the kids were in bed at a fairly decent time, we sat down and watched Hangover II which was FUNNY!!! Comparable to the first which I think was funnier as it was so unexpectedly funny!! As Howie was going to bed, mom got up to make her and dad a Theraflu drink and the power goes out again! I'm now sitting here waiting for it to come back on do I can turn things off so I can go to bed.

To recap, 2012 will have lots of church, good food, naps, family, and funny moments!! I can dig that!! :)

Happy New Year to you!!!!