Monday, February 27, 2012

My name in Whine

It is its own language....I promise!! Mawhmawh....that's how Sam says my name in a full on whine...just awful! I prefer when she's giddy thanks!

We haven't had puke from her since Friday morning at 4:30 am...but she insists she's sick and can't do anything...and we remind her, she's sick with a cold....I tell ya! DJ's also got the frog in the throat thing going on...and Howie's full on sick with a head cold I'm doing just find thankyouverymuch! I take my vitamins!! Plus, I can't afford to be sick! Time wise that is...who would take care of the kids...AND me!?!?! lol

This morning I had the glorious pleasure of sleeping in til almost noon...we'd decided not to get anyone else sick, so we skipped church and Howie said I could sleep in...and boy did I ever!! It was 11:45 when I woke up for the 3rd time...the first two were thanks to it really was surprising I got back to sleep. When I got up the kids were hungry, so I made them each an eggamuffin (I got some gluten free english muffins for Sam) and I had scratchy eggs.  Then the kids asked to watch movies in bed...their own Sam had the iPad and DJ had Tabbi...and they were like that for over an hour!!!! It was so quiet!!!! Nice quiet! I was asked by each of them to lay with them for a bit, so I did...but around 2 my g/f came over to pick up some empty boxes as she's moving, and I got myself ready to work out once she left.

After working out, I came upstairs to find everyone watching The Muppets and so I sat with one kid, and then the next...taking turns...aren't I lucky!!??! We got dinner going after Howie had a shower and it was okay...we ran out of the hamburger meat that we love, the stuff from zaycon and I bought what we used to have from costco...Howie was excited for something different and then we were both disappointed really while eating it...we've been spoiled with GOOD beef!!!! Hopefully it comes back to our area soon!!!

It was decided after dinner that the kids were going to shower with me....Sam first, which was easy!! She loved it!! And then DJ, who is far too slippery for his own good!! But it was quick and painless!! All three of us were done in a half hour!! Which is speedy fast! They went to bed relatively easy considering they did NOTHING all day!!! And THEN I got to watch the Oscars!!!!! Whew!! LOVED the opening montage that Billy does...he does it SO well!!! And this year, they didn't have all the musical crap in was simple and elegant...and more awards were actually handed out than was nice!! Long, but nice! And I still have no desire to watch The Artist....*shrug* maybe in a few years! So, once it was done, I watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton...funny rom/com! Seen lots of Josh Duhamel this weekend! 

Til next time...God bless!

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