Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Mother would be so proud

I tried something today and I'm sure she wouldn't have hesitated at....

Moroccan Chickpea Bisque

Which to me, sounds like watered down I right?? ha!

But was YUMMY!!!!!! Mom, you'd have loved it!!!! Totally!

This morning the kids were up at 7 and content with their I didn't get up til 8 which was nice! I do crack up when DJ asks me "Mom, are you gonna make us breakfast or what!?" hahaha I should answer "no" tomorrow and see what he says...hahaha!

After breakfast, we busted butt to clean up!! I'd tried tidying on Tuesday but in the days since, the toys clutter up...clothes pile up...ugh!!! So they tidied, I tidied....DJ vacuumed, I vacuumed...I did dishes, they played....and I even bathed them!!! All that before noon!! You see, I had a g/f coming for lunch...and to pick up her Avon...since she'd never been to our house, I wanted it presentable! I think we did good! lol  She probably didn't notice, but at least she wasn't grossed out either! Well, aside from our welcoming spider webs! She hates spiders!

After a yummy lunch we chatted a bit and then she left...DJ went out to play and Sam had a quiet time. I fear her nap times are dwindling off...makes me sad that she's growing up so fast!!! I don't like it!! I remember my mom telling me my little sister still napped til she went into Grade 1...which TOTALLY explains why she loves sleep so much...hmmm, maybe its a good thing to let the naps

I got the sketti going about 3:30 and also got the laundry going...never ending! Howie got home and flopped....he was hurtin I took the kids out for a walk/bike ride...K came with us, and then got picked up to go to D's football practice. At which point DJ decided he was done and headed home...til he met the neighbour across the street's grandson who's the same age as they went!! They had fun! Samantha was having fun just walking back and forth...she was tired from the lack of nap!

After dinner I grabbed a shower and put laundry away....then it was kid bed time...and Howie bed I grabbed my knitting and sat down to Thursday nite tv...I think I like Big Bang Theory on Thursday nites! Then of course there's Grey's and Private Practice....Grey's was emotionally charged with what was going on with Cristina...Sandra Oh is a phenomenal actress!! Really! And Private Practice...WOW! Talk bout privates!! Did not see that semi-ending happening!!! I won't spoil it for those who dvr it and watch later...but WOW!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Its unofficially official

I now have 5 Avon reps under me now!! That makes me a Unit Leader...of course there are other factors, they have to place orders!!!! Which is also why I need more!

So, when I got up this morning, I hustled buns to get out the door by 10...which I totally would have if I hadn't fallen! With a box in my hand and a couple bags on my shoulders and keys in my other hand. The truck was parked ass backwards and it was too late for me to change directions and turn around, so instead, my body, coupled with gravity, worked against me and down I went! OH it hurt like a mofo too!!! I didn't drop the box...or anything for that matter...but it was tough getting up! My left knee was numb!!! And I'd scraped up both my ankles. I loaded what was in my arms and headed inside to assess the damage. There was no blood running down my leg (I bet my mom's stomach just rolled reading that! She hates this kind of stuff!) I got in my room (poor DJ was left sittin on the toilet while I dealt with myself) and took my capris off...I'd ripped a hole in the knee of them...and was big!! About the size of a loonie and bright red!! Not really bleeding...I think it was in shock! Put a gauze pad on, and picked another pair of pants out and off we went. I think I'm more upset about the pants than I am about the skinned knee...altho, the pain is greater now than it was when it happened! I was numb for quite a while.

Off we went to Camano Island...someplace I'd never been!!! What a beautiful drive!! And while it wasn't a beautiful day (it did turn into one) it was still pretty! The kids let me play music the whole way there instead of hogging the sound system with movies! They also came into the house while I did the sign up....which I kept to an hour...its SO easy to get carried away! And then, there were 5!

From there we headed to Marysville to finally meet my #4 rep in person for the first time!! She's SO likable!!! She'll do well! I have a good feeling! I think I spent a good 45 mins with her answering any questions she had...and she had a few!

Then we headed to Lynnwood to do all my deliveries...with it being daytime hours, I didn't get to see everyone which worked well, just drop and go...but that still didn't get us home til just after 5pm....Howie beat us home! I'd planned to do pizza, but didn't realize that stuffed ones take longer to bake than regular ones! This this sucker was LOADED!!! Far too meaty for my liking! DJ struggled with it as he doesn't like pepperoni...and since we needed to leave almost immediately, I let him off the hook and stopped at BK for his dinner on the way to Awana.

We left and arrived a bit late for my check ins...I think we need to leave even earlier now...they arrive at  6 to get checked in!! Tonite I was SOOOO busy! I think I'm finally getting the hang of this secretary thing and what's expected of me...and of course my brain is going a mile a minute to make it more efficient! Some day I'll get there! Plus I'm trying to learn the first and last names of about 30 kids! yowza!! Maybe by

I was late getting DJ, and was in the room talking with the leader of the group I secretary for when DJ and his teacher Michi came to find he was worried!! He told me on the way home his fave part of the day was when he found me!!! Awww! And he was serious too!! Such a mama's boy! I wish his wife

It wasn't til about 9:30 that I finally got to sit down in my chair for the first time today...oh it felt good!!! My knee needed it too!! Survivor...I really have no opinion about Jimmie getting voted off...but c'mon, being a celebrity puts that much bigger a target on your back!  I also got to watch The Good Wife premiere from last nite...SUCH a good show!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear UPS...

YOU SUCK!!!!!! Seriously!!!! You don't work in Monroe on why didn't I get my stuff on Monday!?!?!?! WHY did I have to wait til 7:45 TUESDAY evening to get my delivery!?!?!? Plus I wasn't even home to get it!!! I was off at an Avon rally...which was interesting in an of itself! I really hope you get your act together...or I'll have to switch districts and get back to my normal Tuesday/Friday schedule!!! In fact, I think that's already in the works! So, :-P

Dear DJ...thanks for spilling your red crystal light all over yourself....about 20 minutes after you got dressed!! I also appreciated you telling me WHERE you spilled said juice as I could have saved the carpet those few drops, not to mention my pants when I sat down in my chair and discovered the wetness!! That was lovely!!!

Dear Samantha...sorry you woke up in a were slightly fevered, even tho the therm said you weren't....I did enjoy our morning snuggles tho!! By the way, could you use real words from now on?? When you asked me what you asked me at lunch time, and I said  "sure"...I didn't know you meant you wanted to give the dog your pizza!!!! Send an interpreter will ya!!

Dear Howie...sorry I've been gone so much this more nite and then I'll stay home for a Thanks for stepping up with the kids...they haven't complained!!! :)

Dear weather...would you pick which season we're gonna have and stick to it!??!! Today was a little on the chilly side compared to the last two days...I actually needed a jacket! I'd love a few more days of sunshine...seems my tomatoes would have too...I noticed today that all the leaves were dead and the still green tomatoes have mold on them...NOT fair!!!!!

Dear Glee....OH EM GEE you are such a fantastic show!!!!! I laugh most of the way thru and sit there boppin' my head or tappin' my toes the rest of it!!! This year is just even more stellar than than the first!! Its like you came out at halftime with your A game on!!!! LOVE it!!!!! The Britney stuff was hilarious!!!!!

Dear also rock! I think you're portraying a family with an autistic child quite accurately and all the emotions that go along with it. Such a moving show!!! And you also have your moments of fun!!

Dear Pillows...I hear you seductively whispering my name...I'll be right in very soon!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So, I think summer finally found us

The humidity has been thick today!! I read it got to 79% which is so odd for us!!! The sun wasn't out in full strength only got to 72...supposed to be to 80 by the weekend...kinda nice!!

This morning I woke up in probably one of the top 3 ways one doesn't want to wake the smoke alarms blaring! I think we have about 9 or so in the house and 6 of them were going off!! Couldn't see anything or smell anything, but its definitely not pleasant to hear all those alarms in stereo!! Apparently its the humidity messing with them...I have a g/f who works as a teacher and she said they had 3 "fire drills" today at school thanks to the humidity! Makes sense...the windows were left open last nite. Howie took two of them down and it all stopped. I think they send signals to each other and set each other off.

DJ woke up to all the noise too...Samantha...slept thru it! Til the end that is...DJ crawled in bed with me to resettle...and while Howie was in the bathroom I heard a door open and close...and then open and close she put herself back to bed. Kinda kool!!!

All morning we kept checking for the Avon delivery guy...every time the dog barked, we checked...heard a big vehicle, we checked....and nothing!! So I grabbed a shower thinking "he'll come when I'm in the shower...Murphy's law"...didn't happen!! I gave it til 2pm and then I knew it wasn't gonna happen today...and 2 came and went...and no Avon!!! I've put in calls to see where it tomorrow will tell! SO frustrating!!!!

In the mean time, the kids had a fabulous morning with Kristopher and Caleb over to play with them!! Our house became a drum practice place!!! Oh it was loud!!! Could hardly hear myself think!! So the best way to get kids quiet...feed 'em!! Didn't It was quieter, but not silent! So, because it wasn't raining, I kicked 'em all out to play! Sam chose to stay behind with me and just hung out. I let her forgo her nap since I wasn't going to be home for bed time, I figured I'd be nice to Howie and let her be extra tired!!

Once Howie got home from work, I kissed everyone good bye and headed to Lynnwood for an Avon meeting. I stopped by the bank first, and then off I cranked!!! LOVE that! I arrived at exactly the same time as Kody, one of my reps, and we went in together and got the salad bar before the meeting. Loved seeing all the new Christmas stuff that's coming out!!! I also need to learn more about the fundraising options that Avon has...could be good!

I got home and Howie was still up, but went to bed pretty much right away after chatting about the nite. Then I got to watch the Monday comedies I love to watch! Castle was good too! I also caught Lone Star...not so sure about that one yet...might catch it again. Hawaii 5-0 didn't pique my guess that's the end of that! lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Why is it MY kid has to pipe up

At just the most inopportune time!?!?!

This morning during church service, which he sits with us now, the pastor had just finished praying and was mentioning a couple of members who also needed prayer, and after letting us know their needs, he says "Let's pray for them shall we?" and DJ pipes up "We already did pray!!" OY!! Other than that, he was doing fantastic!!! I really hope in 3 months that he's settled enough and understands the meaning of being quiet. He also got gum in church banned!! Crazy kid took it out of his mouth and set it on my chair...and I SAT IN IT!!!  Oh my word! Thankfully it was off to the side and came off my pants well enough, but we could NOT get it all off the fabric when we were waiting for the luncheon for new people to start up, and the pastor had come over to greet us, I had DJ tell him what he'd done wrong. DJ did NOT like that one bit! We'll see how next weekend goes!

So, we stayed for an informative luncheon at church after the service...some REALLY yummy food too!! And the pumpkin pies have made their way into my life once again!! Just sinful they are! Even the kids liked it!!! Which is awesome since Howie doesn't...silly boys! The kids left to go play while we adults hung out and introduced ourselves and heard the brief life history of the two pastors at the church.

We got home just before 2 and no Avon...boy was I disappointed!!! My days got switched to ordering on Thursday, and I assumed that meant delivery on Sunday...apparently not! I got busy doing laundry and got Samantha down for a much needed nap! I was gonna give it til 4 for the Avon to show before that was just too late to go do what I needed. Grrrr!!! It didn't show up at all! So, I was productive and at least got all the laundry washed...still one left in the washer that needs drying...I'll get to it before bed.

Since I was home for dinner, I gave the kids each a bath...I'm hoping to be gone all day tomorrow delivering, so no time for a bath then! Crossin my fingers!  Bed time was pushed back a half hour thanks to DJ catching an hour's nap on the couch this aft...he was wiped! They sure were silly before bed too! Glad they got it all out of their they did go down fairly easily! 

About 11ish DJ woke up to a bad dream...said he'd fallen in the we prayed, he went pee and then went right back to bed!  That was easy! He's such a different creature when he's half asleep! So lovey dovey!!! I love it!

I got to watch Amazing Race...which had me LAUGHING out loud SO many times!!! That show is just great!!! Its about the only reality show I'd want to do really! The watermelons had me crackin up...the walnut shell looking boats had me in hysterics and then people getting so lost was funny!!! Great show!  Then it was Desperate Housewives...another good show! Vanessa Williams should be a good addition!! Kinda hard not to see her in her Betty role...but still good! Then it was Brothers & Sisters...which had me in tears at the end! Such a good show!

Now, its bed time for mama!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spa Days should be more often!!!!

This morning was a weird wake up....though it was DJ beside me til she whimpered...say what? Yeah, Miss Samantha crawled in with me whoknowswhen!!! I was awake from the time Howie came in to the time he left to the time DJ came in...long morning!!

But at least I had something fun to look forward to! Spa day with some girls at a friends house!!! My hairdresser Anneke was doing hair treatments and eyebrow waxing...which I needed DESPERATELY!!! And then our hostess with the mostest had paraffin wax treatments for the hands and she polished us up! Plus there were 3 kinds of soups being kept hot...3 different kinds of breads..all perfectly garlicky! it was just YUMMY!!!!

The kids came with me, and did really good!!!! Aliya was there to play with them...and a couple older kids wandered in and out...and then one more little guy showed up. They roamed between upstairs, the living room, the table where we were and the back deck.  And each of them grazed at the food the whole time! Neither of mine would try the soups...potato, tomato basil and french onion....silly kids!

My hair treatment was eggs and olive oil....quite the concoction...and when it dries, not so pleasant! LOL it got rinsed out and then she added some Lotus shield (thankyouAvon!) and blowed it between she did my eyebrows which like I said, needed it!! After that I dipped my hands in the wax and wore the baggies til the wax kinda popped away from my hands...most bizarre!!! Sure felt great tho!!!! Still feels good come to think of it!! Then I got my fingernails painted...which I NEVER do as it just chips off before I get to show it off...well, I learned a trick for that!!!! Wipe them with vinegar, it removes the natural oils so the polish will stick!! Neat eh?? Here we are hours, dishes and shower later and they still look awesome!!! I of course chose one of Avon's fall colours...Wicked...and it looks AWESOME!!!!  So good!

We got home just after 3 and Samantha was in a fine mood!! DJ immediately took off to play with the boys next door...but SamSam....she just wanted to whine around I sent her to her room...heard her crying fr a bit and then nothing....went to check on her and no sign of call out to the boys askin if they knew where she was and they said I go check DJ's room and then back into her room where I found her laying UNDER her bed sound asleep!!! Yes, I took pix! LOL  I woke her up gently and she started apologizing for her behaviour....awww!!! Then she was all good! She didn't bother going back out to she stayed in with me and helped me make rice pudding. I was kinda really bummed we had no raisins, but was seriously just wanting rice made it without!

Howie got home just as it was starting to boil...he'd been in class all day for his boiler license refresher at a college nearby. DJ caught him at the right moment and they all went for a bike ride...boy did I enjoy that quiet spell!!!! Could hear myself think!! Dinner was already in the oven...a YUMMY turkey pot pie...oh it was good!!!! The kids HATED it!! And ate maybe 5 bites each...cried and was awful! After dinner the whining didn't get any better so I packed 'em up in the truck and took them to the shed with me! They enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed them being immobile!! And I'm sure Howie enjoyed the quiet! Once we got home they went straight to bed! And I went straight into the shower! I couldn't handle the eggs and oil in my hair! LOL

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I think I suffer from FADD

Football Attention Deficit Disorder!

Today we hung out at home...gave the kids a bath in the morning as they played with the boys next door who'd come over to be with them. Caleb went home after he peed himself...ah the joys of potty training! Kristopher stayed and had lunch with us, which of course DJ loved having him for!!!

As I put Sam down for her nap K went home much to DJ's chagrin! He sure does love his buddy!!! The giggling today was awesome!!! The 3 of them egg each other on and its hilarious!! Even Sam gets right in there playing!! Until her finger gets caught in the door that is...then its all about the screaming!!! She did want a bandage tho...and still has it on as she's sleeping away. Its also comical how she babies that finger by holding her hand just so.

We ate an early dinner so we could leave on time for the football game in Edmonds...the kids were coming with us and staying with my g/f  Tiffany...DJ was SO excited to spend time with her was funny to hear him go on and on about her! They each gave me kisses and waves and that was that! We headed to the game a bit early, and I got to see a good friend of mine who's son is on the band for LHS, a rival school, the one Jake is in the district that was a nice surprise!

My FIL, BIL, SIL and nieces were there to watch Jake play....who did fabulous! Here's where the FADD kicks in...I missed 3 times his name was called...I was busy socializing! And really, its the last quarter that is the most exciting!! It was also in the last quarter Jake got another unsportsmanlike conduct call...anybody got a recipe for Humble Pie!?!?! Silly goose! We did win tho...16-7....and the weather was good! I didn't shiver once til 10:19!!

We hung around to see Jake and congratulate him on the win and then headed to get the kids! Samantha shocked us by still being awake!!! She seemed to have stressed herself out with me not being there for bed time that she threw her breath was that lovely scent of barf! She was very glad to have us take her home!! It took her til more than half way home to conk out! And then she fought me for leaving her alone in her room...but haven't heard a peep since, so here's hoping she goes straight thru! This morning was awesome for that...she slept til 7 and then in with me and DJ til 8:30!! I needed that good sleep too!!

Now, I'm off to get some more good sleep!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, September 24, 2010

That extra blanket

REALLY did the trick!!!! Waking up warm and cozy is so nice!!! If only I didn't have two sets of freezing cold feet warming up on me!!! Sheesh!!! They do take after their mum tho...sadly!

This morning we finished off the groceries...but with stops to get dog food and stuff for Operation No More Cat Pee On The Bed! I'd gone in there the other day, but the person I was to speak with wasn't he was!! The owner of the store even! He was very personable and quite the cat lover!! He gave me options as to what to do...and we chose a flower essence by Pet Essences that's for Anxiety and Fear...should help calm him down a bit. And I also got the smallest litter box I've ever seen...and its currently in my bathroom so he has an alternative to my bed! Its been used, so here's hoping!! I put drops in some water at my sink and also got a few in him tonite as well as on him...should take a couple days.

Then we hit up costco which went surprisingly smooth!!! And quick!! No samples on a Thursday so we just whipped thru our list and came home! Samantha fell asleep again on the way home, so left her to nap while I unloaded and got lunch for DJ and I...and then she came in and had her lunch....and DJ had a second lunch!! He's never full anymore!!!! Its insane!!

Since she'd already had her nap, we just hung out...folded laundry and played. They got me to play hide n seek with them....their newest spot is my closet behind the clothes...and the giggles give them away! When it was my turn to hide...I did such a good job! I hid outside the sliding door...I could see them, and hear them calling out for me...since I had my phone with me, I called the bat phone and he answered it....talked to me, asked me where I was and why couldn't he find me....I was having a hard time containing my laughter!! Even Snickers barked and he didn't clue in to the stereo effect! I sent him downstairs to look for me and snuck back they were coming up the stairs, he was trying to call me again, and I jumped out at both of them and scared the youknowwhat outta them!!!! OH it was priceless!!!!! No, this doesn't make me a mean mom....they love it!! Esp when they bot scream "again, again!" haha

Howie got home from work and went to work on the boat...he's got a trip tomorrow with someone who "bought" him in an auction last Spring. The kids ended up outside with him and I got dinner ready...costco roast chicken...easy!!!! I did do corn on the cob and steamed it wasn't ALL easy! lol  Once the kids were done, they played on Starfall while I grabbed a shower....and then went to bed.

SamSam complained about wanting her light on to Howie last nite, so to solve it, I put a night light in her room tonite....which she thought was just awesome!!!!! And we didn't hear a peep from her!!!! So nice! She did ask me to stay home tonite....too cute!

I, like many other millions of women, got reacquainted with some old friends tonite!! First was Big Bang Theory...oh it had me guffawing out loud!!!! And then Grey's and Private Practice!!! So much happening!!! Such a good nite!!! Grey's was good!! The emotions were still raw from the ending last season...and it was just fantastic!!! And Private Practice was equally good!!! Even got some knitting done!! Perfect nite! I even watched My show, and it was okay...kind of like another show a couple years ago that I can't remember the name of that didn't last long....just sayin....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mama Bear is VERY proud!!!

This morning was not Samantha's finest!! I woke up shortly before 5 to hearing Howie talking to her...convincing her to go back to bed...and then he left for work and she lost it!! Came out screaming from her room and into mine...DJ was already in bed with me (no clue when that happened) and so she got in on the other side of me...kid sandwich anyone? Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep...Sam didn't either...she tossed and turned before finally getting up at 6:45 for the day. DJ got up shortly after 7 and thankfully Howie'd left them sippies and cookies...I wasn't ready to get out of bed.

First day of Fall and I already want the electric blanket on and the heat regulating to 68 at nite an 72 in the day!! brrrrrrrrrrr I woke up shivering!!! I did close the bathroom window tho, so here's hoping tomorrow morning is warmer! I think I'll add another light blanket tho just to be sure!

The weather today was gorgeous tho!! DJ opted to stay home and play outside with his neighbours which worked for me! SamSam and I took off to do some grocery shopping in peace! She enjoys sitting in the buggy part of the cart thinking she's a big girl! And she thoroughly enjoyed having Mara all to herself at PlayLand at Freddy's! In fact, I was done shopping in 35 mins it was so relaxing!! Shopping...relaxing? HA! no...but it was hassle free! She did pull a tantrum on me as we were leaving the PlayLand area...she saw the display of Pillow Pets and wanted a new one! Once I calmed that one down, she freaked about wanting to ride the horsey outside....this is what getting up so early gets me! She fell asleep in the last 3 minutes riding I let her have her nap while I unloaded, and fed the boys...they all ate outside even!! Soon the picnic table will be packed away for the winter, so they're enjoying it now!

Once Sam got up she ate her lunch and they all went and played....til Sam got tired of getting beat up on by Caleb...then she came in and snuggled with me on the couch. She's a doll! About 3:30 I got dinner going as tonite was and early dinner nite with Awana. DJ had been practicing his verses and mottos and was VERY ready to earn his "bear hug" from Awana....I dropped him off at his class and went to tend to mine. I actually felt like I was getting the hang of things too! Learning kids names will come to me eventually...I hope! I've got about 28 kids that report to me during the nite...and some of them twice a nite too!! There's still plenty to learn and that will come with time!

When I went to get DJ he shocked me by having his book and vest already!! We'd only studied half of his start brochure, so I wasn't expecting him to have done the second half! But he did apparently! He was so proud too!!! The smile on his face was adorable!! So, now we have some more stuff to go thru and learn...but he was thrilled to have done so well! That makes me happy! On the way home we did the "what was your favourite part of the day" stuff that's normally saved for bed time...and he said that MY favourite part of the day was picking him up at his classroom....he was so right!!!! His fave part of the day was playing games with his class.

We got home and he went to bed rather quickly and easily!! We'd also talked about the fact that I didn't want him fighting me on bed seemed to work! Howie was 2 seconds behind my tucking DJ in...ha! He'd waited up for us...but was tired. Once everyone was settled I got comfy in my chair and watched tv...Modern Family and Cougar Town are back!!! And of course, Survivor...I have to say, I like it on Wednesday more than I did on Thursday...not as much competition...for me anyways!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Special Guest Speakers

Really do bring a new perspective to what you think you already know!! Tonite I attended the monthly meeting of my Avon group and we had a guest speaker from Kent....the woman does 2000 brochures a campaign!! I can't even begin to fathom that!!! She's a beast!! But she sure had some great ideas and tips...her whole way of speaking was to have us all write down one question we wanted the answer to about  making our businesses grow. Informal but informative!!!

The rest of the day went with the Avon order went in this morning, so there was some phone calling, some texting and some ordering! Good one for me too! I've got a spa day coming up this weekend so I wanted some stuff for demos...can't wait!!

DJ got to play outside with the younger boys next door...Sam chose to stay in the house and yell at them from the window...she's really becoming more verbal and using 5 or 6 word sentences. Its still broken English, but she's doing well at getting her point across.

While she napped, DJ and I snuggled on the couch and watched Phineas & Ferb...its really sad that I'm about to admit that I laughed at something in the show...shook my head out real fast too!! UGH!! lol I also see now where DJ got the bow chicka bow wow song he's been singing for  couple days now...sheesh!! As soon as it came on, DJ said "see Mum!!!" and started singing along...I looked away so I wouldn't see the words and get it stuck in my head! THAT wouldn't be good!!! lol

I grabbed a shower just before Howie got home as I was headed out shortly after he arrived...and made good time getting there too! I won a couple things, and got recognized for all my recruiting I've done the past couple weeks...even got some flowers!!! Awwww They're up high so the cats can get at 'em and eat 'em!! The eucalyptus smells great!!

I got home and Howie was watching the results of DWTS...totally didn't miss watching it last nite! HA! And I could have totally predicted that the Hoff would be voted off was either him or the idiot who calls himself the situation (who DOES that!?!?!) there's always next week! I did catch the premiere of Glee...oh how I've missed this show!!!! LOVE all that singing!!!! Does the new football coach look like the old one in drag or is it just me!?!?! lol  I also caught the new shows Raising Hope and Running Wilde...neither of which impressed me....meh!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For Sale: Shark Tales

Dvd featuring Will Smith as the voice of Oscar....a fish who says "shut up" far too many times for my liking!! Even after I heard it being said 4 times in a row, I reminded DJ that it was NOT something he was allowed to say, and we talked about his punishment if he did say it.

Apparently it didn't sink in!

After dinner while I was using the facilities, he said to Samantha...and was over heard by Howie...and got sent to his room....I found out what happened and marched him right to his bathroom and soaped him up!! This mama don't pull punches!!!

Aside from that little experience, our day was great!!! Since today was a book run day, I decided not to stress about getting groceries...the shed is starting to supplement well I'm finding. Plus, DJ was moving slower than a snail!!! We took off just before 11 and got home just after 1...not too bad! Ate a quick lunch and instead of having a fight with Samantha at bed time, chose to let her stay up...she's clearly not ready for that tho as she was wild with whine!!! I coulda used some! Wine that is! Man!

DJ got to play for a little bit outside before the rain started and he got soaked some other way than the rain...and inside he came. Just about 3:45 we headed downstairs to play for a bit. Howie got home and then went up to join him while I kept on with more laundry.

After dinner I gave the kids each a bath...Samantha had some wild hair going on...DJ just needed to smell better! Already with that boy smell...Lord, help me when he's a teenager!!! They did go down easily...and Sam woke up about an hour and a half later...for no reason...oy! Wish her molars would come in already!

Tonite was also the start of some good tv!!! HIMYM was classic!!!!! As was 2 1/2 Men...we were laughing out loud for that one!! I also watched the new Hawaii 5-0...meh, I'll give it another shot but I wasn't sold on the pilot episode! Castle came back too which I love!! All in all, a good nite!! Even got some knitting done!!! Whew!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. just make me an offer for the dvd! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mummy has stinky feet

Was the best way to get him to smile naturally!!! After church this morning (which was trying at best!! I really don't like having DJ in the sanctuary with me! I find it so distracting!) we headed to Lake Stevens for DJ's 4 year old pix...I have a g/f who's one of the photogs there and she did Sam's pix back in May and I just loved them! I was NOT disappointed today either!!! He's such a handsome kid!!! Its really tough not to buy up every single pose and collage...damn them for being so good!!

Even Samantha wanted in on the action...she was such a bear for her session, but when its DJ's turn, she wants in every picture!!! Gonna remember that for next time! I'm on to her little game!!! Shhh don't tell her tho! We even got an amazing shot of the 3 of wasn't til after that I realized I had my sunglasses on my head like a typical of me!! So, we re-shot it with a different pose that I just love! Don't worry mom, you'll get one!!

Since it was well past lunch time for them I grabbed a couple Lunchables from Target and they ate on the way home...worked out well! While Sam was having a sippy cup I ate my lunch cuz I was starving!!! She fought nap time for whatever reason...and still only slept til 4. While they played on the computer I got the grocery list figured out.

Howie finally called me just after 4 to say he was on his way home from the derby. He did in fact catch a fish today and that's what was for dinner!!! YES!!!! Nothing better than fresh caught fish! He also stuck around for all the drawings you have to be present for and won a brand new crab trap with the rope and buoy!!!!! How awesome is that considering ours was stolen last month!! When he got home the kids were VERY excited to see him and follow him around like shadows! I ended up grabbing a cat nap sitting on the couch which was kind of a wonderful blessing! Power naps are all ya need sometimes!

After dinner the kids played and Howie went to bed...he was exhausted from the whole weekend. I wrestled the kids to bed and fought with Samantha for over an hour!! She knows she can't get out of bed, so she sits there screaming at the top of her lungs for me! I'd hoped to get to the shed after they went to bed, but as I was swapping the car seats out of the car and into the truck, I could actually hear her screaming with the window closed! ME! The deaf one!!! That's how loud she was!!! After a few more times of going in there I finally just had to ignore her and she fell asleep! Rascal! So just after 10 I headed to the shed and scored some sweet stuff!! Loved all the apples that were there too!

Now, I'm callin it a nite...tomorrow promises to be a busy one!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

And then there were four

This morning was NOT a fun one!!! Samantha woke just before 6...came into bed with me, just before 7, she fell out...and never really went back to sleep after that. DJ was up about 7:30...and it was discovered that no sippy cups were waiting for dare I forget!!

About 8:30 it was discovered that the water was shut off...UGH!!! I forgot about that notice I got in the mail last scrambling to find water, fun! Thankfully I had a bunch of ice in the freezer and melted some. Pretty smart eh? I thought so! But this messed up any plans I had of cleaning...laundry...bathing my stinky kids...showering! GAH!!!!! And I had somewhere to be this aft!

Then, about 10am the cable goes out...and comes back in...and goes took an hour to get a call back from comcast to say, yes, there were outages and they didn't know how long it would be til it was fully restored. So, the kids and I got busy tidying up and vacuuming. DJ LOVES to help vacuum...Samantha does NOT! She's like the cats and goes running for the furthest room away!

About 11 the water came back on and I put the water heater back on...Howie had the forethought to tell me to turn it off when I told him about the water being off. He was off fishing in the Everett fishing I'm a fishing widow this weekend. No luck today, so here's hoping tomorrow is full of BIG fish! Mama needs some spendin money!!!

As soon as the kids were done eating lunch we hopped in the car and headed to Maple Valley to sign up my 4th rep for Avon...YAY!!!! My unit leader, Rachel, came with me but on the way she informed me that I'd be doing it all by myself....YIKES!!!!! And to try and keep it to an hour....ha! There were a few times during that I literally had to make myself stop talking...don't want to overwhelm anyone!! I did good tho! We left there just about 5 pm and headed home! It was close to 6:30 when we arrived finally...I know I was anxious to get out of the car, the kids were too! Immediately got dinner going and sat down to eat. I love breakfast for dinner!! YUM!!!

I did bathe the kids before bed...its been so muggy lately and we're all sweating a bit more...being stuck in the car with them all afternoon made me realize they MUST have a bath tonite...esp for going to church in the morning. They were both tired and easily went to bed!! I then hopped back in the car to head to Freddy's as the ads were done tonite...gotta get in on it! Plus the car needed beeped on me on the way home this aft.

Now, I think I'll go relax in my chair for the first time today! Whew!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

First loss

Today just flew by!!!! This morning I did in fact get to sleep in by myself!!! The kids got up, but Howie was up shortly after them I dozed off for a bit more and thoroughly enjoyed it! When Howie came in to shower and get ready for work, the kids joined me for some snuggle time. It was then that DJ remembered what today was...

Police Station Tour day!!!! Its been about 6 mos since we last did the tour and so DJ was very excited! The only thing he remembered from last time was getting those God awful whistles! He was hoping for one today too! Thankfully, none were in his bag...or SamSam's! We got to see the patrol area, the detective area, the interview room, the jail cells, and the police car lights and all! Then we the kids got to try on a vest and helmet if they so two did not! So no cute pix of them doing that!

After that we came home and had lunch....and Sam went down for her nap at 2 while DJ hung out in the living room...another rainy day today. I worked on some Avon stuffs and sent out my bi-weekly email highlighting all the neat things in the current book. Once I got that done, DJ took over on the computer and played is letter page.

Dinner was early as we had somewhere to be at 6...the gleaners group was having their annual specialty all kinds of non-perishables...boxes that get dented or broken, discontinued stuff...perfect! Once done there I raced home so I could get ready for heading out for Jake's football game! Michaela came over while I was just finishing were happy to see her and non-plussed about me leaving! Perfect babysitter!

I was late to the game and arrived in the 2nd quarter...we were down 7-0...not a good start!! The rain was just pouring down...Jake had a few good plays and apparently got called for unsportsmanlike either verbal taunting or his little swagger he gets when he does good. Either way, it was good to hear his name over the p.a.!!! The final score was 10-7...we lost...but our boys played a heckuva game!!! 

Howie and I parted ways in the parking lot...he headed home and I headed out to meet up with a g/f and her friend. Turns out the bar they picked closed at 11, so our visit was shorter than expected! Still fun tho!!! The drive home was hairy! I hydroplaned 5 times!! NOT fun!!! No, mom, I wasn't speeding either!!!! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This little morning habit

Has got to stop!!! This morning Howie found Samantha on the couch watching tv at he woke me up to ask me what to do....and he put her back in bed!! While she was out tho, Jazz had gone in and found somewhere comfy...or simply she'd gone in and gotten trapped. At 6 am Sam came out of her room screaming and crying and pointing at the cat. After I settled her back in her bed, she was good til 7:30!

Can I just say, I'm tired this week!!! You'd think with it being darker later in the morning and earlier in the evening my kids would understand this...ha! Not the case!! I am REALLY looking forward to sleeping in some tomorrow morning!!!

Since it was a rainy rainy day, we stayed home...we've got plans for tomorrow, so today was a home day! It was also dishes day, and laundry day! As of right now, the floor in the laundry room is BARE!!!! All the clothes have been washed....still workin on the drying! And since it was so rainy, when DJ asked for a fort in the living room, I obliged!! He made me lay down a blanket as their rug and then around 4 chairs we set up a big blanket with clips so it wouldn't cave in on them....SO cute!!! They even ate their lunch under there!

While Sam went down for her nap, DJ went out to play in the rain as the boys next door were out...and he was out there for a half hour maybe and came in...they'd gone in, so he came in. Then he spent the next while on the computer with Starfall and playing all the games and letter sounds. Sam joined him when she got up and I sat peacefully in the living room listening to them actually co-operating and laughing together...and watched the rain fall. Perfect solitude!

Howie got home after 5 and I got dinner going. While it was baking I quickly hopped in the shower. Good timing the knock just as I stepped out. After dinner I literally clock watched til they were in pj's and bed!! Then Howie and I watched some reruns of Big Bang starts fresh next week! Now, I'm gonna go sit and clean up some stuff in dvr before bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Awana say I remembered

But the truth of the matter is....I completely forgot that Awana started tonite. I could have sworn it started next week! YIKES!!!! Good thing my neighbour called me to chat and informed me I'd be seeing a mutual friend tonite at which I went "what?" and it all came clicking together!! I lost a week somehow! Good thing the sketti sauce was we ate earlier!

This morning dawned with a loud bang! And more followed it...and then the light and then more banging..Apparently we need more Advil in the house...its on the list now! Along with all the noise came two small children...Samantha woke first and instead of coming into my room, I hear her waking DJ that meant I had BOTH of them this morning! DJ fell back to sleep...and Sam might have for a half hour but then she was done! She was awake and off.

After breakfast I was to call one of my reps for an Avon meeting, but I think I wrote her number down wrong...and didn't have the voicemail to refer back to...that'll teach me! So, that plan didn't pan out...I was all set too!! Hopefully she calls me back tomorrow!

So instead, I got some laundry going and got the dishwasher going...folded some clothes...all kinds of domestic stuff! After lunch DJ headed next door and Samantha headed for her I took a cat nap on the couch since it was so quiet! I woke to DJ's heavy foot steps on the stairs....he's not a light footed child! So we snuggled on the couch a bit til he started getting which point I got up and got the sauce going for dinner. Howie came home and it was then I got the phone call reminding me tonite was the start of Awana.

DJ was actually pretty excited to go...Samantha was equally bummed she didn't get to go! They do have classes for her age, but not at this she'll get some good daddy time while we're gone. We arrived at the church an it was hopping!! I dropped DJ off at his class and then went in search of what I was supposed to be doing...I am the secretary to Truth and Training grades 3-6...good age! I also learned that I really had NO clue what Awana was like...its intense! Its not like Brownies, or Girl Guides or Scouts...there's homework! And before you advance, you have to recite/answer stuff. Howie thinks its above DJ, but I think he'll do just great! Time will tell!!!

So when I got home, Howie was watching AGT...tonite was THE nite...the results were in! And can I just say I'm SHOCKED (and yet, not really) that the little girl did NOT win!! First off, she's far too young to headline a show in Vegas...or have any clue what that entails! But opera!?!?! That's a very select crowd...the other guy (I have no clue his name...) was a much better suited winner! My fave tho was Fighting Gravity...that was truly unique!!!!

Also tonite, Survivor Nicaragua started!!!! The older tribe vs the younger tribe...interesting twist! I  was also shocked that Jimmy Johnson wasn't voted off first...again, interesting twist! The scenery is stunning as usual!!! Maybe someday...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The smell of Fall is in the air now

Aside from the brush burning and our neighbours down the street burning their weeds off (WHAT!?!?!!) there's also that undeniable smell of wood stove smoke. We are half way thru September, so I guess its fitting if you don't use propane or electricity. But dang!!!!

This morning happened too quick!!! Sometimes I'd like to go to bed with the pause button hit so there's a few extra hours of sleep! At least the kids were good this morning! DJ was absolutely darling when he came in to snuggle me, he had the hiccups and asked me to pray for him so they'd go away! Awwww! We've been talking about how God wants to be in his heart...he says he's not ready yet....pretty impressive for 4!

The morning kinda flew by what with the playing, the working and the bathing...then it was lunch time!!! After lunch I had a chore list to accomplish! I got 4 out of 6 things done! Not too shabby! Would have been 5, but SamSam fell asleep in the truck and I didn't want to wake her to go into Freddy's. And I LOVE drive thru banking!!! SO convenient!! And they're starting to recognize me as the Avon lady! :D I give a book to whoever serves me every time!! Its working too! One gal said she was going to call me with her order! Bat phone's ready!!

We got home before Howie did, which I wasn't sure we would...and since it was so nice out, the kids stayed out and played!! DJ hadn't seen K in a while, so he was over joyed to play with him. Sam does her own thing when she's out there, but its adorable how DJ knows where she is and includes her. When Howie did get home he wasn't feeling well, so we left him on the couch and I took DJ for a bike ride. I can NOT get over how GOOD he's gotten!!! Not once did I have to push him off, or catch him....amazing!!! K went with us and had some 3 wheeled toy and they all raced...poor Samantha was on foot, but she kept up to those boys quite well!! I see a future in track for her! ;)

After dinner I grabbed a shower while the kids played with Howie (or not) and then we wrestled them into bed! Samantha was exhausted!!! No fight there...and DJ put up a smidgen of a fight...not much tho! Glee was my FAVOURITE rerun tonite and Howie graciously watched it with me while we recorded Wipeout. The Lady Gaga episode is by far my fave one in Glee!!! I could care less for Lady Gaga (OMG did you see her outfits on the VMA's!??!!?) but hearing them sung by Glee is just fantastic!!!!

And then I got another surprise! Parenthood had their first show of the season on!!!! YES!!!!! I wasn't expecting that! Such a good show too! I'm a big Lauren Graham fan tho from Gilmore Girls! Now, I have Jay Leno on in the background as Trace Adkins is performing....perfect tv nite!!! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If I had a million dollars...

I'd be rich!!! ha! Gotta love those Barenaked Ladies!!!

Seriously tho, if  I had 600.00 laying around that wasn't earmarked for anything (ha, like that would happen!!) then the title of this post would read: "Our Newest Addition is...." and then continue to read: this adorable puppy we named ________!!!  Alas,  I do not have the spare change and that cute feisty Aussie stayed at the pet store!!! *sigh*

This morning the kids and I went on a pet store tour with the Mommy & Me group that I've kinda slacked off from...but not on any case, the tour was at a store called Bridges in Snohomish. WOW what a fantastic store!!! Just about every imaginable pet you could want...and all their paraphernalia!! The kids got to pet a kitten, guinea pig, hamster, hairless rat (EW! and then it had the nerve to poop on one of the kids!! Thankfully, not mine, but the kid next to SamSam!!), turtle, lizard, and two puppies. And they got to see snakes and a whole mess of fish!!! They even had a catfish in one of the ponds! I'll steal a few pix once Linnae posts them as I KNOW she got some good shots of my two monsters!! They really enjoyed it all too!!

After that, on a whim, we joined up with whoever was going to the park! Feels like forever since I've taken them to a park! This park, was pretty kool too!!! DJ spent 96% of his time on this digger thing just digging up woodchips. Sam of course was all over the creative and sliding and swinging...she had a blast! Then we took a trek down the hill to see the ducks in the nearby lake. There was this lady there who had a bag of hotdog buns she was feeding to the ducks...and at first she was kinda rude about not sharing with the kids (it would have been FUNNY if DJ had piped up then about how God likes it when we share!) and eventually she warmed up and let them trow some in. Samantha got soaked up to the knee...crazy kid!

We headed home then and got lunch made and eaten. Sam went down for her nap and boy did she need it! She'd fallen asleep in the last 1/2 mile on the way she was kinda grumpy and more than ready for a nap! While she was napping DJ had a quiet time on the couch watching Phineas and Ferb...which moved to afternoons now cuz the older kids are back in school. I was busy reading up on my character!

During the pet store tour it was discussed about the Mom's Night Out and how it was a murder mystery dinner! HOW FUN!!!!! After chatting with Howie it was decided I would go and have fun! So I signed up with the hostess who happened to also be on the tour! Its quite the operation really! The email had background of my character and brief background on the other people in the game. As I'm deciding what my matriarchal costume should be I get another email that someone had backed out of a main role and would I take it...sure thing! So I went from being the Aunt to the Detective! FUN!!!!

Howie got home from work and I went to get ready...and out the door I went! Got 5 mins from home and realized I'd forgotten the fudge I was taking, so I turned around and grabbed it! Thanks honey for putting it outside for me to grab! I was late, but I wasn't last! Whew!

I got out of there just about 8:45 and came home to find Howie was still awake!!!! Wasn't expecting that...but then again, football season has started!!! So there is always that! lol We chatted a bit and I rambled on about the dinner party and how fun it was! He said he'd never do one...go figure! Wonder if he'd say the same thing if I host Then he'd have no choice!!!! hmmmmm 

Once he went to bed I got to watch the finale of Bachelor Pad which he was kind enough to record for me after I remembered I hadn't! What a way to end the game!!! Keep or Share! Dang!!! I really thought she'd picked Keep while he picked Share....she saved her hiney by picking Share!! I'd have rather Kiptyn and Tenley won it...but they'll survive!  OH and it totally cracked me up about Kovacs and Elizabeth...cuz we all didn't see THAT one coming!!! HA!!! Gia and Wes were darling!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, September 13, 2010

If there's a camping Barbie

I was her this weekend!!! And if she was as exhausted as I am now, man she didn't show it!!!

I promise to give a full report tomorrow but lets just say Brad Paisley now has another life long fan in me!!! He wowed me!!! Big time!!! I was mesmerized!!!

Before I go tho, I'll leave ya with a pic of me and of my girls that I went with.

lookit those smiles!?!?!

Also, one of SamSam in her new bed...
doesn't she look so tiny now!!??! I got to la la land...full report due tomorrow!!! There's so much too tell you too!! Be prepared!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. not sure how I ended up on centered

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank you Veggie Tales!

After 2 months of watching the videos my mom and dad gave the kids, the message has sunk in!! God likes it when you share!!! This was DJ's declaration at dinner tonite about the Carmel corn sitting on the table torturing him!!!!

This morning dawned way too early yet again...I woke up to a kid at my back sharing my pillows with me! As I lay there waiting to drift off again, I heard a door close....knowing that Howie wasn't going fishing I was Samantha looking for DJ...she'd gone into his room to find him. Came into my room asking for him and I whispered he was sleeping and she needed to be quiet...ha! She lay down beside me for all of a minute! Got up and went to his room again just to make sure! Then I thought she'd gone into the living room until I heard "JJ?" (that's what she calls him)  "JJ?" "JJ?" over and over...realized she'd found him and was trying to wake him! Brat!! it worked too! He woke shortly and asked to go watch tv...and asked if there were sippy cups...which there was.Thankfully Howie got up and I got to sleep some more.

I couldn't sleep too late tho as I had somewhere to be at 10!! I'd been invited to a clothing exchange with some friends....take clothes your kids have outgrown and pick up clothes they're growing into! I scored way more stuff for SamSam than DJ!!! Good thing their closets aren't bursting and there's plenty of room for stuff to hang and wait!

I got home from there about noon and the kids were quite happy to see me and have me make lunch! Once we were done eating DJ and I headed to the shed to do the book there were A LOT of books!! I couldn't fit them all in my truck!!! When we arrived my friend Jill was there with her kids...of which Peter is the same age as DJ...and then just as I was loading the last box up, K's family DJ went home with them and I took the books to Goodwill. LOVED cranking the music up!! Not that DJ minds...but he'd much rather watch one of his dvd's! Lately its been Veggie Tales.

So before dinner I got busy making Carmel corn for Howie's payment...and it finished just as we were in the middle of dinner. Since I use the table to spread it out to was torment for DJ. He kept asking if he could have some...and Howie would inform him that it was his...and he didn't want to which point DJ pipes up "God likes it when we share!"  How do you argue that logic!??!? Yes, he got some when he was done dinner!!! They both did!

After dinner I bathed a dirty DJ and a clean Samantha...turns out they'd gotten a bath last nite when Michaela babysat...can we say PERFECT BABYSITTER!?!!?!?!! Since Samantha had only had an hours nap, and DJ had been outside playing all evening, they were whupped!!! And fell asleep easily. Then the packing began! I have discovered that it doesn't matter if you go camping for one nite or one still gotta pack all the crap up!!! OY! And I'm only going for one nite!!! Which means, if I do get a chance to, I will blog, but I may have to miss tomorrow nite! Don't seand out the search party til Monday morning! lol

Howie's fishing in a derby tomorrow and I'm going to a concert over the mountains...which is why we're camping over nite so as to avoid traffic at midnite and having a 4 hour drive! The kids will be going to my g/f Kody's house for the day til Howie picks them up. I'm really looking forward to it!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coming to you live

I'm sitting in the stands at Jake's football game just amazed I got Blogger up on my phone!! Sawheet!!! We're in the last quarter of a really good game...currently kicking butt and taking names!! 41-7!! Jake's had some amazing plays too and we've heard his name called 4 times over the loud speaker for making great plays!! I will say, I detest his "cock of the walk" strut he does!!

This morning dawned all too early...4 am...DJ woke up he changed and grabbed his pillow to join me...I think it scared him more than anything!! And then he was up for the day at 7! SamSam soon to follow! Howie had gone fishing at the river so it was like any other day for us!

As soon as breakfast was done I got busy with a ten second tidy!! I was having a follow-up Avon meeting with Kody and the kids were having a play date! I at least wanted it picked up! Got done just as she pulled into my drive! Whew!

After lunch they left and nap time happened for me and Samantha...I needed it today!! Howie took DJ out for a bike ride and then puttered in the garage. I got up just before 4 and got ready for the game. Michaela came over just before 5:30 and we took off after giving bed time instructions. We got to the stadium a bit early and ate our dinner in the car before heading in to find a place to numb our butts. Man those seats are nasty!! Howie also got to participate in his first Pledge of Allegiance as an American...kind of momentous!!!

I have to give serious props to BodyGlove for their outstanding protection of my new babyBerry! During a rather excitable moment my phone took a 20ft tumble to a concrete base under the stands. My heart went with it!!! Howie valiantly went and rescued it and it came back to me in 4 pieces! The phone, the front of the case, the insert for the hole in the back, and the back!! At which point my heart started beating again!!! I put it back together and examined the case for damage...the tiniest piece came off in my hand! If that's the only casualty, I'm golden! Whew!

Now we're on our way home to relieve the sitter and relax in a comfy chair that's nice and warm! Truly a perfect Fall evening for a football game!! Final score ended up being 48-7! Way to go Mavericks!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

He looks like DJ again!!

This morning Howie and I headed to Seattle for some face to face with the lawyer...nutshell...DAMN!!! We're still trying to process it all...and scratching our heads...lots of discussions and what ifs...ugh!

We got home much later than anticipated...but the kids both greeted us on the front stairs with exuberance! They had a blast being with Michaela...they always do!!! Since we were much later than we were supposed to be I grabbed DJ to take him for his hair cut and Howie put SamSam down for her nap. Divide and conquer! Works well!

And my little boy once again looks like a little boy!!!! Some of his golden highlights got cut off, which I was hoping wouldn't be the case, but it did. :( He look so angelic!  Looks are only one thing tho HA! After getting cut he took off with LT and played with him while I chatted with Anneke. Always love our chats!!! Her next clients showed up and we left...headed into town to try and see what the consignment shop would want of all the Fall/Winter clothes I have from the kids....and to return all the shoes I bought yester(OMG I just realized I didn't bring the new ones in for Sam to try! tsk tsk!)day and find some that actually fit! Both kids have skipped a size in shoes since the beginning of summer! They need to stop growing!! (to which they'd both reply NEVAH!!!)

I also finally got to chat with my mom for the first time in FOREVER!!!! Caught them while my dad was rubbing her feet...such a good husband! It was nice to get all caught up with them...I think this was the first time since they were here that we actually chatted by phone if I'm not mistaken...too long Mom!!! Now that I have the calling card...uh huh!!

After the kids went to bed I grabbed a shower and then watched tv with Howie...caught some of AGT...ok that little 10 y/o girl has PIPES!!! That's just crazy!! She got both our attention! I see her winning but at the same time not...she's too young to be a Vegas act....the Anti Gravity guys should win...time will tell!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Verizon for the WIN!!!!!!

This morning dawned with a knee in my back!! And he slept on...I didn't! Yikes!! Howie got up with the kids and I dozed off...then the bat phone rang with an Avon order, so I was up from that point on! Howie made breakfast for the kids and then I ate...DJ has declared himself "toast getter" with the bamboo tongs! He thinks its such an important job!! He cracks me up! I love it!

After breakfast I got the kids dressed and then worked on my Avon ordering for the it in with 18 minutes to spare! Whew! Around noon I took off for the library and Goodwill with the books...and while I was out I stopped by Verizon. The trackball in my curve was sticking and not working properly...and I was due an upgrade anyways. I'd decided a month ago that I was going to stick with another Blackberry as its one way my mom and I chat frequently and I send her pix of the kids...I didn't want to lose that! And I'm familiar with the phone and its software after 2 years!

So I go in there (and there is one other customer and 4 workers) and get helped immediately! Since the Torch isn't with Verizon (that's a COOL looking phone) I settled on a Bold....til they told me my "after rebate" price...and dropped back to another Curve...and a purple one at that!!! He'd had it all be done up and I said "Hey, can I use two upgrades and get the Bold?" and the gal not helping me but overhearing it all said :"You sure can!"  OH YEAH!!! The poor guy helping me had all but transferred all my contents to the new Curve and had to cancel it! Sorry dude!!!

I could hardly contain my giddiness!!! They did their phone to phone surgery and transferred all my stuff over to the new phone and got it activated and off we went! It is such a sleek phone!!! And SO fast!!! The camera is amazing! My previous Berry had a 1.0 megapixel phone...this one has a 3.2!! So far the only pic I've taken is of the chili I made for dinner! ha! Watch out now mom! Speaking of...I sent you a request in delete the old one first and then add the new one...that way you won't get confused!

Part of the reason I was to go into town was to return the movie from last nite...and I completely forgot to grab when I got home, Howie took a quick (ha! if!) trip into town and returned it....he enjoyed getting out of the house and away from the kids for the time he was gone!

While he was gone I got the chili made for was another rainy, cold day, so perfect for such a warm dinner!! The kids had pizza as they don't understand how yummy chili is! After dinner they both got bathed! SamSam cracked me up! I was just ready to wash her up and she stood up, pointed at the toilet and said pee! And I agreed...that's where it goes, and one day soon you'll learn all about it...and then she peed in the bath! HA! Drained that and drew another one for her...stinker! 

Once they were in bed we enjoyed watching Wipeout...where do they find these people!?!?!?! Who thinks up these courses!?!?!?! Its insane!!! Not a "reality" show I'd want to be on...looks way too painful thankyouverymuch!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy LabourFree day!!

For most people that is! I did labour around the house...and I'm sure there was a woman or two labouring somewhere today! But that's taking the term literally...

This morning I woke up to children as I do every morning, but with Howie on vacation, I wasn't expecting them! Their snuggles are always the best tho! DJ was funny...he came in, snuggled for 30 seconds and said "Can you feed me now Mummy?" The child is seriously in a growth spurt! I think he grew an inch over nite!! I kid you not! Its visible that he's taller...he doesn't do the tummy thing before a growth spurt...I have a nephew that whenever he was ready to sprout up, he'd get this little belly on him was cute!!!

Howie hadn't made it upstairs yet...he slept in...but we were both moving at the same I made a yummy eggs n toast breakfast!! Everyone gobbled it up! Only missing bacon....where's my dad when I need him!?!?! Oh yeah, back in Ontario!!

During breakfast Howie surprised all of us by suggesting Miss Samantha get a real bed!!!! At first I thought he was suggesting turning her crib into a day bed...but he clarified that he meant a REAL bed!!! DJ's bed is part of a bunk bed set...and since he doesn't have bunk beds set up in his room, the second bed was in the garage with the mattress under DJ's bed. Man, I was not ready for this!!!!! At this age DJ was going into a toddler bed at my mom and dad's....and then a real bed when we got back after he turned 3. Miss Sam is going to be 2 and a half in a couple weeks...yikes!! But when we asked her if she wanted a real bed like DJ's bed, she clapped her hands and said YEAH!! How do you argue with that!??!

So the dismantling of the crib happened soon after breakfast was kind of sad...this is my last baby!! She was pleased as punch! Even helped bring part of her crib out of her room to the top of the stairs just to prove the point! Once all the pieces were in her room the chore of finding the hardware to put it together was a difficult one. Now, smart people would tape the baggie of screws and whatnot TO the bed....yeah, we're not smart like that! Altho, it will be done next time we move...its a good idea! So, instead of turning every single thing upside down in the house and garage trying to find that baggie, Howie dug around his parts containers and found what he needed to put it together.

He got to work alone for the most part...we put Alvin and the Chipmunks on for the kids and since it was something new to them, they sat and watched for the most part....and before we knew it, he was vacuuming up his mess in her room and the mattress was gotten. She was so cute...trying to help me make her bed up! I got pictures of her fake sleeping...the smiles were cute!!

After lunch, she was excited to go lay down for a nap...and she did AWESOME!!!! Didn't get up once and slept almost 2 and a half hours!! I can't believe she's old enough for a real bed!  While she was napping I headed over to the shed to deal with the books! It was so nice to be by myself...I backed the truck right up to the shed door as it was pouring down rain and put Trace's cd on and went to work! I got everything sorted and dealt with!! I couldn't do anything about sharing it out, as the library and goodwill were closed, but its out of the shed ready for the next run tomorrow!

I did run into town tho to grab a free movie (turns out it wasn't! I'll be complaining) and some horrid chew for my surprise, the grocery store was open and the dollar store was too! I thought it was Labourfree day...guess not! It is also the day before school maybe that's why. I got a total Howie movie...Clash of the Titans. I know NOTHING about Greek mythology, so this movie was lost on me! Howie enjoyed it tho...actually stayed up to watch it! After he went to bed, I put on Bachelor Pad...and they were just dumb dumb DUMB to keep Elizabeth and Kovacs!!! I wish we could see who voted for who like they do in Survivor! Ah, mindless entertainment!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I can smell Fall

Samantha came running in from playing outside this evening she smelled Fall smells...all earthy...its definitely in the air! Howie and I noticed leaves starting to fall on our way home from church. Seems like we just started summer a month ago...oh wait, we DID!! Too short!! Meanwhile, I know back in Ontario they're dealing with heat...and just starting to cool off. My mom's glad tomorrow is the last day of the C.N.E...18 days straight working those long hours is taxing!!! Sure glad she had the help she did!  I miss all the deals!!

I have to say, today was a most excellent Sunday!! After church we came home and had lunch and that was pretty much it! Howie took a nap on the couch, the kids played, Sam went down for her nap, and Howie woke up (his phone rang) and I laid down and took a nap. How perfect is that!?!? And DJ didn't nap which is even more perfect!! He did get to go down in the garage and learn some fishing stuff...he was telling me about it! Cuteness!

Dinner was AWESOME steaks grilled to perfection!!! The corn was not nearly as good as the corn we tried to get on the way home...we saw this truck at a gas station on the way to church with all these fresh goodies...and when we stopped by on the way home, he'd run out of corn. Bummer too! I much prefer white corn over yellow corn...and tonite was yellow. Even the kids weren't interested! Good thing it was 5 for a dollar! They did however devour the watermelon I'd cut up! We all did!!!

After dinner the kids got a bath, which means I got a shower! Sheesh!! All the sloshing and splashing...and its not even 6 inches of water! ha! DJ likes to think he's in a pool and Samantha seems to think she's in a stomping room! Clean babies tho, are just the yummiest!!! Almost as good as sleeping babies!!!

Which they soon were....ahhh bliss!! Howie happened on America's Funniest Videos....oh my word, they did a special "over the past 20 years" contest and the one that won it all was TOTALLY awesome!!!! I have thoughts already on how and when to scare the sh!t outta my kids like this family did!!! hahaha Even Howie got a chuckle out of it! Then he caught some Jimmy Buffet live telecast...such great music!! Howie realized the time and went to bed while I happened on Days of Thunder!!! Man, its been YEARS since I've seen that movie!!! Such a good one too! I have to say tho, I'm quite shocked its already 20 years old!! How did that happen!?!?!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daddy leeping

Is the song she was singing while we were at costco shopping!!! I swear my kids were competing to be the loudest kids there...and they WON!!! Insane! Maybe it was all the extra people there on a long weekend Saturday...ugh! Either way we were there an extra half hour longer than normal....and that included lunch!

After there we headed to Albertsons to get some corn for dinner...and the local stuff is in!! Its SO good!! We had some the other nite and it was super sweet! Makes me excited to grow some next year!  At this point Samantha was getting punchy from not having a nap...and DJ was being a typical 4 yr old all over the place!!! The free cookie they got from the bakery only kept them quiet for a few minutes....

I was unloading the buggy and realized I'd forgotten something, so I got Sam back out of her car seat and back in we went...if it wasn't a necessary item, I'd have left it for another time, but if I'd come home without the beer...HA! I think it was just about 3 when we got home and DJ was most excited to get out of the truck and play! Sam was actually a helper today! She carried in a pack of Capri Sun and then the was so funny how she brought the coffee into the kitchen, put it on the floor, and gave an enormous sigh! Like she'd carried something more than her own weight! She does enjoy helping tho! As soon as she was done helping tho she took off for outside! Well, outside, inside, outside, inside...that's more her thing...just in case we missed her!

I quickly grabbed a shower and then got moving with dinner prep. Howie's dad and his girlfriend Ellen were coming for dinner! So while I was out shopping, Howie was napping (he had to go in to work this morning) and then did all the vacuuming! What a guy!!! House looked good too! I got a couple candles going and it smelled good!!

Dinner was delish!! Pork chops grilled to perfection, pesto noodles (Sam's choice) and corn on the cob! Dessert was a carrot cake (I am turning into my mother...) which Samantha thought she'd help bring to the table...from the counter, that's still taller than she is...yeah, it was sideways for 10 feet! Such a helper!!!! lol  DJ enjoyed helping me blow out the candles...he insisted on the candles! His enthusiasm was fun! As soon as the cake was consumed, they were both back outside! Then we enjoyed more conversation with Dad and Ellen. Its cute when they're loveydovey with each other! Awwwww

They left at 8 and I brought a super sad SamSam in for bed...figured we'd deal with them one on one tonite. As I was gettin Sam ready DJ came in on his own and got ready too. Both were in bed by 8:40! Not too late. Before the bed time prep I realized I had to go back into town to finish the groceries at Freddys as the sales would be over today. Totally spaced on it being a Saturday...Howie off I went after kissing Howie goodnite! Fairly easy shopping with hardly anyone in the store at that time of nite...whew! I was back home by 10:15 and unloaded and put away. Sat and watched some tv...kind of a boring nite really! Gotta have those days tho...makes the adventurous ones even more exciting!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops! case you didn't figure it out, Sam was singing "Daddy sleeping"....and he was!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?!?!?!?!

This morning dawned bright and early!!! After last nite's changing-of-the-sheets at 2 am, I was exhausted!! I've been warned that Jasper has his final days with us now...saddens me, but damn the mattress can NOT take anymore pee!!!! Last nite before I went into the bathroom the bed was fine, he was in there with me, left and when I got done washing my face, he'd peed the bed! NOT cool!!! And not something I enjoyed doing by myself! 

The kids were up just after 8 and raring to go!! I kinda felt a little wise, day wise, time wise, sleep wise...just all over! Like the rabbit in Alice...late! I hadn't done up the grocery list yet and today was pay day...I hadn't brought up the kids clean clothes, and they're running around naked! DJ somehow convinced me to let him put his swim suit on and go swimming at 10:30 in the morning...yes, the sun was shining, but it wasn't HOT out! The kids next door were, so he joined them...turns out, he didn't actually go in the pool! And ended up wrestling on the trampoline.

Meanwhile Samantha is refusing to get dressed, so I leave her be and work on the grocery list. At one point I look over and she actually dressed herself!!!! The pants were on right but her shirt was backwards! I was shocked!! She was pleased with herself...she did it "by myhelf!" Still hasn't mastered those S's!! It cracks me up too! I'll take a picture of her and she'll say "Me hee Ham!" How silly does that sound!?!?! She's starting her own language!

Lunch was a chore for some reason...DJ was being obstinate! Samantha ate everything by herhelf and DJ was being a baby about wanting me to feed him. I refused and went to get ready for the game. The original plan was to leave at 2, go to the book run, and then head to Edmonds for the game. It was 2 when I got done getting ready and DJ hadn't eaten one bite of his green beans! And it took another half hour to get him to finish up! It was 3 by the time we were out the door...I had the backpack with our sweatshirts, the cooler with some food, my purse, two sippy cups and shut the locked door behind me...yes, LOCKED!!!! I had no keys!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I check the truck for a spare, nada...the garage door is locked, and I know for a fact that the sliding door is too as I'd just done it 5 minutes I go next door and grab the spare I gave them, get the keys and hit the road! Thankfully the next book run isn't til Tuesday, so the books didn't HAVE to go today, and I skipped it! Instead I went thru the bank drive thru and headed to Edmonds...with two sleeping children!! So I put my new Trace Adkins cd on and enjoyed all the new songs!!! They're hilarious!!! And that voice gets me every time!!!! The song Brown Chicken Brown Cow makes me laugh out loud!!!

I got to the school a half hour early, so I let the kids sleep a bit more and surfed my most annoying-ready-for-an-upgrade phone for a bit. About 4:50 Sam woke up so I got our stuff, woke DJ and headed into the stadium.  Perfect evening for football...til the sun started setting...kinda tough to watch a game with the sun in your eyes...who designed that!?!?  The first game was actually well attended since school was out, it's a long weekend, and it was at 5 pm. And they kicked some Shoreline BUTT!!!!! Final score was 34-2 we trounced them!!!!  We even got to hear Jake's name called a couple times over the p/a system! For good things too! lol

The plan was to go out for dinner after, but Howie bailed on us, so the kids and I went to Burger King to eat and then Dairy Queen for a treat. Even after all that, the kids still wanted a hamburger bun (I had a pkg in the truck) DJ gave Sam a 1/3 of one and ate the other 2/3 and then asked for ANOTHER one!! Of which he ate half of it before saying "I think I'm filled up now Mum!" we're in the midst of a serious growth spurt!!!! The past couple days he's been like an ant hoarding food for winter!!!!

When we got home at 9:30 DJ was asleep and Sam was just about to drift off til I opened the door and the light came on. Howie was still up and came out to grab DJ  and carry him them both pajamaed and in bed quick! Howie was immediately following them....til he sat down on our bed and smelled pee again...I don't think it was new pee, but it was strong! So we stripped the bed, I febreezed it, and he took his pillows downstairs. I'd totally join him, but there would be serious tears if the kids couldn't find me in the morning!! It would be kinda funny....for a minute!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Friday, September 3, 2010

She'll always have DJ

The past couple days the bond between DJ and Samantha has gotten stronger!! I've noticed a few things and they just melt my heart! The other day we're driving, they're in the back talking to each other and DJ says "Know what SamSam? I love you!" Totally out of the blue!! And what mother doesn't want to hear that between her kids!?!?!? DJ has also shown that he can protect Samantha from harm (unless he's the one doing the harm that is) and its quite endearing to watch. And just today, I'd told Sam NO in a firm voice about something and she got all upset, went to DJ and he gave her a hug, patted her on the back and told her "it's okay" Awwwwwwww!!! right!??! How awesome is that??! The best!

Today was a go-nowhere kind of day!! Yet I had a lot of phone calls to make!! Turns out, I now have 3 reps under me!!! Yesterday a friend of my 1st rep signed up under no one, and then learned Shirah had. She wanted to join forces with her and be on my team, so phone calls were made and as of this morning she's on my team!! SOOOOO awesome!!! I got to talk with her a bit today and she's super excited to get going!!! LOVE it!!! Sounds like me a year ago!! :D

Since we had no plans the kids got bathed this morning...I find it less rushed to bathe them during the day than right before bed time. DJ was showing off his going under water skillz! He's blowing me away with his new found talents!! He thinks he's diving under water to get the toys...hahaha! Crazy kid! 

While Sam napped DJ and I snuggled to watch Veggietales...he likes the pirates that don't steal anything the best! The neighbours were gone to the fair today, which made DJ not want to go outside...and it was SO beautiful out too!  When Howie got home I took the kids outside to get the mail...and then checked out my garden...turns out I am growing some rutabagas after all! So I thinned them out as they were crowding each other...and the carrots are about half way done...couple more weeks yet! I also pulled all the peas out and got the last few green beans picked. Next year will be SO much better! Plus, I'll write down the exact day I plant things so I can keep track of when they should be done. The tomatoes on the back deck are thriving!!!! I've got 8 plum sized ones so far...keep growing toms!!!

I had the pleasure of putting the kids to bed as Howie was napping as he had to go in tonite for a few hours. Surprisingly, they both went down easily! DJ only came out once and that was to tell me that Jasper was under his bed...easy to get him out!! He didn't want to be there! I woke Howie up about 9 and he actually scared the crap outta me by being awake  and when I reached for him, he grabbed me!!! Yeah, he got me! But I was able to return the favour 10 minutes later and got him good!

Once he was on his way I grabbed a shower and then settled in to watch CMA Fest from last nite on dvr. I love being able to fast forward thru things I don't have to sit thru! Kid Rock being one of them!!! UGH!! Since it's 3 hours long, I stopped just after watchin Blake and Trace sing Hillbilly Bone! LOVE that song!!!

Til  next time...pray for safety for all troops!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moon Lover

I am truly a moon lover!!! I love looking in the dark sky and finding it! Tonite was low and half crescent like...and a gorgeous colour! I'm such a night owl!!! I'd make a good

This morning both kids gave me the wonderful gift of sleeping in...DJ joined me but went back to sleep til 8:56 when SamSam got up. I'd changed her last nite before I went to bed, so she wasn't soaked when she got up! Might be the new game plan for her!

Unfortunately, with the kids getting up so late, we were kinda rushed to get out the door by 10 am!!! I signed up my 2nd recruit with Avon this morning!!! That's 2! I've got one more in the works, which just leaves 2 more to get before I attain Leadership!! Moving right along!!!! I'm so pleased with this! Look out world!!!

After signing Kody up, we stayed for lunch and the kids played while we chatted...just about 2 we headed to Everett to a new-to-me place called Cash And Carry...O M G!!!! What a place!!!! Its just jam packed with all kinds of stuff! Like costco, but you don't have to 10 of something to get the deal!!! All I went for was little containers with lids for sampling out liquid stuff for Avon. WOW! I so want to go back kidless!!!

We stopped on the way home at Freddy's to see what they had in the way of mattress covers...I'm beginning to think maybe Jasper's just getting old...and crotchety...and I could go on, so instead of losing the mattress completely, let's try and save it some! They didn't have the Queen sized cover, so I went with a pad for now, and I got the plush ones as the other ones sound like a shower curtain...I don't want noise while I lay down! I also got DJ a cover for his bed since we've already had a couple might as well start now! He thought it was cool! lol What does he know!! 

We beat Howie home I got working on the sketti sauce right away! Howie worked out in the garage when he did get home and the kids ended up out there too! It was a beautiful day here considering yesterday!!! I think it got to 72...not too bad at all!! It always strikes me funny how quickly my birthday ends with September! I wait all month for it and BOOM its over just like that and into a new month!!

After dinner I kissed everyone good nite and headed off to Seattle for a follow up with Shirah...we went to her as she had to work late. Can I just say, I'm SOOOOOOO glad we don't live in downtown Seattle!! Those streets are CRAZY!!! Insane! We did finally find Cafe Ladro, and I'm so thankful Rachel drove instead of me!! I'd have needed caffeine just to recover...and I don't do caffeine! I had a good hot chocolate tho!

It was close to 9:45 when we headed north to Lynnwood again...and after a stop at Rachel's house to learn a few things online, I headed even more north (and east) for home!! I don't think I've sat in my chair for more than a diaper change all day....must. go. sit!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!