Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!

WOW what a whirlwind day!!!! And a windy one too!

I woke up to Samantha very quietly saying "Merry Christmas DJ, time to wake up!" and then they both scurried off to see what santa brought them!! Daddy was already out there, so he was able to hold them at bay til I got up and dressed, which of course, I did right away! They got to open their stockings first and then had to wait for Grandma and Poppa to come up before opening anything! They were both THRILLED with what santa left them....DJ had such faith he would get what he asked for!!! I fear for next year now! He's already told me "I should have asked santa for a playground set!"

Oh, santa left them each a scooter...and for Sam a crown she asked for and for DJ a black angry bird he asked the end of her stocking Sam dropped her head and said quietly (but I heard it!) "I didn't get a wand" and from there I knew right away she was disappointed!! yikes! I swear, she never once said wand in all her askings!!! So, looks like we'll be buying a wand to help the Princess with her accessories!! She did get some shoes tho...should have gotten a wand!

The list of what all the got is ridiculously long...suffice it to say, they were spoiled! Clothes, pj's, books, knick knacks, monster truck, leapfrog game systems, a kitchen, a tractor (you can guess which kid got what) headphones for the new game systems, about 6 packs of gum with 3 packs in them, lotsa  candy/chocolate, the list goes on really! When the last bit of paper was picked up, it was only 9:30!! So we had a lovely breakfast and then settled in to wait for Jake's arrival. DJ was eager to get dressed in his new clothes, especially his Angry Birds t-shirt he'd forgotten all about when he picked it out last month! Probably the last year for that!!

Jake showed up and the kids were VERY anxious for him to open his gifts and watch him do so...DJ was right there to help him unload his stocking too! And get a box for him to put it all in....he adores his big brother!!...until he gets hurt!! Which is inevitable! Tears on Christmas day...its just like any other day!!!!! lol He also got himself REAL good with the tractor later's metal, and I wasn't in the room, but there's a hole in his forehead!!!! Thanks to vanilla, he shouldn't have any bruising, and the swelling was minimal!

About 3 the rest of our family showed up and snacks and apps were consumed....Sam was all over the meatballs that Gayleen brought!! Dinner was served shortly after 5 I think....we had a 13 lb prime rib roast that was cooking beautifully in our oven all afternoon!!! OH it was good!!!!!! My mouth waters now at the memory!! There was also mashed taters, sweet potato pie, corn, peas, gravy, buns, pickles and beets, and horseradish that cleared the sinuses in 0.2 seconds!!! It was SO hot I had to leave the table to blow my nose!! The upside, was I could breathe for a few minutes!! Downside was my mouth was on FIRE!!!!!!! I'm battling some cold/thing my dad brought with him...and learned I can NOT do Alka Seltzer meds...I was so loopy all day Saturday!!!! It was awful!!! My head felt disconnected from my body! NOT fun!!

While I was cleaning up after dinner, Greg and the kids were downstairs putting together Sam's new kitchen...and sorting out the 95 pieces of food I'd gotten to go with it! WOW what a lot of work that was!!!! I'd rather be doing the cleaning for sure!!!! I have to say, I could not have pulled today off without the help and guidance of my mother!!! Her experience was the calming ray of sunshine we needed today!! I can't thank her enough!!!! Delicious!!!

Everyone was gone by 7:30 and the bed time chase ensued...Sam was still terribly upset by the lack of wand in her possession, and promises were made!!!! lol We read 3 of the new books, there must have been about 16 given, so 3 was good! DJ fell asleep instantly, Samantha came out unusual for her, but she finally spit out what she'd been mulling, and that was about the wand...then she fell asleep quickly. Howie was sound asleep before she was!! He's back to work tomorrow, so back to routine for him!! Reminds me, I gotta get his coffee ready for tomorrow before I head to bed.

Once everyone was settled, mom, dad and I flipped around on the telly....settled on a movie, Facing the Giants, and here I sit typing....I've already seen it, and the acting isn't that great....but now that I'm done here, I'll go sit and watch the last half hour.

I hope and pray everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The main reason I blog

Is in my house!! So my posts will more than likely defy the name of this blog....I apologize, yet I don't...I'm loving every minute with my fairies, as I lovingly call them!! We all feel spoiled with them around!! And I love hearing my children express their love in return!

The surprise of them already being here was ruined by the kids themselves!!! For the first time in FOREVER the kids went downstairs to play soccer....and somehow they discovered grandma and poppa!! Samantha came up to inform me that they were if I didn't already know!! It was cute! So we all had breakfast together before starting our day. Howie was off fishing and caught another one today!! He's 2 for 2 so far on this vacay, not too shabby!!

Our afternoon was full of naps, outdoor playing for the kids, showers, and nibbles! Then we had dinner in town at dad's FAVE place to eat...teriyaki!! Then we headed to Warm Beach for their Christmas Lights display. Sadly something we'll never go and do again.

The drive into the place took 45 minutes and just to get OUT of the parking lot was an hour!! That's insane!!! The lights themselves were great to look at!! The kids got to ride actual ponies and LOVED it!!! Samantha was hesitant but once on she giggled her way around the track. DJ wanted a black horse and got the only one there...frankincense, Frank for short! Samantha had Buttons. We didn't get the warm donuts snd hit chocolate like we wanted as the lines were ridiculous!!! Nor did we get to ride the Polar Express train...the kids did exceptional too!!!

By the time we got home kids were in bed. They both had their jammies on under their clothes. So helpful!! M and I sat up talking for a good 90 minutes and I got some serious family history lessons!! Now I'm in bed, as is everyone else, and ready to roll over and sleep!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Almost time!!

This time tomorrow nite I'll have my parents HERE!!!!!!! Of course, the kids think they've got another sleep to go...their flight doesn't get in til 8, and I don't want kids up til we get home...gonna be enough confusion with just us!

Yesterday I was exhausted!!!! Fell asleep watching Grimm and when I woke, went right to bed! I was so tired I forgot to put my mouthpiece in! It all started with going on a field trip with DJ....he rode with me, and we had one other boy with us from his class. It was SO funny to listen to them chatting in the back. We watched the Nutcracker at the Edmonds Arts Center. Now, I've never seen any production of this show, so I really had no clue what to expect or what the story is....I have to ask...WHAT was she smoking to get dreams like that!?!?!? The mice part totally threw me off!! My fave part was the snowflake dance...and apparently, we saw a chopped up version as it was only an hour long.  Either way, if I don't see it again, I'll live!!

While we were off doing that, Sam was at Delaney's house having a play date...and loving every minute of it! Altho, when I got there, she was more than ready to leave! Shanno told me it was free fry Friday at Burger King, but I wasn't interested....until I learned I had recess duty!!! Oops!! At this point it's just after the time we got home, take care of Belle and eat, we'd have to turn around and leave to go back to school. So we went to Burger King!!!! She and I ate for a whopping 2.83!!! And when she was done, she enjoyed their play area! We washed up and left for the school...with a pit stop at the mechanic as the car was making a ticking noise that was bothersome!! (turns out its the phone being too close to the radio and it picks up the cell signal!! d'oh!)

Recess duty was fun....been a long time since I've done it! Beautiful day in the upper 40's too! Once the kids were all back inside, Sam and I went and had the party with DJ's class...glue/glitter art, snacks, and a movie! Good times! Then we headed home to let Belle out!! Poor thing! But, we weren't done for the day!!! Oh no...we had an early dinner and then headed to my friend Amber's house to teach her, Shannon and Rachael how to make caramel corn. They all LOVED the stuff I gave them as a gift and Amber really wanted to learn how to make it!! We ended up doing 2 batches, and I left while the second one was cooking. The kids both fell asleep on the way home within minutes!!

This morning Howie was off fishing and DJ didn't wake up til 8:30!!! SO nice!!! Then he let Belle out of her crate and it was go, go, GO! We were just finishing up breakfast when Howie came home...WITH  a fish!!!! Too bad we couldn't eat it for dinner as we had plans, so in the freezer it went! Then Howie did up some more lights outside...and I cleaned windows...even did the inside of the truck...WOW why haven't I don't that before with the Norwex cloth!?!!? What kind of rep am I!?!?! lol Truly amazing the difference!!

At 3:30, after the burgers for dinner were made, the kids and I took the dogs to the park for a romp...which was short as we promptly lost the ball in the ivy...even Snickers couldn't find it! And Belle is not fond of the ivy at all! Quite funny to see her hopping around in it. When we got home, Howie was showered and ready to I went and got ready while he got the bbq ready for grilling. The kids fought about eating their dinner...even tho they were starving!!! As the finished, Sarah arrived and Howie and I left for Snoqualmie.

If you remember, my first concert of the year, January 6th, was Jerrod acoustic set with a local radio station. Well, tonite, a different station (my fave actually) had their annual Ho Ho Ho Down and he was the main attraction. Thompson Square was his opening act and I enjoyed them!! I knew two of their songs, but enjoyed them nonetheless. Jerrod rocked it tho!!!!! Now, my concert buddies, Pearl and Denise were there, and went much earlier than we did...but they saved us a spot up at the soon as Howie saw that, he said he was sitting and I could stand. Turns out, he stuck around for Jerrod's first couple songs and then wandered the casino....also said, that this was the last time he was concerting with me!!! lol  He doesn't enjoy it the way I do! Hey, I got two guitar picks!!! I rocked!!!! Well, I got 3, but gave my second Jerrod one away.

Now, we're home, I've snacked on some peanut butter toast as I was positively starving!! and I can hear my pillows calling

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, December 16, 2011

If I thought yesterday was busy

Oh today was twice as much so!!!!

Dropped DJ off late again, but this time it was all my fault as I'd forgotten my hearing aid and realized it half aZy to school....and since one of my stops of the day was to get it cleaned then it was kinda sorta important!! So he ended up being 14 minutes late...poor kid, good thing he doesn't understand it all yet. On top of that, I had an auction meeting with the bookkeeper. So she and I chatted for a good half hour and she answered a tonne of questions for me and gave me a berg valuable resource binder.

Then we took off Avoning....first to the hearing aid place and while I was busy chatting Samantha used their bathroom and my hearing aid was off gettin a deep clean...MUCH needed too!! I was at full volume from the get go and that's not good!! Then we went and met two new clients and dropped their orders off. Love new people!! Andi love how excited they get to see me with their bags of goodies!!

In total we made 18 stops!! I miss was nice to have 8 of my clients in one spot to deliver too !! We ate our lunch on the go. Samantha fought a nap, and was doing good til just when I thought she'd drifted off when Rudolph came on the radio snd perked her right up! She did eventually succumb to the nap for s bit.

We made it in time to get DJ picked up and the had 4 more stops before getting home finally. Belle was more than happy too see me too!! Got her taken care of and then put Rudolph on for the freshly washed children. Dinner was simple too...scratchy eggs (fried, sunny side up) and waffles for DJ.

They went to bed shortly after 8:30....and I was actually sitting and relaxing before 9 pm. What a treat!?

Now I'm fading between

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The "Last of's" have begun

The last of 2011 that is!!

This morning I failed the back up alarm and embraced the lateness...

First alarm went off at 7 and I shut it off knowing the back up alarm was engaged. At 7:15 it went off and I shit it off. Set the phone down and next thing I knew it was 7:41!!!! SO not cool that the best sleep I got was between 7:15 and 7:41... Not cool at all!! So instead of having a conniption about it, I just went about our morning calmly...if we were gonna be tardy, be seriously tardy!! Oh and we were!!! We rolled jn at 8:44....which realistically to get 3 people up, dressed, fed, dogs taken care of, and cats fed, AND a 20 minute ride....its pretty damn impressive to do in an hour!!!

From the school we went to SVEC to drop books. It was sparse for people what with the holidays coming. But we got outta there in record time. Then we went to the last ballet class of 2011...but waited an hour in the parking lot for class. Samantha has Alvin on and was happy. I just played Angry Birds.

After class we picked up the 4 pizzas waiting for us and headed to the shed before heading home for lunch. My Avon was waiting for me on the front porch do as soon as I was done eating I got down to business. It didn't look like much, but there were so many small items it took me 2 hours to break it all down. Then I got busy making the 7th batch of caramel corn on the go before doing the sketti sauce for dinner. Samantha was my lil helper with dinner and dishes!!

DJ finally got home st 4:30 and came in the house long enough to per and then he was out the door to play. SamSam followed him to the tee.

Dinner was a struggle for DJ who'd had a muffin after school...what a fight!! In the end it made us late for Awana. Everyone was in a festive mood...including me! I look forward to the 2 week break!! We got home s s both kids were put right to bed...with minimal fight too! Then I got my chores done before sitting and knitting. I watched most if Barbara Walters 10 most fascinating people. It was good...s sure sign I'm gettin older. Then it was Survivor and Brandon was and idiot of you ask me!!! Psych was good as usual...but I'm bummed I had to wait toil February.

Oh DJ got his first report card and I'm pleased as punch!!! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blogging from bed

Sure has its perks!!! It's warm. It's comfortable. It's warm. It's dark. It's warm. Seeing the pattern here?? I don't think I've been this cold since j moved here 9 years ago!!! It's bone chilling cold!! This morning after we dropped DJ off at school, Sam and I headed to Freddy's to get some more butter and brown sugar for more caramel corn. Plus we needed a couple other things. Then we headed back home to eat breakfast. The first batch went in at 10:30! Pretty impressive if you ask me...and I know you were!!

Samantha was cold too and was snuggling in Howie's chair with a blanket on here to get warm. Having the oven on sure helped me!! Second batch went in at 11:45 and I made us lunch while it was in its last 15 minute segment. Third batch went in at 1 and I was feelin pretty proud of myself!! I even got the dishes in the dishwasher!! The last batch was done at 2 and while it cooled I went and got ready to go get DJ from school. Whew!! I was kinda sad to turn the oven off truth be told...

We got back and the kids tried to go next door with no luck as they werent home. Drats!!! I wanted a power nod!! Instead I got to sit with SamSam and watch Dora... Shortly after 4 tho I hopped in the shower to get ready to go to an Avon party. Howie came home and he put on a Christmas movie and we watched til I had to leave.

The party was at a Chinese buffet place. Had a lot of fun too!! It Wa a short meeting playing bingo and drawing names. I got some good stuff!!! With it ending early I got home far earlier than expected....Howie was still up...not for long tho. I got busy with my chores and got to go finally sit at 10:30.

I watched Glee and loved it!!
ESP the nod to the Sound of music!! Then New Girl was hilarious!!! And Raising Hope was pleased too!! Both were festive!!

Ok my eyes are drooping shut...sorry of there were any typos...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You're a mean one

Mr Grinch!!

Well, last nite was NOT stellar by any means! I woke up at 5:08 in the chair with DJ, and my glasses still on...and since I smelled coffee brewing, we got up and went to bed!! OH what a glorious feeling that was!!!!! Not sure I was awake enough to full enjoy it as I was asleep pretty fast again! This time with the glasses off!  Thankfully it was after 8 when DJ woke for the day...and Sam was right behind him! Stupidly, the tv wasn't left on their channel and DJ hasn't quite mastered hitting 1-1-8 to get the entertained themselves on the computer...which was loud enough for me to sing along...oy!

I languished in bed as long as possible checking stuff out on my phone...they both came to visit me and we talked about what we were going to do many more sleeps til Grandma and Poppa were many more sleeps til santa comes....and chitchat stuff. Then I got up and made us all breakfast! Since they weren't motivated enough to get their clothes on, we kinda took it easy for the morning. I did send them downstairs to get the toys picked up so I could vacuum before my parents come....and while they were doing that I made another batch of carmel corn...this is number 4 if you're counting! Sheesh!! I've used up all the butter that was left over from February when we started South Beach...need more as I want to make 2 more batches of the stuff.

Then the kids got dressed and we headed out to the shed to do the was it cold out!!!! I keep hearing something about "frozen fog" in our's been extremely foggy the past couple much so, it hasn't cleared up for entire days!!! It's palpable! So as it's hanging there, its freezing in the air and falling on the ground...or something bizarre like that! How does one dress for freezing fog!?!? lol

We got back and had lunch...then baths...and then the gingerbread house was to be done! Promises were made and I kept them!!! Thankfully I'd bought a pre-made house!! I didn't realize that til the other day and was ever so pleased with myself!!! I mean, really, who can get that thing to stay put in the right position and let it dry before decorating! Thank you middle man!!! We had fun tho!! I took pix, but haven't uploaded them...I know, I still owe Halloween pix...I'm bad! That's why that 365 blog

About 3:45 we headed to the park to run Belle's energy off...and Snickers too for that matter!! K joined us and the 3 of them had a good time playing around while the dogs chased each other...I could only handle a half hour as I was freezing in the fog!!!! Michaela came with C and stayed with the kids while I took the dogs home. That was a pleasant 15 minutes til Howie got home from work. So we chit chatted and they came home about 5 just like little popsicles!! DJ's nose has been running clear all day, so that's a good sign! And tonite he's only woken once and went back to bed fairly easily.

After dinner we watched movies...I started off with The Grinch (the animated version) and the kids both told me it was too scary as they'd tried to watch it last with me sitting with them, we found funny things to laugh at while watching it...and they learned that its not scary at all! The music is a lil on the scary side, but we hugged that out. Then they watched Goofy Christmas instead of getting books in fine for me!!

Once they were in bed, Howie and I put on Fear Factor...IT'S BAAAACK!!! Been off the air for about 4 years now, and its back with a vengeance!!! Tonite there was two episodes, so Howie and I watched the first one together....there really isn't enough money in the world to make me do the eating stunts....just grosses me out!! And the second one was no better!!!! Also, how on earth do some of those stunts only take 5 minutes!!?!?!? They look exhausting!!!! Howie went to bed after the first one and I watched my regular Monday sitcoms...2 Broke Girls is just the funniest!!!! 2.5 Men was okay...kinda lame really. And Mike & Molly was hilarious!

I'm off to bed now that DJ has made his nightly appearance...please God let him stay in his own bed!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mr. Scrooge Hughes

This weekend has flown by!! I haven't much time as I'm on the phone and have a sleeping DJ on me. He's suffering from a sinus infection I managed to avoid last week...and he's miserable and pitiful!! He's woken twice already tonite which is how we ended up in my chair. He's got yellow from his eyes, nose and throat. Gave him some meds and I hope that they let him sleep well. I know I won't...

Yesterday was quiet as we stuck close to home. Howie got the last of the lights up and they look awesome!!! But come time to head to church for the Country Christmas parade and Scrooge made his appearance. So SamSam and I headed into town to drop off the desserts I'd signed up for. Then we paid Ben a visit and I used my last gift certificate up. Found some Angry Birds Gummies for the kids too. Then we stopped at the dollar store to get freezer bags for the 20 lbs of ground beef we got. Then home to make and eat dinner. DJ didn't eat as his "neck" hurt...aka his throat. Plus he was mildly fevered.

As everyone was watching a movie I headed to Panera to do the run. Back home after 10 and I watched a corny Christmas movie.

This morning I was informed we weren't going to church so I stayed in bed til 10!!! So nice!!! Since we had no plans we all puttered Howie outside and me in the kitchen. Jake came over and had a lunch visit. We all enjoyed that!! He left at 4 for work.

We had a yummy dinner and then I took a shower. But before I got in, locked the door and did a gift inventory. I do believe, with the exception of Jake, I'm done!!!! Let the wrapping begin!! So once everyone was tucked in, I did just that!!

Now I'm gonna try and sleep a bit before Howie gets up for work. Oh joy!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


This morning since DJ didn't have school I got to sleep in til Howie needed to starts getting ready for work So lovely!!! And warm!!! And quiet, he took Belle with him! I got up and made us some eggs...the kids pretended to be hobbits and have a second breakfast....they each wanted an egg with us. I haven't done 8 eggs fried before, and won't be doing that many at a time again!! Wow! DJ didn't Luke his as the yolk was cooked....SamSam ate all the whites but not the yellow. At least she ate something. Howie left as soon as he was done eating.

I then tethered myself to the computer as it was an Avon morning!! In order to get it before Christmas, today as the day! I'd sent out emails, text messages and a few phone calls...the started coming in too!! I got an email at 11:58 from a new client...and it made me I released the tension, fed the kids, got another order and finally submitted by 12:45. I hate being late!!!

I ate my lunch and continued being a referee!! I swear!! One of the new clients I was on the phone with thot I ran a daycare...yikes! I finally spent some more time working on the Christmas cards I've been putting off. Especially the Canadian ones!! So I worked on them first!!

Belle was being such a pill I put her on the trolley and let her be. Thankfully the sun was shining and it was cold and dry. About 4 we coated up and took the dogs to the park. They ran and chased each other with glee!! It got dark SO fast I couldn't even see the ball I was throwing...but they kept on bringing it back to me!! After a half hour we headed got colder with the darkness.

Dinner was leftover sketti, well first time for me!! It was delicious too!! Then the antsy waiting started for DJ...we invited K to sleep over and they weren't home yet. So while we waited I got started on some caramel corn. I learned a very valuable lesson...dark brown sugar does NOT melt like light does!!! And it didn't melt properly to coat all the popcorn. Still tasty, just different!! K finally came and my two went a lil crazy!! He went home to get his dinner and brought it back to eat here. When they were dine I put in Frist the Snowman which was recording tonite. They finally were quiet!!

Howie came home and ate dinner and went to bed before the kids!! Samantha was next and went right to sleep. The boys were a bit tougher!! They took a food half hour, if not longer to settle. Both had to pee...both needed water...both tattles on the other...such fun!! Finally they got quiet and I got to watch tv!! Nothing good on tonite, so I relied on the DVR....Psych and then Eureka. Psych was funny!!!! And Eureka was different. Now I'm worn out and should get to bed!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Going, going GONE!!!

This morning we hustled buns to get to school on time....more so for me than for DJ...and we got there with 5 minutes to spare....but I'm beginning to think the schools' clock runs fast...they were doing announcements almost as soon as we got in the office!! It didn't take us that long to walk in either! So Sam and I waited til they were all done and the tardy slips had all been handed out....there was one kid who was going for gold and this was his 4th tardy slip of the week...and there's no school tomorrow...yikes!! Most were because of the train tho....they have a brutal schedule!!

About 8:45 we were finally seen by the principal and, it was nothing bad....I've agreed to take on the position of running the auction, so today was the first informational meeting and my assignment is now to write up a blurb introducing myself and it'll go in next week's Knightly News. OH, and they told me to use that'll be a problem!!! ha! The whole meeting lasted a half hour and we've set up another one for next week and I should have concrete names and numbers of people who will be helping me well as a budgetary plan. I've got 5 thousand to use, and it gets tight I'm told! They haven't met Missy Budget Hughes yet!! I'll show 'em! I hope!

When we got home I brought a muddy Belle in from outside...she refused to go potty this morning before we left and I didn't have any more time to waste waiting on her, so I put her on the trolley while we were gone so I wouldn't have a shitty mess to come home to...literally! Instead I had a black pawed dog who'd been digging when she shouldn't have been...but bored puppies do that! OY!! Got her cleaned up and then both of them fed. I also kept on with the laundry and conquered Mount Washmore! The last load is in the dryer! All has been put away except for that load and one of the kids' loads...not too shabby!!!

The day whisked away from us...C came over to play with SamSam again, even tho she's been a pill all day, she perks up when she has someone to play with. I got more of the counter crap dealt with and planned a dinner for us...cheesy pesto chicken, butternut squash and broccoli!  We took off at 2:40 to get DJ from school and made an unscheduled stop at the gas station as Miss Samantha could not possibly hold it one more minute apparently!! AND she'd gone right before we left the house!! Talk about tiny bladder! Yowza!

We got home and DJ went in search of the boys to play with...after a while outside, they all came over here and played....I'd already had Sam in the bath and was washing her when they came in. Got her done and then bathed DJ while she played with the boys....then I came out of the bathroom and it's pitch black in our house...they're playing hide and seek in the dark!! With flashlights no less! Yeah, not happening! Even got a call from Lara asking if the kids were still here as it was so dark in our house....ha! They continued to play while I got dinner going and waited on Howie to come home. He left work an hour late, but made it in good time traffic wise!

After dinner it was my turn to get cleaned up...since the kids were already in their jammies, it was one less thing to worry about. When I got out we brushed teeth right away, read a couple books and tucked them in without a fight! Love that! I sat down and watched the last 15 minutes of X Factor and wasn't that surprised that Rachel was voted off....I really think Melanie will win the whole thing! Just a hunch. Then Howie went to bed and I got his lunch ready for tomorrow....yesterday I forgot....I made the salad, but forgot to add the rest of it to his lunch area in the fridge...good thing its all right there for him to grab easy! 

I then watched BBT which was funny!!!! And yet real, about bullies and when they grow up! Then Rules of Engagement, which is just a filler really...funny, but in a "groan" kind of way. Whitney tho was hilarious!!!  And since the regular programming is on holidays, I watched Revenge from last nite and enjoyed it. Then I dozed off....DJ joined me in my chair...we dozed together for a half hour and then I sent him back to bed. Now I'm off to join him in la la land!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hump Day equals Busy Day!!!

This morning the double alarm did its magic again...the second alarm must be loud enough and disturbing enough that it wakes Sam up...she came strolling in seconds after it went off. She climbed up and I took the liberty of snuggling with her for 2 minutes. She was COLD!!!! The kids had a portable breakfast, and I ate a bowl of cereal before we headed out the door to school....with far too much  yelling going on....then I get out to the truck, and Sam's not buckled and they're fighting about something...GRRRRR Usually, DJ will buckle Sam in while I'm grabbing back packs, sippy cups, breakfast, my own stuff and making sure the house is locked up...its one thing I don't have to worry about. But today, he was a pill and she wasn't even sitting her seat!!

Needless to say, it was 8:30 on the dot when we pulled in to the circle at the school. Thankfully we weren't the last ones to arrive...there was a car ahead and behind me...and one more whipping in when I was trying to get out. Our next stop was SVEC to drop off books...only 8 boxes worth...only...ha! Still takes me a bit to sort them and organize them...and double check the titles/pictures to make sure I don't offend anyone (stupid rule!) and I found 3 that would be slightly inappropriate. Sam enjoyed playing with Zane (does that name throw ya for a loop or what!?!?) while I was busy and then hopped on the cart for a ride back to the office with  me.

Since we had no other plans, we headed to the pharmacy to refill their vitamins...then to the dance center to wait our class. I dozed for a half hour while Sam played Angry Birds and watched Bob the Builder. Then we headed in and got her changed and ready for class. I was slightly inclined to skip this month since there are only 2 classes but we have to pay for the full month...not sure that's even fair really...if it happens again, I will skip!

After class we headed to Goodwill to drop off the 3 boxes of encyclopedias, and those questionable books, and then to Papa Murphy's for a pizza pick was the highest record for pizza EVER!!!! I picked up 63 pizzas!!! But not all of them were fact, 47 of them were just the dough ready to be made into pizza!! Gotta love it! They've never given us just dough before, but I'm sure there will be a few families that will like it! I took 4....and I'll freeze them for those times when there are no pizza to pick up!

Finally we headed, Sam has turned into this whiny and pouty little girl in the time it took me to unload...I almost wished she'd fallen asleep in the 6 minute ride home...but she was chewing gum and wide awake. While I was making us lunch I told her she and I were going to have a snuggle time so she could regroup...she liked that. Then while we were eating, there was a knock at the door and C wanted to come in and he did and waited for Sam to  be done eating. They played for an hour and then he went home...she tried to go with him, but came right back home. So we snuggled finally. She'd just fallen asleep in Howie's chair when DJ came home...and being the mean big brother he can be, pulled her pony tail as he walked by her and woke her right up!! So awful!! The beast that was my three year old woke up even more beastly!! There was no calming her either...nor did she fall back to sleep. ARGH!!!

Instead we fed her....teriyaki for dinner and she gobbled it right up!!!! I wasn't sure she'd eat the rice I gave her as it looked to be a lot...oh no, she ate that first!! Then we were in the truck and on the way to Awana....reciting verses as we go! We also listened to a new Christmas cd I got from the singing along, the kids looking out the window. Tonite may have been the last nite for our secretary....she and her family have chosen to leave the church (it's been a 2 year process) and therefore won't be our secretary saddens me as she's taught me my position for to surprise me, she made  me a lovely loaf of pumpkin bread...oh it smelled divine and I instantly started drooling!!!! Give me a knife!!! The nite went smoothly and I was all done before 8 and got to watch DJ do his game time. Its fun to watch him interact and play the games.

Then we headed home and they went straight to bed!!! I got to sit with Howie for all of 15 minutes tonite before he went to bed. He capitalized on our absence and vacuumed the upstairs....and the stairs, which now that there's no carpet in the living room, show the most dirt. When he was gone to bed I watched tv...but was in no mood to knit for whatever reason....instead I had a lap dog and she slept peacefully! Oh and I did try that pumpkin bread....OH MY GOSH!!!! So awesome!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Fell Swoop

This morning the back up alarm proved WHY it's the back up alarm!!! Plus it's the old school phone sound, you can NOT sleep thru that sucker!!!! DJ was glued to me and so I woke him trying to shut it off...and then we both got up. You see, after dropping DJ off at school, Sam and I had plans to visit Freddy...and get that shopping stuff done!!!

The only good thing about grocery shopping at 8:30 in the the parking spots that are available....the ONLY thing!!! ha! Sam started off walking, but was scolded for touching stuff and then she asked to be in the seat...I happily obliged!!! When we got to the toy section tho, I let her loose so I could get the last santa gift...she wants a crown and DJ wants a black Angry I snuck them both into the grocery bag under the cart while she wasn't looking...and I got her a pair of dress up shoes too! Her last ones were abused by the teething puppy.

After Fred we went to costco to do that shopping bit....could have easily spent WAY more than the budget allowed, but had to reign it in. I'm in "company's coming for Christmas" mode and see things I know we'll need for dinner on the day. We got outta there relatively easy...going there in the morning is ALWAYS a good thing...Sam was bummed there were no samples of anything anywhere!!! She knows! They don't get started til 11 and it was just that when we left!

We got home about noon and I dealt with Belle before putting the goods away, and then getting our lunch. After lunch I got busy making sketti sauce for dinner as I wasn't going to be here and Howie wanted something easy to make. That's easy! I also made the first batch of caramel corn for the season...that was a test for darn sure!!! Oh it smelled heavenly...but in the end, the sketti won out and I don't think Howie even noticed I'd made it...he will if he reads this blog...oops! lol

Sam and I left to get DJ and she fell asleep on me, got him picked up and then we headed to Alfy's for an Avon meeting...but when we pulled into the driveway, we turned right around...I'd forgotten to bring the demos with me to return them to the we drove back to get them and then came back to town. We were just getting settled when Howie walked in to take the kids home...YAY!! So I stuck around for the regular meeting and earned myself a few prizes!! Even stocking stuffers for the kids!! The meeting was uber short and I had time to stop at the dollar store and get the very last of the stocking stuffer stuff...and that's it! I'm done!!! Well, maybe not for Jake's stocking...I need to do a trial run and see how full they are! I should start wrapping too!

I got home in time to put the kids to bed and then sit and watch a bit of tv with Howie before he went to bed...then I watched Glee and of course, LOVED it! I've missed Sam! And "Red Solo Cup" has been stuck in my head since last nite!!! How fitting to have them sing it tonite! As I watching the fuse blew I have to decide between pretty lights on the tree, or having the heater on at my feet...the heater wins! Get everything back up and running and watch New Girl...which if they keep Justin Long on, I might keep watching it. Raising Hope was creepy and weird...still funny...sorta. Then I watched Castle from last nite as there was no Parenthood tonite. Man, that was a scary Castle too!! Dang!!! Probably should have watched it first and then the happy ha ha stuff after it!  In any case, the lunches are made, and coffee's last pee for Belle and we're off to bed!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mr. Thirsty

Made his appearance today for the 3rd time in my children's lives...yep, they had a dentist appointment!! And this time I prepared SamSam for my not being in the room with her the whole time! She was first to go in, and not one peep was made!!! DJ went in within minutes of her and I was out the door to the post office...kidless!! What a novelty!! I also popped in on a local soap maker that I'd never been into myself two new bars of soap!! Then I went back to the dentist's office to check in on them. Sam was waiting on x-rays and DJ was waiting on the dentist. They'd both chosen the bubble gum flavoured fluoride...DJ got the trays, and Sam had hers brushed on and sucked away by none other than, Mr Thirsty!!! It was cute!! Sam even got to hold it til he was needed on the job! Who knew that little wand that sucks your spit would be so much fun!!?!?!? ha! Come to think of it, that was my fave part too!

From there we headed to the school to get our Freddy cards from the scrip program....then to my friend Jaime's house to drop off her Avon books...then to the dollar store to do the shopping...and then we met up with an Avon client and gave her her order...then we went to the shed to do the books before finally heading home!!

The plan was to eat lunch and then run back into town to do some grocery shoppin...but as we all know, the best laid plans have the best intentions....and they got thwarted by a dog and some poop!!! Namely, her own!!!! With this whole puberty thing for dogs, she's just wigging out!! Taken to peeing on the couch...pooping in her crate...what the heck!!!! This time she managed to get it on her, so I put her on the trolley while we ate lunch, and then brought her in to bathe her....that was the easy part!!! I think Snickers knew I was aiming to bathe her next as she refused to come inside...just looked me, and walked away! I swear she shook her head "no" at me too! I even tried bribing her with a cookie!! No go. When it finally got too late to bathe her, she came inside! Smart dog!

So with my free time I managed to unclutter some of our counter tops...I figure if I start now, I should have it done for a full house at Christmas...right!??! *crosses fingers* I also attempted to make caramel corn, but discovered I didn't have enough corn it'll be added to the list! Then the kids came in from playing outside, and they got bathed!! Sam first and then DJ....even tho we hadn't had dinner yet, they both got their jammies on!  Howie wasn't coming home from work tonite as the football banquet was he had Dick's...grrrr! I winged it for dinner as I wasn't really in the mood to go all out what with all the bathing going on.

The kids got nuggets, noodles and carrots...I had chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese....which judging by my greedy children I need to make more often!!! Not the soup Then I settled them in with Santa Clause the movie (we have the 2nd one and they love it!!!) and went and hopped in the shower. I got out and DJ came to tell me that he did NOT like this movie!! Not sure what part he didn't like, but he wasn't impressed! Cracked me up! Then Sam came and told me she was tired and wanted to go to I got her teeth brushed and put her in bed before I even got to DJ's teeth. Guess she was tired! In fact, I had both kids in bed by 8:15!!! That's unheard of! But nice!!

So I settled in to watch the ACA's (country music award show) which my future hubby (Trace Adkins for future reference) was hosting and my boyfriend (Blake) sang a song on...good times, good times!! Yeah, I'm certifiable!! It was a good show and the ones I thought would win didn't...but that's good too! Howie got home just as the decade award was being handed out...kissed me hello, and then kissed me goodnite and off he went! He would have been later getting home too if I hadn't borrowed a cup of cat food from next door...apparently they don't like puppy food....picky eaters! HA!

I watched HIMYM and was saddened!!! Poor Robin!!! I didn't see this one coming! And then 2 Broke Girls was funny!!!!!! Max rocks!! Then I flipped to Hart of Dixie and it was good too! Knit my nite away!! I'd started a scarf, and tried something different, 60 stitches instead of my normal 30...took way too long to get anywhere, and an that rate I could have used 5 skeins of yarn...which is 3 too many for me! So I frogged it and started over with 44 stitches....I have just as much done in one our tonite than what I'd done over the past two nites!!!! Big difference!!!

As I was typing this out, I realized Sam didn't put a diaper on...we'd talked about it, but it dawned on me she didn't do I went to check on her, sure enough she's sleeping in a wet spot...woke her up, got her changed, took the wet sheets off the bed (I now get the doubling up of sheets trick!) and put a diaper on....she's back in la la land. Not even 5 minutes later, DJ woke up to pee! Will she ever get the hang of this nite time thing!?!?

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ok I lied

I thought I'd take tonite off from blogging, but we got home early enough and I'm still sober, so what the heck!!

This morning the kids were up well before, WHY is it that they can wake up that early on a Saturday, but not on a school day!?!?!? Rascals!!! I'd left them sippy cups, but I had to come out and turn the tv on as we couldn't find the remote for it...and then they let me be for another hour which was nice.

Especially since I had cat puke to deal with in our bathroom when I got poop to deal with in her crate (this is the third time!) and Sam peeing on the floor...all before breakfast too!!!! Aren't I a lucky mom!!! *rolls eyes* By the time I got around to making MY breakfast (I swear I'm a short order cook sometimes!) Howie was home and ate with me. Then Sam and I got ready to go go go!

She had been invited to her first birthday party!!!!! Delaney, from our dance class, turned 3 last week and today was her party....a dress up party!! Sam picked out the gift for her, and I'd made a skirt for her, and off we went. There were 13 girls there and they were all over the place! Sam played mostly by herself, and picked toys that no one else wanted....she did good! Ate her whole lunch that they had and then insisted that Delaney open her gift first!!!! It was cute!!  Then after the gifts were opened, she came and said she was upset they hadn't dressed up I told her to go find a dress and put it on...she came back down as Tinkerbell...DARLING!!!! She played for another half hour and came and told me she was we left a half hour early, but it was good! No sense making her stay when clearly she's done! She was in love with her goody bag too! A small mirror, chapstick and a ring!

Meanwhile, the boys were at home decorating the outside of the house!!! YAY for lights!!! They were also eating their lunch, and since Sam had already eaten, she just stayed outside and played. I came in and did the dishes, froze the soup and had a bowl, and then started getting ready for Howie's work's Christmas party. Good thing I started early too as my hair went freaky on me and it took some convincing (a flat iron AND a curling iron) to make it do what I wanted it to do!! Frustrating!!! Sarah came at 4:30 and it was very close to 5 when we actually left!

Dinner was already being served buffet style, which was new and far better a method!! Instead of gobs of people all eating at one time, the lines were easy to deal with! When you have 1000 people all in one room, it gets tricky!! I did good with my choices too!! The prime rib was fantastic! As was the smoked salmon...and the fresh fruit was DELISH!!! After all the speeches and videos and trips given out, we all headed upstairs for the second half of the nite! They had caricature artists (I think I counted 6 of them) all with lines, so I picked one...great pic of us!! They had the formal picture room...a craft room...a karaoke/pool table room...and a poker/blackjack room. Once our caricature was done, Howie went and played poker while my g/f Tiffany and I did the picture room like we did last year. Then we headed to the craft room...I wanted to do the hand in wax thing...but after waiting in line and barely moving for 25 minutes, we decided to make candles instead! Beeswax ones. They also had loose tea and you could make your own flavoured teas...not my style to do loose teas, but it smelled great!!!

On our way to finding the boys, we found dessert...I had some apple cranberry cobbler and a half scoop of ice cream...heavenly!!!! I've decided not to stress about my eating over the holidays and come January 2nd I'm going back on phase one! I won't indulge, but I won't deprive myself either!!! And I've found this AWESOME app called Lose It that is a calorie scan the food in you're eating and it automatically knows how many calories!! SO awesome!!!! And it remembers your foods, which is handy!!

About 10:45 we bid everyone goodbye and headed for home...I drove as Howie'd had a few, and he slept the whole way practically anyways....he'd gone fishing this morning and was very tired!! Got home about 11:30 and sent Sarah on her way home. Howie went to bed and I'm blogging...I've already done the make up off an washed my face...might try doing that earlier every nite now helpful!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's hard to believe

That this is my 1000th post!!!! Really?? How is that possible!?!?!?! Yeah sure it's almost been 4 years I've been blogging (WHAT!??!) but when the total hits 1000 after I submit this, it still boggles my mind! Granted, if I'd been as faithful as the title suggests (daily) then I'd have hit this milestone long ago...but, a girl does need to have fun once in a while!! :) Speaking of, tomorrow nite is a "fun" nite for blog Sunday've been warned!

Today I swelled with such parental pride it was ridiculous!!!!!

Third time IS a charm!!!!!

Over the past 18 months or so, DJ has had two opportunities to go on stage and sing songs that he's learned....the first two times being with VBS...the first with his hands down his pants (remember that?) and the second when he had his hands in his pockets and just stood there (that was this past summer)

So today I was anxious for him!

I shouldn't have been!

He did AMAZING up on that stage for his school Christmas program! He did most of the signs for the songs....sang most of the words to TEN (10) songs....sat quietly when it wasn't their turn to sing...didn't push anyone off stage....and most of all, HE DIDN'T HAVE HIS HANDS DOWN HIS PANTS!!!!!!!!!! Granted, they were busy wrapping around his neck, playing with his elbows, pulling on his ear, doing that self soothing thing with his tongue...but no hands were near his pants!!!! Oh, and he yawned A  LOT!!! 

It was just so awesome to see him up there...for the 1 pm show, it took him a few minutes to find me in the audience...I'd been snapping pix left right and center, and when he found me, he stuck his tongue out...rascal! And for the 7 pm showing, we sat further back to give other parents a chance to see the kids. I sure saw more when further back as I wasn't so focused on DJ for the second round.

I am a proud mama!!!

And a tired one...I'm off to bed! Was falling asleep while the kids watched a Christmas movie, but then when I got them in bed, I was wide awake! Watched an adult Christmas movie by one of my fave authors, Debbie Macomber, and thoroughly enjoyed it!! Got the lights exchanged, but haven't put them up yet...

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Who's bright idea was that!?!?!

To set the second alarm...MINE!!!!!! ALL mine!! And it worked!!! Well, sorta...I woke up at 7 with no children in my bed (unusual!!) and within seconds of the alarm going off, DJ came in and bugged me til the second alarm went off, and then I got up and got dressed while he fiddle farted around on my bed thinking he was being funny!

This morning we had to drive the kids to our church for their dress that's an extra 5 mins to the drive time this morning...but we got there at 8:24....and really, with kids EVERYWHERE, you'd never know who was late and who wasn't!! We hung around for a half hour and then left...I didn't want to see the performance before seeing "the" performance! So instead, Sam and I hung around town (read: mostly in the truck) and went to Freddy's to get 300 more lights for the tree, use their bathroom, and then head back to the church. I'd volunteered to drive kids back to school (read the title!)

I'd also volunteered to take a run for someone else in the Gleaners, and there was actually pizza to be picked we headed there after dropping the kids off. Then headed to the shed to drop it off, and then home for lunch. K and C came over to play with Sam for a bit...and she grudgingly got off the computer...she LOVES all the songs she's finding in Starfall! And she  makes me listen to them whenever she finds a new one too! While they were playing, I got the lights going....or tried to...two of the 3 strands were half out....grrrrrr.

K came with us to get DJ....and it was as I was getting ready to hang the wreath, that I realized I'd ordered the completely WRONG thing! I'd ordered garland, not a wreath! ACK! I called the school and they had extras, so I could swap them out easy...whew!!! Loaded them in the truck with the kids and off we went. Got DJ, did the swap and headed for home. Just as I crossed hwy 2, I got a phone call...I pull over to take it and it's a new Avon customer...and she'd like a new book...and she lives off Old Owen (the road I'm on!!!!!) so I get directions and we head there straight away! Quiet little neighbourhood I'd have never seen unless I knew it was there! Massive sized houses on decent sized property!!! The only thing missing was trees!!!

We got home and K came in to play for a bit....I got Sam in the bath. K went home just as Howie was coming in the house from work. I got Sam all done in the bath and while DJ was playing gave her an upside down braid!!!!! I'd seen a picture on Pintrest and it sparked my creativity! I showed her the picture and she let me do it...not without tears's hard at 3 to hold your head upside down while having your hair yanked on! But OMG was it gorgeous!!!!!! At first I did a high pony with the hair at the top...she HATED it...and then I did the "her hair" bow and it was awesome!! Didn't pin it as it wasn't for real, but DARLING!!!! Again, she hated it, yet loved looking at it in the mirror!

After dinner we decorated the tree (read the title again!!) and the kids helped (and again!) but since the top third of the tree is still dark, and the kids can't reach that high anyways, they only decorated what they could...and what a fun time that was!!! ha! Most of the ornaments are grouped together...and I tried explaining how not to do that, but it fell on deaf children!! Not literally, but quite figuratively! Then since it was almost 8, we did the teeth thing and read two stories before bed. I then had a crying jag putting the kids to bed....I'm having a hard time with Sam wanting to be 4...I just love her at this age!!! And DJ at this age too!! They both thought I was weird to be crying, and Sam just kept hugging me and kissing me. DJ didn't know what to do! lol typical male!

Oh, I have to tell you what Samantha did this morning that broke my heart! We're walking thru Freddy's and she's lagging behind me, I turn around to see her and she's got her right hand in her coat sleeve, and her left one is out...but the look on her face was very telling (she'll never do well at poker) and I asked her where her hand was...she lifted up the sleeve and sad, "in here" and so I asked her to show me her hand, and out popped this little fist holding a chapstick. "I just wanted it!" was her reason! So we talked about stealing, and how it's a sin, and she put it right back! Here's hoping the lesson sticks!!!! OY!!

Ok, back to my evening...X Factor totally blew it tonite!!!! Marcus should have gone home...but instead they sent Drew! Just a bad decision all around!! I thought it was America's choice, but I guess they just choose the bottom 2 and the judges do the rest. Interesting! I only caught the last 5 minutes of it what with putting kids to bed and getting coffee ready for tomorrow. Howie went to bed and I left it on that channel and caught my first ever Bones episode...or rather, half of it as the tv switched to record Whitney and I was already recording CMA I watched that instead and thoroughly enjoyed the heck outta all the songs!!! Amy Grant and Faith Hill gave me chills!!!! And Little Big Town rocked it on the vocals!!! Loved all of it...well, except for Rascal Flatts...just don't care for them!! :x  Then I watched Whitney and it was hysterical!!! If you haven't seen this show, do check it out!!! I was lol'ing literally so much!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little notice would have been nice!

This morning I learned something vital about the iPhone...

The alarm, is wonderful....

But if you slide the bar all the way across>>>


And we woke up at 7:44....ACK!!!!

Needless to say, this was definitely a "tardy slip" kind of day!! And as we were heading in, the kids were heading across the street for a DJ ran his backpack to his cubby hole and joined his class. Sheesh!!! I then filled out some paperwork so I can drive kids tomorrow from the real rehearsal at our church, to the school. ...which I definitely read the form wrong in the first place thinking I'd be driving them at 8:30, not Sam and I will just stick around town and then head home for noonish eat and turn around and go back to get him. Argh, waste of a day! Ok, not really as I'm helping out, but darnit!!

Today was a ballet day, but we had to drop off books to SVEC first....chatted with a few friends and then we headed to the dance center to wait til it was time for her class. Of course, she had to pee before that time, and we went in early to do that, and get changed into her outfit. She's just mesmerized by all the pix on the wall of the dancers. I just love seeing her fascination! She did awesome in class too...we've been working on her latest step, chasse (sounds like shaw-say) and its side to side step...she constantly turns her body as if to run. And today they learned another one, sounds like show-tay....I's a jumping one.

Since there was no pizzas to pick up today, we headed to the school to pick up the wreaths that we'd ordered as part of the fund raiser....thankfully we could get them early as DJ was coming home with the neighbours today and asking her to get them for me would have been a lil much. I can't wait to hang ours tomorrow!!  After lunch I decided to get the lights on the tree...with only one kids, its much more manageable....and she got bored after opening the boxes of lights and went back to the computer to play starfall. Turns out, 500 lights is NOT enough for our tree this year...and I need at least 200 if not 300 more! The top third is bare of lights right now! But the kids love what's done so far! So do I! Once I got done with the last strand I went to wash my hands...NO WATER!!! Not one drop! With absolutely NO notice either!! I had some water on hand and finished washing my hands, but dang!!!!!

So with no water, I couldn't really do anything that involved water, and so Sam and I snuggled in the chair with her blanket and watched tv til DJ got home. At which point we had water...BROWN water!!! Makes ya take water for granted now don't it!?!?! I couldn't imagine living way back when, when water was dirty! Blech!! But this wasn't earth dirty, it was rusted pipe dirty!! Even worse! Howie thought the toilet was plugged when he flushed and saw brown...I'd forgotten to tell him bout the brown part.

Dinner was eaten in record time for an Awana was leftover sketti night and with the addition of bread and butter, DJ was the second one done!!! I was blown away!! Bread is his motivator! Since doing South Beach, we've eliminated a lot of bread from our diets...but this was handmade whole wheat from Panera, and it was ever so tasty!! And I Can't Believe Its Not Butter is THE best!!!!!! You'd never know it wasn't real!!  Awana was good and went by quickly! Found out our overall secretary is leaving the end of December, and we're not sure who's replacing her...I sure as heck don't want that job!!! No thank you! I'll have enough on my hands with the auction! She wanted to warn me tho, so I don't get roped into it as she knows its not my intention!

We got home and after much discussion in the truck, had a bed time battle that was awfully loud! I finally had to pause the tv and have Howie help me as he usually waits til they're in bed to join us, but tonite, DJ was a PILL!!! Finally they were both quiet at 9! Far too late, but when we get home at 8:40, in the grand scheme of things, it's not bad...just frustrating...there were no teeth brushed, and no books read. I'd already done up Howie's lunch and coffee so I was able to sit and chat with him and watch X Factor. He got an iPhone today and was entering contact info on the new phone the whole time we were gone. He'd even found some apps I'd not gotten yet! HA! Now, we're officially an iFamily! We've gone over to the dark side!!!!

Ok, X Factor is okay...I don't agree with adding back up singers, or dancers or any kind of distraction for a SINGING COMPETITION!!! Let them sing for crying out loud! It's not a concert...they're trying to prove they can sing! Just a pet peeve! I missed hearing Drew, but from the clip, she did just that...sing! And it was Michael Jackson nite, whoop de doo!! As soon as Howie went to bed, I watched I Hate My Teenager's pilot show....while I love Jaime Pressley....I don't like the title. It was a funny show tho! She's got such comedic timing! Then I watched Survivor...I have NO sympathy for Cochran whatsoever!!! Such a scammer! Psych was good...even if I don't care for William Shatner...never liked him on Star Trek either...just sayin! And I'm SO not a trekkie!!!

Til next time...God bless!