Monday, October 31, 2011

This weekend has been

VERY fast!! And for some reason, faster than most!

Yesterday we got up late (but still early!) for DJ's game, good thing I had breakfast all ready to heat n eat! Howie took DJ and I took he left all of 3 minutes before us and we arrived together...Howie's dad came and so did Jake...and my g/f Shirah came too! DJ had a mediocre game too, kind of a let down after the last couple weeks! It seemed like he was watchin the ball good til they changed hands and ran the play in the other direction and he lost track of it!

After the game Howie left us for work...and the 3 of us headed for home immediately! I had a Norwex show at 1pm and the sitter was coming for noon...and I needed to get myself presentable! Not an easy feat sometimes! In the end tho, I even had time to make the kids' lunches and have them start on them before I left! They were both very excited for Deborah to come....Sarah's sister....Sarah was busy with a previous engagement, so we used Deborah for the first time. I'd forgotten how much info needs to be exchanged to a new sitter!

The show went great!! Started late, but still got done and outta there by 3 which was my goal! Then I met up with an Avon client at my boyfriend's job, couldn't spend too much time with him as I needed to get home for the sitter to go. Her mom came to pick her up and we chatted a bit before they left. Then it was me n the kids til bedtime!! We did leftovers for dinner and then they each got a bath before going to bed. They were out pretty quickly too what with playing with Deborah all afternoon!! Howie got home about 9:30 and was in bed an hour later he was so tired! They had a Spooktacular event for families at the club and he got to work....he was kidded out!

This morning, we were actually AT church with 8 minutes to spare!!! Not sure we've ever done that before! I got up with the kids and Howie slept til just after 9 when I woke which point the kids were fed and dressed for church it was just us that needed to get ready. I found a pair of pants I hadn't worn in years in the closet and they were too big, but did the trick. Until we're sitting in service, I bend down to pick something up for the umpteenth time for DJ and the zipper pops....YIKES!!!! I knew the pants were old (probably 15 years or more) but dang!!!! I quickly walked to the bathroom and re-zipped them back up.

After church we went to Lowes...the kids' toilet handle broke yesterday and its the most used toilet in the house what with all that dog poop flushing! We also walked around the Christmas decorations and the kids were thrilled with that! Then we stopped at a new buffet place we've been talking about trying....and were VERY impressed!!! The food was really good!! They didn't have the kid staples, like mac n cheese or pizza so they had to branch out their palates today! AND they both LIKED what I put on their plates! Sweet n Sour chicken. Egg rolls. Honey Chicken. Yakisoba noodles. Beef n Broccoli. and a few other things! DJ was oh so close to trying some sushi, but at the last second said no....Sam wanted no part of that! lol Neither of them liked the desserts either...but loved their ice cream!!!

When we got home I got started on that I have the Norwex detergent again I wanted to do the kids sheets and blankets...especially Sam's! They helped me strip the beds which was new to them at we're usually doing it in the middle of the nite after an accident. They also tidied up the downstairs and did a good job...til after dinner when they went down there to play and messed it all up again...but the initial clean was what they needed to carve pumpkins. We still had DJ's field trip pumpkin and the 3 out in the garden to do. I have to say, the ones I grew were so amazing to work with!!! Soft flesh and smelled less pungent than the farm ones! DJ wanted scary faces again and Sam wanted happy I gave DJ a vampire one and an angry eye browed one. Sam got one with hearts for eyes and then one with stars for eyes...she was very pleased with my talent! LOL

Since none of us were really hungry for dinner even tho it was after 6, the kids and I headed to the shed to shop...good haul too! Howie and I had chatted before hand and he was going to light all the pumpkins up while we were was cute to hear the gasps in the backseat! We got in and the kids each had the sandwiches they picked out with half an apple as their dinner...oh and chips and hummus too! Howie and I were still not hungry...but I was downing the water!

Howie went to bed in between DJ falling asleep and Sam going to day off is not enough sometimes!! I got his lunch and coffee ready and then sat down and watched Amazing Race (today actually looked doable!) and then Desperate Housewives (laughable for the most part!!) and the Good Wife (which was good too!) and now I'm ready for bed. I didn't blog last nite as I fell asleep in my chair watching tv and when I woke just took myself to bed! Sorry about that! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Rock The House

Meadowdale rocks the house

And when Meadowdale rocks the house

We rock it all night long!

We are officially WESCO (don't ask what it stands for, cuz I'm not sure) champs!!! And we got that way with another undefeated year!!! The last two years that Jake's played football, they've been undefeated in regular season play!!! That is impressive!!! The stands were electrified last nite too!! Top it off, it was senior all the senior players had family members out on the track to honour them and thank them for putting up 4 years (or more) of football and that schedule. Jake originally asked to have DJ on the field with him, but with it being an 8pm game, AND a Thursday nite (school nite) it was just too much to put DJ thru that and have to live with the kid the next day!! So instead he had his dad and mom on the field with him...I got nice and close to take pix and the memory card flashed full! GRRRRRRRR Thank goodness Gayleen got a bunch of pix!!!

This morning I got a bit of a sleep in....with the game being last nite, he was back on regular Friday shift today....and got up with the kids and took DJ to school...first time he was on time this week!! So Sam and I had a lazy breakfast and got ready to head to the school to do hot lunch for 10:30. This time the lady who runs hot lunch got smart and brought a bin of toys in for SamSam and her son Sam...and they played while we served pretty much ALL the kids today!! I think I heard we had 100  of the 120 kids today!! It was mac n cheese, banana and cake with cherries and whipped cream. YUM!!!! Sam gobbled hers up too when it was finally her time to eat!

Then we waited in the truck for it to be recess time...I dozed off and almost missed recess all together. It was pouring rain my usual group decided to stay in (there's no cover where we go) and I joined up with DJ's crowd for their recess under the basketball what a chaotic recess that was! I much prefer the older grades thankyouverymuch! After recess Mrs Hughes gave me some stuff to photocopy and cut up and I got it all done before school let out at 3...I think I'm at 17 hours of my 20 hours for volunteering!! Not bad for the first 2 months of school!! I don't think I have another hot lunch tho til January the way the schedule worked available Fridays are holidays coming up...but we'll still have recess duty!

When I picked DJ up outside he was great...then we got in the truck and I learned he didn't eat his lunch!!! He ate the cake, that was it!! Oh and one bite of the mac n cheese and didn't like it!!! I then spent the next hour listening to him cry/whine/moan about how hungry he was just pitiful!! We discussed about how if he'd eaten his lunch we wouldn't be having this discussion!! This was while we were in Freddy's by the way...and I refused to get him a cookie too! His behaviour was atrocious!!!! He couldn't get a grip on it! So he suffered.

Then  on the way home he fell 20 minutes of my day!!! WOW!!! I got everything in the house and Belle out potty before I woke them up (Yep, Sam fell asleep too) and got them in the which point the begging/pleading/crying/whining/moaning continued! I kid you not!! Now, as I'm making his dinner his is going which point I sent him to his room as I didn't want to be on the news for child abuse! Dinner was a nice quiet moment too...the whining stopped!!

Since we ate so early (we were done at 6) we sat down and watched Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown....and I have to say, I don't like it!! Lucy calls her brother "stupid" and a "blockhead"....not nice! And she's just a big ol meanie really!!! The kids enjoyed it...and watched it twice. So while they were on their second viewing, I went and had a shower!  Then, thankfully, it was their bed time...but it still took me 45 minutes to get them there!! They were both over tired and I was worn out!! And they were both still awake when Howie came home minutes after I'd shut DJ's he put them both back to bed before sitting down to eat dinner.

We then watched Once Upon A Time...the previews looked great...and I have to say, it WAS great!!! Hard to do character development in the first hour of any series, but they did a great job!! I'll be watching again this Sunday instead of waiting for On Demand! Its already set up in dvr! Howie went to bed half way thru as he was whupped!! So I watched Grey's (FUNNY!!!!!) and Private Practice (equally funny and horrific) and now I'm heading to bed!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

She bounces quick!!!

Just like that, this morning it was like she wasn't sick!! She reminded me, while half asleep no less, that she was allowed to have some crystal light today....yesterday was all about water, and she wanted some CL, but with her tummy, I told her to wait til today...she remembered that and wanted it NOW!! We woke up late, so breakfast was on the go! Then we got caught behind a bus that made two VERY long 40 second stops...then the train caught us in town...there was NO way I was gettin him to school on time! The golden window of opportunity lies between 8:06 am and 8:12 am...before that you hit the buses, and after that you get the train! ugh!

After dropping him off, Sam and I went to the post office to mail off a couple things...then the dentist next door to make the kids' appointment for a cleaning (the 5th in case I forget!) and then to SVEC to drop off books...which took A LOT longer than I anticipated! But we plowed thru it and got it done. I say we, but really mean me...Sam was no help at all!!! lol

From there we headed to the dance center to wait til it was our turn....she has very little patience!!! But she made it and was ADORABLE in her black swan outfit...even tho really, it was just her black tutu, body suit and red tights!! We don't have "princess" costumes, so she didn't have one to wear to dress up for halloween...and her monkey suit would have had her sweating up a storm!!! So I called her outfit "black swan" to make a joke, and they thought it was awesome! lol Who am I to let them down!??!  She thrilled in their new move...a twirl with her hands above her head...just excelled at it too!!

After dance we picked up pizzas and dropped them off at the shed before heading home for lunch...I made the grave mistake of trying to keep Sam awake on the way home...she was almost out cold too!When she was done eating she laid on the chair with a blanket (it was COLD today...even saw frost on the way to school) and no go for the nap!! So I got dinner on the stove and hopped in the shower before Howie got home. Tonite was a super early dinner as DJ had football pictures in town at 5:35...and then he met us at Awana and Howie came home to enjoy his 3 hours of peace and quiet!!

It was pj's and snack and then bed for the it was, it was still 9:17 when I closed DJ 's door for the second time! Then I got lunches and coffee ready for tomorrow before sitting down with a needle and thread to add patches to the kids' Awana vests...they either need to make the patches iron on or self stick somehow...they're extremely thick to sew on and hurt my fingies!! In any case, I got them done while watching Survior and Happy Endings. Then I watched Revenge...thoroughly enjoyed that one tonite!! Kinda creeped me out tho! And Belle instantly barking outside when I took her to potty scared me even more!! Hate when she does that!!! Then I got a scam phone call on the bat phone at 12:38!!! Who does that!?!?!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have discovered

That I don't function real well on 2 hours of sleep!! But that's all I got before I woke up to SamSam crying in the I grab my glasses and go investigate...she's thrown up at her door trying to open it to get to the bathroom...and it's a lovely pesto green!! *gag* So I get her cleaned up, in a new pull up and new jammies and bring her and a bowl to bed with me...not 20 minutes later she's throwing up I take her out to the living room so as not to bother Howie.

And she was on a 25 minute cycle...she'd doze, I'd just start to doze, she'd moan, and then throw up! After an hour of this she was dry heaving...but just like DJ, I wasn't giving her squat! Then before we knew it, Howie was up for the work day...left for the work day...and DJ was up at 5:50...told him to go back to bed, he said no...told him to go to my bed, he said he grabbed a blanky and a pillow and went back to sleep in Howie's chair.

My eyes were like sandpaper when the alarm went off at 7...but DJ just bounced right up and announced it's a school day! I'd already emailed the gal we were to have a school thing with for one of the groups I volunteered to be on to let her know we wouldn't be attending due to illness. I tried to make DJ be quiet, but he was just too excited for we had breakfast, he packed his backpack with his lunch and snack...then I woke Sam up and got her ready to go with us, jammies and all. As we're putting shoes on she starts heaving which point I thought I was gonna have both of them puking....DJ can NOT handle the sight/smell/sound of someone puking in front of him...a Dr he will not be!! LMAO
Dropped DJ off and turned right around and headed for home...Sam had already used the bowl once on the way there...and then again on the way I messaged the gal I was to drop the books to and told her it wasn't gonna be today...turns out she was takin her youngest daughter to get casted for a broken arm. Once home we put the Disney channel on and she watched that in between the dry heaving...which slowed down some. So much so we tried a tablespoon of water and it stayed down. So then an hour later, I tried two tablespoons...bad mistake! Poor thing was upchucking within seconds!! So we waited another couple hours (and a nap) to try again and only did 1 tablespoon at a time an hour apart.

Howie and DJ got home from work and I was well on the laundry train!! My Norwex order came and I had soap again!!! It piled up some over the weekend once I knew the soap would be here today. Like 7 loads worth! Mind you, some of that is pukey laundry we wouldn't normally have!!! Oh, and those ill fated jammies DJ pooped those suckers cleaner than new!!!! The first wash they still had an I put some odor eliminator IN the wash and they came out smelling AWESOME!!!!!! You'd never know they were full of shit 3 days ago!!! Literally!!! lol

Dinner was just the three of us...Sam tried to sit with us, but ended up laying on the couch instead. After dinner there were no baths to be given so we worked on the kids' verses for of right now Samantha is cut off of all extra curricular activities...but DJ is not...and he's got two verses a week! Awana kinda snuck up on us this week...or me rather! Been so busy on puke patrol the days ran into each other.

After the kids were in bed we watched X Factor....and I'm officially hooked into this show now!!! That was a tough elimination round!! SO glad that Simon didn't keep Tiah...the three girls he did keep were THE best!!! The groups I'm good with...and the over 30's I'm more than good with...but I have no clue who was kept in the boy's group as I wasn't around to watch that one! Should be an interesting show! Other than that, there wasn't much else I cleaned up the dvr a bit and now I'm more than ready for bed!!! Early too!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


If I could, I would take this sickness on me instead of DJ being the one down for the count! This morning he didn't wake til just before 9 and then came back to me 5 minutes later saying he'd tried throwing up but nothing came out...poor guy!!! But since I had made plans to run to town and do a couple errands, that's what we did! DJ didn't get out of his pj's...just added socks and a sweatshirt...his choice! We did the bank errands, and met up with my g/f Kody and did the books at the shed before coming back home. At which point, he assumed the position on the couch!

He was hungry tho, so had some goldfish and seemed okay for a while. We read a book I got from the shed that had the Bug's Life characters in it, so I tried finding it on go, dvd only! So frustrating...tell me again why we're paying 9.00 a month for this...especially since they've taken Dexter, and a couple series that Howie was watching, off the instant stream option. GRRRRRR And they still don't have close captioning on their programming.

Ok, back to my day....instead the kids watched Dragon Tales...3 episodes of it....DJ and I snuggled on the couch (with Belle, who was an angel!!) til Howie called and we talked dinner choices. Then I got a call from the hearing aid place. My hearing aid that I dropped off on Friday is NOT fixable by any means!! It was pretty messed up!! *sigh* And she told me this happens on earth!!?!?! This is the first time a dog's eaten my aid...unlike my homework...I could totally see Belle doing that tho come to think of it! So we talked options about what's out there now as the ones (or one now) that I have is 5 and a half years old...which is old in the tech world of hearing aids! She was telling me that they now have ones that are bluetooth capable and can also hook into the tv so you don't have to have it so that would be awesome! Not necessary, but damn that would be good! I have no clue how it works...however, I'm curious! In any case, it'll have to wait til January before we do anything....and thankfully it was my left aid she got as I'm right ear I can still hear fairly well!

DJ fell asleep while I was on the phone with the hearing Sam and I enjoyed our quiet and she chose Barney!!! Howie came home and he slept on...I tried waking him at 4:30 but no bueno! Since he wasn't going to football practice, he didn't NEED to be awake...I tried 3 times tho to wake him up! Whew! He didn't want our dinner and instead had some toast and jam...and seemed to perk right up! So much so, he was making a fine old mess in the bathroom during bath time!! 

Sleep however, was not his friend right away....he came out maybe 10 mins after being put down and said he couldn't sleep and wanted to be with me til I went to sleep...HA, not happenin kid!! My "me" time is when he IS alseep!! So I tok him back to his room, read two more books, and put the music back on...didn't hear a peep from him since!! So I watched tv and knit!!

And then frogged the hat I'd started and was VERY close to finishing...'cept I tried it on, and it fits me but isn't long enough...and it's for clearly I have the wrong pattern on the go!!! OY!!! Unravelling an eyelash yarn is pure torture!!! It took all of Hart of Dixie AND half of Castle to get my mess untangled!! Sheesh!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, October 24, 2011

What started off

As a good weekend went to shit in a hand basket pretty quick!!!


DJ had another AWESOME football game on Saturday morning with two flag captures...and it was steadily raining...even Howie had an umbrella up!! Sam added one to her Christmas list...yes, we've started those already!! Keeps the "I wants" to a

Then we got home from football and Howie said he wasn't feeling well, so he went to lay down and took a 3+ hour nap....the kids played downstairs with Jessica who came over and I was upstairs folding laundry and puttering.  At 3 I left to go to the shed to an unload of the run that was coming in...I filled in for another gal who's been sick all week. About 4 I got a text from Howie that DJ threw up...and I tried calling right away...just as the number was dialed, the phone went dead...grrrrr. So it wasn't til I got home that I could assess the situation. At which point, he was throwing up again...and again...and again...poor kid!!! I lost track of how many times he threw up for the 8 hours he was throwing up for. The kids both went to bed after a bath shortly after 8...and SamSam (who'd had a cat nap at 5!!) took til almost 10 to fall asleep...then at 10:30 the shitstorm happened.

I was watching tv when I saw the light go on in the bathroom and DJ go in (I can see on the reflection of the fireplace glass) and so I went in to see how he was doing...he had his pants down and was about to sit on the toilet but was gagging at the same time....from the smell!! He had NO clue he'd shit himself...*gag* as I'm writing this...and so he sat down (pants half down) and tried throwing up in the toilet...meanwhile I got the shower running and asked Howie if he could take care of this as I'm gagging now too. I can deal with puke, but poop is another story! *gag* he said no, that he'd be puking too....great! So I go in and get him undressed and in the shower and cleaned up. Then I put him on the couch and try to deal with the pj them somewhat rinsed off and decided to bag it...literally...wasn't sure they were worth saving! Even if they were new!!

Then I wanted him back in bed, and I didn't...his room decided for me that I didn' reeked of shit...took the sheets off the bed even tho there was nothing on them, and tossed 'em downstairs. I also bleached the tub and toilet to help with the smell too! *gag* It was just awful!!! Since I wasn't sure if there would be another poop 'splosion, I let him sleep on the couch and I slept in my chair...not the most comfortable, but I was right there for him when he needed to dry heave at 1:30.  Howie was up at 6:15 and took over watching him sleep....I went to bed and told him we were NOT going to church!

I then got up at 9:30 and came out to eat breakfast. DJ was back to his normal self...and had a piece of toast in front of him...and he'd had some water! No more vomiting and he was begging to carve his pumpkin...something we were to do yesterday!! I was shocked at his turn around!! He bounces quick that's for sure!! After I ate, I hopped in the shower and got ready to head out is helping with the deliveries, but there's still a few to do when the time comes.

My goal was to be home by 4...but it wasn't til 4:30 that I actually got home....and found my truck parked in the garage!!!!! I'd asked Howie to make it possible soon now that the rains have found us again...and really...why not!?!? lol He (and the kids) made it possible!! We then got right into carving the pumpkins!! DJ was good with gettin his hands in there and digging out the guts...but Miss SamSam, yeah, that lasted all of one teeny tiny scoop...and then she was off washing her hands! Cracked us up!! But hey, its more than last year...and the year before that she screamed bloody murder when we tried to get her to do it! So we're at least getting some progress!!  They each drew their own faces on with a dry erase marker....oh it was CUTE!!!! Sam drew her eyes too small, so I used them for the pupils of the eyes...and her nose was too small...but her "smile" (she wanted a happy pumpkin) was good...I just made it bigger and with 7 teeth as requested!! DJ on the other hand, drew an awesome face (he wanted an angry/mad) face and his has 10 teeth that will bite you!! lol They were both thrilled with our lack of artistic talent in this department!

After dinner I headed to the shed to shop and then came home to put kids to bed...then Howie watched bit of Amazing Race with me and went to bed himself.  I love how that race can change from week to week! You can be in first and all of a sudden, with one wrong move, you're dropped 5 places!! Fascinating to watch! Then Desperate Housewives, which was comical in so many ways!! And then The Good Wife, which was good! Always good! Now I'm heading to watch the backs of my eye lids...I hear they're having a double feature! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


This morning DJ was up pretty quick as he knew it was field trip day to the same pumpkin patch we went to on Monday. But did that help us get out the door on time?!?! Nooooo! And to be fair, some of that is my fault as it wasn't til 7:50 that I realized my plan for the morning included a trip to costco and that meant we weren't coming back and needed to eat and deal w/ Belle. Ugh! In any case, he got his first tardy slip...and I'm sure it won't be the last!!

SamSam and I ended up waiting in costco's parking lot (we were 2nd) for an hour til they opened at 10. Samantha enjoys being unbuckled in the truck...and watchin a movie of her choosing. Then we get in there and we got lost looking at all the toys and games and clothes before even doing our shopping!! All told we spent and hour and a half in there and raced home to have lunch. While we were eating my Avon came, which was good as I was starting to stress about it! They've changed my driver's route and he's how 4 hours later than what I'm used to! So I quickly packed up the orders and got the ones ready for today's delivery ready to go out the door!!

First we had recess duty and I wasn't sure if it would be outside due to rain, but we were still on!! When we got out there it was barely the end of recess, it was comin down didn't seem to mind much...and no one melted!! As we were using the bathroom, DJ's class came back from the Farm. So we grabbed his pumpkin and boots and took them to the truck to make it easier on him. Then Samantha and I went to the truck...her to watch Horton and me to read. Once school let out we did some Avoning before heading home.

When we got home the kids tried to go next no answer til I noticed them out front riding bikes...then K came over to play and I went and had a shower. K stayed while we had dinner and then the 3 of them headed next door. I got ready in peace and then the babysitter showed up. I called over to have the kids come home and they weren't I left w/o hugs!!! Wow! I stopped for gas and then headed to Jake's game in Edmonds. I was walking up to the ticket booth when the Mavs scored their first TD!!! Jake had another awesome interception!!! So proud!! After the game (we won 142-7) we waited to see Jake and then headed home to relieve Sarah. Then I got started making breakfasts for tomorrow morning. Whew!! Now I'm off to bed after watching Sweet Home Alabama Updates...good to see Adam and Devin are still workin on it!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ten Twenty

Today would have been my Grams' 94th birthday...she still makes me smile with all her legacies she's left behind. Just this morning I read something my cousin put on his fb status that just totally paid tribute to her memory....probably something no one outside of our family (first cousins only tho) would understand and appreciate....

Blubby Blossoms

That's what Grandma said when she was irritated, overwhelmed, get the drift.

Then it got me thinking of more legacies she left...but they're not all good ones, sadly. Like "love the one you're with" or "I'll let you do (fill in the blank) for me..."

But no matter what, I still love her!!! I should start adopting Blubby Blossoms as my go to phrase...usually its one of the two sentences/phrases I know in Bulgarian...and everyone looks at me like I'm an alien...maybe Blubby Blossoms would be less traumatic LOL

This morning after getting DJ to shcool (his first almost tardy day) SamSam and I headed to Freddy's to do the grocery shopping...and ended up spending THREE hours there!!! Sheesh!! I did get some Christmas shopping done tho...and I did get that coat for myself...and we did socialize with our jewellery girl and my g/f Kody came and met up with us for an apple swap...but still, THREE hours!!!!!

We didn't get home til 1 as I'd stopped at Staples too to do some printing...luckily I'd bought Sam a lunchable and she got her lunch right away....I on the other hand, had to put the groceries away so I could  make lunch!! After lunch, whiny Sam came for a visit....I don't much like whiny Sam...then stubborn Sam joined in...2 hours of whining and crying...I should have put her in her room from the get go and made her "rest" as she needed it!!

By the time Howie got home with DJ, I was ready to join in!!! Then I learned DJ had another bad day...and lost a recess...he called another boy a 'baby' and that's not acceptable!! I'm so glad he's learning more than just letters and numbers....and that there's rules for him to live by at school. The minute he had to tell me what he'd done, he was in tears!!! So we talked about it and even discussed him losing his football practice as a home punishment...but in the end he went. And had an AMAZING practice too!! Captured 8 flags's hoping the streak continues on Saturday!

Dinner was left overs...I bathed Sam before, so she ate in her pj's and I didn't make her wait for the rest of us...then after dinner I bathed DJ and got them both in bed. DJ's back order books from the book fair came home today...he thanks you Grandma!! I asked him why he got the books and he said "because she loves me!!" awwwwwwww

After my chores were done, Howie went to bed and I got busy working on my Avon books for the next campaign...while doing so I watched BBT (hahaha and that stupid kitty song is just as bad as the one from Friends!!) and Rules of Engagement came back on, which is good as its replacement sucked!!! Then Grey's and Private Practice....Grey's was good, but kind of a repeat in a way....and PP was very thought provoking!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesdays are no longer

Referred to as Hump Day....I shall lovingly call them She Naps Day!! And its all because of ballet!! I had planned on taking the camera today, but it wasn't til we were well on our way to dropping DJ off when I realized it :(  and we were time crunched,  so no turning back....there's always next week lol

After dropping DJ off we went to the co-op to get dog foods...then the bank til I realized I'd forgotten my deposit sitting on the we drove to Freddy's and hung out in the parking lot. Well, til SamSam needed to we headed in to use the bathroom. On the way out I got sidetracked by some sweatpants that are on sale...and then water/wind resistant coats. I found a GORGEOUS plum coloured coat that was originally 100 and its on sale for 40...and it fits nice!! All my coats are swimming on me!! Samantha wasn't thrilled w/  my dallying and demanded we go back to the truck lol. So we did and waited out til it was time to head to the studio. We got changed there instead of Freddy's this week and then watched the tail end of the first class before going in for hers.

After class we hit up both pizza places for pick ups and then headed to the shed to drop them off before heading home. We had lunch and then she fell asleep in Howie's chair for 90 minutes. I took advantage of her quietness and bagged up the rest of the chicken for freezing and then made a chicken chili for dinner before waking her up. She beat me to it and was calling out for me from the bathroom. She'd peed herself awake...and it went all up her back....which in her mind made her back "sick" and hurt. I offered medicine but she declined. So we sat on the floor and I rubbed her back, but it wasn't good enough lol. So instead once she was dressed she headed out to play w/ the boys next door. DJ got home at 3:30 and after peeing, he went out to play. I decided to grab a shower while they were both happy. Samantha found me just as I stepped out.  Howie was home shortly and we had an early dinner for Awana nite.

We left w/ plenty of time to make it to the bank before Awana...but my mom called 2 seconds after we left the chatted w/ her and dad and it wasn't til I was at the light to turn left that I realized we'd driven right past the bank...and w/ 3 minutes to closing I tried valiantly to get there!! No such luck...they were closed :(  so we turned back toward the church. Both kids enjoyed themselves...I even got to watch DJ without him knowing during his game time. I love doing that! And as SO proud his hands were in his POCKETS and not down his underwear!!! Whew!! Both kids earned badges tonite...SO awesome!! When it was all said and done we headed for home and for bed time!!

Once they were settled I got started w/ lunches and had my first ever rock/paper/scissors battle. We only had one fudgesicle left in the Howie said "best 2 out of 3 and winner gets it". I WON!!!! Haha I've never done that to my knowledge!!! Howie then decided to go to bed instead lol. I got my chores done before savoring every bite!! Good thing grocery shopping is on the to-do list!! Since he was in bed, I watched Modern Family, Happy Endings, Survivor and Revenge. Kind of an ironic list really LOL

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DJ and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!!

This morning I almost slept right thru!! I woke with the alarm at 7 and instead of hitting snooze, I hit the dismiss button (on my phone) and dozed off...woke up exactly 9 minutes later (that's the snooze amount on a regular clock, not the phone, on there it's 5 minutes, what a rip off!) and got up...then woke DJ up and he went in very sweetly and woke SamSam up. They both got dressed and we got breakfast under way. DJ got his lunch and snack ready to go in his backpack and we were off! The bus that's my tell tale, was just picking the kids up at the end of our street, so we weren't too late today.

DJ asked to walk in on his own, but I kinda like having Tuesday mornings to walk him in...just to start the week we walked in, and that's when we both noticed that Mrs Hughes wasn't in today :( the principal, however, was doing the subbing for today...and she's done it before, so DJ knows her. From here, Sam and I head to the home schooling school and drop off the books before heading for home.

Once home I get right into my Avoning and writing up my orders and getting that taken care of....Sam thoroughly enjoys herself and wanders in and out of the house. She asks for lunch on the back deck, and I oblige since its such a gorgeous day out!!! Shoot, if I'd have fit at the table, I'd have eaten out there with her!!! Since it's so nice out, I put Belle on the trolley for some fresh air...and Sam played outside with the boys next was fun to watch them play fighting, just bouncing on the trampoline and running around.

Howie was late picking DJ up due to back traffic on the way it was after 5 when they came in the house. DJ was quite melancholy and almost in tears when I asked how his day was. His response was "I made a lot of bad choices today" and then told me all he'd done wrong. He said "no" to Mrs Obbink...didn't do as he was told...stepped on Anthony's foot and then lied about it. The end result, he lost two of his three recesses, and after lunch had to lay his head on the table til lunch time was over. I'm hoping he's learned his lesson! We then carried out a punishment here at home and he had to sit on the couch til dinner time. And then after which point it was time for bed. We talked about his need to make better choices tomorrow and prayed he would.

His bed time book tonite was Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day....which DJ could relate to! And how every once in a while, we all have bad days! It was a cute book! Altho, I do hate (and I use that ironically) when books teach kids to "hate" the one part says "I hate lima beans" but my kids have never had them, so why would I put that in their heads?? I leave words out of books all the time! I've even taken a sharpie to some and gotten rid of the excessive adjectives! Even the Berenstain books have stuff in it that I don't agree calling, picking on one kid cuz she's different....doesn't need to be in their books! Ok, that's my .02 worth!

Once the kids were in bed, Howie and I watched X Factor and saw who was going thru to the live portion of the show, which I'm MORE than ready for!! And since I'm not used to watching live tv, I kept trying to fast forward the commercials!! D'oh! Then I watched Parenthood which was good...but if memory serves me, I wasn't sleep deprived after having my babies til they were 4 mos old...THEN they started messin with me! Still are for that matter! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Punkin Patch Kids

This DJ getting into bed with us is getting SO old!!!! Aside from locking the bedroom door (most times he comes in AFTER Howie leaves for work) what else is there to do to prevent him from doing it!?? This morning it was 6:50 when he came in...and then I kicked him out at 7:50 as I was SO sore from laying in one position and him on my arm deadening it. So when the boys finally left the bed, I stayed there!! Yep, Howie was home today in lieu of those lovely 20 hours he put in one day last he got up with them and I lazed!!

Course, I was up by 9 as the kids were raring to go to the pumpkin patch as promised! The sun was shining, it was just the perfect day for it too!!! We finally got out the door shortly after 11 and to the patch about noon. We didn't clue in that there were 3 buses in the bus lot that were visiting as well...but thankfully within a few minutes they were gone and we practically had the place to ourselves! The kids found the duck racing trough where  you pump the water to make the duck move...they loved that!!! Then I found the corn pit...instead of plastic balls, they had kernels of corn...the kids thought that was great!!! Then they discovered the slides in the "mining" area. Ran around a shelter that had a perimeter of straw bales piled up. We looked at all the farm animals there, pet a kitten, and saw some 2 week old bunnies....washed our hands and went punkin picking!! Sam found her first one right away...she wanted a small one she could carry...and found it!! DJ on the other hand took a bit longer trying to find his and Daddy kept pointing out "better" ones. In the end DJ got a massive one, and Sam upgraded to a basketball sized one!!

We bought them (and some corn on the cob) and headed for lunch...our first thought was to do the new buffet in town, but after talking about it, we decided to do Red Robin for the kids. We all enjoyed our lunches and then headed for the school to pick up DJ's school pictures! I've been SO excited for these since I saw them online...they were so protected by the photographer I couldn't give anyone a sneak peek! The most precious picture of him EVER!! Check it out on fb...I made it my profile pic!

We finally got home about 3:30 and had some time to relax...well Howie did, I uploaded pictures from today to fb...the kids played outside...unfortunately killing ladybugs was their choice of activity. We came home to the house smothered in them!! Ladybugs are good luck right!?!? lol  About 4:30 DJ and Howie headed back to town for football practice while Sam and I stayed home to get dinner ready. With having such a late lunch, it didn't bother me that dinner wasn't til 7...Sam wasn't thrilled with it, and let me know in her own whiny ways...but she survived!

After dinner I bathed DJ and got both kids in bed...then did some Avon stuff til about 9:30 and then sat and watched tv. Howie went to bed as he's no longer interested in HIMYM which was quite funny!! Then I watched 2 Broke Girls which was also funny with the 90's theme.  Then 2.5 Men which was a classic!!! Mike & Molly was good too, I really do love Melissa McCarthy...just wish they wouldn't make her use pillows to cover up her size! And then Hart of Dixie...which is my new fave! Its quirky...home towny feeling, and the accents are just awesome!!!! Not to mention the country music in the background all the time!

Now, lunches are is set...I'm off to find my pillows!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Me and my shadow

This morning was just me and Sam...and we were STILL late to church!! Why is it I can't get there on time!?!?! I can get to school on time. Dr appts on time. Awana AT THE CHURCH on time. Pretty much anything, but Sunday services!!! I think part of it is my lack of enjoyment with the music portion of the if I miss that, I'm really okay with it!! Like today, I got one song in before our visiting pastor from Uganda did his extra long sermon. 

After church was a social, so Sam and I stayed and were social...there was even cake involved...she got the cake, I got the fruit. Then we headed to Freddy's to get gas in the car...then to home, but on the way I noticed that the consignment shop was open and DJ desperately needs some pants that he'll be happy with. He's right in between sizes and some 5's are like capris on him and some 6's are 2 inches too long and he HATES having them past his ankles!! He's so picky about his clothes like that...sounds like my dad! Go figure! I found 4 pair of pants, and then looked at shoes with Miss SamShoeaholicSam and while I had the pants hung up all on top of each other, I noticed 2 pair of them were the 2 inch long variety...and since we currently have 4 pair waiting for a growth spurt, I put them back. I also found 2 pair of pj's for him as he's growing out of the footed ones, and the 2 piece ones are too long again...oy!!

We left there and headed for home with a quick stop at the shed to see what was brought in yesterday...not much, but I did get some goodies for the kids and some vegan brownies for Howie. When we finally got home, Howie and DJ were already home from fishing and they had no fish caught! What a bummer for the last trip on the boat this year!!  DJ sure did enjoy his thermals tho!! Wasn't cold for one minute!! And his boots did the trick too!!! YAY!! Other than new snow pants, possibly, he is set for winter!! I'd say "bring it on" but I'm very afraid to!!

After the late lunch I made for us all, Howie and DJ went out to clean the boat....I laid on the couch and was rudely awoken by DJ yelling at me that Sam let Belle out again...two days in a row now! Howie was already out there and DJ was taking the leash to her, so I dealt with Samantha. Belle was brought back in one piece and Sam was let out of her room. But my nap, it was ruined!! Sadly! That's two days in a row!! lol  I then puttered and cleaned the kids their laundry ready to be washed and put some squash in the oven for our late dinner.

After dinner the kids got their jammies on and played around til bed time...Howie was in bed with the lights out before the kids were! So I read to them and tucked them in before coming out and watching some tv. I even got to knit tonite!! Finished up my first Christmas gift even!! Now, I'm whupped and heading to bed!!! Howie's got the day off tomorrow and it's gonna be a busy day!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fandango FAIL

This morning started off VERY early yet again as DJ had his mid season football game at 9...honestly, who makes up these schedules!?!?!? We got there and off he went to play. He did SO good today! Made 2 captures and several other attempts with some that even sent him tumbling...but he got right back up and into the game! SO proud of him!!! I did remember to take my camera finally....but forgot the memory card in the printer AND the battery died on me within a minute! argh!!!

After the game we stopped at Freddy's to get DJ some warm boots to go fishing tomorrow...he doesn't even have rain boots at this they were much needed. And we got him some thermal long underwear and shirt set....he was excited to sleep in them.

We got home and did lunch...and then laziness consumed us! Howie in his chair watching on the couch with DJ at which point I was SOOOOOOO close to getting a nap...til Sam opened the sliding door and didn't close it...yep, Houdini Belle was out like a shot out of a cannon!! I took off after her and Howie joined me once he grabbed a coat. We found her across the street at the pig's place again...only this time she wasn't in their area whew!! Brought her home and crated her. Sam apologized and you could tell she was sorry.

With all that adrenaline, Howie went to get the boat ready and I tidied up the kitchen. Sam came in as she was "bored of helping Daddy, he's not letting me do ANYTHING" so together we cleaned the bathrooms. I love Norwex!!!!! Did both of them with just water...and man does it shine!!! :)  Shameless plug:

Dinner was the new chicken we picked up today from Zaycon, the same place we got the beef and was chicken. 40 lb box of fresh, just killed and cleaned chicken straight from the farmer!! AND it was only 1.49 a pound!!! Honestly, even costco can't beat that!!!! Well, dinner was FABULOUS!!!!! This chicken, dare I say it, was more meatier than chicken we've had before!! And the size of the breasts were HUGE!!!!! Next time we'll do 2 for the 4 of us instead of 3!! Sheesh!!

After dinner Howie and I grabbed a movie....back in June I purchased a Fandango living social deal...where it was 2 for 1 I bought us a set of tickets. Unbeknownst to me, they had an expiry last nite when I tried to buy our tickets, it was only doing one...and not even the whole ticket! I cancelled the order and emailed Fandango to find out why....they replied with the whole expiration date today, before dinner I go to use up the one ticket and buy mine online....turns out, it doesn't even cover the price of one ticket, which is only covered 9.00 of it AND I had a 1.25 "service"'s that for bullshit!?!?!  I'll never do the Fandango one again!! And they could care less...I called to see why I was being charged the fee...and they basically brushed me off. GRRRRRRR

The movie we chose was Monyeball with Brad Pitt...the man can't make a bad movie! And this one was awesome!!!!! It's a baseball flick but I rather enjoyed it...and might even be a small A's fan now because of it!!! Based on a true story makes it even better! GO see it!!! :D  Traffic getting home was horrific as they're redoing the highway we were on and had it down to a single lane....for 5 miles! So we waited 20 minutes to finally move forward...stopped at Freddy's to get DJ's thermals we were missing from our bags...and then come home!! Sent Michaela home and Howie to bed and I watched Blue Bloods....I hate senseless crimes!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Frantic Fridays

This morning was tough for the kids to wake up...DJ finally got out of bed at 7:50 and even that was a struggle! And then Sam fought  me about going to the school in her pj's to drop DJ off...she wanted to be dressed just like him!!! UGH!!!! I did get him to the school itself on time...but I'm pretty sure he wasn't in class by the time the Pledge of Allegiance was said....oops! Sam and I then drove home for breakfast and to pack up what we needed for the day.

Then back to the school we went for 10:30 to help with hot was sloppy joes, apple slices, donuts (made right there in the oven) and milk...and we had A LOT of sloppy joes left over!!!!! A whole warmer full! Once the kids were served, we ate and then cleaned up. Sam enjoyed her sloppy joe, and ate probably 2/3 of a whole one, which is a lot for her!

From there we went to Mr Dizzy and got the oil changed in the had been a while and with doing the car last weekend, it was time...I like them close together in time as its easier to remember. They also shut off my check engine light that had come on a couple weeks ago for no reason...and sent us on our way. In talking with the owner of the shop, we discovered that his grandson is in DJ's class...and just had a birthday the day before!! We had our MCS shirts on and he recognized it right away.

We were back at the school for 1:30 to do recess duty and Sam was thrilled with that! She loves having recess!! haha There was one girl, and she goes to my church and is in my Awana group, that had a fall while playing she sat out recess only to get stung 3 times by bees!!! The poor girl!! I'd be miserable if that were me!!!  After the kids were all back in their rooms we went to see if Mrs Hughes needed any work done...she gave me a binder and said "get as much done as possible" which was make 14 copies of every letter of the alphabet on construction paper...oh and you have to cut the paper in half....I got it all done in 45 minutes! Yeah, I'm a rockstar!!!! Oh yeah! She was impressed too! lol

From school we headed to my g/f Wyndi's house to have a visit with her's been a LONG time since we've seen them!!! I wanna say DJ's birthday party! So all summer and then some! The kids didn't waste time reacquainting themselves and it was fun to watch. I got a little visit in with between Sam's 3 trips to the bathroom in the hour we were there!!! I swear, she can make a 10 oz juice turn into 20 trips to the bathroom!!!

We left there and headed to Jake's game for 5 and got there in the first quarter...better than last week and I didn't have two tag alongs then! Jake made another incredible interception and got some yardage before being run out of bounds. At half time I wasn't sure what to expect...typically they play the JV team in the second half...and we were up by 28...but apparently that wasn't good enough and the one time I'm banking on him NOT playing the second half, and he is!! So I stayed for the whole game, and then seeing him after too. The kids did okay for the most part....til they got in trouble for being in a walk way.

From here we parted ways...Howie and the kids went home and I went to an Avon meeting for started at 6, hence my halftime banking, and I got there at 8....still enjoyed myself and even won the first door prize!! Got to chat with a few people I haven't seen in a long time and then came home. Howie was still up waiting to see Q13's news as we were game of the week...the highlight reel didn't show Jake's great he went to bed. I then watched Psych which is back and made the STUPIDEST mistake ever!!! While watching tv, my left hearing aid battery started beeping at me...and I got an itch...I took it out and set it on my sweatshirt on my belly...NOT in the pocket! I watch the end of the show and forget all about it and stand goes flying. About 3 minutes later I hear this crunching sound and tell Belle to "leave it" and run to where she was my hearing aid. In smithereens! Totally unrecognizable!! I was far too mad to cry...altho I'm sure I will at some point. And she KNOWS I'm mad at her!!! Yes, she's a puppy, but damnit!! So, dad, that iPad deal I made with you...might have to change to a hearing aid deal....ARGH!!!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tranquil Thursdays

Oh how I LLLLOOOOVVVEEEEE Thursdays!!! While I simultaneously love every day, I'm finding Thursdays are my recharge day and by Jove I'm lovin it! I let the kids sleep in til 7:45 and then got DJ up to get dressed...Sam woke up on her own and while I wasn't anticipating having her get dressed...her pj's were pee damp and so we got her dressed.

We were out the door by 8:06 and DJ was munching away on his breakfast bar while we drove....he asked not to be walked in again *sob* and off he went for another day at school. Sam and I then did the bank run...I had a couple deposits, and was hoping to do one thru the drive thru, but that bank didn't open til 9 and I wasn't going to wait a half hour til it did. We were back home and eating breakfast by then so the machine did the trick today.

Then, after breakfast, we didn't have any plans really.

How blissful is that?!?!

I did do up a couple emails, and got them sent off....

Got a couple loads of laundry done....

Got the dishes done...

Finally put my contacts in about 4 ish...

Bathed SamSam about 5 ish...

Showered at 6 ish...

Waited for Howie and DJ to come home from football practice so we could eat dinner. DJ had a dentist appointment after Howie picked him up to check on those two front teeth. What a good report...his two teeth are fine, but the nerves are dead and the teeth will turn colour...BUT they don't need to come out now, and will likely fall out on their own in 18 months when his adult teeth are ready to show up. They are just now forming roots and weren't damaged in the dog collision. SUCH a relief!! I feel much better having had them looked at!! Especially since one of his friends knocked those exact same teeth out the beginning of summer riding her bike...better to be safe than sorry!

After dinner I bathed DJ, who REALLY needed it!!!! Sheesh he was stinky!! He had a good football practice and even ran the ball 30 yards without getting his flags taken...that's SO awesome!!! It really is amazing how far along he's come since that first day!!

Both kids were in bed by 9 and I could sit down and watch X Factor with Howie...til 9:30 that is as the dvr kicked in and Howie went to bed anyways. I then watched Grey's, which was funny and sad at the same time...SO good to see Mrs Cosby back on tv...even if she is Mrs Avery! :)  Then I watched Whitney which had me laughing a lot!!! And then Private Practice which was very thought provoking once again! Finished it off with a little BBT and called it a nite!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays!!

I love Wednesdays....because the little girl I'm growing LOVES her ballet class...and watching her be so excited for it, makes Wednesdays just the best!!!! Even waking her up this morning was fun...she asked right away if it was ballet day! And instead of shaking her awake, I crawled into bed with her and woke her that way...and the retaliated by stretching...which they both know not to do as that means they're growing!! lol

We got DJ to school on time and he asked to walk himself in (I hate those days!! He's growing up too fast!) and so Sam and I headed somewhere...I'd texted my g/f that we were supposed to play date with, and got no answer, so we headed to Freddy's to sit and wait. Sam watched Happy Feet and I laid the back of my chair down and watched with Then we went into Freddy's to use the bathroom and to get her changed into her dance outfit.

Just watching her in class puts this HUGE smile on my face...and it makes me wonder...did I ever enjoy my skating lessons as  much as she's enjoying her dance classes?? Mind you I don't think I got started at age 3...more like 5 or 6...I remember some lessons...and the recitals most of all. Not sure if this class will have a recital since it's mostly just learning the basics and not putting the all together. They've been learning position 1 and position 2...and when asked, Sam will definitely demonstrate them!

After class we went to Papa Murphy's to get 23 pizzas...rather a large surplus for them! Sam was glad to have a cheese one for lunch, so that's what I made her. After lunch we laid on the couch together...she was in a bit of a whiny/cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat mood and I knew if she napped she'd wake up way she slept for an hour and was a different child upon waking. Such a good thing!! DJ finally came home from school just before Howie did...on Wednesdays our neighbours pick him up as they're in town finishing school at the same time, only today they had haircuts and he tagged along.

Dinner was an early one due to it being an Awana nite...and instead of sketti (I had no sauce and not enough tomatoes to make one) we did scrambled eggs per Sam's request. I love having breakfast for dinner!! Then we were off to Awana where both kids did their verses 3 times. SamSam added to hers tho... "He made everything beautiful...just like me!!" can ya tell which part she added!?!? I asked her teacher after if she embellished her verse, and thankfully she didn't!! lol DJ did awesome with his too and I wasn't needed to pull it out of him :)  My own kids kept me hopping tonite!! We had the highest attendance tonite ever!!! 22 girls and 14 boys! I think all of them came to visit me at one point...some of them twice even!! Whew!!

Got home and got kids in bed right away and then watched some X Factor with Howie...I like the way they divided the categories up....and that two of the Overs (over 30 group) are from Washington!!! Howie went to bed and I watched  Modern Family (was cracking up in the first 6 minutes!) and then Happy Endings (love Megan Mullaly!!) and then Revenge (dang this one's getting good...just wondering how they can drag it out more than one season) and then Survivor, which had me just grossing out!! Oh that challenge was NASTY!!!! Blech!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

But Mr. Sun isn't up yet!!!!

This morning my kids had me laughing before I was even dressed!!! DJ woke up about 6:30 and crawled in with me...Sam was up at 6:45 and went back to bed....and I got up at 7:05 to get the day started. DJ asked me what I was doing up and I told him it was a school day and it was time to get up...and the I went to the bathroom. Sam AND DJ both came in and told me it was still dark out we needed to go to back to sleep (boy, the best idea they've had yet!) and I said no, we needed to get dressed and get ready to go. Samantha, in all seriousness, with hand motions and everything says "No, we have to go back to sleep!! Mr Sun isn't up yet! So we have to go back to bed and sleep some more"  All I could do was hug her and tell her I loved her! She was so freakin cute!!

We got DJ to school on time and walked him in to his class...chatted with (and delivered some Avon to) the office girls (Dad, I need some fudge for them too!! :) They'll love it!) And then Sam and I were on our way to completing the to-do list I made up. Which got us home for about 11:30 and enjoying our rainy day inside together.

Lunch was at her request and she chose not to eat it....I got some chicken hotdogs from the gleaners...yeah, they didn't look that tasty...Snickers didn't mind!!! She also chose bagel chips I'd made over the actual bagel and gobbled those down! Along with her broccoli...then she had a banana and two cookies a half hour after that.

I swear there's more hours in the day now that DJ's not here consuming my ears....I got some pears pickled...but not the pears I bought 3 weeks ago...they haven't ripened and Howie thinks they won't go yellow like the Bartlett I bought some last week when I went shopping and pickled them! Sure look good!! Then I made some granola as I've been out for a month now and didn't have 2 hours to devote to making it...and with Howie picking DJ up from school, I had the time! So I made some...this might just be my best batch yet too!! SO yummy!!!!

The boys got home as I was giving Sam a bath and then we got dinner under way....since the granola was still in the oven, I put the squash in too...but it didn't like my sharing technique and so I had to zap it to finish the cooking. Meanwhile, I check DJ's backpack and discover his new books (well, half of them) that Grandma bought him from the book fair that's going on....he was SO excited to have new books!! I also discovered he had some homework...and on the top of the page the teacher wrote: DJ tried to get someone else to write his words for him.  NOT good!!! So we talked about it and I made him sit and write his words three times each on the paper! Rascal!!! I'm beginning to suspect that he's dyslexic as he wrote every word, if you looked at it in a mirror it would be perfect! SO odd!!! Gonna keep an eye on that!

After dinner I grabbed a shower and then got kids teeth brushed and into bed. We read two of the new books...the I Spy book was a hit! They both liked that one! And the Hippopotamus Ate the Teacher was funny!! I get just as excited when they get new books I haven't read yet! Since there was nothing on tv, Howie went and got the mail and came back in and went to bed. In the mail was a package from Portugal!!! Yes, that far away!! I have an old school chum who was in  my sister's class (or maybe only 2 years behind me) who I have friended on fb a couple years ago now and every once in a while she'll comment on my knitting pictures or posts...and she offered to crochet me some flowers for hats and skirts and whatnot...O M G they're GORGEOUS!!!!! WAY better than I'd anticipated!!! These are lacy and silky and beautiful colours!! She made me 15 flowers in all different colours and sizes...I can't wait to use them!!! And at the same time, don't want to as they're just so pretty!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When it rains

It POURS!!!!!

And today, I swear, I had such good timing too!!!

When we got up this morning it was we waited the morning out so it would subside a bit...ate our lunch and then headed to the shed to do the books....

Now, it's drying up when we leave...

We get to the shed (a whole 3 miles away) and it starts to pour rain!!!  Big drops too! What timing! I set the kids up with a movie and start doing the books and stacking them up at the entrance. By the time I'm done, the sun is shining....say what!??!  And the truck is almost completely dry!! So odd! I was only in there for 45 mins!!

We head home and continue with the laundry escapades. I also made more bagel chips as the ones I made yesterday completely disappeared!!! The kids LOVED them! This time I brought home either onion bagels or everything bagels...not too sure....but either way they're good and Sam approved!

Howie got home just in time to turn around and head back into town with DJ for his football practice while Sam and I stayed behind and got dinner and dessert ready. Tonite was hamburgers...I must toot my own horn here a bit and say, I'm getting REALLY good at making burgers...they're SO tasty! I swear Howie eats his in one bite it's gone so fast!!! And this beef is fantastic!!!  Quite impressed! 

DJ took FOREVER to eat and didn't get dessert...instead he got a bath since he missed out on Saturday's bath due to his fishing which didn't happen...and since tomorrow IS a school day, he got one tonite! Real easy to bathe one and out in 20 minutes! Even still, it was after 8:30 when I tucked him in for the last time!

I also called the dentist today about his teeth...he had that head on collision with Belle last week and his two front teeth on top are turning colour...which means they were knocked A LOT harder than we thought!! And they're we're having them looked at to see if they need to be pulled (Please God not that!) and to see if his adult teeth above were affected. Sheesh!!!

Speaking of teeth...did you know you're supposed to brush them for TWO minutes!?!?!?! At the kids' second dental visit one of them (Sam I think) got an hour glass first I thought it was for one minute and even that I had a hard time doing...but then I timed the timer (ironic no?) and turns out it was for 2 minutes. Then on the Bachelor Pad (of all places) the dentist dude said something about how everyone is to brush for 2 minutes and that just blew me away...but at the same time connected the dots with the hour glass timer. Well since then, I've implemented the 2 minute brushing rule...for myself and the kids (I'm never awake when Howie brushes his teeth) and it took me a bit, but we finally have it nailed down!! Sam doesn't like it when I count, but DJ wants to know the count so he can know when each section is done. And me? I have to say, my teeth have never felt better!!! AND I haven't had any bleeding when I floss either!!!! YAY me!!! The true test will be when I go for my next cleaning!! :D

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Edition

WOW was that a crazy weekend!!!!

First off...Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian counterparts! I kept drooling over the posts of turkey and pumpkin pie all weekend...knowing full well I have almost 7 weeks yet to wait!!!

Yesterday was so beyond crazy busy!!! We were up and off to DJ's football game by 8 for Howie and the kids, and 8:17 for me...and then I had to turn around as I forgot some stuff and it was I arrived to DJ's game a bit late thanks to horrific traffic in town too. Thankfully Howie directed me past the actual mess of it all by the fairgrounds...but my detour cost me precious minutes!

DJ played THE BEST he's ever played!!!! Oh it was so good to see him connect all the dots and make plays! He caught his first flag too!!!! And had a couple more slip right thru his fingers (they're REALLY tough to get off!!)  In any case, I had to leave 2 mins before it was done to get to a gleaner meeting...almost a half hour away too! Especially with the LONG WAY directions my phone gave me! GRRRR The meeting was short, but my name got called as a winner of the specialty glean table...and I picked out a 3 wheeled scooter in Princess for a certain lil girl...and it's been put away til Christmas!!

From here I headed out to do my Avoning...and decided to get an oil change on the car since I actually had possession of it...boy was that a mistake!!! That cost me 2 hours of my time! At Walmart (where else!?!!)  no less!!! I did find some really neat things for the kids' Christmas lists....and got a few stocking stuffers...yes, I've already started that nonsense! :D  They told me it would be an hour and 15 minutes....little did I know that meant til they'd start working on it!! So it was really almost 2 hours by the time I could drive it away!! At which point it was 2 pm and I was starving!!! I sat there in the parking lot eating my salad talking to my g/f Wyndi....and then took off again.

I even braved costco on a Saturday afternoon! Boy, was that CRAZY!!!!! Sheesh!!! I'm so glad I didn't have kids with me, as that would have driven me to drink!  All told tho, I made in and outta there in half an hour...I was scootin along...and I didn't have much thankfully. I did get some Vitamin C and some Niacin to start taking to combat the winter blues...I don't like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I know I suffered from it pretty bad this last winter. And I know I don't get near enough vitamin C...I don't drink juice, don't eat oranges, or carrots much, so I know I'm lacking.

Then I got home and got right into dinner mode...then bath mode...then bed mode for the kids...and then I headed out to do the Panera run for the gleaners....and didn't get home til 10:30. At which point I got lunch and fishing stuff ready for Howie and DJ and THEN finally sat down at 11!! THAT was a long ass day!!!

Today, was so opposite in comparison! The kids (DJ didn't get to go due to weather and he was SO upset by that!!) and I went to church...then did some Avoning after...then came home and had lunch. I roasted some almonds...and then made bagel chips with some Asiago cheese bagels....and then took the kids to the park with the dogs when they were done helping Howie clean the boat. We then had a lovely salmon dinner (Howie was fishless, but there were 5 caught on the boat, so Darrell gave us one to eat!!) and then puttered til the kids went to bed. Watched tv with Howie for a bit til he went to bed and then I watched Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife and 1 and a half episode of Castle before I started falling asleep. Have I told you how much I LOVE not watching commercials!?!?!?!

Oh and I made my own foaming hand soap today. That has GOT to be the BIGGEST rip off EVER!!! The amount of actual soap in one of these bottles is ridiculously low (like 1 inch worth!) and you pay the same price as a bottle of just soap!!! My sis in law saved me 3 of her bottles and she gave them to me yesterday (I'd asked her months ago to save them) and in 5 minutes I had 3 bottles made up! SUPER easy!!!! And the kids LOVE using foam instead of soap! We were going thru a bottle of soap every two weeks in their bathroom alone as they're quite, I could care less!!! YAY me!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

This morning we had

A trip to nowhere...that's how our day began! We mat w/ some other gleaners at the shed to go to a bread place to pick up their surplus...we arrived there and it was closed up tight w/ a note on the door. Not a good sign!! So we drove back to Monroe empty handed :( rather a bummer too as quite a few families rely on that bread!

I sat in the back seat w/ the kids per DJ's request, so we talked about what else to do for the day...I suggested costco, but DJ said he didn't want to we didn't! No sense taking a kid w/ an attitude grocery shopping! No fun for anyone! We came home and puttered around til lunch.
Which was AWFUL!!! Why I continue buying inferior mac n cheese I'll never know! The brand this time was "truly an amazing taste" and it was God awful! From the first bite it was vomitous! I served the kids anyways, and from their first bites they didn't like it the end they ate about a quarter each til I just couldn't make them anymore and gave them ham and cheese and crackers! And they both gobbled them down!! Haha and I'll be returning the unopened box and demanding a refund on both next time I'm in Freddy's!! You can bet on that!

My Avon came while we were eating, so once the table was cleared I bagged it up and got it ready to go. The kids meanwhile were outside playing w/ the neighbours. DJ in all his infinite wisdom came in the house thru the back slider and Belle got out. I tried getting her back w/ a cookie and she was within inches of me but not enough for me to grab her. And she was gone!! Not to the park either...nooooo, she went to the pigs' place across the street. Made me wanna vomit between calling her name out. It took me a good 20 minute before I cornered her and got her out! Sheesh! All the while the pigs are grunting and snorting feet away from me...blech! She went into doggy time out!
By then it was 4:30 so I started getting ready for the football game.  My g/f Shirah was coming out to stay w/ the kids, but since she was coming from Seattle, I had Michaela do the first shift so I could leave at 5:30 and not have to wait. Worked out well too as Shirah didn't get here til 7:30!!
I had a stop on the way to the game to smell another newborn. This one was 10 days old and SO tiny!! She was 7 lbs 10 oz at birth...that always seems SO small compared to my two monsters at birth! She woke for a whole minute while I was there and I was able to put her back to sleep...awwwww! Had a great visit w/ her mama too, and it made me late for the football game...I missed the first quarter...but not the best play!! No, I got to watch Jake make an amazing interception and own the ball!! SO awesome!!

Even more awesome...seeing it on the news tonite!!! THAT was cool!! Not gonna lie!! We recorded it too, so we could watch it again and again...the whole game should be On Demand tomorrow too! Jake only played the first half as we dominated them!! Final score was 50-14 at the half it was 27-0!! Good game, good game!!

We got home before 10:30 and Shirah visited for an hour before heading home...she's gonna come watch DJ play tomorrow morning, but needed to get home for her kitties. Breakfast is made and I'm done! Gonna go catch some z's before tomorrow finds me!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Mother's Pain

Doesn't stop when she gives birth!!! Truly!

It pains me to see my children hurt...

It pains me to see my children's feelings hurt...

It pains me when they reject me...

It pains me to discipline them...

It pains me to see them crying...

It pains me when they drop something on my foot that cause me to sob in pain...


He dropped a 64oz (gallon I believe) bottle of V8 juice as we were going up the stairs and I caught it with the inside of my right foot. Which instantly swelled up and sent the tears flowing!

I finally made it up the stairs and sat in my chair...Sam brought me her pizza from the fridge (in a bag) and said it would make me feel I put the coolness on my foot and it took the focus off the pain and I was able to catch my breath enough to stop crying. DJ of course was hugging me and apologizing continuously...oh it was painful!!

And of course, my hormones are slightly elevated at this point and that didn't help my case any!! *sigh* and now, hours later, I have a lovely bruise the shade of a black grape! The swelling isn't bad, and I don't feel it when I'm walking, so that's good! Next time I'll let the damn thing fall to the ground!! Sheesh!

This afternoon the kids were outside playing and I was inside cleaning....I got the vacuum bug! I have to say, I REALLY hate discovering half way thru what I'm doing that the settings have been moved from bare floor to high I went back and did it again! tsk tsk...I really should be checking that first and foremost! I even did my kitchen floors!!!! Been too long since I've had time to do them....and Belle was in her crate, so I took advantage of my bark free existence! lol

Dinner was LOVELY! I did the SouthBeach pesto chicken again...and acorn squash (which DJ didn't bat an eye at!! And Sam fought me minimally!) and peas for us and carrots for the kids...I also added some toasted asiago cheese bread...YUM!!!! Good dinner!  After dinner I went and had shower and when I came out the kids were jamma'd and we did the bed time thing. The kids were funny tonite...Samantha is getting braver in coming out and creating some reason to be out. ha!

Howie went to bed too, so I watched BBT (Oh the deafness cracked me up!!) and Grey's which was quite interesting without all the was done thru the men's point of view and it was good! Private Practice was good too! And sad in a way. Whitney was FUNNY!!!! I'm gettin into this one now...the silent treatment was hilarious!!!

Now, as I'm blogging, I'm watching a video The "Scoffed At" Solution that Can Prevent and Treat Most Diseases over here its VERY informative....and I MUST add vitamins to our daily regimen...the kids take them, but I don't and I really should!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twirly Days

I swear she wakes up twirling more on Wednesdays cuz she knows it's a ballet day!!

We arrived at the studio with literally one second to spare....she quick put her shoes on and off she went to stretch her toesies!! And she just LOVES this's so evident with every move she makes how much she loves being a part of it! She does check up on me occasionally to make sure I'm still there and watching. DJ got to meet my g/f Shannon's son Jaxon and the two of them hit it off well and stuck together for the half hour class.

Once we were done with class we did the pizza pick up and dropped it off at the shed...then home for lunch and whatever the rest of the afternoon held for us. I got more laundry going, and did the dishes before bathing the kids....kinda nice doing an afternoon bath time! I asked Sam if I could braid her hair and she said YES!!!! I asked how many and she said I gave her two! She was quite pleased with my handiwork too! OH she looked SO darling and not much like a 3 year old at all! Such a sweetie!!

We were ready for Awana when Howie came home from work...and since it was an Awana nite, we had an early dinner...which was leftovers for me and Howie and pizza for the kids. And we were out the door a whole 3 minutes before I had planned!! That never happens!!! Like NEVER!!!!! I'll take it tho! We practiced the kids' verses all the way there too. DJ has to memorize 2 verses a week now, and Sam has one...but she doesn't have to remember the reference, just the verse, which is SO much easier for her...half the time you can't understand what she's saying even when you KNOW what she's saying!

In any case, I checked up on the kids thru the nite and I just love watching them when they don't know I'm watching...and Sam said her verse real easy!! DJ on the other hand, told them he didn't know I marched right over there with one of his leaders and he said them lickety split! He told me after, he needed me to be there to do them, and I told him that can't happen as I'm busy with my own class! Which was HOPPING tonite! We had 22 girls and 10 boys tonite...that's a lotta kids!! Worked out well tho! and I was done with 10 mins to spare and gab with  my girls. Kinda nice!

We got home and went straight into bed time cleaning mode...Howie was on his way over the gate to help the kids with coats and shoes and whatnot, as he was half way over Belle grabbed his pant leg almost sending him flying...instead he grabbed the railing and knocked off the flat of glass jars I'd put there only 2 hours before....breaking only 2, but making quite the mess! So he cleaned that up while I made sure Belle didn't step in any shards. THEN we got the kids ready for bed.

By the time I was done with that, he was going to bed and that left me the remote!! So I watched Modern Family, cracks me UP! and then Happy Endings, SO glad this came back as it's kind of like the new Friends....then Revenge, which is just SO good!!! And evil at the same time!! So mean! Then I watched this week's Survivor...and seriously, did y'all think Stacey would be at all inclined to "group hug" it out as they kicked her ass to the curb!!?!?!? I don't think so!!!!! Sheesh!! Next week's duel should be interesting!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who's brillian $#&*%*( idea was THAT??!

I mean seriously!!!!

Tonite I proved WHY I have chosen the colour my hair is...truly!!! The ultimate blond thing EVER!!! And quite honestly, I'm not even sure I've ever done this to myself really....

I locked myself out of the car

At the gas station

With my phone IN the car

NOT in Monroe either!!!

What a disaster!!!!

Did you know that if you leave a key in the ignition, and close the door and go pump gas that the stupid #@*%*($ car will automatically LOCK ITSELF!!!! What, is it afraid someone's gonna hijack the freakin car!?!?!? If it's SO smart, why didn't it understand I was putting gas in the stupid thing!?!?!? Oh I was SO annoyed by this!! And you're probably laughing, so that's just perfect! Trust me, I was not (and still am not) laughing about this one yet!

The attendant at the Fred Meyer gas station HAS NO PHONE!!!!! How stupid is that!?!? If he was to get held up, he's got no way to call for help!?!?!?! DUMB!!!

Thankfully there was another lady there who let me use her cell phone (it was only 8 pm) and I called Howie and asked him to call Greg (I don't know anyone's numbers anymore, that's what my phone is for!!) so he did....she waited after pumping her gas and let me use her phone again to see if there was result....Greg was at the girl's soccer game and it was only half no go! And Howie didn't want to "bother" anyone he was gonna put the kids in the truck and bring me his key to open it up.

So I waited the hour in the store and walked around (in new shoes I may add!! OUCH) and got some laundry soap so DJ can finally have clean pants...and some salad and I found some Glucerna bars so I could have something to eat! He came, opened the door, and left...Sam was awake, so I kissed all over on her and DJ was sleeping, I kissed him once and got in the car. SO frustrating!!

Once I got home, Howie went to bed and I relaxed in my chair a bit...watched Glee, SO good!!!! Such angst!!!! And then Raising Hope, which was HILARIOUS!!!!! And then Parenthood, which actually had me shed a few tears!! And now, I'm taking my blond hair to bed.

SERIOUSLY!!!! Who's brilliant #&*#^%) idea was to have the car self lock!?!?!?!? ARGH!!!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hart of Dixie

I'm beginning to LOVE Mondays....this morning the kids slept til after 9!!! AND Belle didn't wake when Howie left, so I slept straight thru til 7 when DJ joined me, and then til 9 when he woke again. Kinda nice!!! We had a nice breakfast together (DJ on his first bite remembered his sore teeth, poor guy!) and then the playing started.

It was a lovely overcast day with threats of rain...which did happen! Thankfully not til after football practice! The kids played well together again, its SO nice when this happens! The boys next door were doing school, and it took a bit for DJ to understand that fact. So instead we coloured and played games.

After lunch I got ready to head out to the school for my first ever parent/teacher conference for DJ...Michaela came over to babysit while I was gone and I put on Rio before I left for them. I got to the school in perfect time and headed in for my meeting. I really do love Mrs Hughes!!! Maybe even more than DJ does!! She's the quintessential kindergarten teacher!! Just perfect!! Ok, I'll stop raving about her and tell ya what she said about DJ.

She asked if he had had his hearing, eyes and speech checked....and I said his eyes were tested in June (and were fine) and his hearing was tested as a baby (I'd forgotten about the test he had done a year ago at my audiologists office) and as for his speech, he did have his own language for a while there, but the marbles have come out nicely. She asked if I'd noticed any changes (good or bad) in DJ since starting school and of course we have noticed only good things!!! So I told her how he and Sam have been so nice to each other since they miss each other...and how sometimes we only have to ask him to do something once and he actually does it right away! 

Then she asked for my see, he doesn't take initiative when it comes time to do work...they'll have a page to work on in their books and he just sits there after she's told everyone to get started...and once the kids are done they're free to go read a book or play quietly, so this should be motivation enough to get the work done no? She then points it out to him and says he needs to get his work done and he then does it. So I suggested maybe he's waiting for permission to do it, and she'll try that...and praising him when he does do it right away. She also said he's a follower...that when he gets in trouble, its with another student, its not just him...and usually his cohort is Marty! The one name we hear the most!! lol

She also said he tested "at risk" on the DIBELS (The DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) is a set of procedures and measures for assessing the acquisition of K-6 literacy skills. By giving primary school students number of quick, simple tests DIBELS allows educators to identify students which need additional assistance and to monitor the effectiveness of intervention strategies.) but since we're not in the right school district we need to figure out how to get him some help with letter recognition. And she gave me a few good ideas to help with that too. She also said that getting help early, even in Kindergarten, will make a HUGE difference next year when they really start reading.  DJ's already commented on how smart the 1st graders are as they do reading with that class...its cute!

The whole interview was all of 20 minutes, but I'm even more convinced than ever we made the right decision to get him in this school!!! I walked away from there feeling good!! And proud of my sweet boy...she just loves his smile!!

Speaking of smiles....I got to preview (but can't share, sorry) his school pictures....I'm in LOVE!!!!!! Oh this photographer captured the very essence of DJ...his beautiful smile, his impish twinkle in his eyes, and the crinkle of his nose! Just perfect!!! Not sure how long it'll take before I get my hands on a copy, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be posting it on here!!!! :D

When I got home the kids were still watching Rio, so Michaela stayed and finished it with them...then they went out with her and played (all the while fighting me on wearing shoes...they really are my kids!) and I got busy with dishes and whatnot.  Howie got home and he and DJ took off for football practice while Sam and I stayed home. She was mad when I gave the dvd of Rio to Howie to return...easily placated when told to ask santa for it lol.

As soon as Howie got home he started cooking the burgers I'd made for dinner...and then the squash wars started! DJ's getting WAY better at eating it and not fighting me...but Samantha actually got sent to her room for being such a priss about the squash...the same squash she ate (and fought then too) two nites ago! She did finally eat it all...and in the end was just fine with it!! Silly girl!  Then came bed time...a little later than a normal Monday nite as there's no school this week, but it was all good! They were asleep by 9...not too bad! Howie wasn't too far behind them and so I got to watch tv all by myself...well, with the animals that is.

We watched HIMYM which was funny!!! Team Baby!! ha! Then 2 Broke Girls which hasn't completely won me over yet. Then 2.5 Men which finally showed the new opening song and Ashton is singing the soprano part, quite funny! I'm really digging his addition to the show! Don't even miss whatshisname! Mike & Molly was cute...Melissa McCarthy is just fantastic!! Glad she won the Emmy! Then I watched Hart of Dixie....I watched the first episode this afternoon while the kids were out and it almost had me in tears a couple times (I may be slightly hormonal) and so tonite I was anxious to see the second didn't disappoint! I'm loving all the southern drawls and the country music in the background....and the cast is quite good!!! But who on EARTH names their daughter Lemon!?!?! Yowza!!! lol If you get a chance, check it out!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Edition

Happy October!!!!! Which is also, coincidentally, turn your heat on month!!! Which is just what I did!! Brrrrrrrrrr I'm tired of being cold already!!!

Saturday was a good at home day...Howie worked til 3:30 I think he said, and I was to wake him at 11, and both kids were SO worn out from the whole week, but mostly Friday, that they slept til after 9!!! I got up about 9:15 and Sam was laying on her floor just waking, DJ had woken up shortly after 8 but I told him to go watch tv...I found him sound asleep on the couch and the tv wasn't even on yet! He slept til almost 10!!! Sam and I had eaten breakfast when he finally rose....he was whupped!

Since it was a rainy gray day, the kids stayed in for the most part...and a new side effect of DJ going to school...they miss each other...and they play SO much better together now when they DO see each other! It was amazing to see really!!!

Oh, about 3:30 I popped out to go visit my boyfriend Ben...he was having a customer appreciation sale, and I did need a few things, AND I had that gift cert for I went! :) Had a lovely time looking at everything! Dreamed about things, in the end only bought 2 skeins of yarn, the rest of my purchases were trivial...sad eh? I also popped into Freddys' for a couple things and a movie. Couldn't find the one Howie wanted, so I drove to Albertsons to see if they had it, no luck...turns out, its just coming out on dvd this Tuesday, so we'll have to wait another month for it to hit Redbox. Instead, we got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1...which I was anxious to see!!

DJ had already had a shower in the afternoon with Howie, so after dinner I bathed Samantha and we go the kids in bed....with minimal fuss too considering they'd been inside all day. Then we put the movie, normally I'm of the opinion that the books is ALWAYS better than the movie...but I think this movie changed my mind!! It was phenomenal! Far better than the one that played out in my head while I was reading the book...loads better!! And I like that its two parts as they're able to do more detailed work from the book.

It also made for some freaky dreams too! I was flying everywhere!!!! So fun!!! lol This morning I woke up about 9, the kids and Howie were already up, so I got up and made us breakfast since Howie was leaving at 10 to go to the Seahawks game with Jake...he got tix from his mom and wanted Howie to go with they got to spend the day together! It was good for them! The kids and I went to church (which our pastor was too sick to attend, so we got to watch a video...) and then stopped at Freddy's to take the movie was then I decided to get the movie Rio for us to watch. We'd seen it in the theater last Christmas break, so I was more than happy to see it again...and really, for the kids, it was like the first time all over again!

We did lunch and then I had them each clean their rooms before we did the movie....we also invited K and C to come watch it with us, but they weren't home...about 15 minutes in, K came knocking on the door, so we started it over again. I'd put Belle in the crate for some downtime so she wouldn't bug the kids (or the popcorn) and it worked perfect! C came along about half way thru and they all enjoyed it!

I was getting dinner going when Howie came home, and since he'd never seen Rio, we put it on again...and he rather enjoyed it too! There are some rather funny biggest issue with it is the language...calling someone "stupid" is not nice (in our house) nor is saying "shut up" to someone when they're talking! And idiots isn't that nice either....but the songs and the colours are quite vibrant! I'll have to mull over whether santa is getting this for them or not...we'll see!

After dinner DJ and Belle were playing (it's a new game they've made up) and you know that saying "its all fun and games til someone gets poked in the eye"??? Tonite it wasn't the eye...they bonked heads, or rather, mouths and they were both a bit stunned. DJ came screaming/crying at me and Belle was trying to find somewhere to hide as she was hurting I got DJ in my lap, and Howie got Belle in his and we calmed them both down. DJ's two top front middle teeth were hit, and there was some blood in the gum line, and his lip was swelling up....not sure about Belle as Howie didn't we didn't brush teeth and instead gave a dose of Motrin to help with the pain. Kind of a somber bed time tonite.

But once they were in bed, we watched BBT from last Thursday...such a funny such a nerdy way too! Love it!! Then Howie went to bed and I watched Desperate Housewives and the Good Wife...both of them quite good!!!! And since there's no school tomorrow, I finally watched the Invitation Only by Trace Adkins that CMT hosted a while back...I was smart enough to dvr it! It was like going to the concert all over again, only this time in my living room! mmmm mmmm!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

THE busiest day yet!!

From the moment we got up, we didn't stop!! Samantha knew it was going to be a busy day, and she even asked me when I woke her up "Is today the busy day!?" and it was, so we were up and at 'em! First off we took DJ to school...and to save time, her and I came back to eat...and deal with Belle.

Then we were to be at the school for 10:30, but since we were making SUCH good time, we swung by the bank first and made it to the school just in time to sign in. Today was my first day (of many I'm sure) of being a Hot Lunch Lady for DJ's school....I also get 2 volunteer hours, so this is perfect!! So far this month I've done 8 and a half hours of the 20 required!! Not too shabby!

Today's lunch was corn dogs, chips, yogurt and milk....I was the ketchup dispenser!! I kid you not! I got to squirt the ketchup onto their plates as the passed by me to get the chips! And I found out, kids can come back for seconds....all this for only 2.50!!! That's awesome!!!! Sam enjoyed the corn dog, but I'd taken a salad for myself....I'm not a big fan. Then since we were done at 12:30, and I needed to do recess at 1:40, we hung out in the need bothering the secretary for an hour. I put Tangled on for Sam and reclined my chair...even got to doze a few winks which was nice. When I woke up, it was pouring rain!!! And I didn't have jackets for us! We went in the school to see if they were even going to do recess, and sure enough the sun came out and so did the kids....what's a little rain!?!?! lol

After the kids were back in their classes, Mrs Hughes had some stuff for me to do...that took a half hour and we were done. We then waited in the office for 20 minutes before picking DJ up and heading home. Oh, the book fair is going on next week, and Miss Samantha is just in awe of all the new books...and zoned in on every Princess book in the hallway!! Even the Princess cookbook one!! She's so cute!

We were home for all of an hour and a half....and when we got home, Belle had tangled herself up with a very long stick...not sure how she did it, but she was VERY glad to be rid of it and off the trolley. While the kids played outside, I got our dinners ready and pj's and other stuff...we left at 5 and headed to DJ's football game...the only Friday nite one!!! It started at 6 and we needed to be there for 5:34 he asked me in the truck if he could have a short nap, I said sure, thinkin he was kidding...he wasn't!! AND Sam had fallen asleep!!! OY!

For being so groggy when I woke him, he did amazingly well for the game!!! And did much better tonite than at the first game!!! YAY!!! I'm told we'll be SHOCKED at how well they do by the last game...we'll see. Tonite we got beaten....badly!! 5 touchdowns to 1...yikes!! But, again, the kids have NO clue about scoring and are just thrilled to see snacks at the end of the game!

From here we each took a kid and headed to Edmonds for Jake's game....which to the kids means, eat all the snacks you can!!! I swear!! What a game tho!! This is/was our biggest rival of the season...and we NAILED it!!!! 34-17 was the final score....and it was a nail biter! Whew! Howie had to leave before the 4th quarter even started as he had to be back at work for 11...and as soon as he left, I had sleeping children!! Thankfully my village of people helped carry the kids down and to the truck...DJ woke to get his pj's on and fell back to sleep instantly...Sam got her pj's on and asked for Barney....she fell asleep, so I turned it off and put the radio on and she got mad at me! Then stayed awake the whole ride home so I couldn't do that again. Rascal!

Then we get in the door and she says to me "Can I just sit and alax a bit?"...took me a bit to figure she  meant she got in my chair while I got DJ into bed and took Belle out potty...then she let me carry her to bed and she went right to sleep! Here's hoping they sleep in til 9!! A mom can wish!

Til next time...God bless!