Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blink, blink, blink, don't rub!

Is the song I sing when I give the kids their eye drops...Sam's getting better at getting them and DJ is a pro!! NO fighting from him...some whining if Howie's around, but other than that, he's awesome! Sam I bribe with chocolate...seems to work! DJ's other med, he takes noooooo problem!! Really helpful when he's excited to take it! Must taste good!

This morning I got to sleep in a bit til 9 when Howie needed to start getting ready for work. So I got up and made us an omelet for breakfast and then sent him on his way to work. Since the boat was hitched up to the trailer, we weren't going anywhere today! Plus, I had a Royal Wedding to attend...albeit late, but I still needed to witness this historic moment!

So I put it on and the kids go ape crazy...incredibly so! Finally DJ fell asleep...and then a half hour later, so did Sam! Apparently they'd gotten up early...Sam at 6:30 and DJ at 7, so by 12 they zonked!! Delayed lunch a little, but I got to watch the nuptials in peace!!!

With all the restrictions/dress code she had to deal with, I think Kate did a FABULOUS job picking her gown!! So elegant, sexy and yet demure at the same time!! I especially liked how she and Will kept looking at each other...and when she finally came to him at the altar, he leaned over and told her she looked beautiful, I can lip read! So precious!!! I recorded GMA with Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer and also recorded on the Canadian channel. I watched GMA first, and it was good, but then I started watching the CBC one, and much better sound quality. I have to say, neither channel showed Fergie's girls well...I hear their hats were atrocious...but isn't that the name of the game!??!?!?! I pity the people stuck behind the really tall and awkward hats! Chelsy Davy's hate was fine, but her hair to match was just awful!!!! WHY would someone suggest she do that?! If you haven't seen it, google it!'s a good laugh!

I also had no idea the Queen was 85!!!! And her hubby is 90 this June...they look FABULOUS for that age!! They've also been married for 63 years...pretty impressive!! I have to ask, is having bushy eyebrows a status symbol?? All the men are in need of an eyebrow trimming!! Blech! Oh and something else that was said that just fascinates me (and disturbs me) is that William has NEVER put the toothpaste on own toothbrush...EVER!!!!! That's just nuts!

After lunch the kids went out to play for a bit...but no one was home next door, so they came back in quickly. How they find each other boring outside but not inside amazes me. So, DJ got busy cleaning his room so he could vacuum...fine by me! I got the dishes done and sat to watch more wedding stuffs and knit. I got the skirt completely finished tonite...SO incredibly pleased with it too. Must. Make. More! Sam enjoyed being my model too for sizing. It doesn't twirl, but she's okay with that lol.

Dinner was later than normal since lunch was late...and DJ was busy playing outside...the boys had come home. Sam on the other hand started running a fever...just like DJ  did LAST Friday...and right about the same time too! Poor girl! Now I have to wait til Monday to call in and get meds for her. Doesn't slow her down much tho...she kept busy and sat with me for a bit. After dinner, DJ went back outside and I gave Sam a bath since she'd peed herself once again! I swear I'm ready to put her back in diapers! On the plus side, their bathroom floor is the cleanest in town!

Before I called DJ in to get ready for bed I finished the vacuuming he was out, it needed to be done, why not. I got a little carried away tho and was doing the stairs when DJ came in  and Howie came home. And it was almost gave meds to the kids, brushed teeth and put them in bed!! They're both very excited to be getting far too early to go fishing....tomorrow is opening day of trout season. And Sam's first fishing trip...which is why I'm going. So I gotta get to bed NOW so I won't fall asleep driving the boat! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, April 29, 2011

If I didn't know better, I'd have thought

Today was Saturday!!

Howie was home today in lieu of working this coming he got up with the kids, and I slept til I heard chainsaws at, not a nightmare on Elm Street...but in my side/front yard. The fellow who cut the trees down informed me last nite that he had a couple hours and would come over and saw thru the trunks of the massive tree for Howie since he knew the chainsaw Howie has wouldn't do the job. So nice of him!! And I'm sure Howie greatly appreciated the help...many hands make light work! :D

So I got up and the kids had already eaten but weren't we got that underway and then I had my breakfast. Somewhere around 10 it was decided that the truck was going to get a tune up from the wood fella's friend (he also helped last weekend with the trees) as he's a off went the Durango to get much needed service! Almost 2 years ago now since it last had a tune up. That's a lot of miles!

I got started on laundry and dishes...the kids were in and out of the wasn't raining (yet) or sunny (for more than a couple minutes) but it was chilly (is it REALLY end of April!?!?) so when they got chilled or hungry they'd come inside. After lunch tho, they ended up outside for the most part since the kids next door also came out to play. That left me to nicely make some split pea and ham soup! Such a yummy soup! I also kept on with the laundry so much that I had time to wash the sheets, dry them and put them back on the bed!!!! Talk about domestic!

The truck came back shortly after 5 and it was then that I realized it was only Thursday...not Saturday! Which meant I had an Avon meeting in town to get ready for. YIKES!! And then Howie asks me to feed the kids before I leave...oy! Got them taken care of, went and changed and then tried to leave....but Howie needed my help getting the boat on the trailer I quick helped him and then took off before he could ask me to do anything more.

Meeting was short and sweet! With her doing more meetings more often, it means there's less to go over all at one time! I like this concept. And of course, I love freebies! I did learn a new trick tho...put perfume samples on the back of business cards to hand out!! That's SO easy!!!! One of those smackyourforehead ideas!! While in the meeting we got snow and hail and then rain...seriously!!!! So we've gone thru all 4 seasons in one day! It shouldn't be called global warming...its global cooling!

On the way home, I saw a rainbow amongst an angry sky! Not nearly as angry as the footage I saw of the tornado in Alabama...that was downright scary!!! I'm still waiting on a g/f to check in from there too! When I got home, Howie was still working on the boat and the kids were inside not I got them in pj's and then got their teeth done and meds given. Miss SamSam has started the eye weeping thing today, so I've been giving her an eye drop when I give DJ his...she's FAR worse than he is! Even he's telling her "it doesn't hurt, just relax" lol And when she's all done she says "my sick eye is gonna get better!!! thank you mummy!" What a girl!

Once they were in bed Howie finally sat down for the first time today other than meals...he wasn't sure he'd be able to get up again tho....til I reminded him it was garbage nite. So, once we got the Idol results (HAHAHA LOVE it!!! Buhbye Casey!!!!) he went and put the garbage out and I made the bed up. Fair trade really....I can give myself an extra inch of blankets...shhhhhh lol

Once he was in bed, I watched Grey's (sneaky sneaky Meredith!) and then Private Practice (the Katie encounter scared me!) and then almost got sucked into watching Royal Wedding started at 1 but goes til 7 am here, no way I can do without sleep and have two kids tomorrow! So thankful for dvr! Allows me to tape 2 I picked one American one, and the only Canadian one. Too bad I don't have a tiara to wear while watching it! I shall have a spot of tea tho! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The road to recovery

This morning the kids slept til after 8...pure heaven!!!!! Especially after the 6 am starts for almost a week now. I have no idea what time DJ joined me on Howie's side, or what time SamSam climbed in as she was at my back, but it was after 8 when they got up!! LOVE it!!!!

As we were laying there talking about today, I checked DJ's eyes and there was nothing crusty!! YAY!!!!! The meds are working fast!! And he was blowing a lot of junk from his nose, such a good thing!!! His spirits were back to normal and I had a happy boy again. After breakfast I got busy bathing them...and since it was a morning bath, they played a little extra long...not to pruny stage, but to the "ok now you're splashing too much" stage.

Then the three of us snuggled on the couch...the weather wasn't fit for playing, it was off and on raining and quite chilly out really. I had Sam up on my arm, and DJ down by my feet...kept me toasty warm! Then they started getting hungry again, so off I went to make lunches. Once we were done eating I got the dishwasher loaded up ready to go and DJ asked if he could colour a picture for his teachers at he got the crayons and I got the colouring book. The first picture he did awful...just black scribbles all over the page...totally making the picture unrecognizable. So I got another one out for him and showed him how to colour inside the lines...then I set both kids up and went to take a shower. While I was in the shower he came yelling thru the cat door that he was done, and put the picture thru...sure enough, he'd done a FABULOUS job colouring inside the lines!!!! He actually listened to me! Will wonders never cease!!!

When I got out and dressed he asked for another one and I gave it to him, started it off for him and let him have it...he did the scribble thing again. Meanwhile, SpongeySamSam was learning too, and doing a great job for a 3 year old in colouring inside the lines!!! Impressed me! Now we have to find colouring contests for them to enter! Howie came home and said all the proud dad things the kids wanted to hear about their pictures and then watched hockey. I got dinner going...since it was an Awana nite I did pancakes and eggs. I got a different buckwheat mix this time and I think I like it better. These were good!! I could only eat 1 and a half this time tho, SO filling!! And DJ only ate one!

We took off for Awana and rehearsed verses on the way...he's got ONE more verse next week and the WHOLE book will be done!!!! I'm so proud of him!! He doesn't know it yet, but there's  party for the book finishers on the 14th and I'm sure he'll have a blast! I was kept very busy with kids and extra awards to hand out for the perfect attendance peeps...and I was trying to have a VBS chat with the two ladies I'll be helping in the 3rd grade class in August....I'm sure we'll have a blast!!!!

On the way home DJ and I had to stop and get some oil for Howie's chainsaw and then also hit up the dollar store to get the rest of the groceries. DJ also talked me into getting him and Sam a new shovel and rake each. He carried them all thru the store! He also bumped into one of the kids from his Awana class which was kinda cool for him. This time next year we'll know even more people with the addition of football and school. We finally got home about quarter to nine and then into jammies he went. The doctor yesterday drilled it into his head to wash his hands more often, and I used that to ensure that when we're out and about, and get home, the first thing he's to do is wash his hands. And he did!! He's not enjoyed being sick like this and knowing the cause of it. It sunk in! I will say tho, he's pretty amazing in terms of taking the meds! He likes the amoxicilin, its berry flavoured, and the eye drops he tolerates but still fusses beforehand.

Once he was in bed I sat down to watch the last of AI with Howie...not a huge Carole King fan, so I don't know most of the music, but enjoyed the duets! As for who's going home...Howie didn't really have an opinion...but I'm ready for Jacob or Casey to go bye-bye!!! We'll see.

Survivor was great at usual....Matt is such a trooper!! I was sure with his attitude he'd be going home, but nope, he won! And then the double tribal AT tribal...insane!!! And now all of Zapaterra is done! And there's 4 of them at RI....what the heck!!! Next week should be interesting. I will say, they should have voted Rob off...not sure what their logic is in keeping him around....don't they see themselves as pawns in HIS game!?!?

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Racing against the clock!

Last nite it was decided that I was going to take DJ to the doctor today, so five minutes after they opened I called to see if our dr was in today (she has an odd schedule) and if she was, if we could get in with her.  She was in and they only had a 10, or 10:15 appointment...and it was already 9:11...I took the 10:15 and started racing the clock.

I got the kids dressed, myself taken care of, and breakfast, snack and sippy cups ready...and we were out the door and on the road by 9:30!! That's gotta be a record of late! We got to the appointment with ONE minute to spare...take that clock! The kids enjoyed their South Beach breakfast bars...they both chose chocolate. So, I now have an easy breakfast on the way to school solution! Works for me!

When I checked in with the receptionist, I realized I didn't have our new health card in my wallet...NOT a good thing! So I'm to fax it in to them and then they'll bill insurance...and me the co-pay. It was then that the kids decided they needed to go to the bathroom...and then DJ changed his mind when he got in there...Sam on the other hand did have to and also did a while she's busy, I hear them call DJ's name...I pop my head out and tell her we're here and to hang on a second. She did and we followed her back. DJ hopped on the scale and weighs 46lbs....then she did his height and he's 45 inches!! DANG!!!! That's 3 inches from 4 feet tall!!! That's crazy!!! He's not even five yet! He'll be towering over me at 10! Yikes!!!!

I have to give props to DJ for being SUCH a good patient...we'd talked about it on the way there, and how he was to let the doctor know whatever was hurting/bothering him. He was hopeful for Yeah, no x-rays today buddy! Instead she took his temp, no fever, and then looked in his eyes, ears and mouth. Listened to his belly, and his back, then checked his belly and pronounced he had conjunctivitis and a double ear infection! What a trooper my kid is! He didn't complain once about his ears hurting other than yesterday he said one of them popped when he opened his mouth....which happens to me on a daily basis so I didn't think anything of it. She called in two Rx's for him and we were on our way.

Since I didn't have the health card with me, I had to go home and get it before getting his we did that and then stopped by Papa Murphy's for pizza pick up and then Little Caesars for more pizza. Then we went to the school and dropped the books and extra pizzas off. Then we went to Freddy's to pick up his meds and get a few things we need...namely salad. Stupid me left the health card in the truck and didn't realize it til it was our turn at the counter....urgh!!!! Waste of a half hour! Or more since when I got back there was 5 more people in line ahead of me.

We get out of there and finally head towards home...I still needed to drop off the pizzas before going home. As I was on the way I was SO freakin hungry it was sickening....hate when I'm that hungry that I wanna throw I grabbed a piece of the pineapple/ham pizza the kids have been munching on for their lunch and ate it. It wasn't that good, but it did do the trick! When we got home and I got the kids squared away I made my salad lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Since DJ was still not up to par, I wouldn't let him go outside and play, but when Sam asked if she could I said yes...the sun was shining and the boys next door were out. I put on Power Rangers for DJ and we snuggled on the couch. I'd given him a dose of the antibiotic in the parking lot at Freddy's and when we got home I gave him his eye drops. He fought a bit til he realized it didn't hurt....and when Howie was home he showed him how brave he was and did it without ANY fuss!! What a kid!!

I had a conference call this evening before dinner and because of it we were a bit late eating....which gave Howie time to work on elevating the boat so all the water could run off and even gave the kids a chance to get some fresh air...DJ included. After dinner was some wrasslin to get the last of DJ's energy out...worked like a charm too! He was asleep before I could tuck him in! Here's hoping he sleeps right thru til 8 am!!  Please God!

My evening was FULL of music once Howie said I could change it from hockey...that and the dvr insisted we change the channel at 9 anyways. Now, if you know anything about me, its that I'm a HUGE Blake Shelton fan...and ever since January when he announced he was going to be on The Voice I've been waiting patiently for it to come on tv. Tonite it finally did!!!! The main concept is that 4 talented artists (Blake, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green and Adam Levine) listen blindly to singers auditioning  for them to be a part of their vocal team and get coaching from the singers. So its purely based on talent rather than looks!! Both Howie and I got chills several times from the singers!!! It was awesome!! I love the concept! Then I watched Glee which was 90 minutes long instead of the usual 60...such wonderful news!! I enjoyed it too!

I started a new knitting project...a skirt with cabling for SamSam...but the cabling isn't regulation cabling, there's no cable needle involved...but it sure looks pretty! I got most of the pattern done on the first panel....REALLY tough casting on 224 stitches!!! As usual I'm posting pix of progress on fb in the album titled Yarn Porn....which if you're a knitter/crocheter you'll get a chuckle out of it! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I really don't like having a sick child!!

This morning around 1 DJ woke up to tell me he couldn't sleep...yet when I laid down with him, he was out cold in 5 seconds, if not less! And I noticed his fever was gone...YAY!!!!! Then he was up again after 5 but crawled in bed with me and slept til 6:30...what is it with waking up so early lately!?!?! Sam was up at 7:30 with the first pee-on-the-floor of the day...what a child!

Breakfast wasn't early, they weren't hungry when I got up, but by 9 I made them sit and eat with me...Sam gobbled hers up and even had a half banana after the fact! DJ ate all the strawberries out of his bowl and about half the cereal. And then two hours later he was hungry again, so he had a cheese stick and the other half of the banana, and Sam ate an entire apple!

I didn't think they'd be hungry for lunch at noon, so I took my time getting lunch ready. I got a call from next door saying she had the movie Yogi Bear and if we wanted to watch it and then return it when we went into town that would be awesome. So I popped it in! Surprisingly, they didn't go ga-ga over it like I thought they would. Took a good while for them to get into it and pay attention.

As soon as it was done tho, we were outta here!! I had the book run to do, and I needed to go to Lowes for Howie's chainsaw chain he needed. While there I saw their 50% off gardening pallet and picked up two raspberry bushes, asparagus starts, and a bucket that has strawberries, onions, garlic and potatoes to grow. Quite pleased with myself I am!! Just need some serious sunshine to get in the garden and get it ready!  After that we headed for home and we were just minutes behind Howie arriving home. DJ was almost a mess when he saw Howie, crying and whatnot...sure enough, the fever was back. Poor guy!!! He and I lay on the couch and we both fell asleep for a good 45 mins or so. When I woke up, Howie was taking care of dinner business!  Burgers were on, broccoli was steaming, and peas were waiting to be heated! AND he was loading the dishwasher!! How awesome!!!

DJ on the other hand wasn't doing so hot, and didn't want to sit with us and have dinner...he wanted some toast when we were done tho, so I made him an english muffin and helped him eat half of it. Howie helped him with the other half while Sam and I put clothes away and got her ready for bed. While I was brushing her teeth, Howie read to DJ and got him tucked in....once I was done tucking Sam in, I went in to him expecting him to be asleep, but he wasn't, so we chatted and said prayers before I left the room.

Howie was watching hockey (what else is there at this time of year!?) so I waited patiently for him to switch to DWTS...instead, he went to bed!! Guess this weekend's work wore him out! So I put on DWTS and enjoyed it! Sadly, since we're getting down to the nitty gritty, I think either Chris or Ralph will get the boot this week. Kirstie still has a lot of voters...and Kendra shook it like nobody's business, so I'm sure she got the booby vote! Chelsea, Romeo and Hines rocked it!! They'll be the final 3...hard to say who's gonna take the mirror ball home tho! Since there was nothing else on, and I was knitting the final sleeve on my sweater, I put on the movie I recorded, Beyond the Blackboard from the Hallmark channel from Sunday. What a fabulous movie! I love 'based on real life' movies and this was just great!! Highly recommend it...just keep a hanky or two handy!

The sweater is DONE!!!!! I still have to finish my ends and block it, but I tried it on tonite and it fits, if not a bit big...and I just love the colour!!! YAY me!!! I figured out, I think I spent 42 hours total knitting it up....lotta hours!!! I'd better wear it too!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Bunny CAME!!!!!

Were the words I woke up to this morning!! The kids were SO excited!!! I hadn't prepped them last nite in hopes that they would sleep in til normal...but they were up at 6 and ready to go!! They let me sleep til 8:30 before barging in on me! SO cute! Then they brought me their pails full of stuff and showed me everything in it! Cuz, y'know, I didn't have anything to do with it!! lol

They'd already found all the eggs, and moved them around, so when I gave the go ahead, they went looking for them all. DJ even told me how the bunny hopped up on things to put one on top of the speaker...such a crazy tale that was! Of course they wanted to eat something NOW, but since they hadn't had breakfast yet, I said no.

So I got us all breakfast and we ate together. We weren't going to church with DJ being sick...his eyes were SOOOOOOO crusty gross too! Howie tried cleaning them, but you'd think we were beating him the way he carries on! I had my turn at it after breakfast and finally had to just use my nails and slide it off...blech!! All day too they kept the weeping up. And he's stuffed up big time! The fever still hasn't gone over 100 and he is letting us medicate it finally. Discovered how tasty that ibuprofen is!

After breakfast Howie went out to work on the wasn't pouring down rain, but it was called for. I went out to help him too while the kids stayed in watching a movie. About 40 minutes in I couldn't do anymore...every time I bent over I'd get that stars thing in my eyes, and I was feeling a little "off" too. So I headed in and laid on the couch for a while. We watched the two Easter VeggieTales movies while snuggling on the couch. Howie came in about 1 completely he went to take a shower...then he was off to look for new work shoes as the ones he's got are toast. I made me and kids' lunch (they had the leftover teryaki) and we ate.

When Howie got home the sun was back out weakly, but at least it wasn't he went back out to keep working on the branches. I got busy with laundry, dishes and making a nice ham dinner. Nothing fancy, ham, cauli and was VERY tasty tho!! I will say that! And the house still smells good! After dinner I worked on DJ's Awana with him...he's got two verses this week, so we read both stories and started learning the verses. Then, since he didn't have a bath yesterday, I gave him one today. Sam didn't like being left out, so she asked for one after him and considering how many times she peed her pants today, I gave in! 

Once they were both in bed, I hopped in the shower too! I got Howie's lunch ready, breakfasts ready, coffee ready, put the ham away while drooling about the soup I'm gonna make this week! and then finally sat down to watch tv and knit! I'm SO incredibly bummed the cowboys are out of Amazing Race!! I'd been rooting for them since I found out they were in this race again! :( What a bummer!  Then I watched Desperate Housewives (I can hear my dad rolling his eyes, yes, I said hear! The man can't just roll his eyes without letting you know WHY he's rolling them!) and Brothers & Sisters which was equally good!! You can tell summer programming is on its way with the way story lines are getting bigger.

I got one sleeve done tonite too! It looks good...kind of a weird pattern to it too, and it took longer than I thought it would! One more nite for the other sleeve, and then the finishing work!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Patience IS a virtue!!

Today started too early with Samantha YELLING for me from the toilet...not even 8 yet! But Howie was already outside and therefore I was the only one available for this task. Then they were hungry, so I got everyone breakfast ready and we ate together.

Today was tree cutting day...and Abe was here for 9 am as agreed upon...started unloading stuff and then realized he didn't have his safety harness for he took off for that. All this happened while I was out grocery shopping...thankfully it was still early enough on a Saturday that it wasn't busy at all! Then I headed home and found Howie mowing the lawn to pass the time.

I made us our lunches and ate mine since I needed to take off. I got outta here by 12:15 and was on the road for Lynnwood to deliver Avon. When I next talked to Howie a couple hours later, he called to tell me DJ was really burning up, they were felling the second tree...since there was another guy with Abe, he and Howie were busy collecting up the branches while they were being cut off. Makes less work in the end really!

I finally got done all my running around (remind me NOT to wear new shoes on delivery day!!!) and headed for home about 4:30...and since I didn't feel like cooking, I stopped for teryaki...and was VERY pleased they had brown rice as an option. And their brown rice is WAY better than what I've made here!! Even Howie agreed! It was on my way home on the nasty highway (they keep track of the days between deaths on the highway, nice eh?) that I was pleasantly following a car and we were both keeping good speed when we got joined (and almost cut off ) by a truck pulling an empty trailer. He instantly made us go from 60 to 45...not fun! Then, the dude I was originally following decided to pass the truck dude. I was telling him not to (he didn't hear me) as I could see ahead (we were on a bit of a curve) and that there wasn't time for him to get around before oncoming traffic (its a two lane highway) and it was nerve wracking!! Now, normally, if someone is passing me, I will slow down to make it happen faster...truck dude didn't touch his brakes once! I would have been a blubbering mess if I'd witnessed an accident like that! Head on collision, no thanks! Turns out, the very next half mile or less, the truck dude took the next left and was out of the way. Patience grasshopper!!

When I got home DJ was still fevered, but had at least taken medicine at 2, so far the fever hasn't gotten over 100, so that's good. I also noticed this morning the lovely green crusty stuff caked on his nose from sleeping, and when I got home it was oozing out his poor baby has sinus infection! He barely ate anything for dinner, and put himself to bed (with Howie's help) before I was done bathing Sam...he didn't want a bath. Sam was a doll when I was putting her bed...she put her doll Chloe to bed and then we had to whisper after that so we didn't wake her. Chloe's eyes close when she's laid down. Then apparently I was spending too much time tucking Sam in with all the whispering, she told me to "get out of her room now" which TOTALLY cracked me up!! DJ was already asleep when I went in to tuck him in.

Now, I'm heading out to Bingo again in a few, which is why I'm blogging early....I already have to hide the eggs when I get home, no way am I sitting here at that time too! :)

Happy Easter!

Til next time...God bless!

Shave and a hair cut, two bits!

Today absolutely FLEW by...and I'm not even sure how!

I got to sleep in, which is customary for Fridays as you well know...and before I even had my eyes fully open the Avon was at the door. DJ used his strong muscles to bring it in, but couldn't carry it up the stairs. Howie happened to be walking by and brought it for him (really, for me) and then we had breakfast.

Since the sun was shining, the kids went next door to see who could play, and ended up watching Tron with the boys. I got busy with the Avon, and I hadn't done up my books yet, so got that done too!  My plan then was to head out and do the grocery shopping...I looked at the clock and it was just after 11, good timing! I swear to you, the very next time I looked at the clock, when I got in the truck to go, it said 12:25...WHAT THE???? Time continuum strikes again!

So I got SamSam out of her seat and we went and worked in the garden a bit til lunch time. Since we had hair cuts scheduled for 3:30, there was no way I could get to town, shop, come home, make lunch, and eat  lunch in the space of 3 hours! When it was time for lunch I got a call from next door asking if I could take the 3 boys with me for haircuts for them too...I said sure, and they came in when DJ did for lunch. Which he didn't eat (clue #1) and instead he watched (clue #2) the boys play while Sam and I ate lunch. Then we all piled in the truck and off we went. I had a few errands to do before heading to the salon.

First was DJ's school to get gift cards...then to drop off books to my local rep...then as we were driving by it, I stopped at the local pet store to get a few things for Northern Belle's arrival...collar and anti-chewing spray...and got a new comb for both dogs as well as a lovely lavender shampoo that was on sale. Then we swung by the bank so I could get money out to pay for the haircuts and off we went. We would have been on time if we hadn't had that brand new musta-been-her-first-day teller at the bank! Boy, was that a long wait!

DJ got his cut first and then sat on my lap (clue #3) while everyone else played...that's when I noticed he had a fever. I'd checked before we left the house and hew as 97.4...but he was burning up sitting on my lap. I'd even called Howie to see what time he got up this morning since he was acting so weird....he was up at 5:30 and then again at WAY too early! I was hoping he'd fall asleep on during errands and he could go last for haircut, but he went first. Then Aliya went to show Sam how easy it is to get one...and then SamSam got her first trim! Took about an inch of hair off, and broke my heart! Most of it was her gorgeous curl, but I'll know more tomorrow after her bath. :( Then C went, then K, then D and then finally ME! Got mine trimmed an inch and got my brows done. DJ fell asleep during this part, which was fine with me!

We didn't get home til just about 6 and came in to do dinner right away. I'd have loved to have gone out shopping after dinner, but DJ was not in any shape or form to be leaving the house again. He ate half an english muffin and that was it for dinner. After they both got their pj's on and we snuggled in my chair and watched tv. They got to talk to Howie when I called to see what his E.T.A. was for home...since he was just leaving work then, I decided to put the kids to bed before he got home. They both fell asleep fast!

I then puttered til Howie got home and then got his dinner in him before sitting down to watch tv. Tonite was the airing of Girls Night Out in Vegas with the ACM...all country!!! What a show too!! LOVED it! Carried Underwood moved up on my "love her" list...all the women honoured were wonderful! Howie enjoyed it so much that he stayed up and watched it with me before going to bed. Then I watched Friday Night Lights...this is the final season and I'm gonna miss this one!! Such a great show...yeah, its all about football, but I really do like it!

I got the cowl collar done on the sweater...and tried it on, with my arms tucked down as there's no sleeves yet, but I love it!! May even be a bit big on me, but I love it! NO way am I frogging it to make it smaller! All that work...heck no!!!  As I was casting off the collar DJ came out and said he needed to puke, so off we ran, but then he changed his mind and said he needed to pee. When I'd put him to bed he wasn't that warm, but he was warm at 1 when he got up. Went back to bed easily all tucked in, and refusing medicine....even tho he has a headache too. Poor guy! Sure hope this one is a quick one!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The +'s and -'s of a new fridge

Really that should read "new to me" fridge....

Last nite while DJ and I were at Awana, Howie and SamSam cleaned the back of our new fridge getting it ready for use. So my task today was to clean the inside of it. Sounds easy right?

So, I spent the morning with the kids, did the dishes, DJ wanted to do some laundry, so we did that and wiping down the inside of the fridge with strong bleach water....I also said no to two "starving" children...even Sam came up to me and said "My tummy is rumbling its SO hungry" I kid you not! The girl is theatrical! Then I let them get on Starfall and they were actually quiet for a while...well aside from them repeating whatever letter they'd clicked on.

As soon as lunch was done, they took off for next door to see if they could play with the boys...I watched them go in, and then got busy with the fridge. When I'd gone down earlier it was closed, so when I opened it to bleach it, oh it stunk terrible!!! Good thing that bleach was strong! WHEW!!! I'd also had the brainstorm to take all the shelves and drawers out of the fridge and bring them upstairs to wash. That was a chore...I typically am not good around "loose" glass like that. Washing them was no easy chore and I'm very grateful to my neighbour for playing Peter Pan and entertaining my kids.

I'd just finished 10 minutes prior to Howie coming home when a serious brainstorm hit....wish it had hit two hours earlier...I should have washed everything in the BATHTUB as I would have had more room to turn things around and not made a mess on my floor and counters. Ay yi yi! In any case, it was done! Dried and waiting for the new fridge. So while Howie was downstairs prepping the new one to be brought up, I had the task of emptying this one out. No small task either!! The bigger the fridge, the more it holds! Granted this one wasn't holding much as I'd put things downstairs so as not to spoil.

At 5 I'd called over to see if Mike could help Howie do the fridge swap, and at 5:20 he (Mike) decided to give the kids cake!! CAKE!!!!!! I about came undone!! lol They all thought it was great of him...but he didn't look at a clock I'm guessing. So he came over, they swapped fridges and I got busy putting everything in the new fridge while thinking along the lines of dinner. Instantly we could feel the coolness of the fridge on the fridge side!!!! Something we'd been lacking for a while now. I even made jello and pudding as a celebration...knowing they'd get cold! Fast! It worked like a charm too! The pudding was gobbled by children after dinner and I thoroughly enjoyed a bowl of jello about 4 hours after I made it instead of 8-10! Such a treat!

With all the activity this aft, dinner was a bit late, which ran into bath we divided and conquered the cleanliness...worked well! Both kids were clean and pajammed by 8:10! While Howie read to them and tucked them in, I went and had a shower myself. Then I got comfy and watched Idol results with Howie. First off...this group of singers can not really sing together well! Lauren however can harmonize with just about anyone! The boys that sang together were terrible!!! Way to ruin a song! David Cook was awesome! Didn't care for his facial thing he had going on, because he's still young....LOVED how his mom stole the spotlight for a hug from Steven! Cracked me up! Katy Perry, while I love her, I did NOT love that song...or the outfit! As for Stefano getting voted off...I would have rather it be Jacob...but I think we can all agree that neither of them are superstars. Howie said earlier he predicts his final two being Lauren and James with James winning...I can agree with that.

Since there was nothing else (literally) on tv tonite, I watched a movie I'd dvr'd...Forgetting Sarah Marshall...quite funny! Had me laughing out loud to an empty room a couple times...scared the cat on my lap too! Tho not near as much as the ice maker doing its thing...scared me too! Not used to that sound. I go the body done on the sweater...and picked up all the stitches for the collar...nice to be done with the body, it was getting heavy.

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No, its not Rango, its Rio!!!

This morning dawned way too early....DJ was up at 6:17 and asking if it was time to go to the movies...and there was no getting him back to sleep. Alt least he let Sam sleep til almost 8, no sense having two afternoon zombies!

After breakfast they both got dressed and I made us a lunch and got ready to go. That time continuum thing happened again and boom it was 10:15 when I wanted to leave at 10. That just meant I didn't get to stop at the school first on the way out of town, and instead we went to get gas so that we could get to the theater. We were meeting my g/f Andie and her daughter Malorie for the movie...she's a teacher and on Spring Break, so we planned a movie date. DJ chose the very back row in the place, so we joined him and waited for the movie to start. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their popcorn...LOVE that they love it since Howie hates it!

About half way thru Sam needed to pee, so off we went, DJ said he needed too as well, but when we got to the bathroom (ON THE SECOND FLOOR!!) he said he tricked me and didn't have to go. And I had made them both go when we got there, so he played his game. We got back and within 5 minutes Sam said she needed to poop, but really it was just toots, so she ignored them and went on dancing to the music...which was really good in the movie! Of course, it takes place in Rio during the music was dance-y.

Once the movie was done we headed out, DJ took off in one direction, and Sam and I in the other, but they meet at the doors to go out. Well, he wasn't I head out and check the arcade that's right next door, and he wasn't there, so I go back in the theater and start calling for him, no answer and I don't see him. I come back out to where Andie and the girls are, and no DJ. I leave my purse and coats and go back in the theater and do a complete walk thru thinking he's hiding on me. When I don't find him the panic starts setting in and I'm trying to remember what he's shirt was all I could remember. I come out of the theater and look to my left and there he is bouncing down the stairs from the bathroom with a grin on his face. I tell him to "Get over here NOW!!!" and he dropped his smile and came right away! He started apologizing and trying to hug me, but I was furious and let him know what he did was SO wrong! Unreal!

From there we went to Costco to do the shopping since we were SO close to it and that meant I didn't have to make dinner...and I was trying to keep DJ awake. They had a mini lunch in there with all the samples, after eating popcorn, cheese stick, gold fish, and a cheese bagel...they don't fill up!! Got the shopping done and outta there and on our way home....DJ fell asleep pretty quickly, but Sam stayed awake. Since we had the car and no dvd system, they asked for the radio on, and they wanted it loud (not sure if it was to drown out my singing or their own) and so Sam was singing along while he slept away. Made the stop at the school and dropped off auction items, and tried to get gift cards but none were available, so we went and got a full tank of gas instead. Then we headed for home!!! I woke DJ on the way by opening his window on him. We passed the neighbours on a bike ride, but they were immobile when we drove by, so I turned around to see if all was well, and she'd just put the chain back on the bike, so we headed home.

Thanks to the chicken dinner was simple and ready to eat practically. And DJ gobbled his up!!! He was the first one done and getting ready for Awana before I was done eating. That's a first! We were on our way in record time practicing his verse for the nite. His memory is so sharp! It's so awesome to see that. We got there and off he went to his class and I to my table to check kids in. Tonite was a special nite in that we had a guest speaker for I had to rush thru some of my ending duties so I could be in there too. DJ didn't do so hot on the listening part, but I noticed he wasn't the only fidgety kid in his that gives me hope! 

After Awana we came straight home and he got into pj's...we'd chatted on the way home and done his prayers to save on time getting him into bed. And he'd bargained with me for a yogurt when he got his pj's on....I agreed. Then when it came time to eat it he asked if he could have a I made him choose between the yogurt and a book...he chose book. And was out pretty quick! I finished watching AI with Howie, who'd missed recording the very first singer, Scotty, who from the recap didn't sing a song I cared for, and his tilted microphone is getting old...straighten it up! Lauren rocked it!!! Stefano took it up a notch too! Casey made me wanna vomit...and I haven't seen the rest. Hard to say who the bottom 3 are and who'll be sent home. It needs to be a guy tho to even things up a bit! I'll guess Casey...

Then I watched Survivor with my neighbour....nice to have a fellow fan and we can chat about things. The jury has started and things get interesting! Philip needs to be institutionalized!!! He's freakin CRAZY!!!!! His jumping to a racial fight was ridiculous! And uncalled for! Honestly!

Cougar Town was great as usual...and Modern Family was VERY comical! Breaking In was funny too....I really do like Christian Slater! Happy Endings is still kinda weird and new....I'll reserve judgement!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I love the way they

Make each other laugh uncontrollably....and they're not even really being funny!!!

If there is one thing about the bond my children have that I can't really would be DJ's ability to make Samantha hysterically laugh by making a sound, a face, or saying one word....she is literally rolling on the floor in laughter!! Ever since she was a baby he could do this!! Truly a remarkable phenomenon. I just love watching it play out, and of course, can't help but laugh along!

This morning after breakfast it was Avon Go time...probably my smallest order yet this year! It happens, but I'm still thankful for the new contacts I made this past weekend! And I may have an "in" with a bride that's a customer of mine...she wants everyone to have the same make-up! SWEET!!!!

As soon as I hit enter we got ready to head out to do the pizza and book runs...I grabbed a cheese stick for all of us and off we went. We didn't get back home til just about 1:45 as I got hung up chatting with another gleaner at the shed...and I wanted to see what books were in from yesterday's delivery...found two! Score for me! 

When we got home I could smell immediately that the neighbours had done a lawn treatment...which meant the kids couldn't play outside in the sunshine...and we also couldn't get DJ's bike from the back yard instead of the bike ride he was begging for, we went to the park and swung away. We brought K and C with us and the four of them had fun. I have to say, it's tough pushing two on the swings when they're spaced so far apart! Good work out tho!!  Howie found us on his way home, and took DJ and Sam with him in the car...I walked back with K and C and then my two came flying down the road to be with the boys. They all went inside to play and I came in to continue with the laundry. I must pat myself on the back....I got four loads washed, four loads dried and three loads folded!!! Pretty darn good! And I found my earbuds that I left in a the dryer!!! They still work tho, so that's awesome...just took some doing to untangle them! Much easier than yarn!!

About 5:15 I headed into town for an Avon meeting...I went to Albertsons first as I thought the kids' cereal was on sale for 1.50 a box...boy was I wrong! lol I did get the other stuff on my list tho, so that was good. I got to the pizza place early and ordered my salad dinner...and booked DJ's birthday party for their party room next to the arcade. He's so excited for it! I am too now that its booked. The meeting was good...all about skin care and a good refresher for was this time last year that I got hooked on the Anew products from this exact kind of seminar! It was also good to hear others ideas and input.

I got home and fully expected kids to be awake, but Howie had one of "those" kinds of nites and they went to bed on time. Can't say as I blame him...I've had those nites! I sat down to watch tv with him and he went to bed lol....I think he knew Glee was being recorded! But before I could get comfy I did up his lunch and coffee....THEN I hit play! It was an "okay" Glee for me...too much diva drama...but I do enjoy listening to Gwyneth sing! I'm among a small group according to complaints from others lol. I then did the fast forward thing with DWTS results...kinda surprised, but not really at the fact that Petra got the boot...really thought Kendra was done...I'm tired of lookin at her fakeness!  Parenthood tonite was a tear jerker!!! And now my pillow awaits...we have another busy day ahead of us!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FINALLY the deep freeze

Can stop!!! As you know the fridge has been acting up for a while...and we've actually started using the freezer side to keep the really perishable things from perishing. Its that bad! And for the last month or so I've been looking avidly on craigslist for a new to us fridge. SO many times we'd get a reply back that it was just sold, or we'd find out it was too old. The trick with craigslist is you have to be first with the good deals...if you're not first, you've lost already! This past weekend I found a 2 year old Kenmore side by side for under 400...DONE!!!! I made Howie call right away and we were first!! She called us back and we set up a time for him to go get it tonite. So after dinner, he went and got our new fridge. It needs some cleaning, and two bottom drawers on the doors are broken, but I'm hoping that the ones from the deadbeat fridge will fit in there and make it all okay!

This morning the kids woke me with the news that it was snowing again...I have to say, I'm honestly SICK of hearing that!!! I want green buds, new grass, trees with new leaves, flowers starting to poke their heads up out of the ground... this weather will scare all that away!! We've been bird watching out our window and seen SO many Robins aerating our yard for us looking for worms. And there's a woodpecker letting us know he's there...thankfully he's left our house alone this Spring!

After breakfast the kids were bugging at me to go next I said sure, since they get dressed faster this way. DJ waited patiently for Sam and they walked one was home so they decided to play...didn't make for a happy mummy....especially when I had already said no. I think most of today was checking to see if mum really meant what she said...not a fun day for  me! Or for DJ really...he got sent to his room a lot...even during lunch!

After lunch we headed to the shed to do the books...didn't take me long now that I have full access to the shelves...what a difference!! Even unloaded the cd's and some vhs tapes. Starting to thin them out a bit. Way too many tapes for very few people who have vhs players still. The kids enjoyed watchin their movie in the back. And I'm getting much better at remembering to turn the interior lights completely off while its sitting there. That and I load all the books at one time instead of a box at a time leaving the door open. Makes a difference!

We got home and the kids wanted to go next door off they went and inside they went this time! Whatever was I to do with all this quiet!?!?! I'd already done the dishes, and laundry is on tomorrow's schedule, so around 3:30, I laid down on the couch to warm up...I couldn't believe how cold I was!! I did doze off, but my feet did not warm up!! Howie came home and immediately flipped hockey on...there went the quiet! And one by one the kids came home. Sam with wet pants, and DJ a few minutes later.

After Howie left, I bathed the kids and then Snickers...this damn dog will not stop rolling in shit! Literally!! Since Howie was off doing the fridge thing, that meant I had to bathe her...she's not a water dog!! And keeping her from shaking the water off is chore!! Even tho I made sure the water was warm for her, she still was shaking like a leaf! Poor girl!! And even tho she's clean, and I washed "that" area twice, I can still smell it! BLECH!!!! Hopefully she's dry enough when I go to bed that I can sprinkle the lavender on her and make her smell better!

Howie got home just as we'd finished brushing teeth, so he helped with bed time once the fridge was in the garage for cleaning. While he was reading them stories, I went and had a much needed shower! FINALLY I was warm!!! Til I stepped out that is! Heated bathroom sure does sound good! LOL When I came out we watched HIMYM which was funny!! And then I flipped to DWTS...which is SOOOOO much better in fast forward mode! I skip all the preview shit and just watch the dance...and the scores, and that's really all I need! Hines is definitely winning me over!!! Altho, I confess, I wasn't watching him so much as I was watching Kim's twirly outfit...thinking how fun is that!?!!?!?  Kirstie finally had a blunder free week! Chelsea can MOVE!!!  I think Kendra is in danger of going home!! Again...she's still so very stiff to me. And for once I agree with Bruno!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shiver me timbers!!!

I'm gonna cheat tonite and give you my day in pictures!!!

We woke up to big flakes of snow falling...and Samantha asking if santa was coming!!!

Timberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! the wrong way!! Thank God we didn't take out the power lines when it hit them! Yep, it was that close! You'll also notice our mailbox is no more....

Yep, it's toast!!! I tried valiantly to get Howie to pry it open and salvage it, but really, upon closer inspection, it was buckled pretty good!!!

We waited ALL afternoon to head over and see our newest baby!! She fell asleep in my arms and was very content!! SamSam keeps calling her "My Northern Belle" SOOO cute! Both of them!!! I spent an hour just holding her!! Her nose is getting black spots, and will eventually be all black. Its cuter now...

 SamSam did a little bit of this, and actually fell and hurt her elbow, just a bruise, but she didn't like the swing for a bit after that. Cute how she blames the swing...

DJ did a bit of this and was swinging away!! He's fearless on this thing! Scares me tho!

This is our wood pile after 2 you can see, there's more to be cut, but the rain/hail/sun wasn't as co-operative today!

Now he's doing this....sound asleep, and probably snoring!

And she's doing how she tucks her hands under her face to sleep!!!

And I finished this tonite!! The baby blanket its finished!!! Just need to do a hat and I can get back to my sweater!! :) Jasper thinks the blanket is awesome too!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

That ice cream....

Really does work!!! SO glad I didn't have any last nite like I'd said I was!!! Whew!

And it only takes 3 1/2 hours to do it's thing too! I was VERY careful in only doing the suggested amount for a serving...knowing it's effect and all. Dang!!

Guess I know what to give to SamSam if she's ever suffering! Hey, Mom, want some ice cream!!?!?!

This morning I was up and at 'em super early!!! There was a ladies retreat this morning that started at 9, but I didn't get there til 9:15 for a couple reasons...I had to swing by the bank, knowing they would be closed when I was done the retreat, and I got caught first in line waiting for a train. As it was, I didn't miss anything other than it was all good!

I was smart and wore my Avon sparkly shirt to self advertise....IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! I handed out 5 books to people who actually asked for them once they knew for sure that I'm a rep!! SWEET!!!! This is the moment I've been waiting for! Especially when the pastor's wife endorses me and says, "she's been my rep for a while now!" YAY!!! I'm also looking into doing a fund raiser for the missions trip to Uganda...just gotta get the email to send off the info and I'm good to go!

The retreat was creative...we did mosaic tiled clay pots...I've never tiled anything in my life, this was very interesting to me...and very easy I discovered!! I love the look too! Mine's on the counter now drying til tomorrow around 1ish, then I'll put a coat of mod podge on it to gloss it up and seal the grout. The dessert they had for everyone was very creative....crushed oreos, chocolate pudding, more crushed oreos, and two gummy worms coming out of it. Unfortunately it wasn't sugar free, so I didn't eat, but I can make it sugar free...and plan to for DJ's birthday party instead of a cake or cupcakes...I think he'll get a kick out of that! I also won a centerpiece and it's just darling...a pot of flowers, and the centers are lollipops!! The kids were excited for that, but I put it up on the mantle to admire for a while before they inhale them.

After the retreat I stopped by the library and picked up the books on hold...finally I have a copy of the South Beach Supercharged which my mom's been using. I'm anxious to see the differences. I'm quite proud of the fact that I have now lost 30 lbs doing South Beach...and that's in almost 10 weeks! I'm liking it!! I just wish I'd stop losing my ass and start using other stuff up now! Seriously!! The junk is gone from my trunk! Now I need the spare tire to disappear, thankyouverymuch!

When I got home Howie and the kids were outside working...him with the chainsaw, and the kids with garden tools. I changed and had planned on working in my garden...but helped Howie with piling logs up. Boy, what a jog down memory lane that was! A 30 year old jog for me! In any case, he got 2 main "branches" down on the cherry tree, and cleaned up the brush in the cedars...then the rain came. We'd just brought the chainsaw and whatnot in the garage and turned around and it was pouring. Just like that! Good timing really too! Howie hopped in the shower, and I got the kids drinks. Then marched them downstairs and made them pick up every single toy in the room! Took them 45 minutes to do it too! How on earth do I explain efficiency to these kids?? Pick up more than one blasted toy at a time and you'll get done quicker!!! If I'd done it, it would have been done in 5 minutes! ugh!

After dinner I bathed the kids and then we put them to bed...they were wiped!! Wiping at their eyes and yawning....all that fresh air! Then I loaded the dishwasher and got some ice cream and FINALLY sat down in my chair for the first time today! We watched an episode of Dexter and then Howie went to bed. Since I had netflix up, I watched Karate Kid...the one with Jaden Smith. I must say, I miss Mr Miagi!! And having subtitles to translate the Chinese wasn't my idea of fun, but at least I knew what the heck they were saying! I think I still prefer the original...Ralph Macchio was the best!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Is it 5 yet???

No, DJ, not yet!!!

And I wasn't about to explain to him that according to Jimmy Buffet...It's 5 o'clock Somewhere!! ha!

This morning was my morning to sleep in, and I thoroughly loved it!! Could have slept longer even I was that out of it when Howie woke me up. I got up and made breakfast for us and sent him on his way to work. As soon as I was up, DJ was bugging to go next door...he knew K's party was today, but didn't know what time it was for. I made him wait til Howie left for work and boom, the two of them were out the door!!!

Silence IS golden!! I had the next almost 3 hours of quiet it was amazing!!! I got some Avon emails done, did the dishes, folded laundry...glorious mundane things! lol They came home for lunch and that's when the REAL bugging to go to the party started!!! Making him wait 4 hours was torture more for me than for him!!!! But we also talked about time and numbers on the clock. Every time he saw a 5 on there, he was all over it and ready to head out the door...til he realized which number needed to be 5. I tried keeping him busy, but he wasn't having it. And poor Sam...kept saying she was going with, and DJ would remind her "no girls allowed" and she'd get all sobby....lovely cycle!

FINALLY at 5 he headed over...since he'd already taken his present over yesterday, he didn't have anything to carry over today (and the put his present up til today's gift opening) and poor SamSam was just crying at the window. I kept her busy by letting her go on the computer and play in Starfall without DJ's help...turns out, she needs his help as she hasn't mastered the mouse just yet. lol Won't be too long tho, I'm sure!

She and I ate dinner and then headed out to the shed for a special glean of meats and canned goods. Even scored some sugar free ice cream...even says on it that it will act as a laxative if you eat too much LOL That oughta be interesting!!! I'm waiting patiently for Howie to finish eating so I can get some for both of us. When we got home Miss Samantha went into full on tantrum since the boys were outside playing army and she wasn't. So I let her go, and said if she got sent home, she was to come right home! In essence, she crashed her first party!!! They let her stay for cake and presents and then sent them both home about 7:30...just as I was stepping in the shower. I'd busied myself by putting laundry away and cleaning kitty litter and before I knew it, they were home! Oh well, they did good without me...and chattered to me the whole time thru the cat door opening. And they got their pj's on for me.

They went to bed easily and quickly...."waiting" for Howie to get home...which means they fell asleep instantly!!  I'm blogging now to save time...I MUST get up early tomorrow and I'm challenging myself to being in bed by midnite...we'll see!! Hoping we'll watch a Dexter episode too if Howie's up for it.

Ok, off to get that ice cream laxative!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Brrrrrrrrrrr its cold in here!!!

And this morning I got a double snuggle from the kids!!! We talked about what we were going to do with the day, and then what they wanted for breakfast...and the fact that today was K's birthday and I hadn't wrapped the gift like I said I would...bad Mummy!! Then I get up and see Jasper sitting on the even the cat thinks its cold out!!

As soon as he was done his last bite of breakfast DJ was bugging to go next door...I made him wait til 10ish and let them go! Watching them run to the sliding door next door, hair wild (Sam) and rubber boots sloshing is quite cute! With them out of the house I was able to get myself organized and gather up what needed gathering. I was returning the demo stuff to my district manager and needed to get it down to the truck. I swear there's some sort of time continuum somehow that fast forwards time...It wasn't even 11:30 when I started and called over to get the kids home, and boom, its 11:44 and we're backing out of the on earth did it all take me 14 minutes!??! It didn't feel like 14 minutes!

The meeting place was McDonalds....oh what a bad choice!!! I'll be picking a different place next time! The endless pleas to have lunch at McD's were so whiny and borderline abusive!! (to my ears) and he just didn't get it. Sam was fine once she picked macaroni for lunch. Once the swap was made (I got my achievement for making Presidents Club...a Mrs Albee figurine) we were on our way home. And once the macaroni was in front of him, he forgot all about the nuggets he was begging for! Even ate his ham and cucumber first!

After lunch it was all I could do to keep them from going next door with K's presents....every time they saw Mr or C on the back deck they were calling out to them asking. Finally about 3 the go ahead was given...come to find out, K wasn't even home, so my two were happily playing with C. Allowed me to grab a quick nap! Which wasn't nearly long enough as I knew what I wanted to accomplish before dinner. So at 3:30 I got up and got started on dinner. We were having another early one as Howie had to be at church for 6 for a Sound 101 class to help out with running the sound during services. 

Since dinner was done so early, I let the kids play for a bit before starting baths. Starting at 6:30 sure makes a difference in getting them done by 8! In fact, we were watching tv (I was clipping their nails) when Howie got home and he helped read and tuck them in. Whew! He had a conference call at 9, so it was nice and quiet for that. Jake was approached by a company that gathers information and distributes it to colleges everywhere so he can pursue college football AND get a good education. This service makes sure any college he's interested in knows about him, and keeps tabs on who's looking at him online. It was over an hour long this call! It all sounds good tho!

After that tho Howie went to bed and I settled in to watch AI results....I'd hit pause and was anxious to see who was going home. No surprise tho really!!! Buh bye Paul!  And yes Fifi, I do NOT like heavy metal!! I can't understand a word of it! And I even had the words on the screen to help me out. Then there was nothing else on tv...what in the world!?!?!? No new Grey's or PP and won't be for another 2 weeks or more! urgh!! And it was too cold to knit, so I had a cup of tea instead....brrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I love his enthusiasm!!

This morning I vaguely recall DJ being tucked in by Howie before he had his shower...and then the next thing I know, he was waking up shortly after 7 for the day! Sam wasn't too far behind him either...she had me wipin her up just about 7:30. Before I got out of bed, I heard the knock at the door...and DJ's excited voice at seeing Caleb on the other side. In his pj's no less! lol So he watched us eat breakfast and then DJ went and got dressed. Sam was comfy in her Tinker sleeper and chose not to dress.

Soon after we were done eating, there was another knock, and it was Kristopher coming over to the 4 of them had fun! Then it got quiet..K and C went home, and DJ wanted to follow, but they were going to ask if DJ could come over, and since they didn't come back, that obviously was the answer. I tried consoling DJ with the fact that we were heading into town for a trip to Ben Franklin to meet up with my g/f Denise for her Avon. He was only placated when it was decided what snack he could bring...and the growth spurt lives on.

We left shortly after 11 and got there before Denise did...when Sam said she needed to poop, we headed in! Denise was just arriving, and so she waited in the store for us. DJ wandered the store like it was his own play room, looking at all the crafts and what not. I was in the rhinestone section (yes, there's a section for it!) when he came to me and said "Mum, you gotta see this!!!!" and proceeded to lead me and Sam to the wooden bird feeder section. You see, I'd bought him one on clearance months ago...and he had only painted the top of it with Daddy's help. And since he'd now seen them in the store, he felt SamSam needed one of her own to paint. So I picked one out for her and she thanked me profusely! So sweet!!  There was one on the shelf all decorated with buttons, and I thought that was a cute idea...then as we're walking by a clearance place, there's a wash bin full of buttons! So they each picked out 8 buttons and were very happy!

I was also very happy...I'd found THE perfect crafting storage thing for in the pantry where I have my crafty stuff...and it was on sale!!! SOLD! We then checked out as I was starting to get hungry! We made one go thru the bank and then headed for home. After lunch I put my craft station was that easy!! And then started dinner before letting the kids paint. Of course they were that anxious!!! I set them up at the end of the table, put newspaper down, gave Sam an "I don't care if you ruin it" shirt and off they went! GOBS of paint went on each house!!! I just checked them and they're still wet!! Won't be doing the additional decor til next week I  presume!

They were hungry after all that painting, and so they each had a snack and we went to watch Dora together. DJ laid on the couch with me and after shushing him a million times, he fell asleep...and Sam was snoring away in my I dozed til Howie got home from work. Then woke both of them up and got busy with dinner. Tonite we had Texas longhorn beef in our spaghetti definitely was different. Not a bad different, but even the texture was different. And it was way leaner than the lean ground beef I buy.

DJ and I left after dinner for Awana and he recited his verse 7 times for me before we got there just so he had the Mark 15:16 part down pat. Hard to believe we've only got 3 more weeks left! WOW!!! Hardly seems right! But that'll be 30 weeks of Awana. I finally know ALL my kids by sight and now we're gonna add/lose some for next year! Should be fun!

On the way home we stopped to get K a birthday present since its tomorrow, and DJ's been super excited to get him something specific...even knew EXACTLY where it was in the store!!! Told the cashier who he was buying it for and was cute! Then we stopped in Freddy's to get more salads and cukes and bananas...and DJ a cookie of course! Then he ate a banana on the way home, should have bought more!

Once he was in bed I sat down with Howie to watch tv...he was flipping between Idol and I honestly have no opinion on who's who for Idol this week! From what I saw in the recap, Paul, Casey and Haley...with James as an alternate...didn't really care for his tonite! Apparently they're changing the voting thing too....America can decide who the bottom 3 are, but the judges have the final say in who gets voted off. The whole Pia thing last week shook everyone up...*rolls eyes* She wasn't that good....

Howie went to bed and I watched stuff in dvr...Survivor threw me for a bit with the double elimination....Will definitely make Redemption Island duel interesting!! The challenge of hanging upside down was not something I could do...that looked painful!!!! I'd have chosen hamburgers over that challenge any day! Philip is just INSANE!!!!!! If he's married, I feel for his wife!! The man does not know how to shut up!!! According to Jeff, we have to wait til the reunion show to know if he's really an ex-agent.

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If I let her,

She'd swing ALL day long!!!!

Right after breakfast this morning the begging for a bike ride started! I kid you not! The sun was shining, and to them that's a "summer" day for a bike ride!! Good thing there's no pool evident, or they'd wanna swim in that too!

Around 11:30 we headed into town to do the pizza and book drop...quite the haul on pizzas, and they were like bees to a flower! Of course we drove by a couple parks, and one of them the big one in town, but since we hadn't eaten lunch, nor had I packed one, I had to say no. But the promises of a bike ride were made!!!  That seemed to appease them.

We got home and had lunch straight away...the kids wanted pizza (naturally) and so I made one while I made salad for me. They gobbled it up as they knew they were going outside to play when done. And the boys next door were waiting! Without them under foot, I did the dishes, and gathered laundry....I'm laundry gatherer...oy! I want my fairy back!!! DJ kept coming in the house to see when I was taking him for a bike ride...or because he was hungry. The child has not stopped eating this week!!! It's a constant!

I tried to lay down for a nap with the window open while they were outside playing (Sam on the swing for most of the time) and I got a whopping 20 minutes before DJ came in looking for that bike ride. Finally at 3 I said "let's go" and off we went! Sam made me carry her bike...nice eh? Apparently DJ was bored with the bike ride and wanted to go to the park down the street. Now, this "park" has only 4 swings, and a basketball court (there's a pool under there from long ago) and that's it!! So, I dropped Sam's bike by our mail box and DJ rode his. Oh he almost gave me a heart attack!!! Riding in the middle of the road while I'm screaming at him GET TO THE RIGHT!!!!!!! I finally ditched his bike and made him walk with us while explaining that he could get hit riding like that! Hopefully I scared him silly! Our road, while in the country, is a little windy, and even tho its posted 25/h they do NOT adhere to it! I shudder to think of what went thru my head! Not pretty!

We met up with Michaela and Kristopher at the park, they'd gone for a bike ride, but needed warmer jackets, so they were swinging away waiting. Sam and DJ each took a swing, and I pushed them higher and higher!  I tried teaching DJ how to pump the swing for himself to keep it going, but he was being stubborn. Hate when that streak shows up! Samantha kept on swinging away...giggling every now and then just loving the breeze thru her pony tails (when I did them, she looked in the mirror and said "I look like Dora, thank you mummy!") and holding on tight! I think I pushed her for 45 mins!!!

Lara came back with Caleb and David, and they left K with us to play. She'd told me about the sign for the puppies up the street, and sure enough there it was. We met up with Howie on his way home from work, and he saw it and said we should go up there. So he parked the car and the 5 of us went up there. There were only 4 pups left, and only one female....she's a cutie!! Puppies are SOOOOOOO dang cute!! They were nipping at the kids knees and romping around...adorable!!! So we put a hold on the girl and said we'd let them know.

Came back home, the kids stayed out to play and we puppy chatted....and Howie decided this wasn't the right dog for us. He doesn't want a barker, and German Shepherds are barkers...made me sad, but I get it. Then I reminded him that a neighbour up the street that breeds Border Collies probably had their babies recently. So he calls, and sure enough they had! On the 2nd of while in the middle of making dinner, he shut the bbq off and we walked up there. Tink had had 10 puppies, but one had 9 left, 5 boys, 4 girls...and 2 of the girls were already spoken for. Without even batting an eyelash, Howie said the girl I was holding was going to be ours! Oh yeah, I'd say he got puppy fever!! BAD!!! So, now we're waiting for the weaning and then we'll have a puppy on our hands.

I took pix of them all snuggly together and sent it to my mom...and while we were eating dinner my dad called and said they want a puppy too!! Which makes me chuckle! He's been wanting a dog for a while now...and knew about the Border Collies last year when Tink had a litter, but we weren't in the right time for a pup, and they were sold in a day! So after dinner the kids and I headed back up to see the pups again, to take more pix and I found a boy that looks a lot like ours and sent pix...and of the mom and dad so they could see them. So, I may have two puppies to train for a while. Our little girl has been named already, by us, as we walked back from picking her out...Northern Belle. We'd heard about her lineage and knew that Grandma was Southern Belle, and since we're no where near the South, we chose Northern Belle for our girl's name. 'Course we'll call her Belle for short. I now have 4 weeks to puppy proof the house and get puppy paraphernalia.

When we got back from that trip the kids got in their pj's, washed hands and feet, and brushed teeth and hair and got a book read to them. While Howie was doing that, I hopped in the shower. Worked well, they were both sound asleep (as I knew they would be) when I was done. And I was free to sit and watch DWTS results. I thought for SURE Kendra was going home! Even tho I missed her dance, I did get to see her snotty attitude tonite "I don't care about the dance" should have gotten her voted off!  Instead, Sugar Ray is sent packing!  With no Glee, Tuesdays are sketchy for tv viewing. But I did get to see The Good Wife (WOW) and Parenthood (WOW WOW!!!) and knit the nite away. I'm almost done the body of the sweater...I figure tomorrow out to finish it up! Then sleeves and then the cowl. WOOT WOOT!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I think every day should have an "aww" moment

This morning DJ woke up about 7:30 and went to watch tv...I know this cuz he was in bed with me! We've been having discussions when I put him to bed...he tells me I can't sleep in his I tell him he can't sleep in mine! He doesn't think it should work that way lol. Sam was up shortly after 8 and both bugging for breakfast. DJ has now learned the concept of adding fruit to cereal...and he likes it! Sam just wants hers on the side...she can be particular!

After breakfast DJ got dressed and started bugging to go next door...finally at 10:30 I said sure, and off he went! Sam couldn't get dressed fast enough to go with him! I had told DJ that if they couldn't stay there and play, he could invite the boys over here. My two came home within 10 minutes of Sam leaving here, and brought with them 3 boys! D soon got called back home as he had school work to do...but K and C stayed and played very well with my two. Then the painting started!! DJ got this Toy Story paint book for Christmas that resurfaced when I cleaned out the pantry and ever since then he's been bugging and bugging to paint in I let the two older paint, and the two younger colour. Miss Samantha was NOT happy with my decision one bit!!! And let me know it! So, she got sent to her room to cry it out. I went in there after 5 mins and she threw herself on the bed in defiance and cried even harder, so I left. Another 5 go by and I go back in there and she's I sit in the rocking chair to talk to her and she comes up to give me a hug. I hug her back and just hold her rocking and telling her that she can paint another day but today is a colouring day...she accepted that and came out to play nicely.

Since they were all having such fun, I decided to join them...and coloured my own picture! Of course the kids all thought I had quite the talent....staying inside those lines IS tough y'know!! In the end DJ painted 4, K painted 2 (he took more time with his and did a great job!) and the two little ones each coloured 2. Then they all grabbed blankets, and pillows and laid on the floor to watch tv while I made lunch. This is when my "awww" moment happened....and thankfully I was camera ready! It was just adorable how content they all were!

Then they all ate lunch and did pretty good considering there's four of them! I'm quite thankful God didn't give us twins and only singletons!!! Feel like I dodged a bullet there! :) About 1:45 I sent the boys home as we needed to head to the shed and do the books. Put a movie on for the kids and I got to work. The gal who brings the book run came by to drop off books and helped me load up, so I then helped her unload and put all the books on the shelf! Then we headed home. The kids were once again hungry, so DJ had strawberries and Sam had half a banana...I had the other half, and then a fiber cake, which is REALLY yummy!! Sam thinks so too! She kept stealing bites of mine! Rascal!

Howie got home just after 4:30 and within an hour we were getting dinner ready! Yummy pork chops!!!! For dessert I made pudding and the kids just gobbled it up! DJ said he was STILL hungry, so I let him have an apple with peanut butter...he ate all but one slice of it! Can we say growth spurt again!!!?!?!?!? OY! I keep tellin him not to!! He's not listening to me...

I then bathed them and we put them to bed!! Once seated in my lovely chair, Howie and I watched HIMYM and had a good laugh! Then he went to bed and I caught the last 5 of 9 dancers on DWTS. The good 5 too! Ralph NAILED it!!!!! Hines is winning me over! Chris was fierce!!! Chelsea is doing really good and bringing a fresh edge to a 300 year old dance! Kirstie...that woman and her technical difficulties!! lol  After that I switched to dvr and watched Mike & Molly and then Castle! I didn't get this one figured was good!

Kept on knitting tonite another 2.5 inches done on the sweater...seems to be my standard for 3 hours of knitting...not too shabby! I also decided that the pattern calls for a sweater that's WAY too long on me! At least for where I want it to sit on my I'll be "Missifying" the pattern to suit me! Which means, I'm further along on it that I thought!!! SWEET!!! I might even get to wear it this Spring instead of having to wait til Fall!! This excites me!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, April 11, 2011

What a whirlwind day!!!

This morning I had little visitors around 8:30. One by one they came in to tell me something "so" important. For DJ it was something about cookies, and for SamSam it was that she wanted to wear a dress to church. I got up shortly after 9 and hopped in the shower to get ready for church. We did the two vehicle thing again as today was also an Avon day...and its easier and less time consuming to just leave from church.

DJ was extra fidgety during worship this morning...rather buggy about his snack too. I did let him go to the bathroom all by himself tho, as I explained in a whisper that Daddy and I like to stay in and listen...and if he wants to disrupt, he can go by himself. He did rather good!! Came right back running, or inappropriate yelling/talking! And then sat down with me, ate his snack, and promptly fell asleep on my lap!

He woke up just as the service ended and the last song was being sung, so he sat on my lap and woke himself up. Then sat with Howie while I got Sam from her class, and while we went potty. Then I kissed 'em all and headed to Lynnwood. Made one delivery before stopping for lunch at my g/f's house, and to deliver to her too, but mostly to visit for a half hour. Then I was on my merry way!!! I'd say half my deliveries were home, the other half not, so that does ease up some of my time. Which also allowed me 15 minutes to go see my boyfriend Micheal...he was holding the last remaining yarn in the colour I wanted for my sweater. Since it was put on hold last Tuesday, I wasn't guaranteed it would be there today....but thankfully, due to employee laziness, it was still there!! Whew! 

After my last stop I headed home!  With one stop at the shed, but the run was still being unloaded, so I got back in the car and headed home. I got home within minutes of the burgers being taken off the grill...perfect timing!!! Lovely dinner!!! And he'd done the dishes too!!! Love him! After the slowpoke kids were done eating, the 3 of us hopped in the truck and headed back to the shed, giving Howie a few minutes of peace and quiet. Got there and my g/f Anneke was there shopping too. Chatted with her while shopping, and Deana too, while the kids watched their movie in the truck.

Got home, and went right into bed time mode! Teeth brushed, hands washed, feet washed...oh yeah, we're into dirty feet season again! I think the bulk of it comes from the trampoline, but I can't be certain...I have seen them barefoot out there and its NOT summer yet!!! OY! I know my mom's laughing at this as I too, had a very tough time keeping shoes on! :D  Once the kids were in bed I went into lunch mode for Howie for tomorrow. He was busy reading, so I took care of his lunch and coffee. Then I finally sat down!!! Whew!

Watched Amazing Race, which was good. Not at all sorry to see the father/daughter team go...even if we do share the same name! Then I watched Brothers & Sisters double episode...all good stuff!  Even had me teary eyed! Then Army Wives, which again had me crying! My heart breaks for any parent who has to bury a child!!! Now, I'm done!! Done like dinner DONE!! G'nite!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S...been thinking about my Grandpa today as it was his birthday...I think he would have been 93....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fuschia Saturday

Has been an annual thing for 21 years now!! I look forward to Fuschia Saturday every year as its the first look of Spring that comes to the house!

What is it?

The one day a year that Fred Meyer sets aside to plant your fuschias for you. Yep, bring your pots, buy their plants, and they'll fill 'em up with GOOD dirt and plant them for ya!! LOVE it!!! And today was the day!

Sam woke me up this morning shortly after 8 thanking me for her new dress! "Its so beautiful!!" was what she kept repeating. I explained it was a new dress for Easter and she has to wait til then to wear it. She didn't quite understand that and kept on saying she thought it was beautiful. When I got up and showed the clothes to the kids, they were both excited for everything....til I told them I had to wash it all before they could wear it. I did let Sam try the dress on just to get the excitement over with. It worked!

Before breakfast was even over there was a knock at the that! DJ gobbled his down and headed out to play! Sam wasn't too far behind him! I then laid down on the couch with my splitting headache hoping the advil I'd taken before breakfast would kick in already. Howie came home within minutes of the kids going he put golf on, sure way to get me napping! I put a cloth over my eyes and I was out! Til Sam came in wet from pee...I'm not enjoying her laziness to responding to her body! Today alone she went thru 5 pairs of pants!! Good thing she owns 15!

I got up at 11:30 and headed to Freddy's with my baskets in tow. Two of them were broken, but I took them anyways. I did buy 3 more and got 10 fuschias and 10 geraniums to plant in four of them. The last two are just filled with earth for the trees my  mom and dad gave the kids...perfect time to plant them I'd say! I also did the last of the stuff on sale shopping and came home! Just in time to make lunch for me and Howie...the kids were eating when I got in the door after hanging all the plants up.

After lunch Howie worked outside and I worked inside...him collecting rocks, and me mopping floors. And doing laundry...which I need to put the last load in the dryer! I'm on top of it today...that's 4 loads washed AND dried!!! Pretty darn kool if ya ask me! I also put the letters on the back of the truck advertising that I'm with Avon with my name and number! *crosses fingers*

Howie got his new toy out, the chainsaw, and cut up some branches, and the Christmas tree ready to burn if we ever dry up for more than a week! And then cut down the dead tree trunk in the front that was rotted with termites! It literally exploded when it hit the ground! The kids and I watched it fall from a great distance!

Then we did dinner and baths! DJ was still awake when I was done with Sam, but she was asleep by the time I was done tucking DJ in! And him very shortly after too! Love that! Now, I'm off to win a fortune at bingo with a couple friends! Perfect way to end a Saturday! Hence the "early" post! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Today I woke up feeling GREAT!!!!!! I got a block of solid sleep that was more than 6 hours!! With it being Friday, DJ knows to wake Howie up, so I didn't even hear him at all! What woke me was Howie putting the cutlery away from the dishwasher...and it was still early enough that I had time to pee and doze back to sleep!! LOVE it!

Then I got up and made a yummy omelet for breakfast...found out Samantha "wasn't hungry" and she didn't have breakfast...and DJ ate TWO english muffins! As we were eating DJ spied the boys next door outside and asked if he could join...he'd been bugging since I got up and I'd told him to wait til after the Avon guy arrived...but since they were already out, NOOOOO problem!! Out he went and it wasn't even 9:30! Howie left for work and the Avon guy showed up shortly after. I was trying to get Sam dressed, but she was being insistent on wearing a dress outside to we settled on a skirt with pants under it. I then had both kids outside and peace and quiet to divvy up the orders. YES!!!!!!

I got it sorted and ready to go, and then took a nice long shower! That even included shaving my legs for the first time this Spring! I had a good chuckle too remembering back to my twenties when shaving every other day was a necessity!!!!! God forbid I go a week!! Then post marriage-pre kids, it was special occasions, you know, birthdays, holidays, that sort of thing. Now, post kids, I could care less! Unless its the first sunny day we've had in a LONG time and I wanna wear capris pants...ha! And wouldn't ya know it...I nicked (knicked?) myself on the back of my calf just where it bends with the knee...every single time!!!! Or its the ankle bone...where there's no hair to begin with! The pain of being a woman!

While I was getting dried off the kids came in to tell me they were hungry and that they wanted to eat at the picnic I said sure, and I'd be right out. They'd asked if the boys could join them and I said I'd call over to make sure it was okay. Then DJ comes back and tells me they've already got their lunch and are eating it. Stupid me thought that meant they went home to I go out to the kitchen in my bra and pants cuz my shirt is on the table...and there sit 3 boys! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thankfully David was looking down at something and I hightailed it outta there...and sent DJ back for my shirt! Yikes that could been scary for a 9 year old boy!!! LOL 

Soon as they were all done eating, back outside they went!!! I'd also gone over to give Michaela her books she ordered....and found out they were leaving at that was perfect. I didn't need to interrupt their playing and have whiny kids about leaving. I still had groceries to finish getting, and a couple Avon things to do. By 3, the boys were still there, so I headed back over and found out Micheal had come home and Lara had left...and that my two could keep on playing. Sweet!!! Off I went!

Stopping at the consignment shop wasn't on my list, but it was right there...and no I went in to see if I had a credit with them...40.00!!!!! WOOT!!!!! I killed it too! Got Samantha a beautiful yellow Easter dress...and DJ two new dress up shirts (one was a Calvin Klein too!) and some other stuff that the kids will enjoy seeing tomorrow. I was going to save it for Easter, but I have other stuff for their "basket" which is really a pail. :)

I finally got home shortly after 6 and there were no kids I quick like a bunny took the Easter stuff in the house. Then walked over to see what was happening next door....they'd  just come in and were all tired from being outside. I got Sam and DJ and headed home. While making the kids wash their filthy hands we discussed dinner. I suggested nuggets or pancakes and DJ amazingly chose pancakes!! AND asked for fruit cut up to eat with it!!!! How awesome is that!?!?! Since we don't have any fresh strawberries, or honeydew (he was sad about this) we did banana and apple. He gobbled it right up too!!

Then the crankies set in...boy were they tired!!!!! And what did I go and do? Rearrange the pantry!!! I'd been thinking about doing it for a couple weeks now, and today with all the groceries bought, it was begging me to be done! Like I said...been thinking about it for a while now...and inspiration finally hit me!! If I put Avon boxes on their sides, I'm creating a "shelf" in there so I can put stuff up on top of it and in it and in front of it....oh it worked like a charm!!!!!! I then took out the big clunky kitchen "toys" and tried putting them in the lazy susan, but they were too big and they're now on the floor of the pantry. I even tossed the deep fryer...the basket is broken...and I don't see us deep frying ever again! Plus, I was able to organize it far better than what it was...a shelf for recycle and crafts...a shelf for food stuffs...a shelf for Avon...and a shelf for the extras. And I can SEE everything I need to!!! SO awesome!

I was reading a book to the kids when Howie came home from work, so we finished up and he tucked them in with me. DJ was asleep so fast I couldn't get in to kiss him good nite....and I didn't dawdle as usual with Sam as I knew how tired she was too! Instant sleep is awesome!!! So then I got all the Easter stuff out and got the eggs "stuffed" with the chocolate and gum and tootsie rolls I got...they're ready to go! And showed Howie the new clothes...stuff their pails with stuff. I even found cute 1oz chocolate crosses instead of 3oz bunnies!

Howie ate dinner, worked his fishing pole for fishing tomorrow, and then went to bed! I got the dishes unloaded and whatever was dirty loaded up and FINALLY sat down!!! Man, was I ready!!!! Are you just exhausted reading all this? lol So I put the tv on and search the dvr and see the movie I'd recorded called Stepbrothers. Boy, was it THE stupidest movie I've seen in a LONG time!!!! WOW!!!! Totally mindless yet made me laugh at some things. The stuff Will Farrell will do for a laugh!!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S....Did I Shave My Legs For This is a great song too! :)