Friday, February 3, 2012

Not sure how we did it

But this morning was THE earliest we've ever been for school!!! In fact it was 7:59 when we were backing out of the driveway! I don't think we've ever done that!! Even tho we were early, we still got caught up by a freakin train!! I swear it's a conspiracy!! Thankfully we got caught by the commuter train, which are short! But just as soon as we got thru the tracks, the lights were going off again for a much longer train. Whew! It was 8:20 when we parked and walked Daniel in to school. I had an auction meeting so Samantha and I headed to the library! When my meeting was done we headed to get an oil change for the truck....much needed!! Then we headed to freddy's so I'd have lunch as we were out of salad. We got home just before noon, the boys next door were out so Sam just stayed out with them til she was hungry for lunch. Then she got a bath and I got a shower! We rushed outta here to get Daniel from school. Since it had warmed up a smidge I let the kids play for a bit before we headed home. The boys were waiting for us and the four of them played til Sam got hurt....quite usual! She came in and did puzzles instead. At dinner I tried something new....buckwheat noodles!!! No one else ate them past the first bite, I enjoyed them! Then I struck out with dessert too! I made brownies with dates and walnuts as the base with an avocado icing....they were tasty, but again no one ate more than their first bite. I enjoyed it! Could have been a bit sweeter...but still impressive! I left after dinner and headed to the school for another auction meeting....which no one showed up for :( I finally gave up after waiting 40 minutes!! I got home in time to brush teeth and tuck them in! Then when Howie went to bed I watched Grey's, which was odd to watch....and PP which was good! Then I stayed up to watch Blake on Jay Leno, that was totally worth it!! Sweet dreams to me!! Til next time...God bless!

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