Sunday, February 5, 2012

Princess Lula

Samantha has joined the name changing ranks!!! But only of you're mad at her!! That's her rule! Yes, if you're angry with her, you must refer to her as Princess Lula!! She said all of this with a straight face too!! At the dinner table no less!! That makes it official right?!? Oh she cracks me up!!

Today was another absolutely gorgeous day!!! We may have hit 60 even!! Howie was off fishing this morning, but we had pork chops for there's the answer to that!! He said it was crazy busy too!! He got home, ate and went for a nap. The kids and I headed downstairs so I could get a walk in. They spotted Jessica outside and promptly headed out!! Perfect timing!! Unfortunately it didn't last long enough and they were back in fighting over every little thing!! So frustrating when you're trying to stay focused!! Once Howie got up, they improved! Even went outside to help him clean up. I took the opportunity to shower in peace!!

About 2:30 I headed in to town to finish the grocery shopping at Freddy's. Kinda nice to be alone snd wander the clearance aisles! I found some cool party favors for SamSam's party next month...sunglasses with matching hair bows! She'll get hers for valentines day....just gotta find done for Daniel too! It was 4:30 when I was checking out. I did my personal stuff first, got a new purse!!! After months of looking, I found one!! Now, watch, Avon will come out with one I like!! lol always the case!

Just as she was finishing up the food stuffs and I was to pay, I realized I fifth have the gift cards to pay for it. They were in my cost pocket which I didn't wear due to how nice it was outside. Grrrrr!!!! So they suspended my order and I drove home to get them, drove back to Freddy's and then came home! What a waste of an hour and a half!!

The kids got a glow bath tonite before I headed out to Panera to pick up for the shed. Usually I love the people who work there....but tonite was one of the full time day timers...and she's not the friendliest. Didn't help I broke a glass butter dish...dang it!

I got home just after 10 and all was quiet! So I got tomorrow's coffee ready and sat to watch tv. Finished last nite's Blue Bloods and then put on a movie I dvr'd last weekend. A Smile As Big As The Moon...a Hallmark movie. I was sobbing in the end!! I think that's their mission...make the viewer cry!! Works every time!! I love that it was based kn a true story!! Now, I'm off to la la land, which is kinda like outer space!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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