Thursday, March 31, 2011

It was a dark and rainy... gloomy that the kids slept in til almost room was still so dark that I thought it was only 5 or so. These kinds of days are good for one thing...naps! But my two wouldn't go for that!!!

They did however take their sweet time getting dressed today. Sam was first around 11 or so, and DJ wasn't til about 1...must be nice to be in pj's for half the day! Since we had no plans til later in the afternoon, no sense making them. We enjoyed snuggling on the couch, all three of works best if Sam is up by my head, and DJ down by my feet...and there's no fighting that way. Only problem is Sam's hair is wild and continuously finds my nose! Dang that tickles!

After lunch I got a text to meet up with a couple clients at Ben's place...just a darn shame I didn't need to see we met in the lobby of the store, chatted and swapped stuff. She gave me a book to read called A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers...looks interesting...and it's part of a trilogy. Right I'm caught up in a Janet Evanovich book...easy read! The Nicholas Sparks books are awesome, but the last one I read, The Lucky One was kinda slow for me...and starting to run together with his previous ones. I did read tho that they're making Lucky One into a movie right now! So that's kinda kool!

After the craft store we stopped by the bank, where the kids got a sucker each, and then headed for me to get an oil change. I'd found a coupon for a local automotive place here in Monroe, and since we have no real loyalty to anyone specific, it'd be great to find someone local. So off we went in search of them. Found them pretty easily and they took me right away. Their waiting room is in the main office, and the whole thing was the size of the kids' bathroom...yikes! I offered to let the kids stay in the truck to watch their movie, but they wanted to be with me. Good thing too since we made 3 trips to the bathroom (DJ-1, Sam-2) and that would have been difficult with them hoisted in the air.

They were done within an hour, and informed of my bad brakes....fronts were fine, but the back ones are starting to grind, and I knew that. Might make it to summer with the existing ones, we'll see. Also the battery is original and its showing signs of age, so it needs to be replaced too!. Lovely! Got told that with the Jetta too...rains, it pours! But they are kind of necessary to life. I did get a deal on the oil change tho as the one doing the oil change didn't inform the one charging me that I had a 7 qt need, not the standard 5 they  made me promise I'd bring it in when we're ready to do the brakes. lol I can live with that.

We got home and I got started on dishes, and getting dinner started. Since the kids do SOOOO well with the buckwheat pancakes, I did those for dinner. With cut up honeydew, strawberries and bananas....a feast! Nothing was leftover! And we were done in record time too!! Shocked the heck outta me! While the kids were getting shoes on, I went and got in my uniform and we left. I was taking Sam with me since Howie is doing graveyard right now and needed to sleep while we were gone. It worked out well tho, since she's now 3 she was able to tag along in DJ's class.

I got awarded certification tonite as a Awana leader...I took the test last week, so I got to be in opening ceremonies for the first time ever. Strange my own children didn't see me, but I was watching them....they were too busy watching everyone else....DJ with his hand down his pants no less! Then as they were heading to their gym time, I saw DJ holding her by the hand taking her with him, til she fell, then she was on her own...nice big brother. She bounced right back up and ran off after him tho. I also got peek in on them twice throughout the nite and she was doing good!  She was very excited to see me and show me her whistle!! DJ picked a spinning top from the treasure chest.

On the way home we talked about the roads we were travelling...DJ knows how to get to our house from church, so now I'm teaching him the actual road names. Well to my surprise, Miss Samantha has been paying attention too...and was naming things off for me! I'm teaching him land mark driving, and so on the one road, Hand Rd, there's Pegasus Ranch, she knew that without any prompting!! Smart cookie!! I love it!

We got home and tried to be as quiet as possible so we didn't wake Howie, but when DJ went into his room to get his pj's he got "surprised" by Howie being in there waiting for him. That was funny!! So he helped me get the kids in bed, and then watched AI with me. We missed the first 4 singers, Scotty, Paul, Pia, and Naima....would have liked to have seen Scotty. My votes for bottom 3 are, Thia, Paul and Casey...with Haley as an alternate. Makeovers be damned, its the voice that matters. *sigh*

Howie left for work and I watched Survivor and Off the Map....which totally had me holding my breath!! What a great show...I think I'm earning my tv-md, I diagnosed the one patient before the doc yeah, I know. I'm that good! ha!

Now I'm singing a song I made up:
I've got the whole bed, to myself
I've got the whole wide bed, to myself
I've got the whole bed, to myself,
and I'm gonna stretch out everywhere!!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've said it before...

And I'll say it again....I'm so very glad I only have 2.5 children!!! And I see the irony now that I'm older...I used to want 6 kids! HA!!!  Yeah, glad I had that tubal procedure after Samantha!

This morning DJ didn't get up til after 7:30, which in his world is sleeping in...and Sam was soon to follow, which is early for her...but together they did great! They both came to snuggle with me shortly after 8, and from there we got up and got the day going! Breakfast was a mix match...DJ was specific...toast with peanut butter, strawberries and juice! Not too bad a breakfast!! Sam wanted the old stand by, cereal. And since I'm tired of eggs, I had a toasted english muffin with peanut butter, some strawberries and water. Such a treat peanut butter is!

The rain was still coming down, so the kids knew they couldn't go outside to play, and today's a school day for next door, so they weren't home, which made for an antsy DJ. About 11:30 I got a call from the propane people...seems the message I left them yesterday after hours was cut much so, that all she had was my name! I checked the tanks yesterday and was shocked to see how low we were, so I called to get on the list for a fill up...and knew that today was a Monroe day for them. But she called too late for me to get in on that we have to wait til Monday...should be interesting. Thankfully its starting to warm up and the heat isn't running as often.

Then I called the pizza places as today is pizza day...and only one place had pizza for me, so I got my contacts in and got the kids to get ready. Well from the very first second I put the contacts in I knew they were winners!!!! I couldn't feel them at all! FINALLY!!!!! I think with the first few blinks my eyes were audibly thanking me!!! 2 and a half years is WAY too long with one pair of contacts! And I noticed I didn't have the usual hour long adjustment to having them that's awesome!! I put the old ones away, to keep on standby, you know, just in case...better to be safe than sorry!

Off we went into town....16 pizzas were picked up, and then we went to the school where I dropped off 10 of them, and the books I had in the back of the truck from last week. I love how excited everyone gets now! I took in one box, the rest were taken care of by others happy to get them! Pizzas too...I blinked and they were gone! Love it!!! I kept one, ham and pineapple, for the kids for lunch...they were anxious for it! We then headed home, with a stop at the shed to drop of the rest of them. Once home I got lunch going immediately. They ate while I made my lunch. Once DJ was done he asked to go next door, and I said sure, but to ask the boys to come over to play here. He liked that idea and took off....and came back minutes later with K and C in tow. I like this trading off stuff, it works well! I also like how well the 4 of them play well together...rarely do I have to play referee.

While they were all busy playing, I worked on the computer....trying to get iTunes up and running on this new fangled computer. Took me a bit too! Then I downloaded all the videos from my flip....if I could find where I put them....I just spent a frustrating 15 minutes trying to find it! GRRRRRRR I'll work on that tomorrow. OY iTunes was just as frustrating to figure out....I did finally get it up and running tho, so mission accomplished! And boy the new updated version is smooth!!!!! Even has radio on it, and my radio station even!!!

About 4 K and C wanted to go home, so I said sure. My two wanted to go with, so I said sure...well wouldn't ya know it, both of them fall in the wet out there and need to come home and change...DJ went back over, and Sam just stayed in with me and danced to some music with me. She also sat in the doorway of the sliding door watching the rain asking when "JJ" was coming home. It was darling how forlorn she looked!

Howie got home after making a stop at costco...the tv downstairs needed a "toy" to make sound happen, so he stopped to get it on his way home from work...saves me a trip! Of course he got started working on it right! DJ came home shortly after 5:30 and we were just getting dinner started. It was bbq chicken and leftover veggies from the past couple nites....worked for me, I just needed to reheat! So while I had the easy end of dinner prep, I worked on the song list in my shuffle....which as of right this second is wiped clean...stupid iTunes...well, could be user error...but I'm not ready to admit that yet!

After dinner Howie went back to connecting everything up downstairs, and then sent the kids up to get me to come down to see it all. It now has sound, and the playstation is hooked up to it. Perfect!!! And at that point it was time to get the kids in bed!! YES!!!! DJ took an impromptu nap before time out...guess he was tired. But they both fell asleep easily and quickly! I then went and grabbed a shower after doing the kitty sense doing it after I'm all clean! 

Howie was watching DWTS results show...WHY are they so long!!!?!?!?!? Honestly, it shouldn't be more than a half hour to get to the final result! In any case, not at all surprised that Mike the DJ was voted off...I was surprised Wendy wasn't first, but she won't be too far off. Howie went to bed right after it was announced as it was late for him. I watched the Good Wife, and Parenthood. SO glad to have them both back in the lineup!! I also recorded Chelsea Lately, a talk show on one of those cable channels...Blake Shelton was on tonite, so I wanted to watch it. He barely got a word in edgewise she was so busy was funny tho!!!

I got the sleeves divided on the sweater I'm making...boy that yoke is a chore!!! Its easy to forget where you're at in the round when there's so many stitches! And I did go over by one row, but I was NOT about to unknit it! 2 stitches won't make that much of a difference!!! Now the body work...on the previous one I started, I'd get an inch or so done a nite....mindless knitting, but still quite a few stitches on the needle. I need more yarn tho, and won't be near a Micheal's til next week!! So a break will be in order!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sending me to Lowes is like

Me sending Howie out to buy pads...rarely done!! Or in his case, never done!

This morning I had cold feet waking me up at 6:45...thankfully he went back to sleep for another hour before getting up for the day. Sam wasn't up til after 8 which was nice too! They both discovered the grapes in the fridge and helped themselves. They still ate pretty good tho for having "snacked" on grapes!

After breakfast BOTH of them were asking to go outside...Sam's reasoning was spot on..."it's a nice day!" but it was still chilly, and I knew the neighbours weren't home. I told them that and DJ opted to wait til they got home...even tho Sam asked over and over. She was antsy to wear her new crocs outside.

Since they weren't going anywhere I got busy with dishes and laundry...I swear, I haven't had a laundry free day in weeks!!! Just nuts!! And a g/f of mine put it perfectly...the smaller the person the more laundry they perpetuate!! Why is that!?!? Oh, remind me to call the neighbours tomorrow and see if they have Sam's undies and socks...she came home without them both. lol Oh my little nudist!

Just as I was getting lunch on the table there came a knock on the was K and he was home and wanted the kids to he came in and played downstairs while my two ate their lunch. As soon as they were done, they were off!! In the meantime I'd gotten a call from Lara asking if her boys were in my house (and they were, C just came in and went downstairs like it was his own house lol) and said if I wanted to leave my two while I went and did the shed stuff, that that would be fine with her. SWEET!!!!!

Once I got Sam out of the house after doing the "going outside" routine, I then went and got myself ready to head into town. I was all over the place too!! Lowes was one of the main stops as Howie had asked me to pick up a shelf and a light switch and plate for him....yeah...I did, but only after having 3 employees randomly ask me if I needed any help! Without them I'd still be wandering those aisles! At least its one place I won't go crazy at! Maybe Lowes oughta think about putting in an oil changing bay!  I'd take a nap then!

One of my other stops was at Freddy's as I'd gotten a call that my contacts were in...finally!!! Only been 4 weeks since a new pair were reordered for tomorrow will be the test to see if I like them or not. I'm so tired of fuzzy eyes cuz the left contact of my current pair is too strong for my eye now.

I got home about 8 minutes before Howie did...and the kids were still next door playing. Lara knew I was home, but the kids were all playing happily. It didn't take them long to come home tho and find us and start saying they were hungry! lol Always the case with them! So we started on dinner....which was yummy!! Been a while since we've had hamburgers! And not sure why either. After dinner I got the kids bathed and then we put them to bed. Neither child came out of their room or called for me once!!! Thank you fresh air!!

Howie was watching DWTS when I got done tucking DJ in, so I sat with him and got caught up in it. Ralph and Kirstie are still my faves!!! Even voted for them! 2nds for me would be Romeo and Chelsea...they did really good and were sharp!! Hines would be 5th...not too shabby for a football player!! Even if he is a Steeler! Or as we like to say around here, Stealer! Howie went to bed before the end of it all, and they'll do a recap tomorrow if we watch the results show, please God let there be a Glee on tomorrow!!!

Then I watched a new show Chicago somethingorother...the one with Jennifer Beals in it (from Flashdance) and it was pretty good for a pilot episode. Then it was time for Castle...for some reason my dvr took a holiday and didn't leave notice, so I missed the first 15 minutes of the show, but I'd seen a preview, so I was up to speed.

The knitting is coming along...I'm documenting it on facebook in my Yarn Porn photo album....the yoke is SO tough to power thru!!! SO many stitches that by the time I'm half way thru the round I forget if its an increase row or a knit row. That's frustrating! But I'm loving the colour!!!! Tomorrow I should have the sleeves separated and working on the bodice. Whew!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chasing Rainbows

This morning I awoke shortly after 9 and was shocked that I hadn't been woken before that!! The 3 am wake up from DJ doesn't count...or I'm not letting it count! lol Good thing he understands "its still dark out, stay in your own bed!" and doesn't question it!

I got up and showered right away...after stepping on the scale that is...I'm now down 25lbs thanks to South Beach!!! I still don't see where it's coming off...but I know my butt feels smaller!! That's the biggest difference when I put my clothes on!! Go figure! In any case, I'll take it!!

We were a tad late getting to church...I'll blame me as I wanted to put make up on, not something I normally do in the  mornings these it takes a bit the kids discovered I was awake and were wanting to talk to me while getting dressed.

After church (where DJ actually did good for a change) we left in our separate vehicles as today was an Avon delivery day!! So off to Lynnwood I went!! It was alternating rain and sunshine....the whole day it couldn't decide what to be/do so it was both! I had fun catching up with my clients!! Aside from a couple, everyone was that was a nice change!!! Also takes longer since I haven't seen most of them in a while! I also had the new Reese Witherspoon perfume to show off....I'm beginning to really like it too! Even if I do smell coconut whenever its sprayed lol

I also took the car for an oil change at Walmart since I was in town...and Howie asked me to. So to pass the time waiting for it to be done (over an hour) I wandered aimlessly thru Walmart....really a bad thing to do! Should have taken a nap in the waiting room! I started off in the book section and picked up the newest Debbie Macomber book...she's a local author that I just LOVE!!! Then into the electronic section and I found a Tim McGraw cd...since I'll be seeing him in June I figured I'd better have a cd. Then the shoe section....I got both kids a new pair of  "crocs", but in the 5.00 price range! Then the kids clothing section....where again I find things marked down to a dollar!!!! So I did some Easter buying! lol

I finally got outta there...fairly cheap too....and headed for home. It wasn't til I was getting on the freeway that I saw the rainbow....oh it was beautiful and vibrant! Then it jumped ahead of me and was in I got on the trestle it was going from Marysville to Monroe...and I thought I'd get to drive under it...but it moved again...then it looked like it was going from Lake Stevens to Monroe....and again I thought I'd be lucky enough to drive under it...but it moved again. Chasing rainbows is tough work! I had to stop at Freddys at which point the rainbow looked like it was right over my house, I was almost going to call Howie and have him check for a pot of gold! By the time I got out tho, it was gone. Sure was fun tho!

I got home and dinner was on the table, literally, so I sat down and ate while the kids discovered their new shoes and wore them immediately!! Sam got purple ones and DJ got black. There wasn't much choice in the boys section...and his were the only 12's in the lot! Sam could have had pink or purple, but I know my girl and purple is it! Plus she has a purple coat in the same I had to match it!  After dinner it was bed time for the kids so off they went! I went to change after tucking DJ in and when I came out Sam was laying on the floor outside her door...she wanted to know what "that" was on her was her curtain's got her tucked in again and came out to get Howie's lunch ready for tomorrow. He was watching Laugh In on PBS and enjoying it. When I finally went to sit for the rest of the evening I discovered Sam at the end of the hall again...this time for no reason. So back into bed she went.  And she finally stayed!

After Howie went to bed I watched Amazing Race...and I'm not at all one bit sorry to see the slowest team be eliminated!!! Then I watched Army Wives...and sobbed the entire show away! From within the first 3 minutes to the very end! Oh it was awful!!! I pray I never have to have one my children die before I do! I don't think my heart could take it!!! I'm tearing up just typing this out! In any case, I learned its nearly impossible to knit while I didn't as much done tonite as I would have liked.

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pity Party of One

Its my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too if it happened to you!!!

I knew last nite that no one was planning to attend the pedi party...cuz apparently, no one reads the bi-weekly emails I slave over covering the current Avon brochure. They literally take me a couple hours to write them out...and I'd mentioned the pedi party in the last two emails. So instead of a pedi party, I had myself a little pity party!

Howie left before I got up for the day and went to see if he could fix his dad and Ellen's (dad's and Ellen's? which way is right here?) bbq as it wasn't working and Howie is kind of handy to have around! The kids were happy with sippy cups but not fed yet, so I got up and came out to do that. The sun was sorta shining, or making an attempt to shine brighter so that made DJ want to go outside and see if the neighbours could play...but being that it was before 10, I said no. I got busy putting dishes away and reloading it, and getting it well as keeping on with the laundry!!! Oh and made some more jello and a vanilla pudding for dessert. By then it was after 11 and I told the kids they could go outside and play....just as Howie was coming in from Everett. He ate and read the paper while I stripped the bed and got the sheets washed. What a novelty it is to wash them by choice rather than cat pee necessity!

I then checked on the goings on outside....the kids playing, and Howie raking the yard after all our windstorm debris strewn everywhere. I then noticed a little white dog running around our yard chasing after Snickers, who wanted NOTHING to do with this dog! So I go out there to find out what's going on...and Howie thought it belonged to the house across the street, so off we went to see, and nope, he didn't belong there (discovered it was a he when he peed) so we headed up the street to other homes to see if they owned him or knew where he belonged...nothing! And the one guy who knows everyone (and their dogs) wasn't I went back home to put Snickers in the house and to make lunch for the kids. They finally got their first picnic of the year and ate out on the deck. I then leashed up the Shihtzu and headed off to find his home/owner.

At the end of our street we went left...the first driveway I attempted to go down had two big dogs come barking at the fence, so we turned around....then I skipped the second drive as I got a "vibe" from the house...and the third drive we walked down, knocked on the door and a lil old lady came out. She looked about 75, maybe older, she's a smoker and she was on the phone. She got off and I asked if she knew the dog. She did know the dog, but when I told her it was a "he" she recanted, the dog she knew was not a he. So she called her neighbour (the vibey house) and he came up right away. He knew Charlie right off the bat! Explained to me where he lived and offered to take him home as he was "on his way there now" so he unleashed him and I said good bye. That was that!

Came home, helped the kids finish up their lunch and made one for myself. Then with everyone outside, I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet and took a nap!!! Who knew!!! The bed was a wee bit uncomfortable since there was no sheets on it, and I wasn't smart enough to grab a blanket from the get go, didn't really even think I'd fall asleep! Half way thru tho, I did grab one and heard the kids playing of them tried to come up and I heard Howie explain that I was napping, so they HAD to play downstairs. SWEET!!!

I woke up about 4 and realized I needed to run into town for something I forgot at Freddy's when I was there yesterday...and the deal was too good to pass up on! So I got up, and headed out! By myself even!!The kid were still playing outside! Man are they gonna sleep well tonite! I didn't have any other things to do in town, so I did my shopping and headed home. Stopped at the shed and did some shopping, good haul today too! DJ was more than pleased with the sandwiches I got him. When I got home Howie was in full dinner mode. I'd called him on to ask him to put a squash in the oven to bake, and when I got home I took it out...discovered he'd baked one sweet potato instead. He said he couldn't tell the difference til I pointed out the squash has a label on it that SAYS MEN! We enjoyed it anyways!

After dinner we tag teamed the bathing thing again...SO much quicker!!! Both done in a half hour instead of me struggling for 90 minutes! And this way, they were in bed by 8:15!! Nice! And they both instantly fell asleep too!!! I knew that fresh air would knock them out!! Then we sat and watched another episode of Dexter...I'm getting used to the characters now...still trying to sort the storyline out. Then Howie went to bed and I finished up season one of Hot in Cleveland...and I can't get season two unless I upgrade netflix to include discs too!! :(  I'm still thinking on it....and I wanna know more about Zune on xbox.

I also started knitting the cowl sweater again...only this time with the yarn I intended to knit with from the start...yay me! I'm posting pix as I go whenever I work on it...should be interesting. I also watched the season finale of Fairly Legal...great show!! And now, here we are...I'm about to go get comfy in my clean sheets!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Body Doctor

This morning I got to sleep in again....I'm really loving these Fridays!! It feels so decadent! When I got up the kids were fed, and Sam was just finishing....still in pj's and oh so cute and snuggly!! I chatted with them for a few minutes before getting breakfast for Howie and I. In my little chat with them, DJ asked what we were doing for the day...and I told him Avoning and a Dr appt for SamSam...and she did NOT like that at all!!! Til I explained it was the body doctor we were going to and she was going to listen to her heart, and check her belly and ears, eyes, mouth, and see how much she weighs and how tall she is. She calmed down a bit, but still made it known she didn't want to go.

After Howie and I ate I got the kids dressed and out the door...we were meeting up with my district manager to get her kit for displaying everything Avon for my pedi party tomorrow. And 10 am was the only time she had, that or 3 pm and that would have been pushing it time-wise for me. So we raced into town and got the kit (5 bags/boxes worth!!) and then came home. The kids chose to stay in the truck and watch Barney while I gathered my stuff and got our lunches ready. Worked for me!!! No tripping over children is a good thing!

I wanted to be out of here by 11 and it was 11:07 when we pulled out of the driveway....perfect! First stop was one of my reps to give her books, then DJ's school to get a gift card, then on to Lynnwood. We were making really good time too!! First client stop was an old friend that I guess I haven't seen in 3 years as she's never seen Samantha....I find that odd!!! But glad she ordered from me so we could catch up. The kids were slowly going on the wild side, so we got out of there as fast as possible...she's a piano teacher and I'm sure wouldn't take too kindly to my two just banging on the keys! 

Next stop was my boyfriend Michael...shhhh, don't tell he's got the colour of yarn I've been looking for everywhere!!! Found it and got outta there with very little damage..the Easter stuff was quite tempting for my two! Since we had loads of time left, I decided to eat my lunch in the parking lot there....well, til I realized I'd forgotten to pack myself a fork!! Kinda hard to eat salad with your fingers...or the spoon I found in the truck. That would have been interesting! Instead we headed to the hearing aid place that I leave books at and asked if they had a plastic fork and sure enough they did! YAY!

We still had a lot of time before Sam's 1:45 appt, so we headed over there anyway and I ate in their parking lot. The kids had already eaten their sandwiches long ago! About 1:30 DJ says he needs to poop (and he meant poop, not puke! I double checked!) and then Sam chimed in needing to off we went into the building. Up the elevator and into the waiting room. Note for next time: go straight to the washroom! Don't sign in, don't check in , just go to the bathroom! Sam didn't quite make it, she did good, and only had a bit of dribble in her panties, but if we'd gone straightaway, she'd have been dry! Bad Mummy!!!

It wasn't long til we were called in for our appt....first weight, she's 36lbs 4oz, and then height, she's 37.25 inches and then off to the room we went. I of course hopped on the scale as I'd done so 3 weeks ago when we were there last, and then DJ wanted on it too! Missed seeing how much he weighs as I was helping Sam get measured. Once in the room we chatted with the nurse, she's so awesome!, and she did Sam's blood pressure and let her listen to her cute! DJ got to listen to his too...can't leave him out!

Then we waited a good 20 minutes til the Dr came in....meanwhile the kids were bouncing off the walls!!! When she came in Sam shied up a bit, but did okay overall...and warmed up to her easily! Let her check her belly, girl area, ears, eyes, mouth and listened to her heart and tummy and back...then let Sam listen again to her heart (DJ too) and then asked all the developmental questions to see where she's at. Other than her S's and R's, she's doing great at vocab...her height is totally average, she won't be tall like DJ will be....and her weight is in the 85% percentile...not to be too concerned, but I'm hoping some of that baby weight will fall off once she starts playing outside more with the better weather. So overall, she's in great health!! And no needles!!! YAY!!!

I then made an appt for DJ for June and got his medical records for school and off we went to do more delivering. I think the whole appt took more out of Sam than I thought as she was asleep before I hit the freeway. I made a stop in Everett to deliver two orders and then headed for Monroe. DJ fell asleep about half way home, the sun was in his eyes and it just forced him to close them and he instantly fell asleep. I was tempted to pull over and take a nap myself! Since it was already 4, I decided not to! Instead we went and dropped off a book to a local client and then cuz the sun was shining so beautifully, I went to the park...thinking that would wake them up and be a good surprise!! Indeed it was and it worked!!

But we only got 10 mins of play time before big drops of rain started coming down! Spitting I can handle, but big soaking drops, no thanks! The park cleared fast too! We went to Freddy's to get some stuff for tomorrow's pedi party and also got a roast chicken for dinner. Then stopped at the salon I deal with to deliver an order and then finally home!!! Whew!! The kids played outside (it wasn't raining up here!) and I got the Avon sorted that I'd left from the morning and then got dinner under way.

After dinner DJ noticed that the neighbours were doing a fire in their pit and off he went! Sam chose to stay behind and eat her ice cream from last nite! lol And I didn't want her out there was dark enough. Then as I'm getting Sam in her pj's Howie came home from work...and DJ came in to ask if he could spend the nite next it was a chaotic 5 minutes! Off DJ went toothbrush in hand after getting his jammies on. Then I brushed Sam's teeth and got her in bed while Howie ate his dinner. Once she was in bed we watched another episode of still perplexes me! I can't figure him out yet!  As we're watching it we got interrupted by Sam at the end of the hall "there's a cat in my room and its on my bed!!!!" Such cuteness! Instead of opening the door and letting the cat out, she came out and shut the door! Silly girl! Then we were interrupted again by DJ coming home saying he wanted to sleep here! It was after 10 at that point. He went to bed right away and we went back to Dexter.

Once Dexter was over Howie went to bed and I watched some Hot in Cleveland episodes. That Betty White is just a talent!!! Her comedic timing is spot on!!! I'd say she's even funnier now than when she was on Golden Girls! Her character is far more knowledgeable than what Rose Nylund was!! Yes, I was a GG fan!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Dinner revisited

Knowing all day that I didn't have to make dinner made the day even brighter!!! LOL Hey, any I don't have to make dinner and do dishes is a great day...what mom doesn't think that?!?!

Another gorgeous day today and after breakfast I got slammed with a headache that was threatening to go migraine on me!! The kids sounded like they had megaphones whenever they spoke it was SO loud!! And I didn't even have my hearing aids in. Oh it was brutal...I curled up in a ball on the couch and put something over my eyes to keep the light out....trying desperately to will the pain away. I can't tell you how many times the kids felt the need to expose me to light suddenly, just to ask me something on their megaphones!!! Absolutely horrible!!!

By lunch I still wasn't feeling better, but also didn't want to take that turn for the worse, so I grabbed Advil and downed them...anyone who knows me, knows I hate medicating  unless absolutely necessary...and today, it was!! I got lunch together slowly all the while praying the advil would work quickly! 

Oh and it only took 6 weeks, but DJ asked me for a salad for lunch..."like you Mummy" and had some meat and cheese on the side! This time tho, I made him a real bowl full, not a baby bowl like usual, and he ate the whole thing up!! SO proud of his choice!!  Then he had to go and eat a cupcake and ruin it all LOL SamSam didn't want salad, she just wanted meat and cheese and green beans...which is all good! And she too got a cupcake!

After lunch we got ready to head out as I needed to get to the shed and put the new books up...and sort thru and remove a bunch since we still have so many!! Found a bunch in the new lot that were perfect for me!!! And even scored a Barney book and a Cars book for the kids! Also got a pr of pants and a shirt for DJ and a sweatshirt for SamSam from the clothes side of the shed. All in all a good day!

We got home and the kids next door were outside, so my two joined in instantly...which gave me time to, not quite. They brought everyone in our house, so downstairs they went. Once everyone left tho, I settled my two and went to take shower to get ready for birthday dinner number 2!! The kids got dressed before I showered and Samantha was pleased as punch to be wearing her new summer dress....DJ chose a stripped shirt that was horizontal stripes and his pants that are also stripped but vertical stripes...he was a stripey mess, but there was no changing his mind lol 

The  cat doors have been AWESOME!!!!! Not only for the cats, but for me! I can now lock the bathroom door and if the kids need me, they talk to me thru the cat door and I don't have extra people in my way!! Talk about two fold blessings! HA! That's how I knew Howie got home while I was in the when I was done, he got changed and we got ready to head out.

I'd gotten a gift certificate from for a restaurant we'd never been to in Snohomish called Piccadilly Circus...and English pub and steakhouse. We drove there and Jake met us there...we were much earlier than he was, but it was all good. When we first arrived Howie noticed right away it's a pub...but they have it sectioned off, so kids could be in the table section but not in the bar section. Whew! 

Dinner was actually pretty good! Far better than what we had our last meal out at Canyons, which is a pretty good place! Howie had the rib eye steak, and I wanted the prime rib, but that's a weekend thing apparently, so I had the same as Howie. Jake had a burger (surprise!!) and DJ and Sam split the chicken fingers and fries meal. It was nice to eat as a whole family! The kids were just as excited to have Jake there as we were! And we got some seriously good conversation in with Jake this time!! Very nice indeed!!

We promised the kids ice cream on the way home, and initially I wanted Howie to stop at a grocery store and I'd get some...but then thought better of it since they can't eat the whole thing in one we stopped at McD's and got them sundaes instead. The each ate maybe half of it and went to bed happy!

Then we got settled in to watch AI results. How sweet to do something special for Steven Tyler for his birthday!!! I could tell he was very happy Stevie Wonder was there to honour him....he was giddy!!! And then the moment when they brought Hulk Hogan out for James and Paul, and James started crying like a little kid meeting his hero...priceless!!!!!!! Jennifer Hudson, fabulous!! Sugarland, LOVED it!!! Even the bottom three were okay, tho I was secretly worried about Stefano!!! I really thought Thia was a goner!!! But when they called Casey's name, I was whooping and hollering!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! America got it right!!! So then he starts singing for his life and they stop him and tell him they're using their one and only save for him!! This early in the game!?!?!? Are you kidding me!?!?!?! And the theatrics Casey started doing after that were way over the top! Shaking hands, almost fainting, can't walk straight....puhleeze!!!!!! ugh!

Grey's was good...really good!! Right up til the very end minute of the show where they get in the dare they write that in! Even just watching the promos for next week had me in tears!! I know I'll have the tissues handy for next week!!! Private Practice was once again questioning! To have a surrogate (who's the sister) and the father of the baby be in a relationship (without the wife knowing) is just bizarre to me! And the wrestling kid who's mother let him play anyways...that's just wrong!!!  Still a good thought provoking show!

Til next time...God bless!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs of SPRING!!!!

First sign...SUNSHINE!!!!!!! Such glorious sunshine!!!!! Blinding SUNSHINE!!!!!!! Meanwhile, over in Ontario, they're getting yet another snowstorm...and I hear this one was pretty bad! It took my mom 2 hours to get to work this morning...and quite a long time gettin home too! The only snow I see, is in the mountains out my living room window!!! Saw a really cute anagram for Snow...Shit No One Wants!! haha

Because of said sunshine, my kids got dressed RIGHT after breakfast and headed outside to play in the lovely vitamin D!! The boys next door were also outside and it didn't take much convincing my two to go out there too! While they were out, I had the windows OPEN!!!! Airing winter out of the house!! And listening to the kids play outside!! They were all over the yards today!!!

Another sign...I even thought about letting the kids picnic outside at the picnic table for the first time this year...but the wind was breezy, so I decided against it. They both came in to eat and headed right back out...wolfed their meal down and GONE!! I'm lovin it!!! I kept on with the laundry and catching up on the dishes...and doing up my Avon books getting ready for the next campaign. Howie emailed me this morning that there were 5 people who wanted books at his work...YES!!!!!! Only took me getting to President's Club for him to help out! Just kidding

The neighbours went to Lake Tye for the afternoon to feed the ducks, and while DJ was invited (by Caleb) he wasn't invited lol That's a tough lesson for a 4 year old to learn! In any case, their absence made it easy for me to corral my two for a bath. They needed it too!! Not sure how they got dirty feet, but they did!! I even let them have play time together...something I don't normally do! But with it being the middle of the day and no rush to get to bed, I let them have it....til I started getting too splashed on! Then they were done!! I even braided SamSam's hair into two braids...oh she looked SO cute!!! She even said it was pretty! See...

Howie came home just as I was thawing dinner...and since it was an Awana nite, he got to cooking pretty much right away too! Another sign of spring....DJ got his first splinter for the year!!! The kids did good eating and DJ and I were on our way!! Got there with plenty of time and off he went to his class. I learned what I needed to finish up the test for Awana and passed it!! So now I'm certified and done with that! YAY me!!! Even got 4 books handed out too! I leave them on my table and if someone asks for one, I readily agree!! Its working well! :)

When we got home tonite I stepped out of the truck and heard the final sign Spring is DEFINITELY here...frogs croaking in the pond 2 houses away!!! Oh how I love that sound!!! When we used to live in the apartment building when I first moved out here, we were across the parking lot from a pond and the frogs were SO loud it was awesome! I'd sit some nites out there and just listen to them croaking away. Since moving away from there I haven't really heard them much, so tonite it brought back a lot of good memories!! And I got to share that with my son...he thought it was great and started "talking" back to them!

Once DJ was in bed, Howie turned Idol on and we watched some...then he went to bed and my neighbour came over to watch Survivor with me. It was nice to have company...and someone else who "knows" the show!! Then we chatted for an hour before she walked home. It was fun!! I then watched Off the Map and enjoyed it too! Nothing too crazy tonite...I didn't have to turn away! Next week looks scary tho!!

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today I accomplished what I set out to do

This time last year!! Which was over 10,100 in sales with Avon...and I did it!!!!! I am now in what's called the President's Club. Which doesn't mean much to people outside of Avon, but for those means an American number to call with English-as-a-first-language people to talk to!!! Plus, I'll have the steady earnings rate for a year!! And I'll get a Mrs. Albee (first ever rep) statue for my success...and also an invitation to the gala they hold once a year! I hear its in June...but already warned them I have a date with Tim McGraw on the 18th, so not to schedule it then...ha! Other than that, its status quo...keep on doing what I've been doing!!! And do it better!

This morning I had the unexpected pleasure of sleeping in til 9:30 since Howie was home sick...I don't even recall the kids waking up!!!!! Could be that he was already out in the living room with the tv on and the kids didn't even bother with me...or maybe DJ was in my bed...I really have no clue! What a nice treat to sleep in on a weekday like that! Sorry it had to be at the expense of a sick hubby tho! As soon as I got up, he went back to bed to sleep for a while.

Took me a bit to wake up and shake the cobwebs off...but once I'd eaten I got to work on Avoning...making the last of my phone calls...and gathering the last of my orders. The kids tried to go next door, but no one was home (just like I said...) so they came back and were busy playing. As soon as my order was done, I checked in on Howie and was surprised to see him after discussing with him, it was decided to leave the kids here while I ran out and did the pizza run for the shed and drop off the books. While out I did a couple other errands too. And we now have a new fully functional printer!!!! I got a pretty good deal as I've been watching the ads for about 6 months now....I found one at costco, but of course by the time I'd done my research and decided it was a good deal, they had none! URGH! So back to the ads I went...and then I got an email from Staples with an additional 25.00 off an HP Officejet printer....with wireless capabilities even!!! Regular price was 149.99 and I got for 74.99...not too shabby!!! I didn't get my Avon discount after that tho, but that's okay...I'm happy!

I got home shortly after 2 and was starving!!! Howie wasn't hungry and went back to bed, so I made myself a salad and ate while the kids were bouncing around. They'd had a cupcake after their lunch! :) They tried again to go next door, but were told "not today" and so they came back home to play. I unloaded the printer to get it ready for installation, and to check it out...but waited on Howie before doing anything more. It doesn't fit under the counter like the old one did, so I had to clear a spot for it on the counter behind my monitor....looks good there! I'm sure Howie hates it up there, but I have no other choice really.

About 4 I sat down with the kids to pick a movie for them...boy were they antsy! And starting to get buggy with each other! About 4:45 there was a knock at the door and DJ was asked if he could go outside and off he went! Sam said she didn't want she stayed with me and pretended to tuck me in on the couch. She's so gentle!! She'll make a great mom one day!! I've seen her scold too...quite cute! About then Howie came out for a change in can really only spend so many hours laying in bed!

He then got started setting up the printer...and simultaneously bbq'ing dinner. I finally remembered early enough to put sweet potatoes in the oven to bake for dinner...found out, wax paper is NOT a good alternative to parchment paper under them...oh what a stink that was!!!! Lesson learned!! Thankfully dinner was just fine and tasted delicious! Kids did well again! Love the easy dinner nites!

There was no time for baths tonite, so instead they tidied up their mess in the living room and got pajama'ed and ready for bed. And they went down really easily and quickly! I then hopped in the shower after tending to the kitty litter. When I got out Howie was back in bed. So I came out and watched tv. First up was a show I'd dvr'd a while back called Extreme Couponing...its on TLC...and follows people who's lives are run by coupons! Makes me look like a lightweight in comparison! I was astounded at what they could do with coupons! But here's the thing....they stockpile crap they don't need or will never be able to use up in their what's the point? Just because a coupon says its free, doesn't mean you need 1100 of them!!!! Yes, I kid you not!!! The one bill was 5,743.00 and he paid 241.00 after coupons!! But seriously....who needs 300 toothbrushes, 60 bottles of hand soap, 1100 boxes of ONE kind of cereal, 80 deodorants and so on...its crazy!! Granted, he does donate a lot to his church, but still has a stockpile worth 75k! I can't fathom this kind of nonsense!! The one lady who's been doing it for 34 years has the right idea...get what you need, not what you need to stockpile! Her bill went from 698 to 6.32....insane!!!! Around here tho, they don't double coupons...and you can't stack them! The computers know when you use a coupon!! Why aren't they all like that??

Just crazyness!!!

Next up was The Good Wife...which is always good!! Then a rerun of The Nanny and here we are! Ready to call it a day and hit the hay!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its one thing to have a birthday

And quite another to be so sick you can't even enjoy it!!

This morning when the kids got up the remembered it was Daddy's birthday, and so after a while, we called him to sing happy birthday to him. I asked him how he was doing since he told me  yesterday that he wasn't feeling "right" after everyone went home. Turns out, he really wasn't!! He went to see the Dr today at work and has the crud! So he's on antibiotics and meds to clear his sinuses and he came home.

It was close to 11 when he came home, and the kids were confused but still happy to see him and wish him happy birthday in person. He changed, chatted for a few minutes with us and went to bed after taking his first dose of meds. Good thing he sleeps with earplugs in...Sam's squealing was at an all time high today! So much so, that I told her if she screams, I'm gonna spank her...I think i finally got thru to her after explaining it 5 times...and didn't have to spank her once! That's my girl! She's so much more sensitive than DJ is about disciplinary actions. She gets it!

We ate lunch and then played Sam's new game she got yesterday...the Ladybug Game...there's even a story in it about the 4 ladybugs who got swept away on a HUGE wind and needed to find their way home...past the Praying Mantis and the ants...all the while collecting aphids to feed the ants in order to get by them to get home. Quite the story! And there sure was a lot of counting!! We played once the 3 of us, and then there was a knock on the door and K was when we were done, the 4 of us played another game. Sam was bored half way thru the 2nd game, but hung in there long enough to get to home.

Howie woke about 2ish and had lunch...DJ had gone over next door with K and I was gonna take Sam with me (or leave her) to go do the books at the shed. Howie wasn't up to having her around, so she came with me...and as we were leaving, DJ was heading home.....Lara said her boys were being too rowdy and misbehaving, so DJ came home...or rather, hopped in the truck and came with me and Sam.

Got the books loaded up and the shed organized and came back home. Howie was laying down again but wasn't sleeping. He suggested we go take a walk and see the puppies up the street...and was hoping the fresh air would do him good so we could go out for his birthday dinner. Guess who's got puppy fever now!?!?!? Yup, he's got it!! Oh they're just so adorable!!!!! I even had one sucking on my finger the same way the kids used to between feedings...awwwwwww The girls in the litter are much smaller than the chunky boys, but that's normal...and even tho we want a girl, Howie kept picking boys. I did too that first time! The one sucking on my finger (after giving my hand a good licking over) was a girl...just the sweetest!!!

We walked back and decided the dinner in a restaurant would not be happening today. So I texted Jake to let him know dinner was going to be postponed. We got in the house and Howie went to lay down again before dinner. I put on Dora for the kids and got some Avoning done. This campaign is the most crucial one...whether I achieve President's Club or not....I'm currently 652.00 away from that sales goal...and to sweeten the pot, its double dollars campaign!!! So, I really only need 326.00 to hit the marker!! And so far, I'm at 476...before the doubling!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! This was my goal at the start of Avon's fiscal  year...and I did it!!!! With a lot of help too!!

Dinner was breakfast....I made buckwheat pancakes again, only this time following the directions a little closer and they weren't so dense...and scrambled eggs with cheese. The kids WOLFED it all down!!! I was floored!!! In fact, DJ ate pretty much the same as Howie and I only a little less egg...shocked me!! They both really like the pancakes!! I'm thinkin this needs to be a bi-weekly meal in our house! Dinner was done by 6:36...which lately is unheard of!

Howie went back to bed and the kids watched tv while I kept on working with Avon stuff....and before we knew it, it was jamma time!!!! Which is immediately followed by teeth time and then story time and my favourite, bed time!!!!!! lol  During jamma time Sam found herself in the laundry basket fooling around and when I told her to get out, she managed to trip herself and catch her foot somehow on the basket and slice the bottom of her foot...we're talkin a quarter inch cut. The dramatics that ensued were certainly worthy of an Oscar should she ever pursue a career in the movies. OH it was dreadful!!! She couldn't walk on it at all!!! Had to be carried everywhere!! She told me she couldn't call out for Daddy cuz her foot has an owie on it. ha!!!

I read to both kids in Sam's room and then tucked them both in after Howie said his good nites. Then got settled to watch DWTS with Howie...he had it on, I really could care less this go around. I didn't last season either...the "stars" are so dim that they're not really stars anymore! Nevertheless we enjoyed the judges comments more than anything. Howie went to bed shortly after 9 and hasn't come out I hope he's able to sleep most of the crud away and wake up semi-healthy! I did make him a lunch just in case.

Meanwhile, I frogged the sweater I started two weeks ago...for a couple reasons. #1 i don't have enough yarn for the whole sweater...and #2, the  yarn i do have is discontinued so I can't just go buy more...and finally #3, I made too many mistakes in the front of the sweater to be happy with it. Once i took the needle out and the sleeve stitch holders I tried it on...and I'm pleased with the sizing! So that's good! Balling up all that yarn is tedious!!! Especially thru no fault but my own, I made one of them such a tangled mess!!! Boy did that try my patience!! I won tho! lol

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, March 21, 2011

To my Tropical Flower Girl

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweetheart!!!! And even as I type this I can hear you saying "I not sweetheart, I Sam!"

It has been an absolute joy to watch you blossom the past 3 years!!! From the moment the Dr handed you to your daddy, I fell in love!! Every day that love grows and grows...some days I can hardly stand it my heart is so full with love for you and DJ (and Daddy! and yes, Jacob too!) but you get the picture!!

Today, you woke up nice and early, and within minutes of going out to the living room you came stomping back to me and said "there's letters in there!!!" I asked you to repeat what you said and you explained "There's letters on the wall in there" and I knew what you were speaking of. You see, you can't read yet, but it says Happy Birthday...and when I told you that, you said "oh thank you mummy!" and gave me a hug. So from the very first moment of your birthday you're full of sass and love!!!

Since Daddy had to work today, I got us all ready for church and out the door...not quite on time, but we made it!!!! You were very excited to share your cupcakes with the kids in your class...and I heard everyone enjoyed them! The chocolate marks on your pretty birthday dress tell me you did too!

After church we headed home to get party prep done for everyone coming over. Daddy was already home from work and had bought 3 helium balloons just for you!! A princess one, a Tinkerbell one, and one that is shaped like a crown with Princess written on it....he did a good job picking them out! Your exclamations were awesome too!!!

Everyone arrived a little before 2 and you were wired for sound with all the attention! So we sat down to eat, and enjoyed a lovely pizza lunch! Thanks to DiGiorno, it was free!!! Even better!!! I made your favourite kind too...cheese and olives! After eating we decided to let you open presents before getting to cake.

You started with our presents and ripped right thru them...getting books, shoes, clothes, bath stuff, a puzzle, books, a snow globe, a jewelry box with a butterfly necklace in it, and one more we saved to the end. Then you opened the Gott's gift, a bubble machine gun, and two new Dora games!!! From Grandma and Poppa you got a Princess hopscotch game. And from Grandpa and Ellen, you got your first Nordstroms box...won't lie, it made Mummy a lil jealous! You got a gorgeous skirt and top in purple/lime and I can't wait to see it on you! And you got some Hello Kitty earrings!!! The last gift was an American Heritage doll. Her name is Chloe and when you lay her down, she closes her like making her take a nap! lol But the gift you went gaga over was the jewelry box with its spinning ballerina as it plays music. Just like one that Mummy had as a little girl. I still have it too!

Once all the presents were opened, we got down to the business of cake!! You got cupcakes with pink and purple sprinkles, and Daddy got a sugar free cake with sugar free icing (It was okay...) and loved it as we all sang Happy Birthday to you! Took you a bit to blow your candles out...I think they were too far away really, but I helped ya out. :)

After cake was consumed the Kinect got turned on and the big kids enjoyed that while you enjoyed playing your new memory Dora game with your cousins, and then hopscotch, and then, and then, and then. It was like you had present ADD, so PADD...oh I crack myself up sometimes!!!  About 4:30 everyone left and we took  you and DJ out for walk in the sunshine. Dinner was informal as we were still pretty full from the late lunch.

I can't believe I put a 3 year old girl to bed tonite...its bittersweet watching you grow up. You're such a sweet darling little girl, that I can only imagine the kind of teenager you'll be, and even further on, what kind of woman you'll be, or wife, or mom...the list goes on. I can't wait to watch you grow up, but at the same time, please be my little girl for a little while longer...okay? Your hugs and kisses are just the sweetest!! I've grown to like the random kisses you bestow on my cheek just because you feel like it. I pray they never stop!

I love you Samantha JoyAnn...forever and always!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I haven't knit

In THREE days!!!! That's how busy I've been!! Sheesh! My hands are going thru withdrawal and starting to shake lol First sign of addiction! But I already knew I was addicted! :)

This morning I got to sleep in!! I woke when DJ woke up, and it was then I realized I fell asleep quite instantly, in the process of putting chapstick on. I didn't even put hand cream on!! My poor hands have been mad at me all day too! So when the boys left the bed I rolled over and fell back to sleep! And slept great til just before 10....absolutely wonderful! I got up and the kids were fed and dressed! Perfect!! I sat with them for minutes before getting breakfast ready for Howie and I.

After we ate, I got busy cleaning for tomorrow's festivities. I did windows and Howie did bathrooms! Then I made cupcakes for Samantha's birthday so they'd be nice and cool to decorate. Then I made Howie's sugar free cake...and f'd it up royally!! I doubled the water cuz I wasn't thinking straight! Yikes!!! So, instead of just tossing it (first instinct) I put it in the fridge to wait til I got another package and just do a two layer cake.

Then I got lunch ready and we all ate. DJ had been out all morning playing with the boys next door so he was having a blast!! Once we were done eating, we headed off for Aliya's birthday party. She's 23 hours older than SamSam...and they're good friends!! My kids were more than excited to be going!! We were a bit late getting there, but it was all good!

The kids had fun!! It was a barnyard theme and each kid had a straw hat waiting for them. Samantha put hers on right away...and I couldn't have paid DJ to wear his lol. The games were good too! Pin the tail on the donkey (DJ took second), hot potatoe, digging in the straw to find chocolate coins (DJ won that one). And finally a pinata! Both my kids enjoyed hitting it with the bat! And getting candy out of the deal!!

Howie called me about 4:30 to see what my eta was, and they'd just brought out the cupcakes. He'd been on craigslist looking for a lawn mower and found one to go look at, but I had the truck. So after talking with Lara, DJ stayed with her and I went home to get Howie and off we went. Samantha fell asleep before we got to the highway! She'd talked me into getting her a milk steamer from the coffee place since she missed out on yesterday. She was asleep when we pulled in and didn't rouse. So it sat waiting for her. We enjoyed our treat tho! We ended up buying the lawn mower (half of what we'd budgeted for!!) and heading home. DJ was outside playing when we got home. Howie dealt with the lawn mower, and giving our neighbours the old one (it lost its propeller-ness) and I got started on dinner. And making Howie's cakes since we'd also stopped at Freddy's to get a second one.

Dinner was late (I honestly think this time change thing is still affecting us somehow) and after it had been eaten, and the kids each had a treat from their pinata loot. Then I came up with a BRILLIANT plan!! I'd bathe SamSam and Howie would help DJ shower! And we made it a race to see who could get clean faster! I was just washing Samantha's feet when he yelled thru the wall that he was done!! So close! But I had two clean children in half the time!! Sweet!!! Books were read, beds were made (I now get the whole doubling up on sheets with a waterproof top between them!! Only took me five yrs almost!) and kisses were given and blankets tucked in. I then got busy wrapping Samantha's presents. Heard her door open as I'm wrapping, so Howie investigated and she hadn't come out. When I got done and put them in my closet, I checked in on her and she was still awake. She'd also taken her pj's off, said she didn't like them! Well, neither do I, but she's too young to be sleeping nekkid yet!

Howie went to bed and I got busy frosting everything! Some of the cupcakes are for her church class and the rest are for the family party. And Howie's sugar free cake maker (Splenda) also has a mix for icing!!! YAY Splenda!! Of course I then had to clean up after myself and load the dishwasher! It was after 11 by the time I finally sat down! Found a movie on Lifetime and am blogging during commercials. But I still have breakfast to make for Howie as he's working tomorrow morning til noon. And I've got devilled eggs to make, but they can wait til after church. I'm pooped!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a LONG day!!!!!!

This morning Howie had to be in to work earlier than any given Friday, so my sleeping in thing was thwarted...well sorta. DJ got up his usual 7 something, but when Howie left for work, he told me DJ was sleeping on the couch. Unfortunately, that didn't last long....I swear, as soon as Howie pulled out of the driveway DJ was up and upset that he didn't get time with him before work.

Once Sam got up, I got up and we ate breakfast. The plan today was BUSY!!! First was a free Kindermusik class at the library...and we were it! No one else came, so my two thoroughly enjoyed everything. There's no structure to it at all, and that kind of bothered me a bit. Hard to get a kid interested in something if you're allowing them to flit around the room from one thing to another...never really settling on one thing. That's just my opinion....we'll go again I'm sure.

After that we went to the school to get SCRIP cards, but it was a P.D. Day for them and no one was there to buy one from. Kinda eerie how quiet the school is with no kids! So we headed to Freddy's instead...and as we're walking in, so was Sam's friend they went to play land together and DJ stuck with me. He was greedy and wanted a cookie...and then as soon as it was gone, he wanted to go in play land, but I said no and made him stick to his decision. Thankfully we were almost done and he stopped whining. He did get Sam to set the door alarm off by trying to get in play land thru the emerg door. Crazy kid!

We headed for home after and put everything away and had lunch. It was late, but part of that was that they wanted macaroni, so it takes longer. Oh well...they enjoyed it! That was tough making the real deal and not even having one bite of it! When we were done we headed back to for round two. Costco, and the dollar store and Albertsons were left. Hit the dollar store first and got a few party things for Sam's day...couldn't find cupcake toppers anywhere! Did get some cool drawer box things for the kids undies/sock drawers, now they're neatly separated! Need one more for each drawer tho...and may get a couple for myself even!

Costco wasn't bad, but I did earn "worst mother of the day" award....within minutes of getting there they both needed to pee, so off we go. The hallway we walk down is the staff locker hallway, and DJ had his hand out to try and touch every single one of them, as I'm scolding him and telling him to keep his arms in (there's people at their lockers) I round the corner to head into the bathroom and smash SamSam's hand against the locker. Oh the howl she let out was incredulous!!! And I don't blame her one bit!! Boy was she mad at me! No amount of hugging or apologizing was helping her any. OH I felt horrible!!!!!! We finished the shopping with a very whiny girl and a fidgety boy. Sound fun eh?

We got back in the truck and within minutes Sam was asleep...can't say as I blame her tho! She was traumatized! I wanted to nap with her!!!!! I was traumatized too!!!! On the way to Albertsons we passed a coffee stand, ok THE best coffee stand in Monroe...and I talked myself into a Chai Tea latte!!! An iced one even!!!! DJ got a milk steamer...vanilla flavoured....and he was happy!!! He said it was too warm and left it in the truck when we went into Albertsons....waking Sam was NOT fun!

After checking out I noticed a discrepancy on my bill and went to dispute it with Customer service...the gal asked Sam how she was and she held up her bum hand and said "I got broken finger" awwwwwww, and no! Its not broken, just smooshed...and a little black n blue already. Can't wait to see it tomorrow!

Got outta there and finally headed for home!!!!! By the time we got home, it was almost 7! I'd gotten a chicken from costco, but was in no mood to fix anything else to go with we had egg mcmuffins for dinner! With a banana and the kids got their cookie that they got from Albertsons. Done!

I finally got them in bed shortly after 9, and then tackled the kitchen...unload and reload the dishwasher and then work on making jello. I had none today, and I look forward to it! Then I started working on this "granola" recipe my mom gave me from her south beach book...and I boiled up some eggs to make devilled eggs for Sunday...and...and...and!! Howie came home, read the paper and took himself off to bed just as the granola was finishing up. Oh it smelled good!! Not sure how it tastes yet, I may have used too much oil on it as its not as crunchy as I like it. I only did a half batch tho, and I'm sure it'll get eaten!

It wasn't til after 11:30 that I FINALLY got to sit in my chair and put my feet up!! Sheesh!!!!!! I vegged watching Working Class and The Nanny reruns. Now, I'm gonna go have a chat with my pillow!!

Til next time...God bless!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Yay for no puking children!!! Boo they didn't sleep in!! lol And I have to wait til Saturday for that too! This morning, DJ got himself cereal, with no milk, and had first breakfast done before I got to mine. So, for second breakfast, he had a yogurt and sat with me and SamSam. She and I enjoyed our cereal too :)

After breaky we lounged. DJ did go next door and no one was home to play with and Samantha didn't want to play outside. I don't blame her, it was still chilly. We did some cleaning in anticipation of a certain little girl's birthday celebration. That and I'm trying to be on them a bit more about leaving toys everywhere...they're usually not fun to step on! And honestly, there's a great big room downstairs that's dedicated to a play room!!! And we cleaned that up too!!

After lunch we did some laundry and finished cleaning, and since the sun was still shining, we went outside for a bike ride. DJ's been begging for one all week, and daddy suggested I take 'em before he got home. So I  did! We went our usual route up to the top of our cul-de-sac. The neighbour with the pure breed Border Collies was out and we chatted a bit. Found out the German Shepherd had a rendezvous with his male and had puppies 3 weeks ago. And her human was out, so we went and asked if we could see the pups. She had 10 but lost two, and of the 8 there's 4 of each. Samantha couldn't stop saying "aw, so cute" whenever one of the moved or squeaked. It was darling. They both were timid to pet them, but one I held one they reached out. Despite the smell of the garage, they were very soft! And oh so cute!!!!

I also found out the Border Collie also knocked up his mate (he's a randy dog!) and she's due April 5th. Now I've got puppy fever!!! Border Collies are a great dog!!! Howie at least agreed to go see the other pups sometime this weekend...
It started to rain big drops so we headed for home. Picked up the mail and went inside. Just now realized I left the newspaper behind...oops! I also had a great hour long chat with my mom. We text every day, but its been a while since - heard her voice. Then I kept working on laundry and then I worked on dishes while the kids played. I got a phone call asking if I could take care of the middle boys from next door as the whole family was scattered. So I said sure and told my two they were coming. Both of them started whooping and hollering!

Since the garage door was open, Howie was able to sneak in and scare all of us! More the kids than me, that was funny! Within minutes the boys were here and chaos ensued! They mostly played downstairs making a mess of the clean room. But they did have fun!! And cleaned it up before dinner. We took the easy way out and did burgers. Worked well!!

After dinner I needed to bathe my two, so off Samantha and I went to the bathroom. She wanted a bubble bath, and she got one, but half way thru, she didn't want bubbles anymore. Oy! So got her cleaned up and out. As I was combing her hair I found A LOT of soap still in it, so laid her on my lap (while she screamed her head off) and rinsed it out. I thought it pretty genius, she thought it torture! Just as I finished her up, I got a call that the boys could go home, so off they went. Good timing really as it was DJ's turn for his bath. The shower thing is losing its appeal now that I can hold the nozzle to rinse him off. *smh*

Once both kids were in bed Howie and I watched the results of AI. He'd watched it while I was bathing the kids. Wasn't surprised with the bottom 3, but I was WAY off!!! lol And I was wishing Naima was the one booted...altho Karen was a close second pick for me. So its all good! I have to say Lee DeWyze, last year's winner, was rather boring!!!!!! And the Black Eyed Peas weren't any better....they didn't have their usual spunk!

Private Practice had my jaw dropping in the first 8 minutes!! WOW! Talk about an ethical/moral choice!! A woman carrying her last chance at a baby via IVF found out the baby had a bad heart and wouldn't live more than a day. So they wanted to harvest the baby girl's eggs for another shot at pregnancy. Is that not the strangest?!? In the end it didn't happen....

Til next time...God bless!

P.S. I did wear green...but Howie didn't, and got pinched twice!!!! hahaha

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I really wish my kids would learn

That all you have to do to wake Mummy up is turn on a light! Seriously. That's all it takes!!! I don't like having a puking child coming into my room at 6:45 to tell me she's puking. Yeah, that's how my morning started!!! I had DJ on the outside of me and couldn't wake him for the life of me to get him to move. So I scooted out past him and ran her to the bathroom, where she did nothing. And looked at me with sad puppy eyes asking if she could "leep with you?" So we crawled back in bed, with a bowl handy,

Wouldn't ya know it, that's when DJ wakes up...just as we're settling...and asks if he can go watch I said no, its still time to sleep. So he settles back down, but doesn't go to sleep. And Sam, she's making the most of every single cough needing the bowl.

Such a pleasant way to wake up!!!!

In fact, I was ready for a nap at 9 am!!! You think I'm kidding you?? ha!

I do however think I have Sam figured out....see, she's got a stuffy/runny nose thing going, so its draining into her stomach while she's sleeping, or at the very least, resting in her throat and she wakes up choking on it. So she's not actually sick sick, she's just clearing her airways. But then she plays on every cough thinking she's going to puke...and its more of a "hah" cough, or she'll stick her tongue into the bowl and call it good, lay back down and whimper. Truly Oscar worthy!!!!

Thankfully we had no where we needed to bed today....I did want to bathe the kids after lunch, but they weren't interested in that and wanted to go play...but no one was home next door. So instead they came back in and I put on a movie for them while I went and had a shower. When I got out, the boys next door were outside, so my two joined them and I dressed in peace!

Then I started on dinner prep since it was an Awana nite and we needed to eat early. I had the bbq ready to go when Howie got home so he started cooking pretty much as soon as he changed...or did he change, I can't remember now. lol It was fast, I know that!

DJ and I left just after 5:45 and the plan was to drive thru the bank first before heading to the on the way there we practiced his verses...he had two again this week since he was still catching up to the rest of the class for the times he was sick. He got a lollipop from the bank and enjoyed it the rest of the way to church.

Sent him off to his class and I went to my table to start checking kids in. Since I now know ALL the kids by sight and name, I'm starting to learn their parents names too...might as well!! How else am I gonna expand my customer count :D  I also took the leader test be certified with Awana....but I'll only ever want to be a secretary...I really enjoy my duties. I'll find out later this week if I passed it or not. Whew!

DJ was thrilled to finally be able to show me his prize from the treasure box...another whistle...yay...said with SO much sarcasm! This one he's giving to SamSam as he's still got the one from before. Lucky me! We stopped to get gas as I didn't have enough to get home and DJ said he didn't want to walk home. lol  Then we did prayers and the best parts of our day while driving. Then he asked me if he could nap on the rest of the way home, so I said sure. Now, this is usually a joke between us and we all fake snore...and he gives me trouble cuz I'm supposed to be driving, not sleeping! We're on the street before ours and he falls asleep!!!! I kid you not! What a rascal!!! Didn't take much to wake him up and get him in the house, but he must have been tired!!! Into jammies he went and off to bed he went!

Howie recorded Idol for me and watched the show he likes in he finished his episode while I got his lunch ready for tomorrow and then he went to bed.

AI was slow for me tonite!! Lots of issues all around! My faves of the nite, surprisingly, are James Turbin (the rocker dude), Stefano (the Seattle dude nailed it!!) and Lauren (she did a great Melissa Ethridge) the rest, were boring or way over the top! Casey, terrible!!!!!! Screamed his whole song!! And JLo needs glasses...he is SO not sexy!!!!! blech! Naima, I'm tired of her already...and she was the pitchiest of them all! Thia needs to step up her game!! Ok, my bottom three...Haley, Thia, and Paul

Survivor was awesome!!!!!!! I'm really digging this whole Redemption Island twist...and GO MATT!!!! Boston Rob has stepped up his game this time around and isn't relying solely on his charm!! 'Bout time too!

Off the Map was really good as usual too! Still makes me look away at certain gruesome things...and now I have no desire for Chinese food! LOL

Til next time...God bless!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm not sure where the day went

But it sure went fast!!!!!!

This morning DJ was first up, as usual...and of course starving (his words) but was okay with what I suggested for him to snack on. Samantha took a little longer waking up, which is REALLY good for her to wake on her own. She has a much better day than when DJ wakes her up. She came running in to me needing to pee, so off to my bathroom we went. Still had a wet diaper she's still peeing thru the nite. And really, other than  yesterday's attempt to pee like a boy, she's done FABULOUSLY!!

After breakfast we all snuggled on the couch for a brief time as I knew how busy our day was going to get. I think we all needed this little snuggle time...and DJ appreciated it! I then got up and started lunch, much to DJ's delight as he'd just said he was hungry. Sam chose an egg mcmuffin, and ate the whole thing!!! With fake pepper and salt even!! She sees me doing it to mine and wants it for hers, so cute!!

Then we loaded up for our adventure! First stop was one of the pizza joints we rescue food from, then the salon I deal with, then the other pizza joint I rescue from (they had 23 pizzas!!!!!!!) then the bank, then the school where I take the books to, and thankfully they're catching on to helping me out! I think I carried in 3 boxes of the 13! And they fully enjoyed the 8 pizzas I gave to the teen room. Next stop was the post office and finally the library, for which the kids were THRILLED!!!!! I had an appt to be somewhere for 3, so we had a little over an hour to kill at the library. DJ and Sam were beyond excited to sit and play with the computers. DJ more so! SamSam, she kept getting books she wanted, had me read them to her, and put them in our bag for check out. She picked out all 8 books today, and DJ could have cared less! 

We then had a snack in the truck and headed to costco to meet up with a client. The monsoon rain hit!! HOLY COWS!!!!! I'd heard about it from other local facebookers, but we had sun at the time, so I scoffed at them! HA! Joke was on me!! We got trapped in costco as it just down poured!!!! When it finally let up a bit, we ran to the truck and then headed for the shed to drop off the pizzas we weren't keeping.

We got home mere minutes before Howie did, Sam was still getting her boots off when he came in. I quickly dealt with the dishes, and got ready to head out to and Avon meeting. I think I'm meeting-free now for the next two weeks! Howie'll be happy to read that! lol

After a great meeting where I scored some good stuff, I went next door to price compare a printer I'd seen at costco...and believe it or not, costco won! So looks like I'll finally have a working printer this weekend! SO excited for this! Then I went to Freddy's for more salad fixings and some squash.

I was home in time to put the kids to bed, which DJ thought was later than normal cuz he got to "stay up" and wait for It made him happy! Once they were in bed, I sat down with Howie and watched tv. He was mindlessly watching Dirty Jobs, which is a great show, and reminded me that Glee was on, so we watched it instead! LOVED both the original songs that they sang! HATED the boy/boy kiss! *sigh*  Then I introduced Howie to Hope...its gotta be one of the stupidest shows on right now, but it just cracks me up!!!!!!!! Cloris Leachman is just amazing!!! And even Howie was in fits of laughter at one point! He agrees, it is the stupidest show, but funny!!

Then he went to bed and I watched the Nanny Diaries from the dvr...yes, Fiona, I checked Netflix and it wasn't on there...would have preferred that over skipping commercials! The movie itself was telling!!! And probably a sad version of the truth of some parents who have nannies. It did have me in tears at the end tho. Who the heck names their kid Grayer!?!?! *smh*

Til next time...God bless!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally a healthy day!!!

For ALL of us!!!

The kids got up normal time...I don't think the time change really affected them at has me!!!! Man I miss that hour!! And seriously, when are they just gonna stop all this nonsense!! For that reason, the morning was a little slow getting going.

But both kids ate great! In fact, DJ even asked for an egg mcmuffin...and it got me thinking, this is something I can prepare ahead of time and very filling for him for school days!! I didn't once hear "I'm hungry!!!!!!!!" after eating it. I could be onto something here! :)

The was shining and DJ was desperate to get out in off he went (after helping me with laundry) to see if the boys next door could play...they could and the 3 of them had fun. Sam went out too, but was back in shortly after as she had to pee...and instead of coming in to undress...she did so on the front porch. Yeah, her little naked butt kinda surprised me!! But she'd also peed in them...and now the fun part starts. The "I'm having too much fun to pee" business.

Lunch was an ORDEAL!!!!!! It took DJ about an hour to eat his lunch, which was his dinner from last nite...hamburger patty, (and not a whole one) broccoli (his favourite) and I replaced the couscous with green beans (another fave) and it still took SO long!!!! Part of it was that I forced the issue of him needing to feed himself instead of having me help him. School will help with that right??

After lunch he went back out to play with the boys...Sam stayed with me and we snuggled on the couch for 30 seconds before she didn't want that. Then DJ and the boys came in and played downstairs. Then they all went back outside again to and out and in and out! Just a preview of summer to come!

Howie got home as I was putting sweet potatoes in the oven to roast for I spent some hello time with him and headed off to the shed to do the books. DJ was also in a very trying mood today, and I was in no mood to put up with his antics while trying to work on the books. So I waited til Howie got home and then in his words, bailed on him. The kids were outside tho, so it was good for a while for him. Til SamSam did the disappearing pants act on him too...only this time she told Howie WHY she'd done it...she wanted to pee outside like Caleb did. Oh I laughed!!!!!!!!!!!!! My poor girl in a world of boys!! So he explained that girls don't do that, and at dinner she explained it to me too! SO cute!!!

She's also getting VERY excited for her birthday coming up in 6 more sleeps!!! She wants princess AND Tinkerbell!! Hope she won't be too disappointed! It'll just be a low key family celebration, but she thanked me for inviting everyone! She did ask if Grandma was going to be there and her face fell when I said no...but Grandma better make damn sure to call her on Sunday!!! Got it Grandma!?!?!?

Once the kids were in bed, I went and took a face thoroughly enjoyed getting its cleansing tonite!!!! Must have had some cooties on it or something!! But it sure felt good!!! Howie went to bed as soon as I was done, so after fixin his lunch for tomorrow, I sat and watched Brad pick his bride.

All along I've wanted it to be Emily...I was in tears when he proposed to her finally!!!! Oh it was so sweet!!!!! The After the Final Rose show...that put a whole new spin on things!!! WOW!! But, good for Emily for taking time to figure it out. I sure hope they're able to put it all behind them and focus on them! It was good to see local Bachelor couple on there too!! And I'm glad Chantal has been able to move on and into a better place! All in all....good finale!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm not sure what's in the water

But again this woken up by a puking my hand as DJ lay on my arm sleeping away! What  mad dash to get up that was! Howie got her and I got cleaned up. DJ woke up as I was trying to get off the bed one handed without letting "the hand" touch the bed or pillows.

Once I cleaned up I crawled back into bed...even tho the clock said 8:20, my body KNEW it was 7:20!! I was gonna go back to sleep, but SOMEBODY came into the room and said "Get up, I'm not dealing with this alone!" as our daughter was puking in the bathroom again. :(

So I got up and got dressed and came out to sit with her....she threw up again (and is getting GOOD at recognizing her body signs) while on my lap, but it was all bile. About a half hour later tho, she kept saying she was we gave her some dry cereal and prayed she'd keep it down. Meanwhile, I made buckwheat pancakes. Never had 'em before, and wasn't sure what to expect...but they were a nice change from eggs! I picked up some sugar free syrup yesterday and it was a nice treat on the pancakes. DJ gobbled his up! And even Sam had a few bites of mine with no repercussions!

After we were done eating, Howie went and had a shower...he had a plan today and he wasn't letting a puking Sam slow him down!! His plan: go to Outdoor Emporium (kinda like Walmart is to me!) and check things out with his birthday money. I suggested he might wanna take DJ with him so I could focus on Sam and her needs....and bless his heart, he did take him! But didn't tell him where they were going! They both said they had fun walking around looking at things and talking. DJ was an exemplary kid and it made Howie glad he brought him along. They even stopped for a coffee (and strawberry smoothie) on the way.

Sam and I snuggled on the couch, til she realized I was hoping she'd fall asleep :D then she went to one of the chairs. So far the puke monster stayed she had water in a sippy cup and was happy watching Dora. Just before 1 I called Howie to see where they were and they were in Monroe and on their way home. So I got busy making lunch for us and it was ready just as they walked in!
DJ came in first with TWO new bouncy four square balls...think dodgeball size...he'd been talking about them yesterday and said he wanted a green one and Sam wanted a purple one...he had  purple one and a blue one!! Guess green wasn't good enough! lol Oh he was so cute!!!! Howie said that as they were on the way home DJ said he wanted to go to one more Howie asked which one and the response was "toy store!!!!!" Howie gave it some thought and remembered the discussions about the basketballs and headed to a sports equipment store. What fun for them!!

After lunch I gave Howie a hair cut and we moved all the furniture out of the dining room so I could steam the helped too! Then they went downstairs to work and I got busy mopping! Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my Shark mop!?!?! LOVE IT!!! I even did both bathrooms, the landing AND the laundry room!!!! No more spilled ALL floor! As I was working on the kids bathroom Sam came up to help me, but it was more like sit on the floor outside the door and whine at me. So as I moved stuff to my bathroom she followed me and wanted "uppy" we laid on the bed instead.

I figured if I paid a few minutes attention, she'd be happy and let me work. She was SOOOO incredibly sweet!! Kissing my face all over and hugging on those tender moments! Then she looked at me and said "good nite" and closed her eyes....I watched her fall asleep within a minute!!!! I kid you not! Amazing talent that is! lol So I covered her up and let her sleep while I got back to cleaning!

I tried waking her an hour later, but she didn't want to have anything to do with that and instead I laid on the bed with her and she dozed in my arms for another half hour...then DJ found us and was instantly jealous!  Yeah, we all got up then!

For dinner we did burgers...and I tried the couscous thing again...this time a sun dried tomato flavoured one...its still not my cup of tea! And Howie has in fact requested it never be made again! lol  I'm inclined to give him this one! Sam had some bites of meat and a vanilla yogurt...she'd done well all day. DJ on the other hand was struggling with dinner and announced he didn't want we talked about it and agreed it would be his lunch tomorrow. *shrugs* what can I do? Not gonna force him to eat! Altho he didn't get anything else to eat after that!

I bathed the kids and we put them to bed...then since there was nothing on tv, we watched another episode of Dexter...its slowly starting to grow on me...just wish it had closed captioning! I keep having to ask Howie to repeat things that are muttered or whispered. Samantha was up half way thru it, so Howie got up and dealt with her and got her tucked back into bed. Then after Dexter he went to bed himself. I tried finding a movie to watch, but wasn't in a movie mood...instead I watched 3 episodes (or 4) of Hot in's quite funny!!! Who doesn't love Betty White!?!? Then I watched Amazing Race on on EARTH does one go the wrong way for SO many hours and miss the preplanned flight!!?!?!? That was nuts!  And then in the end lose their fanny pack?? I would have given up then and there! Next week should be interesting!!

Til next time...God bless!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yes, the saying goes:

You can't teach and old dog new tricks....but how does it work for old cats!??!

This morning I got to sleep in til almost 10 and let me tell you, it was fabulous!!!! I did wake (and went pee) when DJ woke up shortly after 7, but did a pretty good job of fallin back to sleep no problem!! As soon as Howie knew I was up, he got back in the bed!! Guess he didn't like getting up with the kids this morning! lol Said he wanted an hour nap, so I let him have it!!

I let SamSam wake him up, and she did it oh so gently by tapping him on the forehead with her open hand and saying softly "daddy, oh daddy" and he didn't want to have anything to do with we let him be! He got up shortly after noon. I then had to wait for the dishwasher to get done before hopping in the shower. I'll admit, I didn't think that one thru!! lol

It was 2 by the time I got outta our driveway...sheesh!! Didn't leave me much play time in all that I had to do for Avon. But I did stop at Walmart (where else?!?!) for 3 (THREE) things...and walked outta there with 33!!!!!!! They had all their kid clothes on sale...and with DJ starting school in September, I picked him up a slew (slough?) of shirts just for that purpose!! 5 pocket tees at 3.00 a piece!!! How does a budget conscious mom pass that up!?!?! And 2 polo/golf shirts at 5.50 a of which, I know will be his picture day shirt!!!! ha! I even got SamSam 3 shirts...2 for her birthday and one for Christmas. Me?? I got me some stuff too!!! The obligatory WHITE tee, that may or may not be white by the end of summer...and 2 other tees, and two long sleeve shirts, a pair of pants, and two tees that I'm gonna Avon...yeah, it's a verb now!! lol

I did manage to get the 3 things I originally went in there for...and a few others. I was surprised to see that there was no South Beach products...mostly all Atkins....bummer! I over spent my time in there and that caused me to rush thru the rest of my route! And left me NO time for hitting up Joann's with the awesome coupons I had! :( win some, lose some!! At 5:30 I raced back to Monroe (ok, not raced exactly) so I could get to the co-op by the time it closed at 6...I made it with literally ONE minute to spare!!! And thankfully they filled my propane tank and sent me on my way. I also got some cat treats for those tricks I was talkin about.

You see, while I was gone, the kids were helping (said loosely) Howie install cat doors. One to our bathroom, and one to the laundry room...thereby eliminating the need for gates!! I'm tired of hopping over them!!! So once the kids were in bed, I got busy teaching the old cat a new trick!! She would go thru the door okay, but didn't like to initiate I now have it rigged to be open so she can go in and out freely....once they both get the hang of it, then I'll try it with the door closed and see how they do. No more kitty crunchies for Snickers!!!!! blech!

After the kids were down and the cats were taught, Howie left for a round trip to work....he's the clock changer and tonite is the time change nite!! So, I watched a Lifetime movie I'd recorded with Heather Locklear...and man, was it freaky!!!! Downright creepy!!! Good tho, but I had no clue how to predict the script! Guess that's a good thing really. I had just started watching Pure Country (I'd never seen it) when Howie got home, so he watched most of it with me and went to bed. I was a knitting fool tonite...and finally got the yoke done on the sweater I started!!! Thought it would never end!!!! Whew! Now comes the fun part!!!

Til next time...God bless!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two outta three

Ain't Meatloaf sings it!!

'Course he wasn't talking about sickos in the house!!

This morning DJ woke up at 6 and didn't want to go back to bed...and he knew to wake daddy up (daddy said so before tucking him in) so Howie got up with him and I got 3 more hours of sleep! Sam came in once, but startled me more than anything. I was having one of those freaky dreams that you can't make sense out of and the minute you wake up its gone out of  your weird! And random!

I got up and made a lovely omelet for us before Howie went to work. He was gone just before 10 and the Avon showed up shortly after 10. For the next 3 hours I was dealing with Avon stuff. Not sure how it took so long, but dang!!! Those 3 hours flew by! Of course there were many trips to the bathroom for Samantha. And DJ got to go next door for an hour before they went into town. I did get a lot done and even got samples of bubble bath made up AND labeled with my new label maker! I love this thing!!!! I finally figured out the margin thing too! Good to go!

After lunch we started moving towards the door...and somehow it was 2:45 when we left the house...again, not sure how it took us SO long to get out the door!! One of the stops we made along the way was to sign DJ up for school! I handed in the registration and paid the fee and WOW, he's going to school in September!!! Totally unreal! The secretary even knew who he was and that kinda freaked him out as he's on stranger danger alert all the time.

After the school we headed to Everett to do two deliveries and then back to Monroe. We got our tax refund today, so I treated the kids to dinner at Red Robin. They promised to be on their absolute best behaviour...and they did okay really. The service was lousy!!!! LOUSY!!!! We got our table, dumped our coats and headed to the bathroom...DJ really needed to go, and so did I...but Sam said she was fine (in hindsight I should have made her go) and back to the table we went. I ordered for us and we waited. The kids doodled on their menus with the crayons provided and then Sam pipes up "I need to pee" so off we all trek to the bathroom for trip number 2. We arrive back at our table and within seconds the food arrives. I touch my broccoli and it's cold...not steamed! So I say something and apologies are made. Someone else brings me my steamed broccoli and I ask for Ranch dressing for the kids chicken strips. Someone else brings that and only brings one cup full...I have TWO kids eating the same thing. *smh* So we eat...half way thru the meal, thanks to the pop DJ's consumed, he needs to pee this time I let him go alone (I can see the bathroom from where we are seated) and he did a great job!!! He was so proud to go by himself too! Wonder if he close the stall door...or if anyone looked at him weird for being in a ladies bathroom. lol I finish my meal and decide to order a side salad, meanwhile, she's already brought me the bill. It comes, but I have no fork as she already cleared it away. OY! I ask for one and eat my salad. Sam's doing fantastic eating, and so is DJ really!!! As I'm eating my salad DJ starts dancing cuz  he needs to poop. (Did I really pick the wrong time for dinner or what!?!?) I told him to hold it til we were done...but he looks at me and says "I'm gonna poop my pants!!" So, off we all trek to the bathroom..this is trip #3 for me, and #4 for DJ!!! I get back to the table and they've cleared EVERYTHING off!!! WTH!?!? So stupid! I pay the bill, coat the kids and leave.

The kids did get a balloon on the way out, and they were happy, but I was still miffed. We get in the truck and head for home. The route I took had us going past Ben Franklin...and bestill my heart, DJ asks "Can we go in there???" Who am I to DENY my child the craft store!?!?!!? hahahaha  We had a good walk around...and one trip to the bathroom (I'm really NOT liking this!) and I got to start chatting up the "if you get lost" stuff with Samantha. And DJ was good at teaching her too!

We got outta there with minimal damage (to my wallet) and headed for the shed. I'd gotten a text about a specialty glean, so I checked it out. And THEN we headed for home!!! It was close to 8 when we got in the door...and since both kids napped in the truck during our travels, I wasn't rushing them off to bed. They took their time getting jammies on, and we brushed teeth and washed hands. It was only 8:30 when we got done and so the kids watched a program on tv. Just as it was ending, Howie came home and we tucked them into bed.

It wasn't til 9:30 that I finally got to sit in my chair and relax!! Told Howie about my day and chatted for a bit and then he put on BBT...and went to bed half way thru it. I enjoyed it! And then enjoyed Working Class....oh Melissa Peterman cracks me up!!! Then I watched a movie from my dvr...a Hallmark one and didn't cry!!! I did tear up, but wasn't bawling!!! To finish the nite off, I watched Blue Bloods and thoroughly enjoyed it!!! All the while, knitting the nite away!!

Til next time...God bless!