Monday, February 6, 2012

Zumba 1 (won), Missy 0

This morning I woke up crowded...Daniel was in bed with us and had been since 3 something...I was feelin it too!! Come to find out...Samantha was on the floor at the end of the bed, for who knows how long! Crazy kids! I got up just before 9 when DJ came in to wake me....and he was already dressed!! Sam wasn't, but she was nekkid! So I picked out her clothes and left her to get dressed while I got ready for church. I even had time to make breakfast for Howie and I, a yummy ham n cheese frittata!! We got to church early enough to socialize before service. Service was very interesting!! I learned that we as North America mostly descend from Japheth, son of Noah. Never knew that before! The reason I couldn't socialize after service was because I was going with my friend Sarah to the Y for a Zumba first ever!! They've been doing classes at Howie's club for two years, but I've never gone. I wasn't quite sure what to expect... And it was nothing like I could have guessed either!! It's loud! It's club like! It's hard work!!! Nonstop hard work!!! Some of those moves I've been doing myself in front of the mirror...and here I was doing them with a hundred other people!! Yikes!! I was in the back row for a I couldn't see myself look like the idiot I felt like I looked!!! I did have fun tho!! And I wished I'd taken the truck instead of the car...shifting gears hurt like heck!!! I got home about 2 and found the kids outside playing, and Howie out back digging fence post holes. So I slowly made my way upstairs to have lunch. I was settled in my chair for 3 when the per Super Bowl stuff was starting. Blake and Miranda were singing America the Beautiful...and they NAILED IT!!! Kelly Clarkson did a fab job on the anthem too!! The game was good, except the Pats the last 57 seconds! So heartbreaking!! I don't want to discuss it! lol Once the game was done the kids got their jammies on and we watched the last of their movie they'd been watching since Friday nite. Then into bed they went! I'd recorded The Voice and was anxious to watch it! Really, today should have been called Super Blake Shelton day! Not that I'm complaining!!! Not one bit! Anyways, it was awesome as usual!! Looks like its gonna be a good season! Howie went to bed when it was done and I was shocked to see it was only 9:30!!! I checked the listings to find something to watch and found Dirty Dancing....such a classic!!! It was like the first time seeing it again! Just love it!! And now it's done and I'm done too! Gonna take my tired and sore body to bed!! I tried to send after sitting for 2 hours this aft nd couldn't even stand up without falling right back down!! Til next time...God bless!

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