Friday, March 9, 2012

Fair Warning!!!

I must remember to put the sound back to normal on the phone before going to sleep...this morning the alarm went off for 4 minutes before I heard its muted tones. Thankfully there wasn't a 5 after that 4, we would have been in trouble then!!! In any case I was able to drop DJ off a whole ten minutes early!! Go me!! Then Samantha and I came home to eat breakfast.

We then started on the laundry and just being together. I so enjoy our days like this!! After lunch we headed to Costco to finish the groceries...or in Samantha's case, go and sample food!! They girl knows the ropes!!! We then headed to pick DJ up from school without a minute to spare!! Quick stop by the bank and we were headed home.

The kids played outside in the glorious sun while I put stuff away and got the almonds roasted. Samantha came crying in the house as DJ threw some ice at her and it hit her in the hand...yeah I'm not too sure...but she shook it off and stayed in with me. Howie got home and had a chance to relax before making dinner.

Why does it take SamSam 15 minutes to chew ONE bite of meat some nites?!?! There's no rhyme or reason really!!! Which meant it was close to 7:30 by the time she got in the bath!! And almost 8:30 when we tucked them in bed! At which point we tuned in to the AI results....or rather Howie did as I could care less!! But The Finder on right after it, that's a good show!! I also got to catch up on Survivor from last nite too. I have to say, I don't like Colton one bit!! His lil smug ass is gonna get burned!! If his rolling eyes don't get gouged first!! *smh*

Ok so, the fair warning...this weekend is CRAZY!!!! I've got two concerts, DJ's Awana games, a birthday party to attend for DJ, daylight savings and church!! If I don't blog, I'm exhausted!!! And I'll be back for sure Monday nite!! :) hopefully bragging all about how Blake sang to me!! *sigh*

Til next time...God bless!

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