Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Even with a 2 hour delay

I still managed to get DJ late to school...only me! But to be fair, I didn't give myself enough time with the road conditions. Rookie move!! Once he was dropped off Samantha and I headed out to do the Avoning!

What a chore today too!! Lots of orders!! And only a few were actually home since its a Tuesday and all...but some I Gott their work now, so I'm seeing different people now than when I delivered on Sundays! I like it!!

About 2:40 I realized we were NOT going to make it to get DJ in time...So we added two extra stops...Joann's for yarn...and the Christian bookstore to pick up the new Veggie Tales that my parents pre-ordered when they were here. Samantha watched Robin Good all the way home and didn't make a peep!! Kinda nice!

We got home after Howie and DJ did, and just in time for Howie to help me out. DJ was next door, so Samantha and I hopped in the shower. She thought my shower cap was funny...but I can't wash these curls yet!! I got ready while she got jammies on...I was off to an Avon meeting in Everett.

After the meeting I stopped in to see Michael and see what he had on sale...and I found one thing on Samantha's ever growing birthday list!! A hula hoop...a small one! This one is pink and silver and perfect!!! Not sure how to wrap it

Since nothing was on tv, Howie went to bed...doesn't mean the DVR wasn't in use! It had Raising Hope, which was okay...and Cougar Town which is always good!! But New Girl has me in stitches!!!! A few times even!!! Then I watched Army Wives from Sunday and enjoyed it! I've missed this show!! Now I must go make lunches for tomorrow and hit the hay!

Til next time...God bless!

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