Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ain't no laughing matter!!

This morning DJ woke up about 6 something coughing up a storm. He couldn't get in on Howie's side as SamSam was already there!! She'd woken up right as I came out of the bathroom last nite, and I told her she couldn't sleep with me til daddy left...she waited! As soon as his alarm went off, she was there!! I had no clue til I woke up. Anyway, DJ 's cough fest lasted a while! Finally we all fell back to sleep...and after shutting off two (2) alarms, we woke up at 7:45 scrambling!!! I honestly have NO clue how we got him to school with 5 minutes to spare!!!!

Samantha and I came home to have some scratchy eggs for breakfast. Then she went to watch tv on Tabbi while I got busy working on auction stuff and Avon stuff. Then I headed downstairs for a work out...and to watch the Bachelor on the iPad.

We did lunch together and then headed to town to get my crown!! Samantha was determined to be with me, but the DA was very good at getting her out of the room for the needles part. I did try the nitrous oxide and I still cried like a baby!!!! I didn't like it...it smelled funny!! And didn't do anything for me but make me shaky and jittery!!! There was no laughing!!! Samantha came in while the fitted the crown and cleaned the tooth up. We were outta there just before 3 and went to get DJ from school. Then we dropped the books off at SVEC and headed for home. The kids played with the boys outside and then went inside. I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet while wearing off the freezing.

Dinner was pancakes and apple sausage...easy on the jaw!! Kids were pleased with the choice!! :) After dinner it was shower time...DJ first, then Samantha, then me!! Love how quick and easy it is now!! They both went to bed quite easily...DJ before I even got to him!! I worked on some more Avon stuff in preparation for Thursday. Howie was watching AI but I just have no interest in it now that Simon is gone...course I wasn't interested much in his show either lol I'm a Voice girl now!! GO Team Blake!!!

When I did sit I was FROZEN!!! Thanks to a cat and the grandma Thelma blanket I'm thawed out! I watched Cougar Town and laughed lots!! Funny show! Parenthood was fabulous for a season finale!!!! And so was the season finale of White Collar!!! Now im off to snuggle some blankets and finish the bachelor....

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  1. Oh ouch! A crown! Yikes! I need one of those. Blah....don't like the dentist. That stuff usually makes me sleepy, I'm surprised you got all jittery.
    :-) So what do you think of the Bachelor? Me and Sydney are watching.....I think he picks Courtney. After the skinny dipping thing, he pretty much has to cause if another girl sees that, she will flip!


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