Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flashback Day

This morning I woke up feeling 16 all over again!! Only my mom wasn't here to make me a roast beef sandwich and rent "Can't Buy Me Love" to watch in bed. No, I have two kids and have to plow thru!! Some way, some how!

After breakfast the kids and I got busy with making up their Valentines cards for tomorrow. It was a very surreal moment for me to watch my son print off everyone's names on their cards. Illegible, but all on his own! I was SO proud of him!! He was pretty proud too!! And rightly so! Six months ago he could write two letters...d and j....that's it! I also found it funny that he wrote our last name (and his teachers) hugHes instead of the right way! Haha

About 11 the kids went outside to may with the boys while I tidied up and did the dishes. They came in just about noon looking for lunch, which I happily obliged them. They were right back outside as soon as they were done eating. It took me a good hour of puttering around to realize how quiet it was! They'd gone inside next door, so I took some pain meds and took a 90 minute nap!! Samantha found me just before 3 and was upset that she couldn't find me...lol she must not have looked hard...or suffers Hughes-itis which affects the optical nerves when looking for something. Howie suffers terribly from it!! In any case we snuggled and chatted before I got up at her request to sit in my chair with her and watch Dora. How does one say no?!? Yeah, I don't!

Howie came home as she and I were sitting watching Dora and he watched with us! With his eyes closed! Samantha left us to go play with the boys who'd come in to play downstairs. I got dinner going and we ate shortly after 6. I was about to bathe DJ when I realized I needed to leave immediately for an Avon meeting. I knew it started at 7:30, but somehow my brain twisted that to mean leaving at 7:30. Glad I caught myself.it was a short meeting as the coffee place closed at 8! I was home shortly after 9 and found Howie watching The Voice, which is super easy to jump in on!! And exactly what I did!! Howie went to bed just before 10 and I watched the beginning. I'll have to wait til tomorrow to watch the Bachelor on On Demand. I also watched HIMYM which was goo. Sad but good! 2 Broke Girls was funny as usual. And Hart of Dixie was good!! Now I'm ready to hit the hay!

Til next time...God bless!

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