Friday, July 31, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears

Oh my!!! And then we saw elephants, giraffes, gazelles, zebras, monkeys, a jaguar, gorillas, penguins, wild dogs, ummmmm and hippos! Whew!!! Can ya tell where we were!??!! And truth be told, I didn't see any tigers...and the penguins were awesome!!! They weren't there the last time we went! Judging by DJ's expressions and was like the first time I'd ever taken him to the zoo!! Must be amazing sometimes to not remember things!!! He was full of stories for Daddy and Jake at dinner tho!
We got a wee bit of a late start on the morning...well, later than I wanted, quite normal in reality! We missed the free parking by about 10 mins, but got the most awesomest spot!!!! Got the kids unloaded and headed in. Today was the last day on my membership so I really wanted to get one more visit in. Probably won't renew again til next year...SamSam didn't really get anything out of it....and she was more angry at me than anything! I did let her walk with the harness on, but she just wanted to run...and with running comes falling down....not to mention she has no sense of it wasn't working out for me to have her unstrollered. That and I had DJ to monitor! Thankfully we had our friends Wyndi and her daughter Izzy with us! In fact, she's already on the ball and done a cute slideshow of our day on her blog...check it out! It was SOOOO cute to watch DJ and Izzybell (his nickname for her) walk around the zoo and do things together. Even cuter...he took her hand and they walked together....absofreakinlutely DARLING!!!
Watching SamSam on the carousel was sweet!!! She was so excited to go up and down and up and down and round and round! I know it doesn't look it in this picture, but she was bouncing up and down when it stopped! That, and some of my others were just too blurry!
As I said before, the penguins were new to us, and DJ posed out front of the exhibit and flexed his muscles...Wyndi asked him cute!!!
This is the jaguar we saw...I'd never seen it move...usually it was sleeping...and far away! But today, it was walkin all around and checking it out! Again, go check out Wyndi's pix...she got good ones!!! And have you ever heard the noise a jag makes (the real one, not the car)....its kinda freaky deaky!!! Almost a cough...a smokers cough....and really loud too!!!
It didn't take DJ long to crash on the way home either! Sam snuck in a stroller nap in the last 20 minutes of our walk from the North entrance to the truck...and jabbered the whole way home....then as we were sitting in the line up for the bank, she fell asleep.
It must have been a more exhausting day for DJ than I thought...either that or he's finally accepting the whole bed time routine....tonite wasn't so much a fiasco as the past 3 weeks have been!!! He wanted out to pee once, which he did, and then tucked in one last time, and that was fact, I think he fell asleep in his bed even!!! Haven't checked
I did finally finish Breaking Dawn...and I love the ending!!! Ever read a book and think you have the ending totally figured out in your head...and then get there only to be pleasantly surprised!!! Uh huh! Loved it!!!! On the night table next....Jodi Picoult, Keeping Faith. I bought it months ago and have been wanting to read this author! I'll keep ya posted! As always!
Til next time...ciao!

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  1. That pic is tooooo cute! Save it for the wedding!
    Glad you had a good day, it looks like you all had a load of fun.


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