Friday, July 17, 2009

Boy, was it a

HOT one today!!! whooo! I do enjoy it tho...but am incredibly grateful we have a window a/c to help cool things down! I even had it on before noon...which is unusual for WA!! We didn't go anywhere today...just stuck around the house. Took the kids outside before lunch....which was fun. And then it was lunch time....why is it that every time I do a leftover lunch, one of the kids want it? Earlier this week it was the enchiladas, remember? was my sketti that DJ wanted! He ate well...his lunch AND part of mine!!! LOL

During nap I was feeling productive....and channeled my inner Betty....Crocker that is! I'd gotten a recipe for Blueberry Muffins from another blog I follow, and wanted to make them. I had everything on hand and bought blueberries specifically for making them. They turned out okay... but I found the batter to be a bit dry while making them....which is a bummer! The fresh blueberries in them tho...TASTY!!!! So, while I had the oven blazing hot I decided to make Jake some chocolate chip cookies. Now, before you go thinking I'm all Susie Homemaker....they were the frozen dough kind. All I had to do was put them on the cookie sheet and bake them. 18 mins later we had a good smelling house and cooling cookies. YUM!!!

After naps and after Howie got home we got the sprinkler out for the kids to run thru. They sure did love it!!! This is a beach ball one...HUGE beach ball. And you put water in the bottom of it so it won't move and it sprays in 4 areas....ours only sprayed in 2 I'll be calling Little Tykes to see what its problem is. This was a gift DJ got for his first birthday from my g/f Jackie. I took lots of pix, but they're still on the memory card....which is still in the camera....tomorrow I'll upload them....both kids are in their new suits...DJ in his Light McQueen one and Sam in a 2T one....please tell her to stop growing!!!!!!

We've got Jake for the weekend...well part of it....he leaves Sunday morning for a football camp in Eastern WA...Wenatchee to be specific. He's really looking forward to it. This is his first year to go as Freshmen don't get to go. He's also been selected to play on the varsity team....which is pretty exciting in itself!! He's second string right now, but thinks come September he'll be starting. I just love his determination!!! I'm so proud of him! And can't wait to watch his games!!

Howie's going fishing tomorrow, so he was very busy after dinner getting the boat all hitched up and all his gear in working order. He's quite happy about being able to go out on the water again! He's got two friends going with he's looking forward to that. Jake's got football practice or he'd be going with. DJ won't get to go in the mornings for a while yet....but we're hoping to do an afternoon run in the near future as DJ WANTS to go fishing!!!

Well, I'm off to watch some tivvy with Jake...Eureka is the show we both love!! It's a new one tonite too!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Too many blogs you're following - how do you get any work done?

  2. Always a critic in the crowd. What business is it of theirs how many blogs you do or dont follow? don't listen to that "anonymous". If someone is not willing to give their name to make a comment, the comment isnt worth the time it took to type. Love ya Missy, Fi

  3. I agree Fi...always a critic...who leaves negative comments on a blog he/she spends too much time reading.

    What I do/who I follow isn't really anybody's business!


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