Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It kinda works...

The gate on his door way that is...in other words, he's fallen with it twice now to make his statement...and asked to go pee 4 times...two of which he actually peed....but....I think he's asleep now and its just past 10...so that's a half hour better than last nite....OY!

Today was story time at the library so we got ourselves ready and headed out the door into MUGGY at 9:45 am!!! And it didn't get any better...the muggy that is! DJ did VERY well during story time today! So well that he got to use the kid computer after story time...first time ever!! Samantha got to wreak havoc on the books...first time ever!!! lol

Hauled them outta there and we took off to do some perishable shopping....our fruits were low! And I am enjoying fruit with my breakfasts...so is Sam!!! Home for lunch and naps!!! I just love this time! Altho, it sure is WARM in our bedroom!!!! Whew! We keep the door closed to keep the cats out (doesn't always work...) and the ceiling fan going...but DANG it's warm regardless!!! And DJ loves to touch skin when he's falling asleep...blech! lol His poor wife....

Howie came home with a Slurpee again, and SamSam was ALL over that!!! She gobbled up yesterday's with gusto...today was no different!! DJ could care less for it....and me, well its got a bad after taste to me...at least the watermelon one does....

No Jake tonite for dinner....he went away yesterday with a friend over nite somewhere...we're not sure...and wasn't going to be home in time to join us...so it was just the 4 of us for dinner. So after dinner, I bathed the monsters kids....I do so enjoy that after bath baby smell!!!
Then came the bed time fiasco....which in all honesty, wasn't as terrible as some nites we've had!

Now, I'm sitting in the living room, listening to the a/c hum to the tune of 67 degrees....looking at my needles on the table next to me...and half watching tv....all in all, a good evening!!! Oh, from what I've heard, Seattle hit record highs in terms of heat!!! And tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter!!! Doesn't bother me much...I'm used to this kind of heat...but sleeping in it is NO fun!!! Even if you just lie still, you can still feel the heat swirling around you....remind me in December that I was complaining about sleeping in this!! HA!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I thought it just rained in Seattle? Yikes, it was only 72 in Denver yesterday and I think today will be a bit warmer but not much - enjoy the heat while it lasts!

  2. We're in a HEAT WAVE!!! Today is supposed to get over 100...which is just unheard of for here!!! I do fine during the day, but our bedroom is an OVEN!!!! ugh!


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