Monday, July 13, 2009


Homemade Enchiladas....sounds good right?? Let me tell you they were YUMMY!!!! One of Howie's co-workers (Tina) made us a HUGE Pyrex dish of them....and homemade mac and cheese (tomorrow's menu!) and a cheesecake....wasn't that sweet of her?!?!! It was soooo nice not to have to worry about dinner and just pop it in the oven and make a salad to go with it. Even enough left overs to make Howie's lunch and some for the kids lunch! SWEET!!! Such a nice surprise! She didn't want me to have to stress over cooking for a couple meals....I'm pretty sure I haven't met her....yet...but I do see a hug in the future!!!

Today had a bit of a somber ring to it...we attended a memorial service for a family friend who was a couple years younger than Howie. He was found on the 4th of July by his ex-wife and was in a coma....after being told he wouldn't come out of the coma, and told he could stay in the coma for 3 days or 3 months, he then died on the 5th. He leaves behind two daughters and a son who's our Jake's age. He died of liver and kidney failure....such a shame!!!! His memorial service was very sweet! I was touched by how many football team members showed up for a show of support....this was also the first time I've seen Jake since getting home Friday. I missed his visit on Friday as mom and I had gone out to do our shopping and to get dinner. Man has he grown!! He's SOOOO tall now!!! 5' 11" or some insane height!!! The potluck after the service was quite stocked too! It was nice to catch up with people I haven't seen for over 10 months now!!!
Our twin nieces babysat our sleeping children for the first time....Jessie even got to change her first diaper...don't worry, it was just a pee one LOL Next time its Ercia's turn! They did good....Sam woke up about 20 mins before we got home and was perfectly fine with them! Happy to see us when we walked in the door, but she wasn't distressed or anything. This is SO reassuring to me! DJ slept til they were about to go home and he played shy with them again! He was cute on the way there....talking about his cousins and how he was going to play with them....they get in the truck and he won't even look at them let alone talk to them! It was a chore just to get him out of the truck! I promised him they'd play trains with him and he moved PDQ then! It was good to have them come over a bit before (and to have lunch with us) so the kids were familiar with them. I think they enjoyed being with their cousins!

I swear I've done 4829 loads of laundry since getting home!! And only 2 of them are mine and the kids....what's wrong with this picture?!??!! I think Howie waited til I got home and saved all his laundry for me!!! Even tho he said months ago that he enjoyed doing laundry and would continue doing his own when I got home...which I had NO problem with...HA!!! How short his memory truly is!!! Altho, I will say...while I was bathing the kids tonite, he took the mop and Pine Sol to the kitchen floor and got all the puppy pee and other crud off it! I could go sock-skating now!!!

I'm currently sitting in my recliner with the laptop ON my lap and watching a DVR'd Bachelorette!!! I love it!!! Everyone's in bed...even the dog's napping somewhere.....this is good!

Til next time...buenos noches! (must be those enchiladas kickin


  1. That is pretty sobering isn't it?

    How nice of that lady to bring you by some meals! That is so fantastic. After my babies were born (well,the last two) we had ladies from our church do that for us. It was so appreciated!

  2. So? Reading through some past posts of yours. you were in Ontario and then you wound up in B.C. so, that means you drove through Saskatchewan? (or did you fly?) If you drove what part of the province were you in b/c we could have been very close to each other. Funny.

  3. We did drive thru SK!!! We drove the WHOLE way in fact! Transcanada Hwy 1 was our route!!! If I'd paid any attention, we would have begged for a place to sleep in SK!! LOL


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