Friday, July 3, 2009

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep! Where am I laying my head you a small town called Bruce Mines (he might have at one point) right on the TransCanada Hwy. All of 600 people reside here...not sure what they do for a living...but that's neither here nor there. We fell short of our goal (Sault Ste Marie) by an hour. Samantha had had enough and wanted out!!!
So we obliged as we didn't want to listen to her scream anymore! Makes me wonder how in earth we did this trek 9 months ago!! When she was only just 6 mos old! Whew!
We did 9.5 hours of driving today...our first day last Sept we did 17 hrs!! Yes, my husband IS crazy!!!

We watched (or rather heard from the front seat) Cars 2.5 times...Barney 3 times...had 2 potty gas diver switch stop and one meal stop! Not too bad!! My mom;s got bladder problems, so most times we're stopping for her sake. I did offer to get those NASA diapers...wasn't that well received!! lol

The dive, I mean room we're in is small...made smaller by the two double beds in the room! God only knows how old the carpet is...or when it was last cleaned...DJ's feet were black after 20 mins of wall bouncing to get the energy out. They both enjoy just running and bouncing on the beds!

Everyone's asleep now but me...I've got Samantha in my bed and G'ma and DJ are sharing the other bed. I'm enjoying the quiet and reading. Can almost read from the light coming in our poorly curtained window thanks to the outside light right by the window....where'd I pack my sleeping mask again?!?!?

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. We travelled to NYC in March when LO was 13 months old - NEVER AGAIN! Rather than drive home, we flew home which was also painful but quicker... Have you tried Dromamine? It works and I wouldn't leave home without it on long road trips...

    Be safe!


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