Friday, July 3, 2009

Heading North

Yes, you read that right! We're heading north to go west! There was no knock at the door and no envelope waiting in the mailbox...and no happy dance!

After much discussion we decided to take the Canadian way home (not at all like the Milky way...don't want you to be confused) which is longer and doesn't have the same stops to visit historic landmarks (Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone) or visits with friends along the way...but the end result is the same...HOME!!

One of the reasons we're heading out now is because we already have the one-way-non-refundable ticket from Vancouver to Toronto bought for my mom for the 11th. And she has to work on the 13th. If we waited til Monday for the passport we'd really be cutting it close for driving times! And losing 3 days of prime driving time didn't sit well with my mom. So she hit the shower and I got to gathering the last of our crap, I mean stuff...which in the end was quite a bit of stuff!! I really don't think I've forgotten anything either...the beauty is that whatever gets left behind can be mailed or brought to us in March....when they come for a visit for Samantha's 2nd birthday (YAY)

So here we are...just now on Hwy 400...done eating a delicious lunch my mom packed...Samantha's had one nap already....and DJ's currently napping...just passed Canada's Wonderland (watched a roller coaster and I'd swear I was on it just watching it!)...the truck is so packed that the only thing that could fill it up more would be sand or water....

I do know I won't have service tonite when we get further north...I know this from experience when we came this route in September! But if by some miracle there's a satellite in my vicinity, I'll post our whereabouts tonite. Otherwise...

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Safe travels! I'm sure you'll have a great trip even though it will seem like the longest trip ever... We were suppose to be on the road to Ontario today too but I'm trying not to think of it, it depresses me...

  2. such a LONG drive, and through so much of nothing!! But lots of pretty sights too. Safe trip, I am driving along beside you in my mind, and wish you a speedy but safe voyage home. hugs


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