Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

YES, you read that right!!! I can hardly believe it myself!!! What started out to be such a disappointing start to the day, what with no mail arriving at my parents house...facing the reality of sending my mother home tomorrow...being on my own in a strange can imagine!! So here's how it all came down...
We were eating breakfast discussing all we needed to do before my mom flew out. Our gracious host said we could stay as long as 10 days if needed as he and his family wouldn't be home til then. And during our discussions, we toyed with the idea of just going to the border to:
A) see if we could get across
B) see if we could just talk to someone to get an answer about it all.
So if all else failed...the worst they could say was "no" but at least we'd know!!
So we packed everything up and drove the whole 5 mins to the border. Oh what an agonizing wait too!!! At least an hour, if not more! Mom had to keep reminding me what I was to say...and to take off my sunglasses...and speak clearly...and be humble...and on and on!
At first there were two lanes at the Sumas crossing, which then spread to 4 lanes. We started off in the right lane, and then mom had me take the righter lane when it spread so we were closer to the building for when they pull us over. Samantha had fallen asleep on our way to the border, and DJ fell asleep waiting for us to get to a place where he could pee! Perfect for crossing. As it turned out, we got THE S-L-O-W lane!!! Our lane also had to alternate with the traffic coming from duty free...grrrr!!!
So we get up...he asks to see I.D. so I hand him the kids' birth certificates and my mom's passport. He asks why I don't have one
"Well, that's my problem and I need help or information. I've been approved for a visa on June 25th, mailed my passport in to the embassy in Montreal and still haven't gotten it back" I reply
He says "So, you're Canadian?"
Me "Yes!"
Him "Can I see your birth certificate?"
Me "Yes" and I hand it to him
Him "Do you have a drivers license?"
Me "Yes" and I hand him the only one I have, which is my WA one.
Him "Where are you going?"
Me "Lynnwood"
Him "What will you be doing there?" All the while typing things into his computer
Me "Live there"
He walks to the back of my truck, then to the front. I already had Samantha's window open so he looked in at the kids and all my stuff.
Him "What are you bringing in?"
Me "Clothes and the kids toys"
Him "Any fruit, vegetables,or plants with you today?"
Me "No"
Him "Any alcohol or tobacco?"
Me "No"
He hands me my papers back along with a form he rips off a pad, that says Non-Compliant and says "Have a nice day"

HUH?? My mom had to tell me to start the truck and drive. I was completely dumbfounded! Speechless. So I did what she said and asked "Where am I going?" And she actually had to tell me to start driving home. I didn't come to a full understanding for probably 2 whole minutes. My brain couldn't compute!!!! I was in!! I was allowed to go home!!! O M G!!!!!!

And that's just what I did!!! I drove away from the border just amazed!!! Still in shock!, with NO clue where I was going!!! I passed 3 gas stations without stopping to get much needed gas...I was down to 18 miles to empty!!

My very first phone call was to Howie who was praying we'd get thru as I'd text messaged him to let him know we were trying. He too was speechless and asked me three times "You got thru? You're actually in Washington??"

I finally spotted a gas station and tried to get my bearings...I couldn't just keep driving on roads totally unfamiliar to me! It was then I looked up at the street signs and realized I was actually on a familiar road...thanks to Jake having baseball tournaments in the area! So I plugged it in to my maps app on my phone and bingo, 1 hour and 45 mins to HOME!!

We stopped for lunch in Lynden and celebrated (well, mom did with a glass of wine) at Bob's Burgers & Brew. What a YUMMY lunch too!!!

Howie was able to get off work a half hour early...and was waiting in the driveway for us. Bouncing on his feet...literally!!
SO good to be have my family back in same house!! We got all the boxes brought in, but not dealt with...there's time tomorrow for that! DJ was thrilled with his own room!! His own bed, desk, toys!! Until it came time for bed that is! Oh the tears and drama!! But he got a hall pass and his door was cracked open...and lots of hugs and kisses were given over and over! And finally 45 mins later he was blissfully asleep!
Samantha on the other hand, fell instantly asleep at the boob and made one tiny whimper when I put her in bed.

Now, everyone's asleep and I'm watching REAL tv!!! Kicked back in MY recliner!! In MY house!!!

What a great way to end a day that started off so bleak!

Til next time...ciao


  1. That's great, Missy! Nice story! Glad you're home!

  2. I couldn't be happier for you Missy!! What a brave thing to do, and it worked out so well!! Do you have to go back to the border to show your visa when it finally arrives? Howie must be in heaven. Now, Listen, girlie, don't you stop writing this blog now, or ignore us on FB, 'cause you have become my morning newspaper and I can't start my day without it! big hugs, Fi

  3. Oh my gosh Missy....I was in tears reading that ending!!! What a great story! Soooo very happy for you!! Enjoy your completed family once again and cherish every moment!

  4. Oh Missy!! I am soooo happy for you!!! My eyes filled up while I was reading this!!!
    Please let me know when you plan to come back to my area....I know that wont be any time soon but still!
    All the best to you and your family!!
    Take care
    Wanda xo

  5. Woohoo!!!

    Happy homecomeing... xx

  6. Thanks all!!! worries...I'll still blog!! Its quite addicting! As for having to go back up and show my visa...didn't say anything about I guess not.

    Wanda...July of 2012 for my parents 40th anniversary!!!


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