Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things that go

BUMP in the nite...usually end up with a crying 3 year old!! Poor guy fell out of bed...for the first time since leaving his crib!!! He had to pee, so I think he sat up and was faced wrong somehow (you should see the positions this kid sleeps in!) and then fell out of bed the wrong way...if that makes any sense! I was still up reading when I heard the BUMP...and it was loud enough to alarm Snickers and get her anxious....and then the crying started. Putting him back in bed was a bit of a chore as he was a little bed shy. But he did good til almost 7:40 this morning!

Howie got to go fishing this it was just me and the kiddos til noonish. Jake got up and ate and went to football practice...and then to a friend's house. So really, this day wasn't any different than any other day...'cept for the fact that Howie had my truck...and one of the car seats. I didn't have any plans anyways....other than MORE laundry!!! I swear! Howie wears more clothes in one week than me and the kid combined!!!

Naps were a family affair again!! Howie desperately needed one after getting up so early and then fishing for 7 hours! I needed one because of the fitful nite of sleep I got. Note to self: don't sleep with the upright fan on...blah!

Since Howie didn't catch any fish...we thawed the fish we were given last week by my BFF and her hubby for dinner. YUM!! The animals love it when we do fish!!! Cats especially!!! After dinner we welcomed our friend Steve and Wyndi and their little girl Izzy. We'd made plans to hang out and let the kids play! So tonite was a late to bed (please God, let them both sleep in!) but they all had fun! Munchin on chips...playing with toys...well, til Izzy got her hand slammed in the door by DJ! Poor thing!! Sorry Iz!!!
Once the kids were settled in their beds with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads (Christmas in July don'tcha know!) the adults got down to business! We played a new game (to us anyways) called Bananas.....if you like crosswords or Scrabble...this game is for you! I of course LOVED it!!! Won both times we played it too!! Then we played a game called Posers which was an absolute crack up!!!! Think Balderdash...but the answers you give aren't for the meanings of words...its in answer to a question the poser asks. And you have to guess which answer you think the asker wrote. Oh the fun we had!! Even Jake played with us! At one point we were all crying from laughter!!! Such FUN!!!!! Thanks guys!!! We have to do that again!!

Now, it's time to drag my butt to bed!! Of course I NEED my next couple chapters in Breaking Dawn!! Oh its SOOOOO good!!! I'm about 3/4's of the way thru it now! Hoping to see the movie for the first one "Twilight" this next weekend when my g/f Andie comes home from her holidays!

Til next time...ciao!

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