Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 4 and we're STILL

In the Prairies!! Man is it flat out here!! We've had many a chuckle at making flat jokes!!
If you're at all familiar the show Corner Gas, we did talk about going to visit where they filmed it...but it was an hour out of our we just kept going. Mom wanted to do the RCMP museum too, but in the end chose not to. And the T-rex museum was 86km off the highway....what are these people thinking!?!? lol

What a miserable nite for me! Samantha woke up about midnite local time, about 2 hours after she went to sleep to poop! The poor girl was struggling earlier, and I guess with the relaxation of sleep she was able to poop. And then instantly fell back no, I didn't get to change her...and yes, I had that stinky butt near my face for most of the nite! Don't laugh!
She then woke up at 3 am local time to eat...and again at 5 am...and up for the day at 6. Because of this disjointed sleep, my back was a mess!!!! It was spasming in so many places, I could hardly move!! It was then I discovered I'd been bitten by a deerfly the day before at the campground cafe we stopped at for lunch. Not once, not twice...but THREE times!! The trifecta of bites!!! In a nice triangle too! I remember killing something that was bugging at the nape of my neck, but thought it was just a mosquito! Man are they ITCHY mothers too!!!(Tho I'd rather it be me instead of them!!) I put the only thing I had with me on them...aloe gel! I have to say, it worked quite quickly!! And I was able to forget about them for a while!
With getting up so dang early we went and had breakfast and got on the road by 8.

Not much to report about the drive either...really boring and flat!!!! We did see a salt mine...and 2 mini oil rigs...had lunch in Gull Lake...and hit Alberta about good timing. We've also had the pleasure of driving into some heavy thunderstorms! Gotta say: that gets the adrenaline going!!! Man it was intense at one point! Had my flashers on, and got as slow as 40 kph...even had a transport pass me!!

I think we listened to Cars 4 times today...and DJ gets so excited at the race EVERY time! Like he's never seen it before! Amazing!

Our goal today was for Bassano....and we made it there for 7pm!! We didn't want to get too close to Calgary as the Stampede is going on and the rates for rooms will have gone up! Not to mention finding a room would be that much more challenging! But after checking out the motel...and mom going in to talk to the guy...she quickly retreated to the truck and said "NO!" The guy gave her the creeps...and it didn't look like a nice place at all! The only other place was even older and worse looking! So we got outta there quicklikebunnies!!! The next place that had accommodations was Strathmore...which is where we're parked for the nite! At Leroy's Motor Inn. Same price as last nite's dive...but 1000% better!!

Everyone's asleep...again...and now its my turn! Read and sleep! Good combo!

Til next time...ciao!

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