Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who knew

I'd be sleep deprived because of my THREE year old!!!! I swear! The past three nites have been awful with him! And last nite was no exception! He woke me up (more like scared me awake) at 1:50 (not even an hour after I shut the light out) to go pee....so off we trudged to the bathroom. he did in fact pee and I put him right back in bed! I was just dozing off again when he scared the crap outta me again! Again, to pee....which of course you and I KNOW he doesn't cuz he already did 15 mins ago!!! But he started getting noisy and off we went to the bathroom again....only I'd forgotten my glasses for this trip. And man I am BLIND without them!!! So he doesn't pee and back to bed he goes...only this time he put up such a fuss crying and whatnot that Howie woke up. I think the trick was agreeing to leave his door open a crack.

In any case, Howie didn't come back to bed and I found out later that DJ got up again at 3 to go pee...and he did!! This time Howie asked him if he wanted to go to bed with Mummy, and DJ said "no, that's okay Daddy, you go sleep with Mummy" hahahaha outta the mouths of babes!

I took the kids to the library for story time again....both of them were all over the place!!! I find it humourous that while everyone's seated listening and singing, my kids are roaming the room. And yet when it's marching time (we all walk around the chairs that are in a circle) both of my kids can be found sitting on the empty chairs. OY!!
Leaving the library was a CHORE!!! DJ started pitching a tantrum because he didn't want to leave! I had plans to go grocery shopping, so I couldn't just let him play with the computers there....and he was NOT listening to me at all! I find that so embarrassing when he pulls this on me in public! Like I can't even control my own kid...wait, I can't!!! GAH!

Naps were fabulous...for them! I tried dozing and only got about 20 mins! Power naps are great when that's all you want, but when you're looking for more, it just doesn't cut it! Then as I get resettled, Snickers started howling and barking at the same time! Scared the crap outta me! Turns out there was someone outside the door wanting to sell me books....persistent bugger too!

Howie went to visit a friend in the hospital after work, so he was late getting home. And since we've had some REALLY late dinners lately, I really wanted dinner on the table for 6...so I BBQ'd for my very first time ever!!! Just BBQ chicken....and I have to say, it was YUMMY!!! Plus, the kids NEEDED a bath tonite, so off we went after dinner.

So far, DJ has managed to stay in bed since 9ish....with the door cracked open....and here's hoping he'll sleep right thru the nite again! Please God!!! Oh, and I've started back on my shakes today! I found Slim Fast has the shake mix that's worlds cheaper than buying the shakes that you just chill. And it was pretty tasty! It takes milk to make them, so I'm quite happy to get my day's calcium! And the 4 hours they say it works for....it actually works!!! So now, I'm back on the wagon!!! Remember I had my blood work done to test my thyroid....yeah, I still haven't heard about the results! BUT, I did speak with my Dr's secretary and she was to have faxed the results of the blood work and the ultrasounds to my Dr here....for which SamSam has an appt with on Aug 7th.

Now, I'm off to veg...not much time left in the nite before my eyes will be begging for sleep! They're already starting to burn a bit.

Til next time...ciao!

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