Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life as I remember it

Is well under way. We've now returned to regularly scheduled programming! Sorry for the 10 month interruption! Ahhhhhh I love it!!!
This morning SamSam gave her wake up call for 6:24 and joined us in bed...well me...Howie got up then. She did fall back to sleep and we both slept til just after 8 am...I'm loving this!!! DJ got up at some point and hung out with Daddy watching "dartoons" on Sprout tv....I LOVE this channel!!!
During breakfast (which I got to eat all in one sitting as Daddy fed the kids!) we discussed what our day would entail. Yard work for Howie and more laundry and unpacking for me. We also NEEDED to get some real groceries. I love my husband dearly, but he can't shop for his life!!!!! I should have had a g/f do the grocery shopping for my homecoming.....*rolls eyes!* So the rest of the day was intermittently littered with shopping list words...stuff that would come to either of us during normal, everyday conversation.
Howie did indeed get the yard work done before the rains he felt good about that accomplishment! I got quite a few boxes unpacked and clothes put away properly. I'm also going thru the clothes for stuff to sell/give away....I didn't realize there was so much!! And man is it HOT in the kids walk in closet!!! whew! The kids had fun playing with all their "new" toys from before we left in DJ's room. He's quite fascinated with everything in there. I've decided that the toys will remain there as its MUCH neater in the living room now....I'm not bruising the bottoms of my feet stepping on wayward toys!
Lunch was a family affair again....I think we all like it much better this way! And DJ seems to be doing a bit better at feeding himself again. Thanks to Daddy's re-enforcement!
Naps were also a family affair!! Once the kids were settled, we took a nap too!...or tried to! I'd taken my phone to bed with me as my BFF Laura (and puppy Mojo's mom) was to call when they got on the ferry so we'd know what time he was getting picked up. Dozed again and our friends Steve and Wyndi called to see if we could join them for Red Robin...but naps are WAY more important! LOL And 3 pm is an odd time for dinner...unless you're a senior....hahaha! (j/k you guys!)
Jim and Laura showed up for Mojo around 4 and stayed for a half hour visit to see the kids....and to tell us all about their fishing weekend! Sounds fun too!! They totally thought of us and how much we'd love it! Even gave us some salmon!!! Which is on the menu for tomorrow's dinner! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l love fresh salmon!!!!
Shortly after they left, Steve and Wyndi and their little girl Izzy came by for a visit. The kids hit it off and were up in DJ's room playing most of the time. We took turns running up to see that they were doing good. At one point, Miss Izzy was nekkid in DJ's closet....there's just so many clothes in there!!! What a good laugh we had!! After getting dressed...she still wanted to try on something and came out wearing a pair of SamSam's pants under her dress!!! They were a little short, but hey, that's what Capri's look like! LOL What a girl!!!

Howie cooked dinner once again, while I got the fixin's done....burgers were the menu!! And green noodles and salad...veggies and cheese for the kiddizzles! YUM!! Even DJ said "Daddy you make the BEST burgers!" and proceeded to eat his entire portion! Then we all went grocery shopping as we had nothing for me to make Howie a lunch with.....I done did good at the store too!!!! We're set for the week!

Now, I'm enjoying the quiet of the house...using Howie's laptop as the regular pc is in Sam's bedroom...we're toying with putting it in the kitchen....our dining table is in the living's an odd set up for a house....watching tv re-runs...and about to sit and knit once I hit the publish button. It sure is good to get into my own bed with my own pillows and leech Howie's body heat in bed!!! I'm usually a frozen Popsicle!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I forgot to mention that I did in fact get an email from the Montreal embassy....while I was eating lunch after crossing the border. It said, very shortly, "Good afternoon, You should be receiving a letter in the mail in the next few days. Have a good day" That's it! Nice eh?

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  1. Its so great to read of you having a lovely normal family life again. I am so happy for you all. Still love reading your daily posts, it makes my day.


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