Monday, July 27, 2009

The Reasons Why

Remember how I lamented about how DJ was picking up on my dad's lingo and then Howie's seems he's picked up on mine too....only mine doesn't include swear, my chosen phrase of late is "I hate this stupid house" and today, after tripping over a toy HE left out in the living room floor, he very clearly said "I hate this stupid house" *cringe* um yeah....gotta watch that! Altho, I have mentioned this before, and since then have started a list...a rather LONG if you skip over it, I won't be at all offended!!!! lol

Why I hate this stupid house:
1) Partially paved driveway with a 6 inch drop!
2) Gravel driveway the part that isn't paved...
3) No garage
4) Not proper steps to front door, in other words, they're not true step height
5) All stone steps to front door....when you have toddlers its all skinned knees
6) Front door sticks, REALLY badly!!! But that does make it child proof
7) Front door has major draughts
8) No light in front door foyer area
9) Two heating vents in living room don't work
10) Fireplace screen broken
11) Alarm system beeps randomly
12) Kitchen is an odd shape and doesn't fit a dining table
13) Cupboards stick or don't close at all
14) Fridge is in an awkward place
15) No handles on the drawers
16) Sink doesn't drain properly at all while washing dishes.
17) Mold under sink
18) No garbage disposal
19) No dishwasher and the plumbing is too old to allow it!
20) TWO outlets in the whole kitchen/dining area!
21) Slider door to patio is terrible and is a fight to open/close at any given time, takes both hands AND a foot to open!
22) Can't open one of the drawers and cupboards b/c of the fridge
23) No vent from the stove
24) Bathroom is too small
25) Only one bathroom on the main floor
26) Tub had a glass door, and makes for bathing the kids a chore as when the doors are open its not a full half open...try bathing two squirmy kids!
27) Useless shelving area in bathroom closet
28) ONE outlet in bathroom!
29) Laundry room is very crowded
30) No screen on laundry room window
31) Washer is terribly old
32) Broken knob on washer, I have to turn the dial with a pair of pliers....
33) Washer is unbalanced
34) DJ's room has the walk in closet
35) Windows in the whole house are awkward sizes and not the same size at all!
36) Door on DJ's closet broken
37) Closet door in master bedroom is broken, and the two doors are too big for the whole closet.
38) 2nd closet needs a step stool just to get into it
39) TWO outlets in master bedroom, one behind the bed and one behind the dresser....
40) Light switch is behind door when opened
41) Can't turn on lights w/o turning on fan
42) Can't turn ceiling fan off at all
43) Closet door broken in Samantha's room
44) Samantha's room is too far from rest of bedrooms
45) Vent in Jake's room doesn't work
46) Bathroom downstairs is useless to anyone else
47) Backyard does not grow grass
48) Dog run gate doesn't shut
49) Dog run gate isn't flush with ground and dogs can crawl under the gate
50) Front yard has no gate to keep kids IN
51) Outdoor shed leaks
52) Other outdoor shed has no lock
53) The wooden shed is rotted
54) Pine cones and pine sap everywhere!!!!!
55) Gate in backyard fence is broken
56) Drain from roof over flows
57) Bathroom tub doesn't drain properly
58) BUSY street!!!
59) School bus traffic for FOUR schools
60) High school traffic with their loud music
61) Street light visible from kitchen slider
62) When you open the dryer you can't have a laundry basket under it to get the clothes out. It's a drop down door and there's a wall 2 inches from the edge when door is open.
63) When standing up from toilet, ya hit your head on glass shower door...its THAT close!
64) Hot water takes forever to get to the taps
65) We've had construction on our street since we moved in!! May of '08!
66) The kitchen always smells like there's a dead animal in it
67) I have decided I do NOT like hardwood floors as they're constantly dirty!!
68) Lighting in the living room is not in a good spot and the lamp we have sux at lighting it up!
69) No front hall closet
70) In front of my side of the closet there's pebble or something under the carpet and I step on it EVERY time!!
71) Ants EVERYWHERE outside!!! And the traps we set, the chipmunks move! All kinds of ants too!!! The red ones HURT if they bite you!
72) There's a tree stump out front that has termites...'nuff said!

Told ya it was a long list!!! That took me well over a week to compile! Yes, some of it is trivial...but I actually LIVE in this house, I don't just sleep and eat here. Makes a big difference!

In any case, I took the kids to the park this morning as it was promising to be a scorcher today...and it did get to 95 in the truck! So, while it was still 73 at 10:30, we drove to the park to play in the shade!!! Then home for lunch and naps! After naps, we put on our suits and turned on the sprinkler....I got smart and positioned it so that it lightly sprinkled on my legs and feet. Niiiiiice!!!! The kids would rather play with a bucket of water than run thru the water...what's with that!??!! I'm gonna look into getting them a kiddie least then the water will be warmer and I won't be wasting it running it thru the sprinkler....even tho the grass likes it!

Last nite, when I posted about our bed time fiasco...I was just putting DJ back to bed for the 6th time....around 10:30...turns out, that wasn't the last time I put him in bed!!!! He fell asleep on the landing between the two sets of I carried him to bed around 11:30! Whatta kid!!!
Tonite, we put the gate up....the little sneak crawled under the gate....a total of 5 inches!!!! that's all I raised thinking was that if there was a cat trapped in his room, and it wanted out, it could get out....HA joke was on me!!! Howie was sitting at the table on the lap top, and I was sitting in my chair casting on for a felted hat, and we were discussing how easily it worked....when Howie stood up, and said "oh really??" and there was DJ trying to "hug" a cat! One potty and a gate lowering later, he's in bed...and that was almost an hour ago....haven't heard anything since! Just gotta remember to take the gate down when I go to bed so he can join me in the morning.

On a serious note...I asked yesterday for prayers for Stellan....he still needs them!!! He has had a REALLY rough 3 days!!! They've called all the family in...which is never a good sign! And now they're talking about air lifting him to Boston where a heart specialist (who worked on him before) practices. They need to do another ablation on his heart to repair it and keep him in normal sinus rhythm. Please, pray for strength for his little body, and for his mom and dad as they watch their son helplessly! And if you have children....hug them a little tighter while saying those prayers for Stellan!!! I know I have all day today!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. your neighbors are really really load.. noticed this while babysitting music was loud i thought there was a radio on in your house at first! not bad music but hard to get little ones calm with loud neighbors ????

  2. He even got out of the baby gate? What a little sneaker!

  3. Yeah, they are loud Wyn...but thankfully only on the weekends...they have a hot tub about 20 ft from the fence we share that's wired for sound!!!!

    And yes, he even got past the baby gate...UNDER it!!! He is a sneaker!!!


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