Thursday, July 16, 2009

It was another

BEAUTIFUL day in the Pacific Northwest....sunshine from the get go!! And DJ sleep til 7:30!!!! He came into my room then and told me "it's not dark out anymore Mum!" SO sweet!! He still crawled his cold toes into my bed and we chatted (me with my eyes still closed) about what happened yesterday at the park and how that behaviour wasn't acceptable. I love these moments!! He seems so grown up at times to me! He heard SamSam just about 8 am and we both got up then to rescue her from her crib.

We had nothing on our books and so I decided we'd go to family story time at the library. Turns out today it was run by the one gal at the library who I don't care for. She's a little non-understanding of toddlers....and expects too much out of the kids sometimes. The gal who does baby story time...could care less what the kids are doing during story any case, the kids had fun! As I was watching Samantha run wild in the room, it reminded me of the early times I took DJ....and now he'll actually sit and listen to the stories being told. I love it! With family story time they do crafts, and I haven't let DJ use scissors or glue or markers we left early and went to the park. OY what a decision that was! I should have known from the empty parking lot that it was a bad idea....should have peeked over at the play structures to see that there was about 5 million kids from a summer camp running all over the place....*sigh*...but we went and braved it anyways. DJ got the really good lesson of standing in line and waiting his turn for the zip line that had about a dozen kids waiting their turn for.

SamSam cracks me up...she LOVES to climb up on things but then finds herself stranded and can't figure out how to get down so she whines til someone rescues her. Cracks me up til I'm the one rescuing her...ah, who am I kidding...I still laugh at it!

Dinner was once again a whole family affair as we had Jake over. Sam got REALLY mad at Daddy for not taking her with him (he takes DJ) to go get Jake....good thing she's got a short memory and is easily distracted! :)

I quickly bathed both kids separately after dinner as their feet dictated they NEEDED to be bathed! Badly!! Bed time was a snap too...I totally love this divide and conquer technique Howie and I have....he takes one and I take the other. DJ tho, will wait for me to tuck him in....tonite he was on the landing of the stairs waiting....silly kid!

Now, I have a cat at my elbow....a dog at my feet...and a re-run of Private Practice on TV...gotta love it!!

Til next time...ciao!

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