Thursday, July 23, 2009

Only My Child

I swear...some days it feels like only MY child would do something like that! *shakes head* Just today alone...there were quite a few instances.

Like what, you ask?

How about how Samantha suffered so badly this afternoon trying to poop that I had to give her a suppository again....which worked...and then 3 hours later she has a full on runny diaper! Only my kid could suffer both constipation AND the runs in one day!

Then as I'm chatting with a g/f at the carnival, DJ was busy running around the statue thing behind me. Then my g/f had to use the facilities and asked if I'd watch her daughter, which was no trouble, and so I look around to find where DJ ended up...he's on the train ready to go for a ride!!! Totally unsupervised, buckled in and waiting. Only my child would charm his way on a ride where clearly a parent it supposed to be in attendance!!

As they're getting ready for story time, they do bubbles...which ALL the kids love!! And I grab the camera to take a picture of my darling daughter, who's standing off from the group with her hand down her pants! Only my kid would be caught doing that in public!!!

Or how DJ at the library's annual carnival...during the combined story time, he's fooling around (as usual) and standing under the felt/magnet easel they use...and manages to take it down and fall down with it...IN it!! Right after I asked him to come out of there! Only my child was the one farting around instead of paying attention.

Then there's the whole bed time debacle! Last nite he didn't end up finally staying in bed til about 11:15....and that was after another tearful plea to go pee...which he did! And then he woke up full of vim and vinegar at 7:20!!! Only my child thinks he needs 8 hours sleep instead of a normal 11 or 12!

Yeah, only my child!! lol I know I'm not alone in these observances! But some days are just like that! We had fun at the carnival! We got there super early and got a parking spot IN the library's parking lot! Last year we had to walk a mile!!! (no, not really, but far enough!) And we were one of the first 5 families there, for sure! We met up with my g/f Andie....who I haven't seen since last summer....but kept in touch thanks to Facebook! So it was super nice to see her and her little girl Malorie!
Last year, DJ had no interest in the bouncy house...he got in it, but then wanted right back out! This was all I could do to get him to come out! The lady supervising it was ready to take her shoes off and climb in to get him as I had Sam in my arms. OY! We rode the train twice DJ got 3 turns on it! And the sun decided to join us!!! So it turned out really good! The also had fresh made pizza by Papa Murphy' the kids got to eat lunch there too! I waited til I got home and had a shake.
So, for nap time today, I let DJ stay up and be quiet in the living room with hopes that bed time will be smooth as silk tonite! Plus, Jake was here tonite, so they're outside playing as I'm inside blogging in quietness. What a treat!

In fact, they all just came in, and now it's time to start the bed time rituals....I'll be back in a bit to let ya know how it goes!
And here we's almost 11pm and DJ's been in bed sleeping since just before 9 pm!!! Howie did the honours, and read to him and laid down with him and he was out!!! Not a peep since!!! But if you read the comments on yesterday's post, I'll be trying number one!!! Yes, I've talked to him and tried reasoning with him and given the extra hugs and'll be tough, but well worth it if it does the trick! *sigh* No one talks about this kinda crap when you're trying to have a baby!!! And when the second one comes along you're already too sleep deprived to realize what you're getting yourself into! LOL

In any's been rather blissful to have the evening to myself again and not to be so beside myself with frustration!!! Howie even got a hair cut!!! Oooh my left hand just got itchy....wonder if there's money waiting for me....y'know, if I thought stupidstitions were real!! hahaha
Til next time...ciao!

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