Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prayers wanted

For Stellan as he's having a really rough weekend go of it!!! For the latest on him, just click on his name and it'll take you right to the blog his mom keeps. Pray for strength for her too! I can't even begin to imagine watching one of my children go thru such health issues!

As for sure was a HOT one today!!!! Howie said the truck read 95 at 4ish when he got home from checking out a car Jake's been looking at. We've had the a/c running all day to ward it off too! It's made a huge difference! Not for the bedrooms, but in the living spaces, it's awesome!

We had a surprise visit from my father-in-law this afternoon. Was expecting Howie, but when I heard the knock, knew it wasn't him! I do love it when he pops in on us! Sam was just loving up on him while DJ played his shy self and hid from him...silly boy!

Continued on with the massive amounts of laundry today, and finally now have half a load left! I didn't think I'd ever get it all done! Remind me not to let it go so long again!!! HA! I was also busy today taking pictures of all the clothes and whatnot that I've listed on craigslist! Finally got to go thru all Sam's old clothes and DJ's old clothes and purge their closet! I have a bag for a friend of ours little boy, a bag for value village, and a bag that's been listed. Would be good to see it all gone!

Howie got to go fishing this morning with a couple Pauls from work. Paul1 and Paul2....not sure which one is which, but one of them caught their dinner....Howie didn't :( I was really looking forward to some fresh salmon too!!! I had a justincase dinner on the menu, so went with that. Pulled beef done in the crock pot...thanks mom!! It turned out great!!! Sam LOVED it!!!

Then came the bed time struggles...or fiasco as I'm fond of saying. The no-eye-contact/no-talking thing isn't working! As soon as I put him back in bed, he's out. In fact, it's now going on 10:30 and I can hear him in his room. Soooo not enjoying this part of parenting!!! I will be taking the extra gate out of Samantha's room tomorrow and placing it on his door frame! Raised so he can't get out underneath it, and high enough he can't climb up and over it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr If he has nightmares tonite, its because he's been watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while sitting silently on the stairs....OY!

I'm doing well with my shakes for breakfast and lunch!! And doing REALLY well with the no snacking!!! That was a big downfall for me! I'm also armed with snack bars (Slimfast ones) and with tonnes of fruit and veggies and low calorie yogurt. Lots to choose from!

Gonna go veg and play Farkle now...stupid game! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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