Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Off we go to Grandma's house

Said Little Red Riding Hood....today I took the kids to the library story time they have for babies under 18 mos...I get to go for this session as SamSam's still young enough!! It was SO good to see Kathleen, who runs baby story time, again!!! And she was shocked to see us...obviously she doesn't read my blog LOL....and welcomed us home!!! DJ of course played shy and Samantha was enthralled with her bubble making Eeyore machine! They both did very well for the whole thing considering they haven't had this much interaction with other kids their ages since we left. For the most part...they both did REALLY well during play time too! I'm so proud of my kids!

After that we drove around the neighbourhoods that are/would be in Jake's school district looking for "For Rent" signs....found a couple and wrote down the info...so we'll see what pans out. I'm in no hurry, but I really do hate this house. One day I should sit down and list all the things I hate about it...that way if the landlady asks (she doesn't read my blog either, whew!) I can hand her the list of what I hated about living here. Might actually be a good idea!

Lunch was good...Samantha stole my enchilada leftovers...so I got to eat her PBN (Nutella) while she enjoyed my chickeny goodness! Brat! Naps were heaven too!!! As soon as Sam went down, I went down! It was so nice to nap in my own bed!! I didn't sleep all that well last nite...the kids did, but Howie and I didn't. It wasn't til I was doing dishes after my nap that I remembered we'd shared a Pepsi....that had caffeine in it! GAH! Not a good thing for me!

Dinner was a full family affair tonite. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have Jake over for a couple hours and that entails dinner. Howie took DJ with him to go get Jake and boy did I have an unhappy Samantha while DJ was thrilled!!! The kids played outside for a bit before dinner, DJ sure did miss playing with his brother!!

My g/f Jackie came by to pick up her Cdn goodies (fudge included!) and it was SO cute when DJ introduced Jackie to Jake and said "He's Jake and he's my brother!" Such pride!!! It was good to see Jackie too! I'd seen her back in May, but I was soooooooo jet lagged then....so this was a much more relaxed visit. I'm really hoping she keeps me in the loop so I can join her for a couple jewellery making classes!!! Then we all we went back outside to play before dinner....that's when I snapped these two SWEET photos of a Dad and his daughter!! Don't they look alike!?!?

Bedtime went perfectly....and now it's just me and the fur babies! My toesies are cold....left my slippers under the desk in Sam's room...won't make that mistake again! I've pored over all the new grocery ads that came in today's mail....and tomorrow I'll start making up "the list" for Monday's shopping. And now that I've blogged I can go finish off the hat I started back in Ontario...longtimeagonow!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I'm SOOOO close to 1000 hits now....I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning and see it past 1000....LOL I know, small things amuse me....but my mind is NOT small.....lol

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