Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Its time again!! I can't link up with MckLinky over at MckMama's blog like phone is good...but not THAT good! But here's my...ahem...moments!

Last week I was out shopping with the kids gathering up the last of what I wanted/needed from Canada. While in my old store (Zehrs Hespeler) I was in search of some UltraSwim shampoo...gets chlorine out of hair...and as I'm walking slowly up the aisle, not minding the little hands in the buggy with me, Samantha knocked over an entire display of sunless tanning stuff. I did not then just upright the display and haphazardly put things back in it. I did not then just walk away...oh no, not me!!

With all this cross Canada travelling, there may possibly have been a few minor mishaps...but I did not laugh!!

Like the morning at one of the motels, I took a shower and when I stepped out realized I only had one towel. I did not use that one towel for my hair, and then use a face cloth to dry my body off! Nope, not me!

As well as the travelling we've been eating in lots of different restaurants. At one place we're getting ready to order when DJ starts fussing at his eyes saying they hurt. So we ask if he's got something in his eyes and he points at the pepper shaker...I did NOT laugh uncontrollably then!!! That would be just a horrible mummy thing to do!!!

The other frequent activity when doing all this driving is getting gas. Now, we've been fortunate in finding most of them to be full-serve...but one place was self-serve so I hopped out of the truck and fill up. Now, one of the services full-serve gets you, most times. is a windshield cleaning. So thinking I'd be nice to my mom, I reached for the squeegy and did the front I'm reaching across the passenger side, I did not then realize I was smooshing my clean white t-shirt into the side view mirror, which was also covered in bugs....ICK!!! I hate when I do that!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Beware when you go to BC Missy - all service stations are pay before you pmup - all of them It is the Workers Comp rules.


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