Sunday, July 5, 2009

Heading West

Do you know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach (normally where butterflies reside) when you're driving along a stretch of highway and see a police car. And then that police car does a u-turn to follow you. And then pulls you over. Know that feeling?? Ya, I GOT that feeling this morning as we were driving along the highway on our way into Dryden. Ugh! Lovely 95.00 ticket I now have to pay! Guess we won't be staying in a motel tonite!! lol gotta save the nickels...

In any case, day 3 started off early! Both kids had a fitful nite...DJ with a nightmare and Samantha waking around 4. Good thing I can just nurse her back to sleep! And DJ settled once he woke up enough to realize it wasn't real. The breakfast provided by our motel was quite adequate! Cereal, toast, bagels, english muffins, coffee, tea, juice, milk. Not too shabby! DJ was the resident greeter to anyone who came in the room!!! We were first in there so he felt it was his duty. Too cute!
We were on the road by 8:20 and it was about 10 I got the ticket! Mom took over after that! Drove into Manitoba around noon, and both kids were working on 3 hour naps!! Stopped somewhere in the middle of nowhere at a campground that had a we ate there. Greasy, but good! And HOT! That's what happens when you're the only ones there!

Couldn't get a hold of any of Howie's family that lives in the Winnipeg we just kept on driving. Mom had the idea to stop at a museum, but it closed at 4pm and we learned this at 3:15 thanks to having internet on the phones! So we just kept on going!!! Such a flat boring drive....a dog could run away and you'd still see him running 3 days later!!

With all this flatness, my mom gave me a bit of a family history lesson...she enjoyed just rambling on...and I enjoyed listening and learning. Most of it is a bit obscure, so I won't share on here....but it was nice to get that insight.

Dinner was in Brandon, MB at a Montana' was okay...I would have been happier with Subway...but that's neither her nor there.

I must say, the highway "game" of passing the same vehicle gets rather old!! I swear, we passed the same van today 5 times...and he passed us just as many times...and of course as we stopped for gas/food, the transports would just keep on trucking, and we'd have to pass them again when we caught up to them!

And the bugs...ICK!!! Whenever we get full serve gas (something Americans know nothing about) they always wash our windshield...what a difference!! Only takes about 5 mins to get it bug littered again...
What's that saying...some days you're the bug, some days you're the

Our heads are resting in Moosomin, Saskatchewan! So we went from Ontario, all the way thru Manitoba, and into Saskatchewan in one day!! Granted we're only about 25km in, we're still IN!!
I must blog about this...just in case you're ever in the areas: our first nite in Bruce Mines, NOT stay at Bobbers! The rooms (there's 4) are filthy! DJ's feet were black after 10 mins!
Now, if you find yourself in English River, Ontario...DO stay at the English River Motel. What a quaint and CLEAN place!! No black on his feet at all!
And if you find yourself in Moosomin, NOT stay at the Country Square Inn!! Not as filthy as Bobbers, but I still had to clean his feet after 20 mins...and this place is 20.00 more for the nite! Oy!
Do people not know the power of blogging!?!? lol

Somehow we gained another hour, but our maps didn't say we did....and our bodies definitely didn't get the message!! So while everyone's asleep, I'll read and then snuggle my pillow!

Til next time...ciao

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