Thursday, July 30, 2009

20 Degrees DOES

Make a difference!!! Today was not as hot as a long shot!!!! I'm really hoping we've gotten over the hump of the heat wave we're in! To celebrate, the kids and I went shopping this morning!!! lol Truth be told....DJ LOVES going shopping!!! Especially to Albertsons where they have the race car carts...the ones with the car in front of the buggy part...he and Sam love driving me!! (crazy that is!!! Short trip too!!) If they get a free cookie outta the deal...they're even better!!! And behave longer so I can shop easier!!! Today was all about free stuff tho...I got this post card thingy in the mail from a store called Food Emporium, and on it was free Popsicles (shoulda got them two days ago!!), free box of capri sun, and a small bag of Kettle Chips....I don't look a free gift horse in the mouth!!! We also needed hamburger buns and lemon juice while we were there....oh and I got some frozen yogurt...WAY cheaper than that trip to DQ last nite!!!

While we were out I dropped by two places my g/f had seen for rent over by this particular grocery store....and lucky me, the previous tenant was cleaning the house and was able to give me the low down!!! 3 bedrooms, 2 bath (no en suite), teeny tiny back yard, no boat parking allowed as its and HOA street....and that they'd had a car stolen and a car broken yeah, not my kind of neighbourhood thankyouverymuch!!! The other house was right across the street from the first one, and the only difference was that it had a full back yard....but still the same in terms of location. Again, good to know!!!

Howie was late getting off work today, so on his way home he picked Jake up and they both arrived in sweaty fashion just before 6. And then the dinner madness began!!! After dinner the bonding began!! SamSam was all over Jake....she discovered he'll lift her in the air and go "whee" any time she asks!!! This is one of her favourite things to have happen!!!! She's our little thrill seeker....even at the age of 1!!! Go figure! And of course, DJ can't be left out, so Jake really got a work out after dinner!!! Jake went home and the Bed Time Fiasco ensued....

Last nite, DJ was once again found at the gate...tonite is no different! I checked on him before coming online...whatta kid!!! When Howie was putting him to bed, he was going to lay with him for a bit, and DJ said "No, Daddy. You go out, put the gate up and I'll see you tomorrow" HUH!?!?! If only it was that easy!!! With Samantha, she was still awake when I decided she'd nursed long enough, laid her down, and not a peep out of her!!! Why oh WHY can't DJ go to sleep that easily!?!?!! He stands at the top of the stairs, and can reach the hall light (who ever built this house was SHORT! and that's another thing to add to that list of reasons!! The light switches are all too short!!) flipping it on and off while calling my name. After a half hour I let him go pee, put him back in bed and continued ignoring him. Hence him sleeping on the floor....Somebody tell me its gonna get easier!!!!!

Another blog I follow put up a post about comments....and I am like her...curious who my readers are!!! Most I know, as you do leave messages, but judging by the numbers of readers in a one week period, most I don't!! So don't be shy...leave a message!! Most times I respond! And if you have a blog, I typically like to check it out!!

On the last pages of Breaking Dawn....and I have date to watch Twilight on Sunday with a g/f!!! SOOOOO excited about that!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. be VERY choosy where you rent - I HATE our new apt... I think I may be able to beat your list! Enjoy your Twilight date, sounds like fun...


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