Saturday, July 25, 2009

I got to see

Some place new to me today!!! We had a wedding to attend this morning, so we were up and at 'em early this morning! My girlfriend Wyndi came to the house just before 9:30 as she willingly agreed (may not again, lol) to watch our monsters children while we were gone. She brought her little girl Izzy with her and they instantly took off to play. I hardly got a good bye from either child! How amazing was that?!?! And I thought of them often, but knew they were in capable hands!! Thanks again Wyndi!!!! And Izzy!!

The wedding was a small affair...I wanna say 40 people! It was for one of Howie's co-workers at the club. I consider it an honour to be invited! As we're sitting outside for the ceremony, with the Snoqualmie Falls as our background noise, it started raining...but not the kind of rain you're thinking of. The sun was still shining, and the rain was more like a sprinkle...and felt REALLY good on the skin!! And lasted such a short time!! The reception was the infamous brunch of the Salish Lodge which was of course, DELISH! Have you ever had french toasted croissants?!??!! oh man!!! Those things are evil!! Pure EVIL!!!!

We got home just as naps were finishing up! Howie took the kids outside while I worked on the mountain of laundry! Whew! It hasn't been that long since I've done laundry, but judging from the pile of'd think its been a week!!!!

As we're waiting for dinner to cook we got a call from Jake...asking if we're home and if he could surprise visit take a shower! lol Whatta kid! He and his g/f Morgin had been out at Funtasia and he knew he smelled rather he came here to fix the problem before going over to Morgin's house for dinner. That's my boy!

Then bed time rolled around....while Sam's begging to nurse and go to sleep, DJ's being his normal buggy self. I tried the whole no-eye-contact/no-talking approach and it took 5, maybe 6 trips back to bed with him. That's hard to do....the no talking part that is. I think the last trip was about 10ish....I hope he sleeps til 8ish!!

Speaking of...methinks its now my turn to hit the sack! But first a shout out to all my family!! I missed another Annual Family BBQ today....but with the wedding last month, I don't feel totally out of sorts for missing it! Hope everyone had fun!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. your too funny they where really good! we had fun:) Glad you got to go and enjoy yourselves!!! did you get my message about the letter?

  2. Yup I did!!! I actually found it before you called! Thanks! :)


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