Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot enough for ya?!?!

Oh man....Seattle broke records today!!! Hottest day since they've been keeping track in 1891 ish....before today, the record high for a summer day was 100....we got to 103 at Sea-Tac...even hotter in other places! Me and the kids....we stayed indoors with the a/c running all day!!! It was my job to keep my lap kid-free....any idea how difficult that is!?!?!?! HA! I did finally figure it out tho....sitting in Howie's chair at the dinner table is THE spot to sit...the air is blowing directly on you, but the a/c unit is still 15 ft away so it's not coming right at you! Sit there for a few mins and you're good to go for a while!!!
So, last nite, I posted how DJ finally settled around other words, I didn't hear anyone screaming my when I went to bed around midnite, I went to check on him first....this is how I found him...laying on his bedroom floor, so totally sound asleep!!!

Not sure why his book is on the other side of the gate, he must have dropped it....
Even Jasper was checking it out!!!

He murmured briefly when I picked him up (whew he's heavy!! 39 lbs!!) and put him in bed. I then took his gate down....good thing too! I turned the light out after reading about 1:10 and I swear 5 mins later he was waking me up (it was actually 45 mins, but didn't feel it) to sleep with us...nuh uh...way too hot for that, so I played dumb and asked if he needed to potty, which he said he did and so off we went. Then back into his own bed with no struggles! Next thing I know it's 6:59 and he's back at me wanting in my bed....Howie's already gone to work, so he hopped in. Dozed for a bit and then the lure of chasing the dog was too much for him!

He did have an altercation with the cat...I was in the kitchen doing dishes after lunch when I heard him come screaming down the hall. Now, any mother worth her salt knows the difference in her child's cry...and this was no ordinary cry.....he was hurtin'!!! Of course I zero in on the blood on his ear and his hand and try to very quickly assess where/what's bleeding....turns out his ear had a rather nice half inch gash on it...and was bleeding pretty good! Got him calmed down and asked him what happened...he then told me "I was standing on the kitty cat" and while I know that's not true for him to have gotten scratched on his ear, I did tell him that wasn't nice to do....and to leave them alone....we'll see how long that lasts....
Tonite he did extremely well!!! Even asked Howie to put up the gate!! Haven't heard a peep from him since 9ish...which is amazing considering the past 2 weeks!!! Haven't gone to check on him yet, but I'm hoping he's actually in his bed! Howie added another fan to his room....and he likes it blowing on him...and he's shirtless! So once they were settled, I simply mentioned how I could seriously go for a DQ blizzard...and Howie sent me! LOL It sure did hit the spot...even if it isn't on the list for low calorie snacks!!
Gotta go to bed now....I'm down to the final 50 pages of Breaking was SOOOOOOO hard to put it down last nite....but I was exhausted!!! This heat isn't helping either!!! I'm very tempted to grab a sheet and hit the couch...right under the a/c!!! Tempting.....
Til next time...ciao!

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