Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth

Of July to all my American friends and family! Truth be told, the only Americans in my family are my 3 kids!! And twin nieces and BIL...

This is my first 4th to miss in 7 years...feels kinda weird! Of course I could say the same for the first Canada Day I missed back in '02. I did put the kids in red/white/blue to. mark the occasion...SamSam in her frilly dress/onesie and DJ in his red shorts and res/white/blue I'm in blue capris and a grey's in beige lol...I'm sure she'll be happy I blogged about that!

Day 2 started off rather early with Samantha waking at 6 to eat and my mom waking that early to shower. About 45 mins later I accepted defeat and got up. Right across the parking lot was a restaurant with the same name as our motel, and mom had already perused the menu last nite when we checked we ate there! The two of us ordered the BIG breakfast and shared with the kids. We were back on the road for 8 am...not too shabby!!

DJ and I were the first to crash and I must have slept for an hour and a half! I woke up to Sam babbling in the back said she'd been doing that for a while! We switched drivers in Wawa and off we went! They had a Tim's so we also got coffee for mom and timbits for the lot of us.

Sam fell asleep after that and we stopped for gas somewhere...and then for lunch in Marathon. We were originally headed for the A&W but in the same parking lot was a grocery store...and I needed baby wipes...turns out Sam had thrown up at some point (there goes the nice smelling car seat insert!) we hit up the deli and dairy and got lunch. Then sat at the picnic table outside of A&W and ate. Met a nice couple from Michigan who were travelling in the opposite direction. Was nice to have other adults to talk to!! I also got to hear a funny story of a trip just like the one we're on now that my parents made about 10+ years ago. They were on their way to B.C. To visit my brother and his family in their then newly acquired Fifth Wheel...they were right about near where we were and decided to pull over for the night and set up camp. They found a beautiful spot right on a river just off the highway...did the truck acrobatics to back the 36ft trailer in spot and hunkered down. Just as they were settling in to go to sleep my dad asks my mom "What would happen if someone came and attacked us? We have no way to defend ourselves!" To which my mom replied "Why'd you have to go and say that?!?!?" And they packed up and took off for the nearest town and parked in a mall parking lot! I can't stop laughing as I'm typing this!!!!

After our picnic lunch we piled back in the truck and I got nap #2!! I was getting a little motion sick while reading...I hate that! This time Sam slept too! Not sure where we changed drivers again, but I know we did as I was the one driving when we pulled into Thunder Bay for dinner. We were making such good time, so we got back on the road and decided we'd go til Sam would let us go no more!
Which brings us to here...English River...and a different time zone! Just getting Samantha to sleep as I type this and mom's settling DJ! They get SO wound up, we just let them run amok in the room for a bit! With the time change I also gave them a bath in hopes of helping settle them...didn't have the affect I was aiming for...but hey, they smell good! I'm watching fireworks on tv and wondering where the heck they are....its still nice...and DJ's enjoying them!! He keeps asking for more when it gets dusk out.

I don't have internet on my phone, but my mom does...YAY!! We really are out in the middle of nowhere!! I have to tell you something I've learned about my own province...or rather my country...and its the reason behind the symbol of the Vancouver Olympics...what am I rambling on about?? Something the native Canadians do to mark the sign of man...they make these rock formations called inukshuk, which means "likeness of person" was first used by the Inuit People to mark trails, indicate caches of food, locate nearby settlements. So all along the highway up on peaks of the rock wall you will see these inukshuit. They look so kool!! A true one will look like a person, and most just look like towers, but still...interesting!!

Ok, babe is asleep, and its my turn to get ready for bed and read motionless for a while.

Til next time...ciao!

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