Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So Close...

Yet still so far away!!!! I'm beginning to feel like Waldo in "Where's Waldo"!! So, where am I again?!?! Oh, right...Chilliwack, BC! SOOOOOOOOOO close to home, yet still so far away!!
This morning we woke up all cozy in our beds at the suite in Banff, took our time eating breakfast, showering, getting ready...and back on the road for almost 10am! Seems SO late after all the days we've been travelling...6 if you're counting...

The mountains ARE beautiful...but there's something to be said for flat, prairie control!!! You can't use that when the roads are steep and winding!!! And boy were they steep AND winding at the same time!!! We made good time tho! Stopped in Golden (nothing was painted gold...I was disappointed) for lunch, which was hearty!!
Then we took Rogers Pass over the mountain...and down!!! Stopped in Salmon Arm (who thinks these names up!?!?) for gas. And then in Merritt (country music capital of Canada according to them) for dinner. And then all the way down (and up!) more mountains til we hit Chilliwack!
We did stop at Lake Louise to do the gondola ride up to the top...DJ would have LOVED every minute of it! But it was 26.00 per under 5 are free...but we just couldn't justify spending 93 cents a minute for the ride (both directions) when none of us were properly dressed for frolicking on the Mtn! So we skipped it and continued on. And DJ, he was none the wiser!!

I have to tell you something SO bizarre!!! When we were driving in northern Ontario, we played the road game with this truck that was with some company called Tanknology. I kid you not, that very same truck passed us today on the way down the mtn!!! We were positively STUNNED!!! It had Ont plates, but we couldn't get up close enough so I could see the driver (mom was driving) to make sure sure! How wild tho!!

Ok, off to la la land for me!! We gained an extra hour today...I'm feeling it! Whoever said they want 25 hours in the day...are NUTZ!!!

Please keep praying I'll get my passport...still no mail!! And I sent another email to the embassy...and I'll be calling their 900 number in the morning...I have GOT to get to the bottom of this! I wanna go home dammit!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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