Monday, July 20, 2009

Have you ever known

A 3 year old who LOVES mustard!?!?!? DJ can not get enough mustard on his hamburgers or hot dogs!!! It kind of happened accidentally last week when he asked to try mustard on his hamburger at dinner....and because I'm all for him trying new things, I put the tiniest dab of it on his 1/6th of a burger piece....he gobbled it up! A couple days later at lunch we were having hot, I use ketchup, mustard and relish on mine....he again asked for mustard. So I put some on sparingly....he asked for mustard 2 more times!! Since then, he's been ALL about the mustard!!! I think it's great...but odd for a 3 year old! lol

Today we did some grocery shopping...and I will never again not hunt down a double seater....having DJ hang on the end of the cart is NOT my idea of fun!! Thankfully it wasn't too long a trip! But by the end he was in the cart as I got tired of telling him to get back on the cart! I sure wish Walmart (where else!?!!) would get one of those day care areas so moms can shop in peace!!!

This afternoon I'd arranged with a friend (one of Howie's former co-workers) to come over and be with the kids while I finished off my shopping....during daylight hours!!! She ended up coming over an hour later than she wanted and we ended up just yakking the whole time she was here!!! It was so nice! Nice to get to know her better too!!! I drove her to her eye Dr and headed out to costco to do some shopping so we could eat dinner.

My poor Samantha has been suffering lately with constipation....and I can't seem to find the right mix of prune juice she needs on a daily basis to keep her soft and regular....the trek cross country messed up her delicate system badly! Tonite I actually had to use a suppository on her. She'd been trying for an hour to poop and crying the whole we calmed her down and did the deed. She didn't want to get up after that so she just laid on the floor and I rubbed her back and tummy. Thankfully it worked quicker for her than it does for DJ and within a half hour she was back to her happy normal self! I guess we're back to half and half prune apple juice! It's just hard tho as they share sippy if I do one with prune they both have to have prune and DJ's been doing good! Win some, lose some!

I am officially nursing Samantha longer than I did with DJ....she's 16 months old today! And with DJ, because I was pregnant with Sam at the time, I couldn't go past 16 mos (actually 4 days shy of 16 mos) as it hurt way too much! We're only nursing at nap time and bed time...and she's now sleeping right from the time I put her down at nite, til the time I get up....most times DJ and I are waiting for Sam's cue to get up!!! It's kinda nice having her in her own room!! And she self soothes VERY well!! Most times I put her in bed and she's fully awake....yeah, she cries, but within 3 minutes she's sound asleep!!! I love it! Of course, I do know that she could very well become the bothersome 3 year old that won't go to sleep....kinda like DJ!!! LOL Man, if I had a dollar for every time I hear "I have to pee" when putting him to bed...Howie wouldn't have to work! HA!

Gonna go veg and play my new addiction...Farkle...whoever invented that game is evil!! Pure evil!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. hey congrats on 16 months old and bf for just as long! I tried to bf my lady but she had other ideas so good for you. Hope Sam feels "relieved" soon too - I buy Isla the gerber prune cups and they usually work the magic within hours...

    Did you get your passport yet?


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