Thursday, July 2, 2009

The best laid plans

Of mice and men often go astray. And another quote that caught my eye was this one...Make big plans, but change your plans as time changes.--Marchant

How appropriate is that!?!?!?

DJ and I took another walk to the end of the driveway this morning and there was no envelope with my name on it waiting for us. Therefore there was no happy dance happening. blah!

The morning went by quickly actually and before we knew it was lunch and nap times!!! G'ma won the nap lottery again today...actually she stole the prize right out from underneath me!!! So I retaliated and once I had SamSam asleep, crawled into my own bed for a snooze.
Well, wouldn't you know it...there was a house fly IN my room...trapped there by the closed door...and it kept trying to give me a message by dive bombing my ear! MOST annoying!!! I finally pulled the sheet over my head and pretended it wasn't must have worked, because the next thing I know it's 3 o'clock! and Miss Samantha is cooing in her crib. DJ then found us and snuggled with me for a bit.

My mom then announced we were finally gonna take the DVD/VCR/Surround sound player thingy to the electronic repair man we found locally. So off we went for a joy ride. While out, we decided to run a quick trip to Cambridge so I could go to the ROOTS outlet store there. I think I SCORED with my purchases!!! If I went to a regular ROOTS store in the mall, a single sweatshirt would cost me 50.00 if I was lucky. In the outlet store I got one for 19.98!! Talk about a steal!!! This one's a zip up hoodie and has ROOTS written across the chest...and a beautiful red maple leaf on the sleeve.....I love it!!! I also got Jake a wick aways t-shirt that is VERY only has a beaver on the bottom lower left writing, no extra things, just basic. Then I got the twins each a shirt and myself a shirt...all that for what I'd pay for a regular sweatshirt in the mall store....not bad eh?!?!!

We were then homeward bound for dinner and baths. Which went swimmingly...I was more wet than they were when we were done! They have such fun together!!! After bath, comes bed...I love this time of nite!!!

Oh, I have to post this adorable picture of my princess daughter asking my dad for a foot rub and getting it!!! Every morning and nite my dad rubs my mom's feet to keep the circulation good, and Sam figured she wanted in on some of the she sat down right in front of the chair and raised her foot for him to put lotion on it. He obliged and I snapped the pic! She got up and walked away...came back and sat down for round two!!! SOOO cute!!!

The laundry is done...bags are packed...I'm ready to go!!!! I sent an email to the embassy asking what the normal wait time is for me to receive my passport back...hoping to hear from them tomorrow (if it's not in the mail!) and if the answer is good, we may just take off on Saturday morning and do the Canadian route instead of the planned route thru the U.S....and then my dad will overnite the passport to us wherever we are when he gets it here at the house. It's a longer drive....and doesn't have the planned visit stops we've already arranged...but it does get us in the right direction! So we'll see...

Til next time...ciao!

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