Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blown away

By it all!!!

The mountains and being in the heart of them: blown away!!
Took DJ swimming for his first time ever and within 10 mins (no word of a lie) he was jumping off the edge into the pool without me catching him!!! Blown away!!
Our hotel room, nay, suite!, is FANTASTIC!!! If you ever get to Banff...definitely stay at the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort!! The room: blown away!!
How about the simple fact that both kids were sound asleep by 8:30 local time after enjoying a meal in our kitchenette, in our suite!! And mom and I got to watch tv that wasn't cartoons: blown away!!
The fact that I'm so close to home I can almost smell it, yet STILL have no passport, or any word on when I should have it: yup, you guessed it...blown away!!!!!!!!!

Today was a great day!! Started early thanks to Samantha's internal clock being off...altho, DJ did try to crawl in bed with me at 3am thinking it was time to get up....sent him straight back to bed and he slept til 7!!! Samantha on the other hand was wide away and wanting to play at 6:30...oy vey!
After showers for mom and I we loaded up and went and had breakfast at A&W...do you know what those two letters stand for?? Allen & Wright...never knew they had meaning!! Sad eh?
Anyways, after meltdown #1 for DJ we left and went to walmart (where else??) to get water wings for the kids...knowing we were going swimming and I didn't want to get caught paying thru the nose for them! And we got laundry stuffs as we'd done our homework and knew the hotel has a coin-op laundromat. Then we headed west to Canmore to visit an old friend from waybackintheday!! I think its been about 20 years since we've seen each other...but thanks to Facebook we've reconnected!! She knew from following my updates that we were headed her way and invited us to have lunch. Both kids fell asleep a half hour before we arrived, so we let them sleep while we visited and met my g/f's two adorable children!! The kids woke up when the rain hit, and joined us. DJ took about 5 mins to warm up to Sofia and she was his new best friend!!! Too cute!

After our visit we hit up the Safeway in town as we knew we had appliances in our room! Then we checked in and its been wonderful!! Very relaxing and with some degree of normalcy for the kids!! We sure needed this break in the journey!!

As I mentioned, still no mail containing my passport! If you could add this request to your prayers, I'd be ever so grateful!! The timing of it arriving tomorrow would fit perfectly...

Til next time...ciao!!

P.S....this is my 100th post!!! Yay me!


  1. hoping that you get your passport soon! glad that you had a fun day! hope you get some sleep!

  2. Man, waiting has been a nightmare...and that is just for ME!!! I don't even know how you are coping! How will you get the passport from where you are from? Family will mail it?


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