Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why me!?!?

Today was all about PEE!! Not mine, but pee I kept stepping in!!! Starting the morning off with stepping in cold pee is NOT a fun thing!! Seriously!!
And not only once...but TWICE!!! I've had my shoes on since!
Who's pee am I stepping in you ask....puppy Mojo's!! We're puppy sitting for my BFF Laura as she and her hubby are away for the weekend. The gal who's monitoring their three teenaged boys is allergic to dogs...and puppies are worse. So Mojo couldn't stay at home...let's face it...3 teenaged BOYS!! Besides which...we sooooo owe them for the 4 times they watched our dog while Howie was visiting us! Its the least we can do!
I am, however, cured of wanting another puppy!!! Nothankyouverymuch!!! They're way more work than my baby!!

We said goodbye to my mom this morning as her flight was leaving from Vancouver, B.C. at 1:45 pm. So to make the almost 3 hour trek, they (Howie and mom) took off about 9:30. It was sad to see her leave! We sure did make a lot of memories on our cross country journey!! Oh the laughter too!!! The kids didn't understand that she was I'm prepared for DJ to ask me tomorrow when it finally sets in.
After mom left we got busy getting CLEAN!! It was my intention to bathe the kids friday morning at Tim's house, but with deciding to try for home, and all the uproar of being home, no way I was gonna try then! I'd forgotten how much I hate our bath tub!! Its got glass doors...which in theory is nice, but when bathing two filthy kids...the track they glide on...not fun!!

The unpacking has started...its nice to see other clothes than the same 3 outfits we've all been wearing for 9 days!! The laundry has been non-stop for most of the day! It didn't help that Howie had a "forgotten" load in the WASHER! Ew I hate that smell! And he had one in the dryer!! MEN!!
Got both the kids down for naps and grabbed a shower myself!

About 5ish my FIL and his g/f came by for a visit!! The kids were both awake and not groggy, which made for a nicer visit! As they were walking in, Howie was right behind them! He'd had a 2 hour wait at the border to get back in the US!! Poor guy! It was a hot one today too!
After Dad and Ellen left, we quickly got down to making was nice to have such a normal family dinner!! I've missed Howie's bbq'ing skillz!!! After dinner we took the kids and Mojo out for a romp in the front yard. I think everyone enjoyed that!!

Bedtime was an ordeal! What happened tonite I had expected last nite! Oh the crying!!! DJ and his "I need you mummy" business! I'm SO glad I have help with it all now!!! I've really missed that! Daddy takes care of DJ and I get SamSam! Whew!
Now we're having a boring, normal Saturday nite watching bad tv on REAL cable!! I love it!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I am so excited you are home Missy! Sorry you are stepping in dog pee though..ewww...but to be home in your own bed with your husband, what bliss!!

    Amazing feeling..enjoy!


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