Monday, July 20, 2009

Not MY Child!!!!!!!!!

This week instead of doing Not Me! Monday, MckMama suggested we have a Not MY Child! Monday to mix it up!!! Thankfully I only have one talker to embarrass me!!! And that he does!!!! Altho, to be fair, he gets quite shy in most of his "moments" are here at home and I can correct him right away!!

As you know, we lived with my parents for almost 10 months....and my dad, bless his heart, hasn't had to worry about watching his language for a long while!! Now, being that he's 74 he does have some license in what he can say in his own home...but after a while...DJ started picking up on his most frequently used word. I did not hear the word Dammit come out of DJ's mouth when he got frustrated with anything...not MY kid!!!

Since being home (all of 10 days now) DJ has picked up on Daddy's most frequently used I did not give DJ trouble when he said "Can't open this frickin door" nooooo not MY kid!!!

Now, those are two of his bad word ones....but some of the stuff that does come out of his mouth...just makes me wonder!! Just today as he's sitting on the toilet, and I'm sitting on the stool in front of him (this is his stall tactic before nap, mind you!) he looks at me and says "You having a bad hair day Mummy!" Sadly...I couldn't argue with him!!!! On another hair note....the other day I'd just come out of the shower and it was nap time, so as I'm tucking him in he says to me "you hair stinky!" Guess I'd better change up my products....LOL

One of the comments he would actually make in public....and this is from a few months ago....he'd tell complete strangers "Sam eats booby" at which point I did not want to crawl under the floor and die!! That is definitely not something MY child would say!!!

And this concludes the Not MY Child! Monday! Hope you got a few laughs!!

Til next time...ciao!


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