Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a SWEET ride!

Jake is now the proud owner of a 1996 Ford Mustang that is the most beautiful blue I've seen in a while!!! Now, he's only 15 and a half, but he's got his learner's permit and has taken the driving course, so he's now working on road hours to be able to go get is license in December when he turns 16. Oh, and it's a 5 he really can't drive it yet!! hahaha Once his mom gets the insurance card for it, it'll come stay with us for the two weeks we have Jake here, and between Howie and I, we'll teach him (hopefully) how to drive standard!

Gosh does this bring back parents had a VW Jetta when I got my license....standard too! But I learned on automatic...and they weren't the kind of parents to just rush out and buy me a car just for turning 16. So when it came time for me to go for my driving test, the first time we rented a car...the second and third time (yes, I failed it twice!!! Being deaf is not an asset when taking these nerve filled tests!!!) we borrowed a car for me to use. So, when I did finally get it just before Christmas in 1989, I had the choice of driving the Jetta, had to learn how first, or driving this camper van we had that my parents had painted this gorgeous chocolate brown....and then had scriptures painted ALLLLLLLLL over it!! Ummm at 17, driving that van was NOT cool!!! So, after many failed lessons at learning standard, I finally had a dream about driving it and saw what I was supposed to do....and it all clicked into place for me!!!
So, the first time I take the Jetta out to my BFF's house....are ya ready for a laugh??...I stalled it 10 times at the light just before her street (remember this RJ!?!?) and it took 3 turns of green for me to finally get thru...NOBODY moved til I was out of the intersection....oh the horror!!! I was so embarrassed!!! When I finally got to her house, I called my mom in tears and told her what happened and begged her to come pick me up...of course she said "no" and that I had to figure it out and get myself home....such a mean parent!! Kidding mom! :P

So, now the chore is half mine to teach this boy how to operate a manual transmission vehicle...AHHHHHHHHHHHH When did I get so grown up!?!?!?! Stop the ride...I want off!!
Oh and I gave him crap for not smiling...if it was me, I'd be smiling ear to ear!!! In fact, I told him how freakin lucky he truly is!!! I didn't get my own car til I was 22....and even then it was my sister's cast off!!! And I had to pay for it!!!!!
Other than that, our day was pretty low key...Howie and Jake went fishing this morning with another friend, and we had chicken for dinner....getting tired of that! lol Ran some errands, did some laundry, played with the kids...played cards with Jake once the kids were both in bed....watched some gory movie (I'm blogging instead) and then bed time!

DJ did pretty good again tonite...and was asleep by 9:15...not sure what we're doing differently, but he seems to be settling better!! I'll take it!!!!
Oh and so far, and I'm not even a full chapter in, I'm liking Keeping's grabbed me from the prologue!!! Not many books do that!
Til next time...ciao!!


  1. hhaha Missy. I was laughing so hard when I read your standard shift story. When I first got my permit I took my mom's car out for a spin. I got stopped at a red light at the top of a hill and could NOT get that car rolling forward when the light turned green. I had to wave all the cars behind me past, then let the car roll to the bottom of the hill. I waited there till the light turned green again & gunned it from there to get through the light. My face was redder than the light. My mom later showed me how to use the parking brake for such occasions. A tad late, but better late than never. All kids should have such an experience - its humbling. Fi

  2. You're right...every kid should have one of these experiences!!!! And you KNOW I'll be blogging about Jake's when it happens!!! I'm an evil stepmom after all! LOL

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