Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where in the world

Is Carmen Sandiego? Wait, scratch that, my name is Missy Hughes...and tonite I'm in Abbotsford!! Now, if you look on a map, its not that far from Chilliwack...but we did a lot of driving anyway!!! From C'wack to Maple Ridge to visit friends for lunch and afternoon...then back to A'ford! Took all day too!!!
We took our sweet time this morning waiting til the last possible moment to be evicted, I mean check out. We knew upon waking that there was no mail...turns out, there really was NO mail for the whole sister is out painting the fence anxiously waiting for the mail to come...and none came! How dare the postal person take a personal day!!! Don't they know I'm waiting on a VERY important document!?!?! GAH!

I did call the embassy number I have and listen to their 5 minute message where they s-p-e-l-l e-v-e-r-y w-o-r-d o-u-t i-n t-h-e-i-r e-m-a-i-l a-d-d-r-e-s-s its rather annoying!! Then they give these 900 numbers you can call...for 1.89 a minute...or an 877 number that only costs 1.59 a minute...I chose this one. The person I spoke to was of NO help whatsoever!!! She told what I already knew and that was that!! I paid 3 bucks for nothing!! She said the only way to get an answer from the embassy was by email...which I've already done...twice!
I now know what an airplane in a holding pattern feels like!! Going in circles!!

After our visit with my friends, we agreed it just wasn't going to work to stay at her house...she's in the middle of a SERIOUS summer clean/repair for her son's wedding next weekend...and she doesn't really have beds for no go there. Then my mom got to work contacting people she hasn't had communication with in over 20 years!!!! And finally we caught a break!! The son of her BFF of longtimenow lives in Abbotsford...and was more than willing to have us stay at his house as his own son is in is his fiance...and he himself is leaving tomorrow for we can stay for a while at least!! Whew!!! HUGE relief off my shoulders!! Not to mention my pocketbook!!
So that's where we're at...still in a holding pattern...still no answers!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. OK, so what happened that they let you get in today after all? Welcome home!!! Waiting to hear the scoop...


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