Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yes...I was THAT mom today

And let me tell was NOT fun!!! DJ woke up once again at he crawled his wiggly cold self into my bed and warmed up and wiggled for an hour...all the while I'm telling him that if it's still dark out, he can't get out of bed yet. I really should work more on his number recognition so he can tell time! He does great with his letters, and can count verbally....but not visually on the numbers! Somebody oughta teach him! LOL

After breakfast we got ourselves dressed and headed out to Fred Myers as there were a few things they had on sale that we needed...also found a pair of "Light McQueen" swimming shorts for DJ...a must have in his eyes!!!! I totally forgot that they have a play land area for I totally could have shopped kid-free!! Or at least DJ free as he's the grabbiest! I'll have to remember that for next time for sure! I will say this too...that the cashiers there really need to work on their customer service...if I read the ad wrong...don't condemn me...just laugh it off and move on! Seriously! The drama is not necessary!! I have two toddlers that give me more than enough drama during the day I don't need your huffiness on top of it all! OK....rant done!

After our shopping it was only 11 am, so on our way home we stopped at the park that I used to take DJ to all the time. Well it was like the first time he'd ever been there all over again. And he was LOVING it!! So was SamSam! They have two structures in the play for small babies like Sam, and one for bigger kids like DJ and older. They also have a zip line thingy and a swing set. There's even a basketball hoop off to one side! So while Sam was exploring the small structure and loving the slide on it...DJ was roaming around having fun running and sliding. Then he asked if we could go swing....and since it's one of Sam's fave things to do we headed in that direction. There are 2 baby swings and 2 regular swings and all 4 were in we hung out by the zip line and watched other kids go. DJ then decided he'd like a he patiently waited for his turn (with a lot of prompting from me about who's turn it really was!!) and enjoyed the short ride that it is and brought it back for the next kid. Now, there are about 5 other moms at the park and they all seemed to know each other....and were quite ignorant of my presence....which is fine....but no one was monitoring the two kids who were also using the zip line but me. Finally one of the baby swings opened up and I put Sam in (amazingly the other moms took their kids off at this point....whatever!) and I was still monitoring DJ at the zip line. Well, he helped the little girl ahead of him bring the swing back and instead of letting the boy (Henry) go before him, he hopped on it and took a turn. All the while I'm talking to him about how it's not his turn and if he takes a turn we're leaving. Guess what? We left! But not without the overly dramatic tantrum from my three year old boy! He done did good too!!! Screaming at me, sitting down on the ground (remember I've got Samantha on my hip, who's also pitching a hissy fit at being taken out of the swing before she was done!) and crying loudly....oh it was a sight! I finally had to football carry him to the truck while he's carrying on....not an easy task to do while trying to carry another in your arms carefully! I tried to set him down and having him walk normally, but again the antics started up....and back under my arm he went! I was SOOOOO embarrassed!!! I got to be THAT mom and I didn't like it one bit! But I stood my ground and didn't let my 3 year old dictate! I'd rather be THAT kind of mom thankyouverymuch!

Fun stuff I tell ya! We came home, had lunch and took a nap!!! Then when Howie came home from work we all piled into the truck and took a trip to Walmart (where else!?) to get kitty litter and a few small things we'd been missing out on. Then we came home and had Sketti for per Howie's request! And truth be's been a while since even me and the kids have had it!! It was DELISH!

After some outdoor play time once dinner was done, it was bed time!! My second fave time of the day...first fave being nap time!! My third fave time of day is when they wake up as they're snuggly and sweet! awww!

I've been remiss in commenting about how much I'm enjoying Breaking Dawn...the last in the Twilight series! Oh it's GOOD!!!! Far better than even my imagination thinks it'll go! Kudos to Stephanie Meyer!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I did get over 1000!!!! YAY me!


  1. Elizabeth in KoreaJuly 17, 2009 at 12:07 AM

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. The only difference is that when my kids flip out, everyone remembers us. My son had a HUGE fit in a store last week. I was trying to carry him out, but he's getting too strong for me. If I hadn't been so mad, it would have been comical.

    When he finally calmed down, I had to remind him that he is the only 6yo with red hair that ever goes into that store, and we are the only family with 4 white kids. Next time we walk in the door, everyone knows who we are.

    My boys also have Lightning McQueen swim shorts.

  2. have a rather slight disadvantage to everyone remembering you...or your kids! I do NOT look forward to DJ getting stronger....OY Hadn't thought that far ahead really!


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