Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wouldn't ya just know it

The ONE day both kids sleep in (DJ til 8:10 and Sam til 8:15) I have to get up at 7 am to make sure Jake's awake to go away to his football camp!!! Howie told me the best way to get Jake up and moving was to let Snickers, our dog, go down there and lick him awake! I tried to be nice and just call him answer...called I got up and let Snickers go down there.....waited 3 minutes and called again. AHA, he was awake!!!! I tried dozing off again, but had NO luck!!! So finally at 7:30 I got up and saw Jake off. He's gone now til Thursday to Wenatchee. He's quite excited about it!!

Howie got to go fishing again this morning....he again, came home empty handed, but his buddy caught a couple keepers! Howie honestly could care less if he actually catches fish...he just likes being out on the water before the noise of the day!! I think he likes the nap he gets in the afternoons too....

Which is what he did early today...I did keep him rather late last nite with our company....later than his usual 8:30 that is LOL So he napped....the kids and I did lunch....the kids napped....I tried napping....the couch isn't all that comfy! And Howie had locked the his plan of me waking him at 2 didn't quite pan out for

After nap I got the kids in their swim suits and we headed off to Izzy's house!!! Her mom set up a couple pools and a sprinkler as today was to be another nice day!! Oh they had FUN!!! Thanks so much for inviting us Wyndi!!! DJ really likes Sissy's house! (that's what he calls her...)

On our way home I called Howie so he could get dinner going....well to my DELIGHT he was doing the dishes!!! What a sweetheart!!!! And once he got done soapin up, he did get dinner on the go, so all I had to do was take over when I got in the it! I love having breakfast for dinner...somehow it just tastes better!!!

Now, all is quiet and I've been busy making up the grocery lists...gonna take a while to restock the kitchen after it's bachelor run! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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