Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Nose have it!

Today was very sensual...or should I say scentual!! Yeah, that's better!! lol

Of course there's the smell of Miss Samantha's efforts to rid her body of youknowwhat! Most unpleasant!! But to counteract that we had bath time!! LOVE their mango tangerine shampoo!! SO yummy!!!

Fast forward to Howie coming home and the dishwasher running!! Love that lemony smell to the Cascade!! And Howie ruined it by rinsing his soaked in brine trout!! Blech! Rather a metallic scent! Washing out that container was a holdmybreath adventure!! lol

Dinner was DElish!! I just love. BBQ'd pork chops!! Oh yeah!! And Howie cooks them to perfection!!!

While dinner was being cooked so a batch of cinnamon raisin granola...with maple syrup instead of honey! Real maple syrup too!! Oh the smell of that slowly baking in the oven had my mouth watering!! Still has my mouth watering!!

While the granola was baking, Howie was smoking the trout he and Jake caught this past weekend! Which is wonderful!! But that smoke isn't! *cough* and whenever the slider door got opened it wafted in quickly!!

Now the granola is cooled, and the trout is still smoking away...I'm on the nite shift! Already changed out the wood chips once and have to do it before bed! Its quite chilly outside! brrrrrrrrrr In fact the whole week has been cold!! Its like our weather is behind! We're getting April's showers tnow, at the end of the month in hopes of May's flowers!! I just want to see my garden do its thing!! This weekend we're supposed to get 1 day of sunshine...can't wait!

I'm off to enjoy a bowl of granola and watch tv!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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